The TV MegaSite's Thursday 5/22/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Bonnit

Greenlee finds out about the “grief sex” between Kendall and Aidan and lets them have it. When she finds out that Zach knew, she calls them all liars. Aidan and Kendall apologize. Guest singer Ne-Yo performs for Angie and Jesse’s first dance. Babe and JR dance and then get a room and make love. Robert searches Jesse and Angie’s bridal suite, but cannot find the diamond; he runs into Jesse and a gun instead. Adam rushes to the wedding to get his family, because Dixie warns him that there will be tragedy at the wedding.

Jesse and Angie are really happy. Greenlee tries to undress Zach so that they can get back at Kendall and Aidan. Jesse has the diamond Robert searched for. Kendall and Aidan’s apology to Greenlee falls on deaf ears. Jesse wants Uncle Robert to pay for the twenty years he lost. Zach punches Aidan's lights out for accusing him of having ill intentions for sending him to Africa. Robert tells Jesse to give him the diamond or shoot him!

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Henry wants to fight for money from Gray's Gerard's estate but since Gray didn't leave a will, Bonnie tells him he doesn't have a case. Vienna encourages Bonnie to do the right thing and help Henry. Bonnie talks to the other lawyer for the estate and tells him the victims deserve monetary compensation for all the hurt Gray caused them. The lawyer tells her she is fired from her job working for Gray's estate. The school dance doesn't go well for the teens of Oakdale as Parker is saddened to see Liberty making out with Dylan. Parker then tells Brad and Katie what Liberty is doing and Brad, Katie and Janet search for Liberty. Janet slaps Liberty and tells her to be more careful if she doesn't want to end up pregnant at the age of 16. Lily gets angry at the dance and yells at Holden to start acting like her husband. Jack then tells Carly to not get involved in Holden and Lily's relationship. Jack later promises Carly he won't bully her anymore. Holden comes home and gives Lily a hug. Liberty tells Brad and Katie she wants to go home with them.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie tells Donna that maybe she can help with Marcus. Does she have any more details - an open adoption, the hospital where he was born? At a team meeting, Ridge, Thorn and Felicia don’t want to wait for Donna who might have other priorities now. They need to get on with company business. Eric admonishes them again that Donna is his wife and must be treated with respect. No more secrets, no more lies, it’s all out in the open. They are acting like spoiled brats and he is sick of it. Donna says she does not ever want to disappoint him. Marcus drops by and wants to talk to Donna. She apologizes if she previously hurt his feelings. She asks if he has any kind of proof that he is her son? Katie calls and Donna decides for all of them to discuss this elsewhere.

Brooke is shocked how Ridge and the others are going along and want to oust Donna and now even Rick. Ridge thinks they need new leadership. Brooke says if he takes a stand against her family, he’s taking a stand against her. At Nick’s Marcus is introduced to Katie. He asks again if Donna ever had a baby boy? Is it possible he is her son? What does she remember? It was July 9th. He hands her his original birth certificate, July 9th. She cries it is true. She puts her hand on his face and gives him a big old hug. Mother and son have found each other.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Ava visits Kayla and apologizes, as she feels responsible for Kayla going into labor prematurely. Ava sneaks down to the NICU and takes pictures of Joe on her cell phone so that Kayla can see him. Phillip pays a strange man for a favor. Chloe decides that she wants Phillip to help her forget about Brady. They kiss. Sami and Lucas are at each other's throats over the issue of Sami sleeping with EJ. John and Marlena get involved, and Lucas finally tries to leave. His ankle monitor goes off. Nicole tells EJ that he has no chance with Sami now that Lucas is back from prison.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Carly rejects Kate's efforts to get her to back off on taking the boys away even as Sonny prepares to sue for custody, despite Diane's pleas not to. With Luke gone, Anthony directs his threats toward Lucky to keep Lulu in line. Spinelli remains baffled by both Blonde Ones. Nikolas brings Nadine to Wyndemere to tend Claudia. In response or retaliation, Patrick begins a counter blog to Robins. Sonny says he's going to get out of the mob.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Outside the Spaulding/Lewis Board Room. Lizzie give Bill a piece of her mind. Talking about Sarah and love. Remy visits Ava at home. Remy offers to help her. Ava thanks him by telling him he's the best. Mallet calls Dinah about Jeffery and the "Bad Cop." Mallet wants to protect Rafe. After Dinah hangs up, Rafe appears to Dinah. Rafe is thinking about Gus. Dinah tells him about her and Ross and how she found out he was her father and that most of her life she didn't have him. Bill is talking about responsibility with Lizzie. They are in a Board Meeting with members and talk about stockholders and Dinah. Ava and Remy are having a good time till they have to pick what side of the closet they want. As she moves in. Dinah and Bill meet in an elevator. They continue to talk when they get outside. Bill says the timing is off with Lizzie. Bill sees Remy moving Ava's stuff. Then Remy is out at the park doing his pushups when Lizzie comes by. She is really bummed. Bill finds out Dinah visited Ava and asked about family. Then the talk about which side of the bed to sleep on. She says it doesn't matter with her. Lizzie visits Dinah. Lizzie wants Spaulding the house back. Dinah talks about Bill. Lizzie says she is happy for him. Then she springs one on Dinah, she is not dropping the lawsuit. Dinah response back, that she didn't think so. Ava comes home from an outing she is bummed. Bill is just not happy, that is until Lizzie comes through the door. When she sees his expression, she leaves wondering if she did the right thing. Remy is talking to Mallet about buying his Dad's old house. Mallet asks where is he getting the money? Remy brings lunch to Ava. And they talk. Ava pretends to make Remy think he is driving her crazy, she then smiles at him. Lizzie and Bill argue about portfolios and money. Bill says he got what he wanted. Lizzie asks, even Ava and the baby. Bill says that is personal. Lizzie gets huffed and says stealing a company from a girl is personal. Mallet is having a meeting with Dinah. They talk about the money and Gus again. Remy and Ava are having fun throwing clothes about and laughing. Remy asks her to lie. Put it out there. Anything goes. After a whisper. Remy tells her she is lying. She kisses him on the cheek. Lizzie tells Bill she wants him to be happy but there is only so much she can take.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Blair lays down the law to Todd that he is no longer welcome in her house or near the kids. Shaun is now working for her and Starr and keeping Todd off the property. Todd concludes that if they kick him out, he is taking Sam with him. Jared and Natalie wonder what they are going to do with David. He tells them that maybe he can make himself useful to them by keeping the secret from Viki which will break her heart. Jared fesses up to Charlie that he messed up and is responsible for the consequences. RJ reveals to Nora that Lindsay has been helping Clint to get the dirt on his rivals. She then informs Bo, hoping that he will break up with Lindsay.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Cassie’s still being remembered by her family and friends. Jack finds out that a healthy donation has been given to the Abbott Foundation and Cassie’s Challenge, the person an anonymous donor. Amber and Daniel confess their love while Danny awaits his answer about going on tour with him. David needs a loan to cover his debt so he looks to his old friend Walter. Paul tracks down David’s ex-wife in Bermuda, she confesses he’s a murderer. Glo finally gets her diamond and Alistair overhears as she cries out in glee. While thinking about Cassie, Nick gets into a car accident.

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