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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Jesse manages to rescue Angie from Robert’s clutches but then struggles to land the helicopter. Tad is shot. The bullet went through his arm into his chest. Dixie hovers over him while Jake works frantically to stop the bleeding. Julia is rushed to the hospital, but she has some major internal bleeding plus a lacerated liver that costs her her life. Robert was knocked out of the helicopter by Jesse, but he begins to come to. Adam and Colby take Kate home to Adam’s mansion and try to distract her. Krystal stands vigil by Julia’s hospital bed when she receives the bad news from Joe. Realizing that her condition is fatal, Julia refuses surgery. Zach goes to see Greenlee who is busy tossing everything of Aidan's out the door. Kendall tells Ryan what happened between herself and Aidan and wants him to go after Greenlee, but he refuses. Cassandra begins to panic over what happened to her mom. Robert manages to grab the gun and get on his feet. Frankie sees him and tackles him. They struggle over the gun. Greenlee urges Zach to get Aidan’s ring off her finger. Greenlee informs Zach that she will not forgive him. Zach holds Greenlee when she begins to cry over Aidan, then they kiss. Jesse and Angie land the helicopter safely then are horrified to see Tad lying in a pool of blood. As she's dying, Julia asks Krystal to get in touch with Maria, because she is Kate’s legal guardian. Jesse wants to shoot Robert, but Frankie asks him to make him do his time in prison instead.  The police arrive and take Robert away. Realizing that Tad needs immediate hospitalization, Frankie and Jake fly him there by helicopter. After Dixie thanks her for taking such good care of Kate, Julia takes her last breath, confident that her little girl will be all right.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Parker admits to Carly that he is going on a date with Ashley but Carly won't let him go on his date until he talks to Ashley's mother, Liberty sees Parker and Ashley at the movies and throws popcorn and soda at them to ruin their date. Once Ashley has ended her date with Parker Liberty tells Parker Ashley won't date him again. Parker is embarrassed when Liberty figures out he has never kissed a girl. Liberty offers to help Parker have a better date the next time he goes out with a girl. Lily has a power outage at the house and Holden comes over to activate the backup generator. Holden takes the girls to dinner at Al's and runs into Carly and Sage. Carly tells Holden Sage is afraid of horses so he offers to give Sage horseback riding lessons. Lucinda thinks Lily made a bad decision moving out of the farm. Holden tells Carly he feels he has lost his connection to Lily. Emily encourages Casey to tell Tom and Margo the truth about the money. Casey arrives home but Lisa has already told Tom and Margo the truth. Casey cries as he apologizes to Tom and Margo and explains why he took the money from his grandmother. Margo tells Casey to go back to college or go back to jail. Casey refuses to accept Margo's terms until Emily persuades him to go back to college because they have no future together. Margo thanks Emily for helping Casey change his mind and Emily tells Margo she thinks Casey is going back to college because he loves his parents.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge laments to Brooke that he can’t believe Taylor did not break it off with Rick when she said she had and now just look at what she is doing to her own daughter. Taylor walks in and states that she is not going to explain herself to him and certainly not to Brooke. Rick invites himself to sit down with Phoebe at Insomnia. She won’t allow herself be a victim and will get on with her life. Marcus calls Donna at the office, but Pam takes his number and wonders what she is up to now? Eric tells Donna that after a talk with his kids, he has agreed to step aside if she ever creates a scandal and hurts the company. Pam is even more suspicious when Donna asks if she got any messages? Eric warns Pam again that if she tries to interfere in his relationship with Donna, he will have no recourse but to let her go.

The room grows more crowded, Rick joins the group. He tries to convince Ridge that Phoebe will be fine. He was not committed to her when he fell in love with Taylor. He shouldn’t have to have her approve of any of his new relationships. Donna tells Katie that she did not tell Eric about Marcus. His family gave him an ultimatum about any scandals so she couldn’t spring it on him now. And he also told her that he didn’t want any more children. Eric comes in and sees Donna’s distressed look, and promises her nothing will change his love for her, not to be so worried. Even more crowded, Phoebe walks in on the heated discussion. Pam looks up Marcus at Insomnia and tells him she has caught him red-handed, she knows all about him and Donna Logan. Phoebe remarks that if Taylor and Rick are really in love, then who is she to stand in the way. She couldn’t live with herself if she did. In the presence of both Ridge and Brooke, Rick pulls out the engagement ring and asks Taylor to marry him, nothing in the way now. Brooke confronts her and begs her not to do this.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Roman arrests John and takes him down to the station. Marlena begs Roman not to lock John up because of his mental state, but Roman won't budge. Both Ava and John hire EJ to represent them. Chelsea confronts Ava at the police station. Bo asks Daniel for advice on how to make the pub eco-friendly. Chelsea and Daniel run into a little girl whose life Daniel saved, and Chelsea tries to convince Daniel that she is interested in him for more than just his hot shot career status. Chloe and Phillip make love, and she receives divorce papers in the mail. Sami demands that EJ hand over the annulment papers, and she signs them. She wants Lucas to forgive her so that they can be together, but he says that he needs time.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Trevor urges Lulu to leave town for her own safety. On the other end of the spectrum, Jason tries to keep Carly in town and keep Sonny from handing off the business. After Sonny hurts Spinelli, Maxie nurses him. Robin and Patrick compare blogs and he begins to warm to the idea of fatherhood. Anthony is concerned the Lulu is a bad influence on Johnny.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Rafe has a gun on Jeffrey and shoots him. Rescue comes to Jeffrey, while Rafe goes to the stairwell. Daisy is getting ready for graduation. Family and friends come to celebrate with her. Harley gets a phone call from Rafe as she is celebrating Daisy's day. He tells her about Jeffrey. Harley looks in the boxes and realizes Gus' gun is gone. Daisy goes to Rafe to tell him it was all an accident. Rafe says he has to go. Mallet tells Natalia about Jeffrey. Harley and Cyrus find Rafe and Daisy. Daisy tells Harley that Rafe didn't mean for the gun to go off. Harley tells Rafe she'll protect him because of his father. After a bit Harley secretly gets Rafe out of the house with Cyrus' help. She finds Natalia and tells her son he is a good boy and behind him. Harley feels responsible. Had she not opened the investigation, none of this would have happened. Daisy also feels responsible till she talks to Coop, who tells her it wasn't her fault. As Harley packs at home, Frank interrupts and tells her that Rafe is a Cooper now and he will do anything to protect him. After Frank goes to look for Rafe, Harley calls friends. Cyrus goes to see Natalia and Rafe and tells him to hang in there. After Cyrus leaves, Natalia and Rafe talk about his trouble. She tells him she will never give up on him. When Natalia goes to get him something to eat, Rafe zippers up his knapsack and takes off. Harley tells her father that within the hour she will be meeting up with Rafe. Coop, Daisy and Cyrus are together wondering what is next. When Natalia realizes Rafe is gone, she finds a note he left taped to the bathroom mirror and begins to worry. Harley wants Cyrus to take care of Daisy while she is helping Rafe. She then wants to know where her boys are. Cyrus tells her they are with Frank at the park. She finds them there later. Daisy is alone and crying until Cyrus catches her. She cries on his shoulder. Rafe and Harley meet up, along with Buzz. He offers to help. Buzz hugs Rafe. Harley tells Rafe she will keep everyone distracted so he can make his get-away. After Rafe leaves, Harley looks out the window to see Coop, Frank, Buzz, and Cyrus enjoying Daisy showing off her graduation attire.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

After Todd and Adriana collide and Michael rushes them both to the hospital, the first thing Marcie is concerned about is that Sam (previously Tommy) is ok. And when she notices that Todd transported him without even a child safety seat, she rips into him and is ready to call the cops and get him into serious trouble. Michael is concerned that his wife is growing too attached to Sam and that it will damage her when Todd takes him home, yet again. David Vickers finds his way to Dorian's home. She is angry at him. But Addie reveals that she is attracted to David and might be interested in him. Viki admits to Natalie that she is devastated that she trusted Charlie but found out that he lied to her about Rex being his son. Natalie and Jared still both wonder what they are going to do in regard to revealing the whole truth to everybody. Rex still is unaware that Charlie lied about being his father, but he knows that Adriana is doing things behind his back and keeping secrets from him.

Passions Recap Written by Drew

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

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