The TV MegaSite's Friday 5/23/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Bonnit

Dixie warns Adam that tragedy will strike. Robert get the drop on Jesse, and takes Angie hostage. Jesse tries to bargain with Robert for the diamond. Zach tells Kendall it’s time to go. Greenlee wants nothing to do with Kendall and Aidan because of the one-night-stand. Kendall insists on trying to reason with Greenlee; Zach stops trying to stop her from talking to Greenlee, and tells her to go, because she refuses to listen. Zach does not regret hitting Aidan. Adam heeds Dixie’s warning and tries to get his family to a safe place. Robert shoots Greg, Julia, Tad, and the helicopter pilot in his attempt to escape. Greenlee jumps into Zach’s car and asks to be taken home. Robert knocks Angie out and places into the helicopter, then he takes off. Jesse runs and leaps off the building to hold onto the helicopter!

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Noah calls Luke from New York and asks him to contact Mr. Coyle to discover if he knows anything about his father. Luke sd9es as Noah asks and starts to suspect something funny is going on when Coyle refuses to check and see if Colonel Mayer is in New York. Luke calls Noah but since the call gets cut off Luke heads to New York. Colonel Mayer calls Coyle who says he will get the papers he wants as soon as their deal is complete. Coyle tells Colonel Mayer that Noah is in New York and Colonel Mayer promises Coyle Noah won't interfere with their deal. Colonel Mayer puts a drug in Ameera's tea in order to make her sleep. Lily makes a big breakfast for the family to apologize for her actions at the dance but Faith and Natalie decide to go have breakfast at a friends house. Holden tells Lily they should take their marriage one day at a time. Carly advises Lily to move back to her house and give Holden some space. Holden agrees to the move because the girls want to go home but later yells at Carly for ruining his life and asks her not to interfere with his family. Liberty tells Brad and Katie she wants to live with them which hurts Janet until Brad agrees to pay her room at the Lakeview for as long as she wants it. Janet overhears Katie telling Brad she doesn't want Janet to become dependant on his money. Janet gets hired by Vienna at Al's until Jack accidentally lets it slip that she is Liberty's mother. Vienna fires Janet until Brad talks to Henry and persuades him to hire Janet. Katie later gets angry at Brad because she wanted Janet out of Oakdale and now Janet will be staying in Oakdale.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie watches as Donna and her son, Marcus, embrace and bond. Both are glad to have found each other. He’s happy to finally find out that she did want him and did not want to give him away. She wants to know everything about him. He has one question – all those years – where was she? Brooke lashes out at the family, and Ridge is still waiting for her to say what Donna brings to the table. Eric tells Stephanie that his kids are acting hypercritical. He was being naïve to think they would accept Donna when they came to the wedding. There will be no scandals, no surprises. He trusts his wife completely. He knows the kids want Stephanie there to help run the company. She wonders if he’s asking her to call a cease fire? Eric calls a quick meeting, but the kids question his loyalty and legacy should he and Donna have children. He assures them she is not the maternal type and there will not be more children. Eric sees they want and expect him to go to the old folks’ designer home. Ridge says he has been the heir apparent for years, so now it’s his, Felicia and Thorne’s turn to run the company. Eric doesn’t take this news well, but he takes a poll to see how the others in the room feel. He tells Ridge that he loves him, he loves all of them, and that he understands they love the company and want it to continue to flourish. He makes them a promise. If Donna brings shame or scandal down on this family, he will step aside.

Donna tries to explain how young she was and why she couldn’t keep Marcus. He wants to know everything, who is dad is. What part did he play in this? She admits she never told his father. And it was much more complicated than that and now she doesn’t know where he is. Marcus is bitter, especially when he learns that Donna’s own father walked away and left her….yet she had no problem doing the same and knowing full well how much this was going to later hurt the child. He cites that she could have kept him if she wanted to, but she turned him aside. He shames her and speaks of living his whole life waiting for her, but no letters, no phone calls. Pure and simple she did not want him. He storms out with Donna crying after him to come back.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Lexie confides in Daniel about her problems with Abe. Later, Abe blows up when he discovers that Lexie has been discussing their business with a stranger. Sami receives advice from both Rolf and Marlena. Lucas says that either he or EJ will have to leave the mansion. If he leaves, he is taking Allie with him. Later, Sami apologizes to Lucas and he kisses her, telling her that he has fantasized about this moment for months. Phillip asks Morgan to pump her father for information on John. Chloe becomes jealous of Morgan, and uses EJ to try to make Phillip jealous in turn. Daniel tells Chelsea that they can only be friends. Roman helps investigate the disappearance of John's disk, but John isn't happy about it. Roman gets a call and tells John that the police department is down at the docks, investigating some of John's shipments. He appears to be in trouble.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Jason is not happy at Sonny wanting to give up the business. He thinks Sonny should let go of the boys and Kate. Patrick's blog proceeds. Anna thinks Robin and Patrick ought to marry, and tells Coleman so. While they and Robin are talking, Anna is grabbed and taken hostage. However, she gets away. Lulu encourages Johnny to testify against his dad so they can be together. Max and Diane declare their love for each other. Lulu and Johnny make love. Lucky tries to pressure Nikolas into interfering in their sister's love life.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Mallet is in his office. Not feeling well. He grabs the pink stuff from a desk drawer and sees Gus' picture. Rafe is asleep. After Daisy gets suspended, Harley calls to ask why and if she can get Daisy back to school to graduate. Mallet then runs into Cyrus. They talk about both Daisy's suspension and Harley. At the school, Harley runs into the principal. The principal is ignoring Harley. As she is telling janitors to put the banner up higher. The principal finally spats back that she doesn't need child raising advice from Harley and then takes off. Harley then says to herself no you don't. Daisy finds Rafe nearly scaring him half to death. He didn't even know she was there until she spoke. Mallet talks to co worker requesting reports be ready by 5. Harley shows up at the SPD. Mallet wonders why she is there. Harley tells him about Daisy's suspension. Dinah runs into Ashlee. Dinah has an idea for a report and wants Ashlee to do it. Dinah gives her a small camera. When Ashlee gets all excited about the report. Dinah just wants Ashlee to do prep work. Kind of a letdown Ashlee says ok. Ashlee is in Jeffery's office taking pictures when Jeffery arrives. She is startled. He asks if he can help her with something. Daisy is talking to Rafe. Harley gets a call from Cyrus. They apologize for not being in touch. She tells him about Daisy and what happened at school. Harley runs into Rafe. They talk about missing Gus. Harley asks Rafe to come over and get some stuff out of the basement. Cyrus turns himself in. Mallet is confuse as to what Cyrus is confessing to since there has been no crime reported. Back at the SPD Mallet leaves Cyrus in the conference room. Jeffery calls someone about a conflict of interest in the SPD. Dinah is out and runs into Mallet. Dinah tells her about her talk with Jeffery concerning the SPD. Mallet is angry. After a little talk. Mallet says if this gets too hot, he'll turn himself in. Whatever Harley did got Daisy's suspension revoked and she is able to go to the prom and graduate with her class. She is happy and Harley tells her to go out and get the prettiest dress she can find. Cyrus is behind bars and Harley visits him. Ashlee and Daisy are talking. Mallet finds Rafe to talk to him. Mallet shows him a plaque that is going to be given out at Graduation. Mallet asks Rafe if he'd speak. Rafe thanks him. Dinah is talking to Jeffery about the case. Dinah tells Jeffery that she doesn't want Mallet made at her. Cyrus is released thanks to Harley. She gives him tickets to the graduation and tells him not to loose it. They are like gold.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Blair and Dorian tell Todd he is out of their house. Starr backs them. Only Jack is upset. He takes Sam with him and tells them if he is out of their lives, so is Sam. Adriana is still finagling a way to prevent Rex from finding his way back to Gigi. She finds Rex's toothbrush, assuming that his DNA will match that of Shane's. She goes to Gigi's home and tells her she has a way to "pass Brody off" as Shane's father. Meanwhile, Rex admits that he has doubts about whether Charlie is really his father and he's afraid to confirm it with DNA. Charlie then reveals to Viki that he knew all along that Rex was not his son but he lied to him. She is furious with him for doing that. While Todd is driving away with Sam, distracted and Adriana is driving, furious with Gigi and distracted, it looks like they have a collision. Marcie and Michael are together renewing their vows. And they can hear the collision very close by.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Nick is not harmed in the car accident. However, his memory does return and he remembers Cassie’s death and the affair with Phyllis. Paul thinks going to see David’s ex wife may have been a mistake, when see starts suggesting that David is protected by aliens. Daniel decides to go on tour with Danny, Phyllis is saddened but understands this is what he needs to do. Noah visits Cassie’s grave and Nick apologizes to Sharon and also visit’s the grave. Adam concedes and accepts being a Newman. Amber and Daniel make a pact promising honesty and loyalty to each other.

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