The TV MegaSite's Thursday 5/15/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Bonnit

Kendall and Jack unknowingly switched phones at the prison. Aidan asks what Tad’s new project is and finds out it is Kate, Tad’s daughter. Cassie and Jessie sit down to have a chat, and he assures her that he is not trying to be her father. Robert stalks and spies on Cassie in pursuit of the elephant that might have the diamond in it. Cassie now knows that Jesse is there for her and wants to befriend her.

Greenlee confides in Kendall that she does not want kids, but Aidan does. Kendall advises Greenlee to be honest with Aidan about not wanting kids. JR is suspicious of Adam, because his childhood toy giraffe showed up after being missing for many years. Adam tells JR that Dixie is haunting him. JR asks Colby to call Oak Haven to pick up Adam and take him to the nuthouse. Babe is going undercover to set up Treena. As soon as Jesse leaves, Robert shows up at the Hubbard's home to talk to Cassie.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Mike heads to Chicago for a meeting regarding the farm. Sophie continues to plead with Paul to get him to reconsider a relationship with her, but Paul is dead set against it. Sophie tries to sway him with a gift. Janet shows back up in Oakdale surprising Liberty. Katie relishes in the fact that Janet is supposedly gone. Barbara interrupts another interaction between Paul and Sophie and is concerned about Sophie’s attachment to Paul and tries to redirect her focus. There is trouble at the farm and Meg is forced to call Paul. Paul goes running when she calls, much to Sophie’s dismay. Henry is worried about how Katie is taking the Liberty/Janet situation. Katie assures him that she is fine now that Janet is gone. When Brad goes to see Liberty, he walks in on a towel clad Janet. Crisis averted thanks to Paul, as he handles the problem with a lot of sensitivity, which can’t help but impress Meg. Sophie agrees to go into business with Barbara and Paul’s backing it all. Katie interrupts a family bonding moment between Liberty, Janet and Brad and is none to happy. Brad mixes up his words and soon Katie is hurt and feeling left out. Barbara tells Sophie that Paul will always love Meg and never love her; Sophie refuses to give up hope. An irate Mike interrupts Paul and Meg. When Meg assures Mike that Paul was only there for business and that he was just leaving, Paul leaves sadly. Paul heads home looking depressed and tells Barbara and Sophie that he and Meg only seem to have a professional relationship left, as Sophie is secretly thrilled. Mike asks Meg if she still wants the restraining order; Meg answers yes, but she doesn’t look as convinced. Liberty wants to add a new photo to her baby book – Brad’s. Brad and Katie make up.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie speaks at Storm’s memorial. She says she was taught when she was little that Heaven was perfect. That is why there is memorial services, so you can share tender memories and pretend that your loved one is at peace. Donna tries to get Katie to stop, but Katie assures her she has a right to be there. Storm’s ashes are not complete without her. Stephanie finds Taylor waiting in Katie’s room, then both are surprised to hear the nurse say she won’t be back as she is at her brother’s service. Katie continues and even shows the family her chest where she was sawed open and where Storm lives now. She begs them not to turn away; she wants them to know that her loss is different than theirs. Further she explains that all of this is her fault. She rushed in when she didn’t understand. She pulled the trigger. She is certain that he did not want to take his life. She is ashamed to be alive; it should have been her that died. She vows she will live and love harder and respect the heart that he gave her. The sisters and dad hug her.

Taylor offers Stephanie her professional services if she needs it. Stephanie quips she is not going to wait around for another one of Eric’s marriages to break up; she might take up sky-diving. The sisters come together and promise not to put a barrier up ever again. They say goodbye to Stephen as he is heading back to Paris and will give their love to their mother. Marcus tells Donna that he could feel her pain and he is sorry about her brother. Katie tells Nick thanks for being more stubborn than she is and knowing that she needed to come there. Brooke oversees them hugging.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Sami complains to Rolf about EJ, who tells Nicole that he loves Sami and beats a hasty retreat. Later, Sami and EJ talk about what happened the night Johnny was conceived, and Sami agrees to start over with a clean slate. Nicole shows up drunk, and Sami kicks her out. She then kisses EJ, bursts into tears, and runs upstairs. Max surprises Stephanie with a romantic picnic. Kayla goes into premature labor and is rushed to the hospital. Angelo tells Bo, Hope, and Ava that Martino kept Ava drugged for a reason. Ava remembers that Martino murdered her mother. Martino reaches for a gun and Bo is forced to shoot him. Martino dies as a result.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Ric attempts to bait Jerry, but the other man remains cool. Jason is able to let Sonny know that Michael's shooter is dead, but Sonny's angst is only slightly, if at all, relieved. Nikolas checks himself out of the hospital. Claudia wants Jerry to help her frame Anthony for shooting Michael. He very calmly stabs her. Michael has a lot of visitors. Jax and Kate empathize over being shut out by Michael's parents.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Mallet still is confused about the "police investigation". Rafe is given an old family heirloom, a watch, from Alan. Rafe is touched. Alan asks Rafe if he has heard any more news on Spaulding Enterprises. He wants Rafe to keep an eye on Bill and Billy Lewis. It is then Natasha catches them and tells Rafe to leave Alan. Natalia sits down to listen to Rafe. Alan tries to talk some to Alan. Natasha believes Alan wants Rafe to do his dirty work for him. Ashlee is having an argument with Doris about her weight. Finally they agree on some things and Doris leaves happy. Coop is talking with Blake about the book tour. Ashlee's name pops up. Blake is pleased to think Coop is taking such good care of Ashlee. Dinah and Mallet talk about the investigations. Dinah figures that Mallet wants her to talk to Doris and Jeffery about backing off the investigation. After seeing Alan, both Rafe and Natasha say they are sorry for their actions and words earlier. Ashlee and Coop are talking about her life and what she wants to do. Coop says he doesn't want to interfere with her decision. He tells her he has to get going and leans over to kiss her goodbye. Ashlee and Daisy hang out. Soon Ashlee says she has to take off, but that she will be in touch. Daisy undaunted says ok. Mallet is talking to Natasha about Gus' last talk with her before his accident. She says they were not talking about anything in particular. Mallet mentions the house that was bought. Natasha says that was not on his mind that day. Ashlee goes to Dinah for her old job. Within seconds Dinah says she is hired. Natalia goes to Olivia for help with getting Alan out of Rafe's life. Alan visits Olivia. Olivia jokes about bringing family members over to the dark side. When Alan asks for her help to get Rafe to his side. Dinah meets with Doris. Doris now figures Dinah wants something. Dinah goes in for the '"kill" and asks for her favor. Rafe sees these two woman shake hands. He wonders what is going on. Ashlee calls Coop about her job news at WSPR. She tells him she can't go with him on the book tour. Coop breaks the news to Blake, who is pleased and happy for Ashlee. Coop thanks her for her input on the book tour. Mallet winds up tired and crashes at Company. He asks for a brew. Alan is sitting next to him. They talk about Dinah. Just then Natalia walks in. Alan is pleased to see her. He offers her a soda. He also tells Natalia she was right about Rafe. He asks permission to at least see Rafe from time to time and spend time with him. She says yes, but no assignments. He gleefully agrees. Ashlee kisses Coop. Rafe tells Alan of a conversation he saw at Company between Dinah and Doris. Alan wants more. Dinah meets with Mallet again.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Todd, Blair and John all scrounge to find Starr and Cole. They find Winter, the guy who rented them their room. He is not about to talk until Todd flashes money at him. And he leads them to the rooming house. Inside, Starr is getting sick from the pregnancy and admits to Cole that maybe she needs her mom. But they determine that their baby will be like only the good people in both of their families and not, in any way, like Todd.

Right when Rex is supposed to get to his wedding, Shane has an asthma attack. Rex is determined to get him to the hospital and be there for him although Gigi urges him to get to his wedding. Adriana cannot find him. She asks Dorian to help and Dorian "helps" by offering to double what Adriana has paid Brody, in order for him to go back to where he came from. Brody concludes the reason for that is because she doesn't want her daughter to marry Rex. And he understands why she is right in doing that. They both know that he has no claim on Gigi and Adriana may have no claim on Rex.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Restless Style launches and is all the buzz, people rush over to the loft to offer up their congratulations. Some even get stuck in the elevator, those some are none other then newlyweds Nikki and David and newly engaged Victor and Sabrina. Of course seeing an opportunity, Victor comments on Nikki’s quickie marriage and then takes pot shots at her. Nikki warns Sabrina and Victor also tries to warn David. Daniel realizes the elevator is stuck and before the gang realizes who’s in there they call for help. Poor, poor Glo is now poverty stricken and washing a sorrows away with alcohol and Alistair; while Jeffrey admits to Jill that he truly is in love with Glo. Glo’s family frantically searches for her as Jill decides to help Jeffrey win Ms. Glo back.

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