The TV MegaSite's Monday 5/12/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Greenlee has a happy reunion with Aidan. Jake finds himself in the hospital in Pine Valley. Angie insists that he stay in the hospital, but Jake insists that she allow him to leave. Adam, on an airplane, faces Dixie’s ghost, who insists that he tell Tad the truth about Kate or he will face the consequences. At the Comeback Bar, Tad tells Krystal to stay close to the phone for him to let her know news about Jake. Tad lets Joe know that Jake had been taken hostage in Sudan. Jake tells Angie not to notify his family that he is here in the hospital. Angie calls Tad and lets him know about Jake. Kendall hugs Aidan and welcomes him home. Greenlee insists on a celebration at Confusion. At Fusion. Amanda gives Annie some helpful advice on how to deal with Ryan. Ryan join Greenlee, Aidan, Zach and Kendall for a celebration at Confusion. Angie refuses to let Jake leave the hospital. Robert and Cassandra have a conversation about her work. Little A pulls the toy elephant (the one Robert is after) out of a bag at the bar. Kendall thanks Zach for being so friendly with Aidan.

Joe and Tad visit Jake in the hospital. Cassandra reveals to Frankie that she doesn’t quite trust Robert. Frankie insists that Robert is an alright guy. Adam refuses to tell Tad that Kate is alive. Dixie threatens to crash the plane. Ryan and Greenlee hug. Annie watches them for a moment and then leaves. The elephant (the one that Robert is after) is seen hid under a blanket, in a chair at the Comeback Bar. Tad insists that Jake tell him why he is so determined to get back to Sudan. Tad insists on getting to the bottom of this situation with Jake. Zack gets a call from Tad, who thanks him for getting Jake out of Sudan. Zach, in turn, thanks Tad for keeping this a secret about Aidan and Kendall sleeping together.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Luke overhears Ameera trying to call Col. Meyer. Chris wonders why Allison is avoiding him? Janet shows up on WOAK’s set dressed to the nines. Liberty dares Parker to spend more time with her. Brad is forced to introduce Janet and explain who she is. Ameera acts like she isn’t doing anything more then acting on her curiosity, but Luke thinks she is being sneaky and tells her that Noah needs to know. When Katie is talking about taking shortcuts while cooking Italian, Janet bulldozes her way onto the set. Chris pleads his case to Allison, who thinks they should stay friends only. Liberty tells Parker that her mom has the ‘hots’ for her dad. Luke tells Noah what he listened in on with Ameera, but Noah takes Ameera’s side and understands why she might do that. Luke thinks something is up with Ameera and his dad but when Noah suggests that Luke may be jealous because he knows his own wife, Luke is furious and stomps off, as Ameera secretly watches. Janet ends up cooking her famous marinara sauce on the show and feeding it to Brad. She also lets it slip – yeah right – that Brad is the father of her child, as an annoyed Katie watches. Bob tells Chris about Allison’s trouble in her nursing school and how well she does on her exam the next day will figure heavily on her future as a nurse. Katie wants Brad to make sure that Janet leaves town, as Brad promises that she is the only woman in his life. Chris now knows what to do to help Allison. Luke vents to Lucinda, as Noah asks Ameera why she called his dad, but he is so preoccupied about Luke, he can’t deal with it. Chris apologizes to Allison about pushing her; he knows she is stressed at school and that she doesn’t need a boyfriend, but a tutor. Allison appreciates this, as Chris finds different ways for Allison to remember facts she has to study. Brad tells Janet that she has to leave town, as she sadly agrees to give him space. Katie vents to Kim, but is sure Brad will take care of things. Liberty learns that her mom is leaving town and hides her disappointment, but Parker seems to see through it. Noah comes to see Luke, as they work things out. Janet leaves town and Katie is now much happier.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

As Brooke rattles on and on about Donna’s wedding, Ridge tells her that if they are going to do that he votes that they talk about their own. It turns sour when she thinks he insulted Donna by saying he didn’t want their wedding to be at the Forrester House. And even goes further when he questions whether she should have a memorial tribute to her brother considering all he did in the last few months of his life. Eric pours more champagne and Donna laments she doesn’t want to be tipsy. She wants to remember every little detail of her wedding night. Katie wonders why Stephanie has come to see her. Is it to tell her ‘I told you so’ because Storm didn’t go to prison? She’s a bitter, angry person now who does not feel about Storm the way the others do. He was a time-bomb, why didn’t she see that? Storm shouldn’t have done what he did. All that happened is her own fault.

Stephanie disagrees, no one could have known and it was not her fault. Brooke doesn’t think it is in bad taste to celebrate what was good in Storm’s life despite the bad that he did. He vows they will get through this, they’ve come too far to get sidetracked now. Donna calls her sister to let her know they are thinking about her. She’s upset when Katie tells her to have Storm’s memorial any time she wants, she is not going to be there. She tells Stephanie her sisters put Storm on a pedestal and it’s just wrong, he’s not a hero. They see her life as some sort of miracle ending, but it’s anything but. She lost her brother, now she probably will lose her sisters too. And she doesn’t now how she will ever accept this new life. Stephanie assures her there are people that love and adore her, she is not alone.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Sami, horrified that she has kissed EJ, tries to call Lucas, but he refuses to take her call. Nicole warns EJ that Sami is bad news. EJ thinks Nicole must be jealous, and that it's sad that Nicole's dog is her only friend. She stomps off. Caroline tells EJ that he is only in Sami's life because she can't be with Lucas. Sami and Rolf bond when he helps her take care of the twins. Phillip receives John's disc in the mail. Before he can get it decrypted, Chloe shows up, back from Switzerland. She tells him that she and Brady have decided to get a divorce. Somewhat jokingly, Phillip suggests that Chloe seduce him to get back at Victor. Chloe takes him up on the offer, and a horrified Nicole catches them making out. Chelsea confronts Daniel about his wife. Chelsea thinks he is afraid that she will die, too. Daniel avoids the conversation and tries to get away, but not before Chelsea can kiss him again. He admits that he has feelings for her.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Kate admits her tie to Ian and how she was protecting Sonny from himself by giving the man the money. Sonny is not pleased. Tracy is ready to wash her hands of Luke, or so she claims, after he is caught running an illegal poker game on the Haunted Star, which the police bust up. After catching Claudia and Jerry together, apparently intimately, though Jerry insists it's all business, Alexis dumps him as a client, perhaps as more than that. Johnny advises Lulu to go along with a pretense of dating him, but she says she won't have to pretend, she does care greatly for him. They defy Anthony when he expresses disapproval. Luke calls Alexis for help and ends up hearing about her romantic problems and being warned that she is looking the other way in his money laundering for now, but stop it. Nikolas mourns Emily.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Alan and Lizzie are together moving stuff. Lizzie mentions Dinah and Bill and Alan goes nuts. Alan tells her if she is conflicted then, he also tells he wants her 100 percent on his side. She tells him she is. Reva and Jeffery are talking about ending up together. Hawk interrupts them. Hawk tells her he is going out. Reva in order to rush Hawk out tells him, ok Pop. Lizzy reads the headlines of a magazine and murmurs she is going to throw up. Jeffery gets a call and is about to leave his office when Doris stops him. Doris tells Jeffery she hired a prosecutor to handle Alan file case. Reva goes to see Buzz, kidding him about being one of her husbands. Jolene comes by to talk to them. Buzz isn't sure about this girl. Reva is starting to warm up to her. The two women move to a table in the middle of Company to talk more. Jolene tells her about a diary then she tells her she has even more. Reva is shocked. Trish's name, who is Billy and Josh's sister, comes up. Reva says they were friends. Beth talks to Alan about flowers and a note he sent her for Mother's Day. Ava and Bill have lunch. Among things to talk about is the baby. Bill is on his cell when he catches a glimpse of Lizzie outside the Boarding House. He hangs up and rushes out. He misses her. He is outside on the phone. He first calls Lizzie and leaves a message, then a business associate calls him. Reva is talking Jolene about being stubborn. Jeffery arrives during this and reminds Reva of a doctor's appointment. Before she rushes out she tells Jeffery to talk to Jolene about them. Jeffery is confused. Later Lizzie is outside and Bill catches up to her, grabbing her big hand bag. She is not happy. Bill continues to talk to Lizzie. Bill asks her out. She tells him she has plans with Beth. He helps her with putting her purchases in her trunk. Buzz and Alan talk about a incident involving Alan being kicked. Jolene continues to question Jeffery. The Ava bursts in. Jeffery introduces Jolene to Ava. Jolene agrees to talk later with Jeffery and leaves. Ava and Jeffery laugh about Jolene. It seems the doctor's appointment is for Hawk and he and Reva are in the examining room arguing. Reva tells Hawk she doesn't need all this drama and leaves. Hawk is alone and looks into a mirror. Bill is outside when Reva drives up. He hands her a bouquet of flowers and says, Happy Mother's Day. She tells him he's late. Then Reva asks what he wants. She gets it and tells him to go find "her" and tell "her". And walks away. Lizzie is eating ice cream with Beth and talking about Sarah. Beth gets it that Lizzie has an address. Lizzie tells her mother that she has to go see her. Beth finally relents and tells Lizzie to call her. Alan is sitting on a set of stairs at the Boarding House when Bill walks by. Alan talks him into a game. Small Steaks he tells Bill.

Jeffery and Reva finally get a moment. Jeffery asks her about them. Reva reminds Jeffery that he is the one who brought Olivia there. Lizzie arrives at Spaulding Enterprises, checks her watch. Beth looks at a ring that Alan sent with a note that there are more to come. Alan is playing Solitaire on the table. Ava is talking with her Dad about Bill. Then Reva come to them. Ava leaves, Reva feels sorry. Jeffery and Reva apologies to one another about earlier. Reva then says no need for apologies. Bill and a female associate enter Spaulding. Lizzie watches from across the street. Bill starts a Board meeting. Lizzie gets back into her car and drives off.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Starr and Cole are happily together at the amusement park still unseen. But Blair and John are not far away and they run into a guy who was talking to them. After Dorian takes Langston to the abortion clinic when Marco has blurted out to her that Langston is pregnant, Langston reveals that she is not. And Dorian figures out that Starr must be and that is the reason why she and Cole ran away. Adriana is very untrusting of Rex after he crashed her party drunk. She informs Addie that she knows he has Gigi on the brain. Rex reveals to Bo that that is very much the case. Brody is standing outside of the carriage house spying upon Gigi and Shane and he is very tempted to make himself known. At the Bon Jour cafe, David Vickers hides and overhears Natalie and Jared talking and revealing that he (David) might very well be the real Buchanan heir as they have revealed that Jared is not. And from that, David heads to Llanview ready to "cash in".

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Lily loses the cover to an heiress who hangs out with Paris (Kathy Hilton guest stars). Phyllis is growing weary of Jack's disregard of the partnership and allowing Jamie to make all the decisions. Chloe faces homelessness but Lily to the rescue offers up the campus house to be her new home; Cane and Devon are not really feeling her decision but appease her. Nikki and David sojourn to Mexico for their nuptials on the flight from hell. Daniel, Amber, Kevin and Jana enjoy a game of Pictionary at the Penthouse, while Sabrina and Adam spend some unwanted time together and get an unfriendly visit from Victoria. Victoria takes the opportunity to let them both know that they are opportunists who took advantage of the situation.

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