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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Today's episode is a rerun!

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Sofie is excited when Paul helps inspire her to create stories for each piece of her jewelry line which she calls secret stories. Paul is happy to find Meg taking care of Barbara and once again thanks Meg for helping Barbara. Meg gets her job back at the hospital thanks to a very powerful hospital board member whom she thinks is Barbara. Emily loans Casey money to pay back the money he stole from the Lakeview but only if he tells Lisa the truth. Casey tells Lisa the truth and is shocked when his grandmother doesn't forgive him so easily for his mistake. Casey pleads with Lisa not to tell Tom and Margo about the robbery, but Lisa only promises to think about it. Casey tells Emily that he is very worried Lisa will tell Tom and Margo and his mother will be forced to send him back to jail. Aaron arranges for Meg to tutor Alison. With Meg's help Alison is confident she will become a nurse. Alison forgives Chris for their previous fight, and Chris promises Alison that they can take their relationship at a slower pace.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Donna throws a pity party. She gave her son away and kept this secret all these years. Katie tells her she has to tell Eric right away if she wants this marriage to last. It’s not lying, but she hasn’t told the truth. And she will be judged. The family will hold this against her. She doesn’t want to burden Eric with this. Katie reminds her that secrets are toxic and they can ruin everything. Eric repeats to Ridge that he has to respect his wife, no more ill words about her. Ridge reminds him that he can protect his wife, but he needs to protect the company too. Eric swears he is not going to shut his wife out of this company. And he will push Ridge out of his life if he keeps at this. Brooke is surprised at Phoebe being back home and asks if she knows about her mother and Rick? She and Ridge didn’t want Phoebe to be hurt and thought they could convince Rick and Taylor of this. Likewise Taylor tells Rick again that it has to be over. She wants him to be holding her right now, but that can never be. She can’t handle that look of betrayal in her daughter’s eyes.

Rick tells Taylor she doesn’t have to keep denying her feelings, it isn’t helping anyone. They didn’t have just a fling so breaking up with him won’t prove anything to Phoebe. He thinks their being together and seeing their love will prove to Phoebe they are in love and want a future, and they didn’t mean to hurt her. Donna goes to the office and begs Eric for some alone time away from the office. she asks Ridge not to badmouth her while she is around and not to take it out on Eric. Phoebe finds a sympathetic ear in Brooke; Ridge shows up. He reminds Phoebe it has been a rough year for Taylor, and he thinks her relationship with Rick is just an over-reaction. Donna tells Eric she is responsible for her own mistakes so he does not have to defend Ridge or his kids to her. She wants to tell him something, but she doesn’t want him to change his opinion of her. Rick tells Taylor he won’t give up and presents her with an engagement ring. She still says no that she can not be that for him and hurt her daughter. She knows she will be alone and scared, but she does not want to lose her daughter.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Roman tells John and Marlena that close to a million dollars worth of cocaine was found on John's ships. When Roman tries to stop John from going down to the docks, John hits him. Later, Marlena is forced to sedate John so that Roman can arrest him. Abe questions Phillip about the drugs, and is suspicious of him despite Phillip's claims of innocence. Nicole and Chloe butt heads. Nicole asks EJ to come home with her, but he refuses. Max tells Stephanie that the drugs were found on John's ships. Sami admits to Lucas that she has feelings for EJ. Lucas questions Sami's earlier claim that she was raped. Sami tells Lucas that she is in love with him, and wants to get back together, but Lucas refuses.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Today's episode is a rerun!

GL Recap Written by Beth

Jeffrey is still upset about his revelation concerning Gus. He talks with the Commissioner while other cast members are shown. Mallet visits Harley about Gus. Harley says no way would Gus do as accused. Harley is looking at her house. She goes up with hammer to fix a loose roof tile. Alan and Rafe talk. Alan tells him Gus warned him about Rafe making mistakes. Natalia and Olivia meet. Olivia hands Natalia an envelope. In that envelope is the deed to the house and money. Natalia gives Olivia back the envelope and leaves. Olivia is frustrated. Mallet gets a talking too by Jeffrey about Gus and the investigation. Jeffrey tells Mallet he can't stop the investigation. Mallet is furious. Harley visits Olivia with flowers. Olivia is touched. Harley and Olivia come close to a misunderstanding about money but is quickly resolved. Olivia tells Harley about Alan saying he can see Gus. Harley is skeptical. Mallet is at the ball field just walking about. Jeffrey and Natalia meet and then Rafe comes in. He shows her money. She wants to know where he got it. Rafe tells her the amount that was in the dream 520 $20 bills. Later Rafe is outside and Mallet drives by. Mallet stops and asks if Rafe wants a ride. He gets in Mallets car. Rafe then changes his mind about the ride, but before he leaves the car, Mallet tells him about the investigation concerning allegations that Gus took a bribe. Rafe gets upset. Mallet tells him not to worry that he will protect Rafe like family. Harley goes to see Alan to question him about Gus and his appearing to Alan. Harley tells Alan about working on some cases Gus hadn't finished. She then tells Alan to tell Gus that she is ok. Rafe spots Harley in a parking lot and asks her over. He is acting weird and Harley worries about him. Alan meets up with Natalia and tells him that Rafe wants to join the military. Natalia is happy that Rafe wants to follow in Gus's footsteps. Harley visits a contact of Gus', a lawyer. She sees on his wall awards for giving to transplant organizations. This while the guy is on the phone. Olivia meets up with Jeffrey and talk about what is going on with their lives. Jeffrey gives her pointers on keeping up with him and others. Rafe and Alan stop by Harley to find no one there. They go down cellar and look in a box. They find a medal from the Department. Alan wonders why they are down there. Mallet goes to see Jeffrey. Jeffrey gives Mallet info that Gus let a perp go. Jeffrey tells Mallet that they are as about as close they are going to get to the truth. Harley visits Olivia about Gus. Harley tells Olivia what she was told about Gus. Olivia is shocked. Rafe is waiting for Alan to leave the house when he turns on his car radio and hears a report. He puts the box he got into the car and goes. Natalia catches Olivia doing what she shouldn't do. Olivia hands Natalia an manila envelope smiling. Rafe goes to see Jeffrey. Harley goes to Mallet. They are talking about Gus when Mallet reminds her of graduation. She takes off. Olivia admits to Natalia that she was right about what Gus meant to her and did for her. Natalia is now actually touched. She puts her arm around Olivia's shoulder in a half hug. Alan calls Natalia to tell her that Rafe took off in his car from Harley's, and to come and get him and he'd explain. Rafe is alone fiddling with the box he took and takes a gun and leaves.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Today's episode is a rerun!

Passions Recap Written by Drew

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya **One Day Ahead

Nick’s mind brings back a flood of good and bad memories, as he reveals to Phyllis that the crash caused him to regain his memory. Sadness also plagues Genoa City. Daniel says his tearful goodbyes, preparing to embark on an overseas rock 'n roll adventure with Danny. At Jabot the anniversary of Phillip Chancellor’s death unleashes the worst from Kay and Jill. Cane experiences the wrath when he curiously asks to know more about his father. He grows impatient and angry with his loved ones' behavior and goes off chastising them for their inconsideration. Glo has bamboozled and truly is dead broke after she’s informed that her diamonds aren’t real. Kevin is swamped at the coffeehouse with Jana’s absence and pleads for Mommy’s help.

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