The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 5/14/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

As Ryan begins to remember the time that he and Annie spent in the stable, she doesn’t believe it. At the hospital, Aidan brings Jake a special surprise and meets up with Frankie. Greenlee comes in and finds Jake lying on the floor of his hospital room. When she yells for help, Frankie and Aidan hurry into the room to help her get Jake back into bed. Jack visits Carmen in jail and runs into Kendall and Jack, who are there to visit Erica. As Cassandra searches the apartment for the stuffed elephant, Robert watches her movements with a pair of binoculars. Robert talks on the phone and tells the person that he should be ready for his next plan. Angie tries to get her involved in her marriage plans, but Cassandra is more than a little preoccupied. Greenlee invites Jake to her and Aidan’s wedding, but he declines the invitation by telling them that he won’t be here. Erica is more than a little relieved when she learns that everything is all right between Kendall and Zach after he found out that she and Aidan slept together. As his old feelings for her resurface, Annie and Ryan make love. Angie is called to the hospital which leaves Cassandra and Jesse alone. Jesse tells her to sit down so they need to talk. Robert still watches and mumbles to himself that after Cassandra talks with Jesse she is going to talk to him. When Aidan mentions having children to Greenlee, she is reluctant to talk about this topic of conversation.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Jack and Carly disagree over how she and Lily handled Holden. Lily and Holden revel in their renewed relationship, but when Holden keeps talking about how their night came to be like fate and how there are no more secrets, Lily looks uncomfortable. Alison can barely keep her eyes open, as she continues to cram for her test; she continues to have her doubts over whether she can do it too. Susan and Chris talk about Alison. Carly wants Jack to stop sending her mixed signals, as they continue to argue. Jack tells her that her actions reminded him of what he doesn’t want to be around. Aaron takes Alison on his bike to a peaceful field to relax where she calms down and admits that she put the brakes on her budding relationship with Chris, to Aaron’s secret happiness. Alison and Aaron fall asleep while lying on the blanket. Brenda tells Chris that Alison missed her test. When Carly misspeaks, Holden realizes that the night he shared with Lily was a set up. Lucinda hopes that Lily and Holden’s quick reunion means that she is taking out a clean slate and that she is going to be honest and straightforward with Holden from now on. Jack admits to Carly that he did enjoy spending time with her, but he won’t be fooled again. Holden confronts Lily, who tries to explain. Lucinda tries to plead Lily’s case to Holden, who is tired of it all. Alison wakes up and realizes she overslept and is distraught to realize she missed her test. She and Aaron race back to find Brenda to ask for a make up, but she will not give her a chance. Chris sees Alison come in with Aaron. Chris asks Brenda to reconsider, and she finally relents. Susan overhears Chris’ request and learns from Brenda what Chris did. Alison is wracked with guilt when Chris finds her with Aaron. Chris and Aaron gripe at one another and Alison has to break it up. Chris tells Alison that he got Brenda to give her a make-up test, as a thrilled Alison thanks him with a huge hug while Aaron watches. Carly tries to explain why she helped Lily, but Holden is too hurt to listen and understand. Luke vents to his dad about Noah and Ameera’s relationship; Holden tells him to take a stand. Carly admits to Jack that she made a mistake when she got involved with Lily and Holden; Jack apologizes for coming down so hard on her. Carly sadly tells him that she is used to it. Lily again tries to explain why she did what she did. She was only trying to prove to him what she already knows – that last night proved that they are meant to be together. Holden sadly tells her that is what he used to think.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie wants no lectures, she tells Nick she is not going to Storm’s service today. But she does want to see the room, the room where Storm shot himself. Nick wheels her to the spot and helps her walk in. She sits on the bed and asks Nick for a minute alone. She feels it was her time and she would have been all right with her dying. Storm stands before her and she says she already read his note, so let her go. Storm tells her the police will be here any minute, so his life will be gone as well. She doesn’t have much time, and he’s not going to let her take responsibility for his life. She cries that she’s not going to be his great accomplishment. She can’t make his life worthwhile, only he can. He reminds her that she really doesn’t want to die. She cries out his name and Nick comes in. He tells her she should take this unfinished business over to Storm’s memorial. Brooke and Donna gather at the Forrester House and agree they don’t want Storm’s ashes strewn about, but right there so they know where he is. The door is open so the young man walks in. Eric and Donna take him to be part of the catering personnel so he assumes that role. Ridge, Felicia and Ridge are on the terrace badmouthing Donna not being the real Mrs. Forrester. Marcus overhears it and buffers Donna from the gossip.

The service begins with Ashley although she was not kin nor even a close friend. Then Stephen speaks and says he knows his girls were better off by leaving them to Storm. Now he does want to be part of their lives, and yes he does feel responsible for what happened. But put yourself in Storm’s place and see if you feel superior. Brooke says it was hard to lose her brother, and hard to remember him since the last words spoken was in anger. Perhaps there are some that think it’s not worthy of honoring him because he was not a good person. She asks the reverend how she feels. She says God does not cast out those who are desperate. Donna adds her bit about Katie being able to live a long, happy life. She feels grateful and a belief in herself, and she thanks Storm for that. Katie surprises them all by standing up and announces that she has something to say and they are going to listen.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Chelsea and Daniel consult Kate and Marlena respectively about their feelings for one another. Marlena advises Daniel to take things slow, but to go with his heart, while Kate warns Chelsea not to get involved with Daniel. Later, Chelsea tells Daniel that he knows how she feels. He should call her if he is interested. Sami follows EJ to the gym. When Nicole shows up and hauls him off to the sauna, Sami has a friend spy on them. He tells Sami that things are getting hot and heavy between Nicole and EJ, and Sami blows a gasket. EJ tells Nicole that he loves Sami, and can't be intimate with her. Ava begs her father to call off the hit on Steve. Bo and Hope arrest the gunman trying to shoot Steve before he is successful. Kayla goes into labor at Hope's house and calls 911. Phillip tries to convince Chloe that something is going on between them, and she denies it and runs off -- but not before kissing him.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Liz, Nikolas, Lucky, and Sam begin to suspect that thanks to Ian, many of the drugs at the hospital are duds. Spinelli is desperate for good romantic advice; only Jason's intervention keeps him from accidentally hooking up with a call girl. Carly pours vitriol on herself over her poor choices that led to Michael's present condition. She concurs with Jax that Sonny should be out of his kids' lives. Anthony trying to make nice with Claudia convinces her that he needs to die, but Jason still wont' do it. Anthony wants Ric to make Claudia become the ideal daughter. Lulu and Johnny bond.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Jeffrey takes Olivia to the hospital for her checkup. Harley is at the SPD and looking into a case that is puzzling her. She makes some notes and thinks she's got what was troubling her. Mallet and Marina are talking when Harley comes in saying she's got it. That someone at the police department tipped off the DA. Mallet takes the information that Harley had and says he doesn't need anymore dirty cops. Dinah is talking to Remy about her take over of Spaulding. He asks her if she is happy. She says yes. She wants Remy to come to the meeting. Remy says no one would want him there. She says yes. That Remy is her friend. Rafe is going to try and get the house that Gus had for them back. He goes to see Olivia about it. Olivia explains why she wants it. Rafe wont hear of it and leaves. Mallet shreds documents in the department. Jeffery runs into Natalia. He asks about Rafe. She tells him he is suffering. She asks about Olivia. Jeffery says she is lonely. Natalia says she'll go see Olivia. Harley is so excited. Marina goes to see Dinah about noise. Seems people are complaining. Dinah says there is a problem with that, there is no one within miles of the mansion. Harley goes to see Jeffery about the "Dirty Cop." She tells him she figured out why Gus couldn't solve them. Jeffery calls Mallet about the "Crooked Cop." Mallet says Harley is butting in. Jeffery then says then Gus got sloppy. Mallet says he isn't going to talk bad about a dead cop. It is after the meeting at Spaulding which Remy went to. Dinah gets a call from someone who wants to see her right away. Marina and Mallet are having lunch in the park when a Frisbee whizzes by, they laugh. Natalia picks up Olivia but isn't happy about it. Rafe wants to talks to Jeffery about the house. Jeffery then visits Harley. She is surprised he got to her quick. He wants to talk about the "Dirty Cop." He tells Harley that this should be taken care of outside the department. Harley agrees. Olivia and Natalia talk about Rafe, Gus and the house. They agree to Rafe's wanting to take care of Natalia. At Dinah's she surprises Mallet with a romantic dinner. Olivia goes home to the house. She is walking the groups. She sits down on a bench. Natalia goes looking for her son. Finds Rafe at the park. She tells him they are better off without the house. She tells Rafe she is sorry. Rafe says it isn't her fault. At the Police Department. Harley is getting flack for investigating a cop. Marina tells the cop to mind his own business. When the cop leaves. She looks down at Harley smiling and says lets get started. Harley smiles back at there. Dinah and Mallet are enjoying their dinner. But Mallet has something on his mind. He finally says to here that he is going to need her help.

OLTL Recap Written by Jeannie

Rex wakes up with a hangover. Roxy comes over and Adriana leaves. Roxy has a heart to heart with Rex telling him how much she loves him. Adriana confronts Brody about seeing Gigi. Brody admits he didn't see her because Rex was over there last night. After Rex left Gigi was crying so he didn't go in. David Vickers visits Viki. He tells Charlie they used to live together. Viki corrects him. Later David goes to confront Natalie and Jared. He tells them he knows everything. Rex has doubts about marriage. He talks to Bo. He forgot to write his vows and tries to do them at the last minute. Finally he gives up and figures he'll just wing it. Shane is coughing and Gigi is worried about him. They get ready to go to the wedding. Marcie stops by and Gigi tells her that Rex is Shane's father. Marcie tells her she has to tell Rex and Shane the truth. Rex goes to pick up Charlie at Viki's but he already left with Viki. Shane starts coughing and has an asthma attack. They run to Viki's to find his other inhaler. In Viki's kitchen Shane starts to get bad and Gigi yells for help and Rex runs in.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Restless Style is still having issues, one of them being Amber who downloaded a get rich link from a spam e-mail, which spawned a virus. But at the end of the day it all works out and the mag is set to launch on its scheduled date. Chloe moves into the campus house, terrorizing Lily, Cane and Devon with her horrific collectibles and also hording Lily and Cane’s alone time. In a drunken stupor she pulls Cane into a very unexpected kiss. Jill wants Alistair to get the goods on Glo while Kay wants Jeff to stay married to Glo. Jeff wants Glo’s money; the other half she did not donate to charity. If Jeffrey doesn’t get this he will turn her in. Glo tells him desperately that if she gives him 50 million she will be dead broke.

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