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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At Pine Valley Hospital, Greenlee visits Jake. At ConFusion, Annie and Ryan share small talk and a cup of coffee. Ryan asks her if she is all right. Reluctantly, she tells him that she is fine. Ryan lets her know that he has a surprise for her. Krystal surprises Tad with a visit at Martin and Turner Investigations. Tad wants to know why she is there. Krystal lets him know that it is about Kate. Babe brings Little A to visit J.R. at the Chandler Mansion. J.R. misses his mother, Dixie. Dixie watches them from behind J.R. At The Comeback, the hooker walks up beside Richie. Richie lets her know that Krystal and Babe will not be in until later and he wants to get this over with before they show up. Blindfolded Annie is taken to her surprise (the place where they first made love) by Ryan. Annie wants to know how he remembered their anniversary. Annie wishes that he didn’t try so hard to pretend. Annie lets Ryan know that she saw him with Greenlee, Kendall, Zach, and Aidan.

Jake finally opens up to Greenlee and begins to tell her what happened in Africa that made him so anxious to return. Babe confronts Richie about his meeting with the prostitute and the bundle of money that she had in her hand. Richie begins to hurl accusations toward Babe, and she slaps his face. Richie warns her not to ever do that again. Babe begins to accuse Richie of setting J.R. up with the prostitute. Babe sees a look on Richie’s face that she had never seen before. He challenges her to prove that he had a hand in setting J.R. up. Tad gets a lead on Kate. J.R. sings, “You Are My Sunshine” to Little A. Dixie joins in the song. J.R. finds on the chair in the living room the giraffe that he had had as a child. He is confused as to where it came from. Jake tries to get up and falls on the floor. Greenlee comes in and finds him and calls for help. Annie starts to leave Ryan at the stable, but he stops her when he remembers kissing her.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Carly is unsure about going through with the plan to set Holden up for Lily, but Lily convinces her; Carly and Lily put the plan in motion by Carly keeping Lily and Holden’s kids for the night. Emily prepares to go to a meeting in New York; Casey walks in to find Emily half-dressed. Casey asks to join her in NYC, but Emily thinks it is best if he stays there in Oakdale. Carly asks Jack to stay and help with the kids. A flustered Emily heads off to New York without her proposal, but a quick thinking Casey books himself the next flight out. Lily pretends to be surprised when Holden tells her that they have the farm to themselves, as she suggests dinner. Emily thinks of Casey, as Casey thinks of Emily. Carly and Jack enjoy themselves, as they look after the kids. In NYC, Emily realizes she doesn’t have her proposal, but Casey swoops in at the last minute and saves her, as she invites him to sit in on the meeting. After some initial awkwardness, Holden and Lily enjoy their dinner, but after things get too close, Holden heads off to get the kids. Carly convinces Holden to let the kids stay overnight, as she later asks Jack to stay as well. Jack is unsure, as Carly promises it is not a ruse to get him to stay overnight. Casey and Emily enjoy a day in NYC. Holden and Lily grow closer and wind up getting passionate, as Holden thinks fate brought them together alone that night. Jack later overhears Carly talking to Lily and figures out the night was a set up. Jack voices his displeasure again at Carly’s manipulations. Emily and Casey give into their attraction.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie tells Katie she forgot to make a hotel reservation; that is why she spent the night in her hospital room. In going she says that some wounds never heal, they just don’t. But if she has people around her that loves her, and she lets them, Katie can move on. Eric awakens and insists to Donna that his family will treat her with respect, both here and at the office. Brooke tells Ridge that her brother deserves to have a good service despite that he wasn’t perfect. Donna finds her dad downstairs and they prepare the memorial service. Beth won’t be coming. She is too traumatized. Donna doesn’t want to postpone it though to wait for Katie. Eric is glad that Stephanie showed up at the office after he summoned her. He will always be concerned about her, and especially when she didn’t return the kid’s phone calls. He wants to compliment her for handling things so well at the wedding.

Stephen visits Katie and she still won’t relent and have anything to do with the memorial service. She doesn’t see why people are calling Storm a hero for killing himself. He was a hero when she was a young girl and he helped her to pursue her dreams and she is sorry, but Storm was desperate and she can’t celebrate that. She doesn’t want to come together as a family and share what they feel. She doesn’t know how she will live with this when every heartbeat reminds her. He says he understands as she glances at the heart monitor.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Stephanie tries to get Max to tell her the truth about why he meddled with Nick's proposal, but he keeps quiet. After a suspicious Nick discovers that his proposal was delivered to the Dean's office, Stephanie admits the truth to him. Nick goes off on Max, and worries that his proposal will be rejected. Kayla continues to have cramps, even though she has been ordered to bed rest for the duration of her pregnancy. Sami tries to get Roman to intervene and make Lucas talk to her. Roman is unsuccessful, and Lucas sends Sami an email telling her to move on with her life. She later becomes jealous when she hears EJ set up a meeting with Nicole. EJ meets with Steve and gives him an envelope. Steve is followed to the docks by a man with a rifle. Ava accuses Angelo of following her around on her father's behalf. As the gunman hones in on Steve, Angelo admits that something is going down, and Martino wanted Ava far away from it. Bo senses that Steve is in trouble.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Spinelli's romantic woes continue and he even turns to Coleman for advice. Sonny spends time looking over the care facility. Alan lectures his sister on how to treat people. Luke asks for Lucky to understand he has to take risks, then goes home to try and reconcile with his wife. Robin wants empathy, but not from Patrick. Because somehow no anti seizure medicine was given to him, Nikolas has one.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Reva gets a visitor. Dinah talks a walk in the park. She is on her cell. Reva reads the movie script that was handed to her by the visitor. Jeffery interrupts her. Josh and Cassie talk about RJ. Josh tells Cassie he will drop him off at the ball field. Blake is on her cell with her mom. She promises Holly she won't do anything stupid. Harley is talking to one of her boys. Then Frank comes by all cheerful for the boy. Frank then meets up with Blake. Frank is a little worried about Blake. She says she is fine and shoes him away. Reva and Jeffrey laugh about the script they are reading together for the movie. Reva is still deciding whether or not to do it. Carson calls Reva. Josh goes to see Harley. He finds her front door open and no one answers, at first. Then he sees her and she sees him. They talk about the investigation that Harley is doing for him. They fight about it and Cassie. They both say they though they knew her. Harley thinks because Josh came over, that he wants her to talk him out of it. He says, he thought she was a friend and leaves. Harley calls after him to let it go. Reva finally sits down to read the script. Blake and Harley get to talking. Planning on things to do with the kids. Blake tells Harley she joined an online dating service and wants Harley to do it too. Harley says no. But comes up with better idea so that they can get together. A girl's night out. Blake says that is a great idea. Reva is talking to Dinah about the movie. She tells Dinah she'll invite her to the premiere. Josh meets up with another PI, named Chris. Josh tells the guy he knows he is staying at the Beacon. Josh acts a little weird. Chris gets a little nervous. Jeffrey stops by to bring some papers he had drawn up for Cassie. Just as Jeffrey leaves 2 ladies stop by Cassie's. Reva is reading the script and feels someone next to her and says go away. It is Jolene. Blake Harley and Cassie have lunch together in the park. Blake tells them about her and Frank. Harley couldn't be happier. She tells Blake that is great!!! Dinah is not to far away from the girls in the park. They invite her to stay. They talk about her taking over the Spaulding House. Jolene is la later dancing on top of a table at Company. Reva cheering her on. Back at the park. The girls, Blake, Cassie, Dinah are talking about Reva and the movie. The lunch moves into Company. And the subject turns to Coops' book and Reva's movie. Reva and Cassie talk. It i short but nice. Blake asks Reva for a job on the movie. Reva says she will talk to the production team. Reva then look over at Harley to ask if it is ok that Daisy join her on the set. Harley says it's up to Daisy. Jeffrey and Reva met up again. Blake and Dinah are talking about new lives. Blake tells Dinah she believes in her. Harley commends Blake for finally making friends with Dinah. Cassie goes home to find Josh there and in a good mood. She can't believe he stayed. He admits he had an errand but came back. He hands her a gift box. She can't believer her eyes when she opens it. She then starts up stairs...

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Todd finds Blair and John trying to find Starr and Cole at the Virginia amusement park. He informs her that he got a hold of Starr by phone. They had a positive conversation. But Starr disconnected him and is not coming home. Hearing that, Blair believes the reason for that is because Todd blew it with his daughter. Back in Llanview, Langston talks to Markko about what happened when Dorian thought that she, instead of Starr, was pregnant. And they wonder what is going to happen in regard to everything. Adriana knows that Rex has Gigi on the brain and she is not ok with it. He goes to see her at the carriage house. Brody stands outside the door and doesn't get up the courage to go inside.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Victor promises to give Sabrina the wedding of her dreams, as David and Nikki decide to have their Mexican wedding journey after they recover from the horrific plane ride and the loss of their luggage. Nikki shares the news of her nuptials with a taken aback Victoria who tells Nick. Kay tells Victor about Nikki’s Mexican wedding and he becomes upset. When Kay shares the news with Jill, she’s infuriated questioning her loyalty to Jabot thanks to Brad taking up the slack. Restless Style’s launch date hangs in the balance, with shipping delays and "Oh no" the crashing of the site.

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