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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Angie, Cassandra, Jesse and Frankie prepare for Angie’s and Jesse’s wedding day. Robert searches Angie and Jesse’s apartment looking for the stuffed elephant. Robert mumbles to himself that he is going to the wedding. Everyone begins to gather for the wedding including Dixie’s ghost. Greenlee and Aidan come face to face with each other. Aidan comes up behind Greenlee and tells her that he can live without children, but he cannot live without her. They reconcile with a kiss. After Aidan leaves to get them a drink to celebrate, Jack comes up and sees Greenlee crying. He wants to know if Aidan had done this. Greenlee confirms that he had. Jack begins to look for Aidan. Jack lets the cat out of the bag about Aidan and Kendall betraying her. Greenlee is numb from the news. Angie and Jesse exchange wedding vows that they had written themselves.

Before the wedding Dre watches Cassandra’s every move. Robert makes his presence known at the wedding. Robert begins to ask questions as to where that the bride and her attendants left their things for the wedding. Before Robert can search through the bride's things, he is detoured first by Krystal and then by Opal. After the wedding, Greenlee, Aidan, Zach and Kendall have drinks together. They notice how quiet Greenlee is and want to know what is wrong, so she starts to tell them.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Emily ends her romantic relationship with Casey and hires him back as her assistant only if they keep things strictly business. Barbara hires Meg as her private nurse because she hopes to bring Meg and Paul back together. Paul finds out that Barbara is trying to get he and Meg back together and he tells her that the scheme will not work. Barbara encourages Paul to fight for Meg because life is too short to not do what makes you happy. Luke and Noah give the police Ameera's picture as the police search for Noah's father. Noah finds a New York phone number inside Ameera's cell Phone and Luke goes to talk to the police. Noah gets a call from Ameera telling him that she is fine and not to search for her. Noah buys a plane ticket to New York to go search for Ameera.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick can’t quite get into love-making with company in the house. Bridget informs him that Donna and Katie are family, not company. Katie wants Donna to slow down and back up and give her more information. She realizes how much this must be hurting Donna to give a baby up. Suddenly Bridget remembers she has to dress Katie’s scar, leaving Nick all alone and frustrated. Donna gets Katie to promise her secret will remain there in that room. Eric’s family can not find out. She is not going to give them that much ammunition to hold over her. Donna asks Bridget if she can hold and feed Jack? Then she wonders if a baby has a natural instinct to know his mother. Nick catches Katie putting on her Vitamin E oil and she tells him again how kind it is of him to let her stay there. Donna oversees them talking and how close they seem to be. Phoebe misinterprets everything and assumes her mother is seducing Rick until he tells her she is wrong. He lit the candles and arranged all of this. And the two of them, Rick and Phoebe, was no “us”, they hadn’t been for a long time. Both Taylor and Rick try to explain how they got so close, but didn’t want to hurt her. She lashes out at them for what other people might think. She becomes totally unglued when Rick tells her that he’s asked her mom to marry him.

Taylor is torn. Her daughter wants her to end this relationship as Rick was her first love. Taylor can’t hurt her like this. Despite his begging her not to, he has to accept her answer and he leaves. Taylor pleads with Phoebe to forgive her. It is over. With a lot of understanding and gentleness, Nick puts on the Vitamin E on Katie’s scar. Bridget calls from upstairs and Katie tells him it’s okay, go to her.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Kayla has a nightmare about her son. Steve tries to comfort her as they wait for their baby's tests to be completed. Abe and Lexie see a marriage counselor. Tony proposes marriage to Anna, and she accepts. Roman talks to Kate about her involvement with Martino Vitali. Bo arranges a surprise evening at the pub for Hope and Ciara. Lucas catches Sami and EJ in bed. Despite Sami's attempt at an explanation, Lucas tells Sami that it's over between them.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Claudia admits her part in Michael's shooting to Nikolas. Carly admits to Jason that she tried to take Sonny's kids away from him. Because Alexis refuses to prosecute Luke, he is able to ready himself to run away. Before he goes, his kids say good bye. Tracy agrees to go with him. Trying to make peace, Jerry brings Alexis truffles. Jax leaves to figure things out.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Bill and Ava meet up. They are talking about their childhoods. Bill says he is going to donate money to his old elementary. Mallet is talking to Olivia about her health. Back at Bill's office, he and Ava are laughing and having a good time. Ava asks Bill what is like being a Lewis in Springfield. Mallet runs into Lizzie, who is crying. She is feeling lonely without her daughter, etc. Mallet tells her she will get through it, she is a Spaulding. Lizzie agrees and smiles at Mallet. Bill and Ava take off after Bill says we are in this together. Ava is still sitting touching her tummy saying, baby you will have a daddy. Rafe and Alan are talking about Gus while Alan holds a big framed photo of Gus to his tummy. Olivia is alone and calls for a cab. Alan and Rafe take off for place unknown. Ava is on the phone with Bill, he is outside she is still at his office. Olivia seems to be doing better as she is smiling. Ava winds up at the hospital and calls Bill to come. He tells her he is on the way. Olivia gets home to a ringing telephone.

Daisy and Rafe are at Harley's talking. Lizzie meets with Alan at the park. Alan tells her about a meeting with the family lawyers. Alan is optimistic about getting Spaulding back. Olivia is consoling Ava at the hospital. Ava fears she will loose the baby and Bill. She is crying. As Olivia has her hand on Ava's head caressing it. Bill talks with Lillian about Ava's health. Lillian tells Bill if he keeps an eye on Ava things should go well. Alan tells Lizzie about the fall and tells her Gus was there to save him. She take what Alan says with a grain of salt from the look on her face. Alan gets a phone call and asks Lizzie to take care of that meeting they were headed too. Bill is now in with Ava, who is lying down on her side. Ava talks about Bill leaving Springfield. She tells him she doesn't want to make things more complicated. Bill tells her she isn't. Daisy gets a visitor in the form of Alan, who is looking for Rafe. Mallet catches Daisy smoking. Daisy wants to know how he got into the house. He tells Daisy what it he was Harley?? He agrees to be quiet if she promises to talk to Harley later. Rafe has a report for Alan. Ava is home and Olivia is with her. She seems better. They are talking about house and one in particular is mentioned, Gus' house. Bill asks Lizzie about Sarah and Jonathan. Lizzie tells Bill she screwed up and now Jonathan and Sarah are on the run again. Lizzie continues to say she will never see her daughter again.

OLTL Recap Written by Jeannie

Starr and Cole arrive home. Blair promises Todd won't give her any more trouble. Cris and Sarah talk about the wedding. Cris tells Sarah about Antonio and Talia aren't really broken up and Jamie isn't really sick. He explains how they are trying to take down Ramsey. Ramsey invites Antonio to get in the on a jewel heist. Antonio agrees. Ramsey says they will set Talia up for the fall. Lindsay and Bo kiss. RJ walks in on them and Lindsay asks to talk to him along. After Bo leaves RJ tells Lindsay he cares for her and what is she doing with Bo. He warns her that she has a big secret and asks what Bo will do when he finds out. Cole tells Nora about the baby. She says she'll take care of him just like Marty wanted. After he leaves RJ goes to talk to Nora about Lindsay. Starr and Blair talk as there's a loud pounding at the door.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

It is the third anniversary of Cassie’s death and The Newman clan (Sharon included) mourn and remember her. Danny turns up and offers Daniel an opportunity of a lifetime, this causes growing concern for Phyllis and Amber; who think Daniel’s opportunity may cause him not to want to return to “podunk” Genoa City. Adam finally falls on his sword and Victor lets him have it. Sabrina finally sees the dark side of Victor while David places a bet. Paul continues to investigate David as he heads to Bermuda to track down his ex wife.

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