The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 5/20/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

At The Comeback, Tad tells Jake that when he visited Adam in the psychiatric hospital, he was calling out for Dixie. Kendall takes Greenlee out for a night on the town. Greenlee is reluctant to celebrate considering her disagreement with Aidan over having children. Zach is in his office at Cambias Industries when J.R. comes storming in and demands the documents that he had promised to Adam. Although J.R. says that Adam is in Geneva on business, Zach knows he's in a psychiatric hospital. Dixie orders Adam to tell Tad about Kate before something terrible happens. She encourages him to do the right thing before someone he loves suffers. Adam demands to know who will suffer. Stuart visits Adam in Oak Haven and advises him to play sane when he sees the doctor so he can get home. Frankie surprises Angie with a visitor, their old friend Greg Nelson. Greg is introduced to Cassandra. Greg, Angie, Jesse, Frankie and Cassandra reminisce about the past and about Jenny. Agent Cristol informs Robert that he might have shot the wrong man. When the agent wants to take him to the Bureau for questioning, Rob knocks him out and locks him into a chest. Tad meets up with Aidan, who tells him that since Greenlee doesn’t want to have children with him, he is re-thinking his future with her. Julia and Jake have a chat at the bar in which she questions him about his leaving town. Greenlee, Babe, Amanda, and Kendall share drinks and small talk about their mothers.

Greg, Angie, and Jesse visit Jenny’s grave. Greg relives the courtship between himself and Jenny and their wedding day. Frankie and Cassandra prepare to go to the casino for the night where the wedding will take place in the morning. Not so coincidentally, Rob is there gambling. Angie and Jesse come home and find the drawing of their family that Cassandra left for them. Adam is released from the psychiatric hospital. J.R. waits for him, and they hug. Adam vows to J.R. that he will protect his family. Aidan tries to call Greenlee, but doesn’t get an answer. Greenlee tries to call Aidan, but only gets his voice mail. They do not leave messages for each other. Angie and Jesse’s wedding day arrives.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Lisa informs Katie about Liberty's room service bill when Parker came over to visit her in her hotel room. Katie informs Jack about the situation and tells him not to be to hard on Parker because she is sure this was Liberty's idea. Katie tells Liberty she will tell Brad what she did and Liberty tells Katie Brad won't care she had her cousin over to visit. Katie goes back to her house to talk to Brad and finds Brad and Janet half naked eating lasagna. Brad tells Katie he broke the air conditioning and Janet brought the lasagna over as a housewarming gift. Katie tells Brad about Liberty's room service bill and at first he is angry but Janet persuades him not to be too hard on Liberty. Katie tells Brad that Janet won't come over without calling first next time and then he is to call her so she won't walk in on a scene. Holden, Lily, Jack and Carly argue about being chaperones for the school dance and at the end of the arguments, both couples decide to chaperone the school dance for their children. Noah finds the letter his father sent him stuffed in a drawer inside his house. Luke suspects Ameera brought it there and encourages Noah to call state department agent Ben Coyle to confirm Ameera's story about how she met Colonel Mayer. Agent Coyle confirms Ameera's story and Noah is not suspicious anymore about Ameera. Colonel Mayer arrives to visit Ameera at Noah's house and asks her to help him. Noah finds a good-bye note from Ameera saying she found another way to stay in the U.S.A. and he can soon get an annulment of their marriage. Luke and Noah are happy they are finally free of the lies and begin to make love until they are interrupted by a state policeman who informs Noah his father has escaped from prison.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick waits on Katie and tells her to enjoy it while she can; this won’t happen every day. She quips she would have 24 hour service in the nursing facility, and he fires back she would also have a roommate. But now she has three, four counting Jack. Taylor finds a half-naked man in her bed and tells Rick that before they take it to the next level she needs to talk to Phoebe. She will be home tomorrow and needs to prepare her. Phoebe meets Marcus at Insomnia and he asks to share a table with her. He sees a picture of Rick and assumes it is her boyfriend and starts up a conversation. Eric drops off Donna at Nick’s to visit with Katie. He also asks Nick’s intentions toward Bridget. Nick can only assure him that he loves Bridget and will not hurt her. Katie convinces Nick and Bridget that she can stay up past her bedtime this once and needs to talk to Donna alone. She pounces on Donna that she has been freaking out ever since she saw the picture of Marcus. What’s going on?

Donna denies it at first until Katie says she is her sister, she can tell her anything. Crying, Donna admits she had a son when she was in high school and only told their mom and then Storm. She went away to an aunt’s to have the baby and gave it up for adoption since she was so young and couldn’t care for it. Now she doesn’t know what to believe, if this is her son or not. Or maybe this is a stunt of Pam’s to cause trouble with Eric. Now she feels badly rejecting this young man that she may never see him again. Despite the heart patient downstairs, Bridget and Nick nuzzle in bed. Likewise so do Rick and Taylor, and Phoebe surprises them by popping in. Only she is the one who gets the biggest surprise.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Chelsea and Daniel get hot and heavy in the locker room until a female resident comes in. Chelsea hides in a locker while the woman flirts with Daniel. Chelsea overhears Daniel admit that he is seeing someone, and when the woman leaves, she confronts Daniel about their relationship. He insists that they can't be together. Abe and Lexie argue about Theo, and we learn that he doesn't talk and sees a speech therapist. Lexie and Abe discuss marital counseling. Max tells Nick that he gave his grant work to Professor Simmons at the university, and that he might have changed his work. Both Nick and Max try to reach Simmons, but he is unavailable. Later, Max admits to Stephanie that he fixed some of Nick's equations before he turned in the papers. Lucas is released from prison and arrives at the DiMera mansion, where he will spend the duration of his house arrest. Sami and EJ make love upstairs.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

After Carly hits Sonny with legal documents to sign away his rights to Morgan and Michael for their protection, he accuses her of sleeping with him to bribe him into agreeing. Liz and Jason agonize over how impossible their love is Hoping to gain the Alcazar docks, Luke agrees to a game with Trevor, who wants Lulu to leave town if Luke loses, but the cops bust them and arrest both men. Nikolas continues to nurse Claudia at Wyndemere. Kate urges Sonny not to agree to what Carly wants.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Alan getting ready for a business meeting. Company is bustling with people. Buzz is talking to Rafe about graduation. Then there is a bang and they go to look and find Alan flat on is back. Frank loans Natalia some money to which she says she will pay him back. Frank says that she can go shopping with him next time he has to go and get perfume for his daughter, Marina. Olivia is alone and just milling around her room. Beth is talking with her baby at the park when Rick comes by. Rick makes plans to eat and Beth says she already has plans. They change the subject by Beth saying she has to go see Lillian about something. Alan tells the doctor at Cedars he fell. Natalia and Frank are together when Natalia gets a call from Olivia that sounds funny. Olivia stops talking. Natalia says to Frank she had better go check on her. Frank says that is a deal and goes with her. Beth leaves the baby with Rick and goes off in one direction. Beth goes to the hospital why Rick winds up somewhere using another name. He tells the baby they are going to see Ed and other family members. Olivia looks at herself in the bathroom mirror. She feels uneasy and sits on the toilet seat. Natalia and Rick try Olivia again. They are at the bottom of the broken stairs that of which Alan fell from. Natalia wonders what happened. As she sees the yellow police strip blocking the stairs. Beth goes to see Buzz to see if he's heard from Rick. He tells her about the stairs. Rafe is at the hospital with Alan arguing about his care. Beth finds Alan there at ask what happened. Alan tells her. Beth says she will walk them out. Olivia is passing out and pills fall out of a container she is holding. Alan is later outside walking around. Rick is now dealing with a crying baby. And gets temporarily angry. And after apologizing leaves saying he'd be right back. As he leaves the room he runs into Frank. Rick makes up some story that Frank buys. After Frank leaves Rick is relieved that Frank bought what he told him. Rafe helps Buzz with repairs. Natalia checks on Olivia finding her standing up and the pill bottle and pills all over. Natalia then tells her she is going to get her stomach pumped. They argue. Olivia says they just fell on the floor that she just felt sleepy and that is how it happened. Beth catches up with Rick and the baby. Rick tells Beth to go and take the baby with her. Rafe helps clean up from the lunch period at Company and he and Buzz talk. Rafe tells Buzz a story about a guy named Mike, who saved someone. Olivia tells Natalia that she doesn't need a nanny. Alan visits Olivia & Natalia and tells her of the incident that he just had. He wants them to convince people that Alan is not crazy when he tells them someone is after him. Alan and Natalia and Olivia talk to Alan. Alan says he was on his way to a meeting and someone grabbed his leg while he was walking. Then as he fell, the roof fell. Alan swears it was Gus that saved his life. Olivia tell him that Gus is dead. That he is not coming back. That she has the last piece of Gus in her chest. Natalia looks like she sort of believes him. After he leaves Olivia tells her it wasn't Gus that saved Alan's life. Natalia just looks at Olivia and then leaves. Rick talks with Beth. Rick now admits he is not Peyton's father. Then Rick talks about the Bauer BBQ and their anniversary. Beth starts to laugh. As Rick invites her to the BBQ. Alan reaches his room and looks at the picture of Gus. Natalia goes to church to light a candle. Olivia has second thoughts about taking another handful of pills and calls for help. Alan goes to the church but then changes his mind as he is on the top step.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

While Starr is in the hospital, and after Blair has found out that her daughter is pregnant, she tells her she will be there for her and see her through this. And she regrets making Starr feel as though she could not have told her mom about it and that she had no choice except to run. And Blair has the cops arrest Todd for causing Starr to fall and assaulting Cole. John is there for Cole. Nobody will forgive Todd for what he did. At Rex and Adriana's wedding, Brody shows up out of nowhere and announces himself to Shane. Gigi is stunned and not certain what to do, having believed all these years that he is dead, and right after she was ready to announce that Rex is Shane's father. Although Rex and Adriana had their doubts about their marriage, they take their vows and are officially married. Brody reminds Gigi that he knows she may still have feelings for Rex. But she must know of the choice he made in front of everybody and in front of God. Jared, Nigel and Natalie are all very worried what David might do now that he's found out that he is Asa's real son, so they hog tie him.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Paul's investigation of David is on full speed. He is questioning folks around GC about this sketchy, mysterious character who just became Mr. Mrs. Newman. With this new title he plans to take advantage of her wealth to pay off her debts, going behind her back to take out loans. Adam’s cockiness finally bites him on the rear as the company he has worked so hard to acquire comes up short, which Neil does not hesitate to let Victor know. Victoria warns Heather to watch out for Brad. Brad antagonizes David. Victor arranges for Sabrina to have her own personal shopping event at the ranch.

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