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AMC Recap Written by Bonnit

Erica talks to Opal and asks about her family. When Erica asks about Jack, she is told that he is like a boat without a rudder. Erica has a six-month sentence, but Opal wants her home now and will work on a way to get her out of jail. Aidan tells Jake he is engaged to Greenlee Smythe, and Jake cannot believe it. Greenlee is uneasy over Aidan’s capture, and fearful she may lose another lover. Palmer refuses to help Erica get out of jail, but when asked by Opal, William Buffett offers his help. Carmen believes that Erica does not belong in jail.

Babe meets JR at the Comeback, and lets him know that Richie set him up with Treena. Babe knocks Treena out with a mean right hook. Richie knows about Annie lying about the break-in and threatens to tell Ryan if she does not pay up. Aidan is planning Jake and his escape but runs into trouble: the heliport is blown up, the transmission for their live feed is interrupted, and a helicopter to be used for their pickup is blown up in Egypt. Aidan and Jake make a bomb with items from Jake’s medical kit. Jake does not want to return to Pine Valley. The captors interrupt Zach’s transmission and ask for five million dollars ransom. Annie pays Richie to keep quiet.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

The reopening of Metro is a big success and the entire town shows up to celebrate with Carly. Even Lily returns home and surprises Holden at the party. Meg goes to the party with Mike, and Sofie tells Paul about it so he goes to the party. Mike wants to arrest Paul for violating the restraining order but Meg tells Paul he is free to stay. Sofie dances with Paul but he decides to leave the party after he sees Meg leave with Mike. Jack is upset that Holden has become friends with Carly and thinks that Holden has become the guy that does Cary's bidding. Lily is puzzled when she and Holden return home from the party, and Holden doesn't want to make love to her. Liberty's mother Juicy Janet arrives in town determined to get back together with Brad.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

The merriment begins for the Logan/Forrester’s wedding. Brooke points it out again to Stephanie, though Stephanie thinks Eric will come to his senses before that. Eric is happy to see Kristen attend though her heart isn’t in it. Taylor isn’t sure she should be there with Rick. Brooke calls her out on flaunting her relationship with him. Nick visits Katie and she comments how everyone else thinks Storm is a hero, but it’s sick. He points out she can be creeped out or she can be dead so she needs to accept it. She doesn’t know how she can move on. She doesn’t feel like herself any more. Stephen and Donna laugh over the fact that Stephanie is moving out and handing her to the keys to her house, that is more than a reason to celebrate, that is a miracle. Stephanie reminds Eric one last time to think about this before he takes his vows, they are supposed to last a lifetime. The vows are spoken, then a momentary pause, giving Stephanie hope. They aren't husband and wife yet.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Daniel tells Chelsea that they can't be together, and that she has to understand that if he is going to stay in town. Chelsea later dumps Nick. John replaces Stefano's picture with Marlena's. She learns that Sami told him about their past together. Sami flips when Nicole shows up at the mansion. EJ learns that his visa has been renewed. Roman convinces Bo to let him and Ave handle Martino Vitali. Ava shuns her father and agrees to help the police with Martino if they help her learn more about the truth about him. Martino vows revenge on both Steve and Bo.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Claudia and Jason discuss killing her father. When Nikolas wakes, he has a "magical" good luck charm that he apparently had and the surgeons did not see, a gift from Emily, he believes. During his questioning session, Jerry protests his lack of association with the late Dr. Devlin and insists he is a changed man. Carly remains deaf to Sonny's insistence that Michael should not be at home and she is hurting Morgan by bringing him there. Amazingly, Luke is able to offer Nikolas a lot of comforting words about Emily, comparing them to him and Laura. Sonny threatens to sue for custody of Michael, making Carly get ugly and threaten to tell HOW the boy got shot. Kate intervenes with Sonny and convinces him to back off, while Jason gets Carly to see Sonny's point of view and shares her guilt for their choices that led to this. Carly gives in and agrees to lead him to the facility. Ric proposes an alliance with Claudia.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Harley is trying to make a to-do list for a party for Gus. She gets to the place where it is being held and everyone is putting up balloons, Remy, Daisy, Ashlee, etc. Frank does leave for court, but promises to be back. Harley is a jumble of nerves, but Buzz says he has handled everything with the drinks and not to worry. Daisy shows some concern also. But doesn't verbalize it. Frank runs into Natasha. He asks her if she is going to the party. Natalia says no. Frank is crushed. He says she'd be missed and that she should go. Cyrus and Harley are trying their best to help each other. Coop is with Marina and Frank. Frank tells Marina to get her head back on to the case. Marina gets up from the table. Then Coop mentions Harley and Cyrus. Marina says that they are together and that is it. She leaves. Coop and Frank look worried. Later they take off. Marina is looking at a black dress and admiring it. Coop is trying to steal a bite to each and get a slap on the hand from Buzz. Cyrus is outside with a beer and looking at the sun. Harley is dressed. She gets a look at Gus' picture she left in a drawer and falls back on her bed with her hands to her forehead and cries. Natasha gets a knock on her door. It is Buzz saying he and Frank are escorting her to the party. Buzz leaves and Frank notices the door is off it's hinge a little and agrees to adjust it. They talk while he works on it and after. Natalia is surprised Frank doesn't live at the Boarding House with the family. Ashlee is still trying to figure out what to wear. Coop says she'd look good in anything. Ashlee says she is feeling funny and that it must be the liquid diet she is on. She urges Coop to go. He leaves and she just sits there throwing clothes about. Daisy questions Cyrus on his plans for the future. He really doesn't have an answer as of yet. Depends on Harley. Mallet comes by to pick up Marina. Natalia is walking down a flight of stairs talking on her cell phone. She finally gets to Company. Everyone there is glad to see her. That includes Frank, Daisy, Buzz. Later Daisy stops by Harley's. She sees Harley isn't dressed. She asks if she is coming. Harley says no. She tells Daisy that sometimes she has to do what is right. And right now this is right for her. Daisy backs off and tells her she will see her. Harley tells Daisy she'll call her. Frank is about to head out before Coop and Natalia stop him. They tell him there is nothing he can do. Cyrus and Marina are talking outside on the steps. She tells Cyrus that she hopes his relationship with Harley works out. She spills her drinks trying to get away. Once she does, Cyrus is met by Frank. Cyrus says he didn't do a thing. Ashlee and Daisy talk about the surgery and diet. Ashlee tells Daisy she doesn't want to live like this forever. Daisy kids Ashlee about a present she got her. The two start laughing. Blake talks to Natalia. She wants to know how Natalia is doing. They get interrupted. Mallet has his back toward Marina while she gets dressed. She is about ready with a few adjustments needed. Mallet attempts to help. He then just picks her up off her feet and kisses her. Ashlee tells Daisy about her life in school. How she used to eat her lunch in the school library. Daisy is trying to be helpful and thoughtful. Cyrus and Harley talk outside. Cyrus wants her to go. At first she says no, then says yes. She goes back to her house only to close the door from the outside. Coop finds Ashlee and gets her to talk. She tries to make a incident in her life funny when it is not and Coop calls her on it. Back at Company. Daisy is acting weird. Buzz figures it out, that she was drinking (under age). He promises to keep it a secret if she stops. Natalia sees this and figures it is nothing. Natalia gives Frank some friendly advice about being a good listener. Mallet leaves Marina alone. Ashlee and coop talk more about her. Ashlee now sees Coop does love her for who she is. Harley wants to know why Cyrus always shows up at her doorstep....

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Todd finally reaches Starr by phone when he uncovers the phone that Langston and Marco are using to stay in contact with her. He humbles himself to his daughter, apologizing for his behavior, telling her he loves her, misses her and is willing to let her see Cole and trust her decisions. But knowing that he is still unaware that she is pregnant, she cannot trust that he will be ok with that so she refuses to come home. Todd, however, finds out where they are and is ready to book a flight to find them. Adriana and her friends are hosting the bachelorette party. Rex is with the guys. They are both having second thoughts and trust issues. Also, we see Viki's old friends from the Bon Jour cafe. And it looks as though Mo and Noel have hired David Vickers to work with them.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Adam moves into the ranch and enjoys living off the fat of the land. Sabrina is not feeling the new arrangement but complies. Jana finds out about the Adrian’s book and freaks out but Michael to the rescues states the book is on hold. At the Korbel residence Adrian is furious and blames Colleen, who shares she’s going to Shanghai to give them some time to think things through. Nikki calls a truce, Brad pressure David about his debt and Victor proposes to Sabrina. Jana, Kevin, Amber and Daniel decide to double date.

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