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AMC Recap Written by Bonnit

Zach, Greenlee, Kendall, and Ryan are worried about the safety of Aidan and Jake, because the room they were being held captive blew up. The transmission was lost, but when it returned, they see Aidan’s watch on the floor. They now believe that Jake and Aidan are dead. Tad goes to Zach’s office to ask about Aidan and discovers his brother now works for Cambias and is a hostage. He berates Zach for sending Aidan and for not telling the Martins about Jake. Tad asks about Jaime, who is ok. Zach reviews his decision to let Aidan rescue Jake. Was Aidan sent because he had slept with Kendall, Zach’s wife? Tad thinks that was the reason for sending Aidan.

Tad finds out that Julia and Kathy are moving to Australia. Angie is glad that Julia will be around for her wedding. Greenlee thinks that everyone feels sorry for her. Ghost Dixie continues to taunt Adam wanting him to give Tad a copy of Kate’s adoption papers. Adam uses Stuart to convince Dixie to leave. Angie tells Krystal of Cassie’s adoption. Angie is paged to return to the hospital; her first patient is Jake Martin. She wants to call Dr. Joe Martin, but Jake asks her not to call him. As Greenlee is telling Kendall about the first time she told Aidan she loved him, Aidan walks through the door.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Lily asks Carly to talk to Holden and find out why he doesn't want to make love to her, so that she can fix the problem and work on their marriage. Carly later talks to Holden in Old Town and discovers that he is afraid to give his marriage another chance because he thinks Lily may leave him again if she meets another man. Carly encourages Lily to give Holden some space and time to get comfortable with her again but Lily thinks she should get Holden into Bed and asks Carly to help her come up with a plan to do it. Casey refuses to accept his mother's apology for not believing he didn't steal the manuscripts. Emily talks some sense into Casey and makes him see he shouldn't have humiliated his mother in front of her. Casey apologizes to Margo for acting like a jerk and mother and son forgive each other. Katie isn't threatened by Janet until Liberty tells her that he mother always goes after what she wants and usually gets it. Brad assures Katie that even though Janet may want him back, she won't get him because he is very much in love with her.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Uncomfortably, all eyes are on Eric as he hesitates too long before saying “I will.” Stephanie’s heart sinks when he finally does, and the family and guests applaud. She goes to the terrace and hears a few words of wisdom from Felicia. Inside she makes a long toast to the bride and groom. She tells Eric that he was a very good husband, and she hopes Donna appreciates just how lucky she really is. Eric gives her a hug, and says he is sorry. She asks her kids to please stay and celebrate with their dad, and she insists on walking out alone. Outside by the limo, she stops and reflects on all the memories behind those walls in this house. As Donna and Eric dance one last dance, a barrage of memories pass before Stephanie’s eyes as she sees Donna in his arms and recalls moments when she danced with her husband. She says a sad goodbye to Eric, be happy!

Katie tells Nick she is not a wounded bird that needs rescuing. They aren’t involved, so he’s not obligated. She can’t pretend that all of this is okay. She’s tired and doesn’t wish to talk anymore. He can’t tell her how she should feel, but he can say that he speaks for everyone when he says they are very happy she is still around. Ashley stops in to see Katie and wants Katie to know she doesn’t harbor any bad feelings toward Storm at all. Things aren’t what they appeared to be that day that Storm brought out the gun. Katie realizes she was the one who pulled the gun, she was responsible, Storm meant no harm to Ashley. She begs them both to go, but Nick won’t. She sobs over and over that she killed her brother.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

John searches for his disk, to no avail. He believes Rolf when he claims to know nothing of the theft. Marlena reports the break-in to Roman, who promises to look into it unofficially. John tells Rolf that he plans on shooting any future intruders. Daniel and Victor tell Lexie and Chelsea respectively about Daniel's past. He married a cancer patient who died while he was trying to treat her. Lexie warns Daniel not to be afraid to fall in love again. Later, Chelsea confronts him in the sauna. Abe assigns the Nussbaum murder case to Hope. Later, she and Bo get frisky when they learn they have their house to themselves. Nicole learns her dog has been poisoned and accuses Victor of hurting it. EJ comforts her. When Sami catches them together, she vows not to let Nicole trick him into bed. She yells at Nicole and then kisses EJ.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Michael is settled into General Hospital while awaiting transfer to the care facility in New York. Thanks to Spinelli, all links between Kate and Ian are erased, but he and Jason wonder why there were any to begin with. Max and Diane remain unhappy about their situation and Sonny's mandates and let Kate know about it. Anthony refuses to let Claudia anywhere near the business. In order to talk to Lulu, the Zaccharas have her abducted and taken to Anthony who promises Luke will pay the price if Lulu won't date Johnny. After viewing the facility, Carly says it's not the right place for Michael.

GL Recap Written by Tanya

Lizzie gets woken up by Peyton crying as Beth asks her to watch her while she goes to a parent/teacher meeting. As Bill forgets to buy a Mother's Day present, he learns that the store has already closed. Just as Lizzie gets Peyton asleep, Bill arrives with flowers, candy and a card for her for Mother's Day. Lizzie blows Bill off to try to get Peyton back to sleep.

As Marina talks with her mother on the phone, Remy realizes that he has forgotten about Mother's Day, too. Mallet is making up a speech for the "Back on the Beat" project. Dinah talks to him about the speech as Matt arrives to remind her that they had other plans. Mallet and Marina flirt with each other at the police station. Remy runs into Ava and asks her about how Olivia is doing and about her doctor's appointment only to find that she isn't going because Bill doesn't even care. Remy runs into Marina and talks to her about his feelings for Ava. Ava gets Remy to run through the park, where Mallet is giving his speech, with just his underwear on.

Mallet runs into Bill and asks him to get Dinah to back off on the Spaulding project. Bill asks him if he does that, if he will give Dinah another chance. Bill then takes Roxy to the vet after she accidentally ate the chocolate that he got for Lizzie. As Roxy is getting her stomach pumped, Lizzie comes in. Bill comforts her as she tells him about other mishaps with Roxy. He takes them back home and tells Lizzie how much he misses her and then she tells him that they are through. Bill then catches up to Ava and Remy to tell her that he wants to be there for her doctor's appointments.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Starr and Cole go to an amusement park. She tells him that she wishes she could go back to her family and have everything be the same. But it's too late now that she is pregnant. He tells her that he will be there for her. Not far away, Blair and John arrive and attempt to find the kids. Snoop Dog sings at Ultraviolet. He reveals that he and Bo know each other. Dorian has gotten the idea that Langston is pregnant so she wastes no time arranging for an abortion. But Langston is in a real "bind" not knowing what to tell her foster mother. In Paris, TX, David Vickers is working at the Bon Jour cafe alongside Moe and Noelle. He tells a story of his adventure in how he got there.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Colleen announces that she is going to Shanghai as Adrian angrily shares that thanks to her and “dear old dad,” they killed his book; and basically his career is over. Lily gets a taste of sunshine when Nikki reveals that she made the cover of Restless Style, but the dark clouds will soon set in thanks to who Jack hired to whip the magazine into shape. When she suggests they get a celebrity and “dump” Lily, Jack agrees. Sabrina accepts Victor’s proposal and they decide to break the news to the kids, who don’t take it well. Nick appoints Victoria in charge of telling the news to Nikki and she does ; Nikki is shocked, upset and surprised, this pushes her to tell a in the hole David that she wants to marry him immediately. Colleen and Lily say their good-byes and Brad hounds David once again for his money.

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