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AMC Recap Written by Bonnit

Richard worms his way into the Hubbard’s apartment, and is now talking to Cassie. Ryan is at Fusion telling Kendall about his memory, and feelings for Annie. Tad visit with Jake, but Jake is not forthcoming about his life. Adam is committed to Oak Haven, the nuthouse. Jack visit Erica, and ask if Aidan, and Kendall are having an affair. Greenlee doesn’t want kids with Aidan, but was dying to have kids with Ryan. Annie is told that Ryan can have children. Jesse visits Angie at the hospital; talk about Cassie, and things happening to her.

Angie wants him to be happy, and let the past go. Robert gives Cassie a truth serum shot in the arm, then questions her about the elephant. Adam is found in his room with a pillow over his face, and the nurse thinks he tried to commit suicide. Stuart takes the elephant to Cassie’s house. Annie overhears Ryan telling Kendall that he is uncertain if he still loves Annie. Adam will cooperate with Dixie by telling Tad about Kate’s adoption.

ATWT Recap Written by Wanda

Emily fires Casey or he quits, whichever version you like. He was making too much of their relationship and she knew his parents would go nuclear if they found out. He tries to get his old job back with Lisa, but she won't go against hotel policy. Both she and Margo advise him to go back to school. Ali is relived that she passed the exams, and vows to Chris that she doesn't want his help and this will never happen again. Too many people think she passed only because she is sleeping with the right people. Susan tells her she did good and she hopes now she will buckle down and become a good nurse. Holden is still fairly cool toward Lily but offers to take the girls over to Carly's to help with Sage's project, a play. She accuses him of not wanting to work this out. She went away to think and all he has done since she has come back is to push her away. Lily laments to Lucinda that Holden's attitude is that she is still in the wrong for turning on her evil, feminine wiles and luring him into bed. Lucinda scoffs that how many husbands tell their wives they have too much sex? Someone needs to talk to that boy. He needs to be a husband, and Lily has every right to expect that.

The play is a thinly disguised "home sweet home" and Carly does a bit of apologizing to Holden, but she felt she owed Lily and she did not confide anything in Lily that he had told her. Emily hires a temp, but he ends up calling her a bitch and she fires him the same day. Later she runs into Casey who thinks she may be asking him to take his job back, but she gloats that he has already been replaced. Tom oversees Chris backing away from Alison and Chris confides in him that he doesn't know where this is leading, but she is too special, she is not a bad person and he thinks he can help her and he can't back away now. Margo runs into Emily and can't help but say she knows what happened and at least Casey knows now to stay away from Emily as far as possible. Ali takes out her new friend, a student nurse, Amy, with Casey so the two of them can spend some time together. Lily wants to hear all the particulars about the play and is shaken to hear how her problems are affecting the girls, they just want their old, happy life back. She wants that too; what does Holden want? He admits that may be possible, it's just taking him a little longer to heal than her.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie doesn’t want to rattle around in that big old house anymore, so she’s downsizing to the beach house. Bridget and Rick don’t mind moving and they know their dad wants Stephanie in something comfy and cozy. Nick tries to cheer Katie up with some predictable pistachios and some Lakers' paraphernalia. She turns the tables by inviting Bridget to move in with him. She needs a place to say, he loves her and could not find a better person for him or his son. She even blurts it out in front of Bridget when she arrives. Marcus catches Eric leaving to go check on Stephanie at the beach house, and introduces himself to Donna. He starts by saying he was not part of the catering service and she immediately wants to throw him out as now she thinks he must be part of the media and thinks how low can he go during their time of grief.

Nick makes it official and asks Bridget to please move in. Everyone seems to be happy over this arrangement except the one who suggested it - Katie. Thorne warns Eric that his new wife comes with a lot of baggage. Neither he nor Felicia can believe he traded in their mother for Donna. Marcus tells Donna he thinks they have met before. Is she his mother?

Days Recap Written by Jenni

EJ gets a call from the warden at Lucas' prison, telling him that Lucas cannot be released early. After getting the news, EJ and Sami talk about their relationship. EJ tells her that she has to let him go if she doesn't want him, so Sami kisses him. Victor and Chloe butt heads about her stay at the mansion. Phillip defends her. Victor hands over almost complete control of the company to Phillip. Chloe flirts with Phillip after he tells her she is welcome to stay. Kayla gives birth to a baby boy, but he isn't breathing.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

While Kate and Jax attend a gala, Sonny and Carly visit Michael; Sonny says goodbye to his son. When Anthony makes veiled threats in Lulu's direction, Johnny urges her to keep away, but she refuses. Nikolas goes out into the storm at Wyndemere looking for Emily.

GL Recap Written by Tanya

Cyrus is at the gym working out when a beautiful woman asks him if he is single, he is flattered and says that he is in a serious relationship. Harley talks to Daisy about going shopping for graduation, but Daisy just tells her that they don’t have the money and makes a quick exit. Officer Wolfe continues to pick with Harley at the police station by saying that she has issues. Cyrus goes to see Harley at the police station to see if she has plans for later, but then she gets busy and he leaves without saying goodbye. He goes to Company, where he runs into Buzz and they decide to play poker. Then Reva and Daisy come in and join the game, too. As they play, Daisy and Cyrus have some words and the game ends with her saying that he will never be Gus. Buzz then goes to see Harley and she tells him about the “She and Cyrus just dating, nothing serious,” plan.

Reva talks to Jeffrey about how his day is going, as he is about to leave, she realizes that he had picked up the movie script by accident. She tells him that she needs to talk to him about the movie, but he wants to read the script instead. Harley goes to see Jeffrey about the investigation into the police department, he tells her that he will handle it. She goes back to her desk to find a note that says “Stay out of it,” but no one owns up to writing it.

Reva has second thoughts about the movie and tells Jolene that it is getting in the way of her life with Jeffrey. Jolene assures her that they will work around her and her life and that they will only come to her as needed. Reva goes to find Jeffrey and tells him that they need to move and then tells him about the movie being about her and Josh’s life together. He says that he is okay with that, but she tells him that she doesn’t want him to have to deal with that. He tells her that he read the script and that he liked it and that he wants her to re-enact the “Slut of Springfield” act for him. They move into a hotel room together so that they can be away from all of the commotion with the movie. She says that they need their own song and then as he plays the guitar, they make up their own song.

Cyrus is at work at the Beacon when he gets a call from his co-worker to handle a situation, which turns out to be Harley wanting to go to dinner with him. They go to dinner and then dance their way into the elevator. They go back to her house and talk some more before Daisy interrupts by slamming the door, Cyrus takes this as his cue to leave. After Cyrus leaves, Harley has a talk with Daisy about Cyrus and then about her graduation, which Daisy says that she isn’t going to go to. Harley calls Cyrus, but hangs up before he answers saying that she can handle things on her own. Then the woman from the gym comes back to see Cyrus and introduces herself.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Blair, John and Todd are "closing in on" Starr and Cole. When the two teenagers know that they are on their trail, they get ready to flea. But Todd finds them, and when they struggle, Starr falls down the stairs. Rex and Adriana's wedding is about to start. But it looks like he is not going anywhere until he knows that Shane is ok after his asthma attack. Everybody urges him to get to his wedding but he is in no hurry to get there. Adriana is very worried. Everybody wonders where he is. Dorian asks Bo to call it off. He tells her he won't until he's asked by the bride or groom. Dorian believes she has successfully sent Brody back home without Adriana's knowing. But when he's waiting for his flight home, he is reliving his relationship with Gigi. Rex finally arrives at the wedding. Before it starts, the pastor asks if anybody has any objections to this wedding. And we wonder if Gigi will speak up.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Where is the party? At Restless Style, ex-lovers Nikki and Victor continue to bash each other in the presence of their new lovers, while their children and co. wonder if they are going to come out of the elevator alive. Victor gives Nick his half-arse blessing when he gets out of the elevator, then shares with Sabrina that the magazine won’t survive. Paul’s still suspicious of David and continue investigation, receiving a cryptic call from his ex-wife. David expresses his love to Nikki and the kids, while Glo gets caught by her kiddies in an oops moment starring Alistair. Jeffrey overhears Glo talking to Lauren about this oops and interprets it wrong, this causes him to pack his bags and prepare to leave GC.

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