The TV MegaSite's Monday 5/19/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Tad visits Adam in the psychiatric hospital. Adam begins to call for Dixie to appear so that Tad can see her. Tad sees no one and believes that Adam has completely lost it this time. Dixie visits Jake at Pine Valley Hospital. She encourages him to stay in Pine Valley for awhile for Tad’s sake. Annie listens to Ryan and Kendall as they discuss his remembering something about Annie and their life together. Annie remembers her conversation with a lawyer in which he had told her that Ryan could have children. After listening to Ryan and Annie a few moments, she bursts into the room and hugs Ryan. Greenlee is on the elevator at Fusion. She stops the elevator and then she sinks down to the floor. She remembers her conversation with Aidan in which she had told him that she didn’t want to have children. Aidan confronts her as to why she had tried for months to have a child with Ryan, but didn’t want to have children with Aidan. Greenlee meets up with Annie just getting on the elevator and Annie is not very pleased to see her. Stewart and Little A are outside of Jesse and Angie’s apartment. Stewart yells for someone to answer the door. Robert is inside with Cassandra and he questions her about the toy elephant and its whereabouts. Robert brings Cassandra out of her trance, but she will not be able to remember anything that had gone on. Stewart and Little A returns the toy elephant to Cassandra with Robert watching with binoculars. He is relieved, but he still vows revenge on Jesse.

Jesse questions Cassandra about what had gone on that she was feeling really bad. Angie encourages Jesse to give it a rest that they had a wedding to plan for. Tad gives J.R. and Colby the bad news that Adam is really in a bad state this time. Dixie encourages Adam to tell Tad where Kate is, but Adam refuses. Kendall offers Greenlee advice on how to deal with this situation with Aidan. Ryan comes home to Annie. Annie fixes them drinks while Ryan hunts a movie for them to watch. While Ryan goes upstairs to check on Emma, Annie tears up the document that the lawyer had given to her. Annie mumbles to herself that Ryan can give her another little miracle. A secret service agent visits Robert and asks him about the shooting in the warehouse.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Susan tells Chris to stop helping Allison and allow her to finish the nursing program on her own so she can feel proud when she finishes the program. Chris blasts Allison for not taking her studies seriously and she admits that she expects to fail the program because it is difficult. Allison also admits to Chris that she doesn't want to let down the people who love her once again. Emily gets jealous when she thinks Casey is dating Allison. Casey later explains to Emily Allison tried to set him up with her friend Amy. Katie surprises Brad by moving out of the Lakeview and into her new house. Janet misunderstands and thinks Brad has abandoned Liberty again Liberty is thrilled by her room in Brad and Katie's new house but decides to stay at the Lakeview with Janet. Margo and Tom worry about Casey and agree they want him to go to college but they think it would be wrong to push him into going to college. Chris tells Susan he will stay away from Allison but when he sees her asleep in the on call room he strokes her hair. Emily tells Casey she should stay away from her because she is bad news and could destroy his life. Casey knows Emily was jealous when he thought she was on a date with Allison. Casey ignores Emily's warning to stay away from her and instead he draws Emily into a passionate kiss.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Dr. Patrick gives Katie instructions about going home. She will need some assistance for a while and should consider staying with her family. She nixes that as she doesn’t want to be a burden, but prefers to go to a nursing facility. Bridget moves in with Nick who quips his living room décor needed a change. She also wants Katie to move in with them too until she recovers. Donna is shocked that Marcus would think she might be his mother. He’d tracked her down from a lot of other Donna Logan possibilities, but she doesn’t give him any hope at all. Eric is still hanging around the beach house with Stephanie reliving old memories with the children.

Nick agrees that this might be good for Katie so they will go get her. Stephanie jokes with Eric to not let the grandkids catch Grandma skinny dipping. He asks if she just called him a dirty old man since Donna married the grandfather? Stephanie doesn’t want Eric to stay any longer and give his newlywed bride a reason to be mad. She knows they are happy now, she just hopes Donna never disappoints him. Marcus tells Donna he is sorry and won’t bother her again. After he’s gone, she stares at his baby picture. Donna is curt to Pam and asks why is she there, next time call first. Pam asks does Donna have something to hide? Donna decides it was Pam, she set her up! Bridget and Nick won’t take no for an answer and insist that Katie recuperate at their house. While the nursing facility administrator is off looking over papers, Nick literally hi-jacks Katie out of there. She grins that they win…..actually she says she wins!

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Steve and Stephanie try to soothe Kayla's fears about the baby. Lexie tells them that he is still not breathing on his own, and Kayla blames herself for delivering early. Chelsea finds Daniel in the locker room at the hospital and confronts him about sticking around Salem. She thinks he has an issue with his ego and berates him for playing games. He kisses her. Nick confronts Max about turning in his grant work. Max sticks to his story, maintaining that he only copied the work. Nick demands that Max hand over the originals, saying that some of the figures looked different, and Max does so. Sami tells EJ that she has forgiven him mainly because of what she did to Austin so many years ago. She admits that she liked kissing him, and after he makes sure that it's what she wants, EJ begins to make love to Sami. Mickey and Maggie visit Lucas in prison, and Mickey secures Lucas' release from jail due to overcrowding in the prison system.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Trevor claims that Anthony forced Lulu to sleep with Johnny in order to have a better way to control him. Though tempted, Jax and Kate do not go through with a kiss, but are forced to spend the night away from Port Charles due to the storm closing down the airport there. Later, they do kiss. Liz finds Jason driving recklessly through the rain and comforts him about Michael. Claudia is saved from certain death when she is found by Nikolas and Alfred. Carly urges Sonny to let Jax adopt the boys.

GL Recap Written by Tanya

Harley bribes Daisy into going to get a dress for graduation while Cyrus is across town with Adrianna. Josh tells Cassie after spending the night with her that even though they have a long way to go, that he isn’t angry anymore. Josh later goes to find Chris Boyle to confront him about Cassie, but Chris doesn’t know what he is talking about. Cyrus steps in between them as Josh is throwing a punch and then Cassie shows up and Josh just leaves. After Josh gets back home, he and Cassie have a talk about what happened, he tells her that he wants to believe what she says, but it does not help the pictures in his head about what happened. Josh goes back to Chris’s hotel room to apologize and sees him going into his room holding another man’s hand.

Reva looks annoyed after Natalia calls Jeffrey about Olivia being missing and he takes off to go find her. Natalia and Jeffrey find her at the courthouse watching Emma on her field trip. Reva goes to see Harley and tells her that even though she is happy right now, it doesn’t mean that the past isn’t important. Reva tells Daisy that if she wants to work on her movie that she has to go to graduation. Mrs. Bailey tells Harley that Daisy can’t graduate because she was suspended from school. Harley goes to talk with Daisy about the suspension and Daisy tells her that she won’t get to graduate now. Reva tells Jeffrey that she needs to know that they have a future together and asks him to marry her...he says “Let’s do it.”

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Todd finds Starr and Cole. He punches Cole in the face, and in a struggle, Starr falls down the stairs. Both teenagers get rushed to the hospital. Blair is furious at Todd and doesn't want him near their daughter. John talks to Cole privately and tells him he discovered the brochure on pregnancy in the room where they were staying, and he reveals to Cole that he might know the reason why he and Starr ran away. Gigi interrupts Rex and Adriana's wedding when the pastor asks if anybody has any objections. She announces that Rex was late because he saved her son's life. She also admits that she is in love with Rex, but she cannot get it out that Rex is Shane's father. Rex and Adriana talk privately and conclude they will go through with the wedding after all. At that point, Brody appears out of nowhere to meet Shane. David Vickers shows up at Nora's and reminds Jared that if Jared does not pay him, he will expose him for fraud. He also reminds Jared that he knows he is Asa's rightful heir.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya **One Day Ahead

Everyone’s got a dirty little secret, David’s debt to Brad, who’s ego is on serious overdrive. Glo from Jeffrey as she tries to recover the hidden diamonds from the Cayman Islands; but thanks to Alistair who’s on Jill’s payroll that cat is out the bag. Last but not least Chloe’s claiming her pass at Cane was simply nothing but refusing to tell Lily. Cane ain’t buying it and says if was nothing tell Lily and as he prepares to tell his lady love, Lily (lady love) expresses how much Chloe has made her career a success. So kiss remains mum and Chloe still smells like roses. Jeffrey’s going to the Cayman Islands and better believe he had something up his sleeves. David needs to pay off his debts and now he realizes he has a sugar mama who will do just that.

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