The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 5/7/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Gisele

At the hospital, Colby brags about having beaten Frankie at bowling. There for a check-up, J.R. promises Frankie that he will take down the person who set him up and gave him hepatitis. When she overhears Frankie telling J.R. that he has no romantic interest in her, Colby petulantly reprimands him for talking about her behind her back. Julia informs Joe and Angie that she's going to be head nurse at a prestigious facility in Perth, Australia, because she hasn't really been living since she and Jamie broke up. Joe expresses his concern about Jake to Julia, since he hasn't heard from him for two weeks. When Greenlee goes whining to Zach about Aidan, he plies her with wine then thanks her for saving his life after his hit and run. Zach looks forward to the day he finds out who tried to kill him. Babe spots Richie in the park with Treena, who is threatening to go to J.R. if he doesn't give her lots of cash. Babe realizes that J.R. was telling her the truth about Richie and confronts him, but he insists he could never hurt J.R., because that would hurt her. Babe pretends to believe Richie's story, but once he's gone, she drops Treena with one well-placed punch to the face then resolves to find J.R. and tell him she believes him.

Adam calls in Opal to ghost bust, but she can't see or hear Dixie who continues to taunt Adam while he screams at her. Frustrated by Adam's anger, Opal picks up her gridstones, with which she was trying to corral the spirit, and goes home. Since she cannot directly intervene, Dixie encourages Adam to do the right thing for his own soul's sake, but he believes he's strong enough to withstand any of her scare tactics . After she disappears, however, he looks in the mirror and sees himself surrounded by flames. Searching for information on Tad's lost daughter, Jesse tries to gain Hazel's trust while Tad pleads for Dixie's help. Jesse continues to appeal to Hazel, but when she sees Tad, she realizes she's being played and claims she can't help them. To get Hazel's sympathy, Tad talks about his 6-year search for his little girl and wish to give his deceased wife some peace. When he doesn't get anywhere, Jesse resorts to threatening Hazel unless she helps Tad, so she divulges that Dr. Madden took the baby to New Mexico.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Brad thinks things are off on the right foot with Liberty as he, Katie and she enjoy breakfast before she heads off to ‘school.’ Jack questions how Parker has a new, expensive video game? Brad and Katie question where Liberty got some new sunglasses, but she has an explanation all ready to go. Barbara and Meg talk, as Barbara tries to get Meg to understand Paul. Mike convinces Meg that she should drop the charges against Paul… in the name of business. Sophie continues to pursue Paul, as he continues to tell her that they would be a mistake. Parker reluctantly admits to how he got the video game. Sophie tries to seduce Paul, but Barbara interrupts and has a few choice words for Paul. Jack and Parker come to see Brad and Katie to explain about what Liberty has been up to. Brad doesn’t want to think the worst in Liberty, but he soon learns that she has yet to attend school. Mike promises to keep Paul away from Meg. Katie and Brad confront Liberty, who seems nonchalant about skipping school. She promises to stay in school if they get her a room of her own at the Lakeview. Katie is not pleased when Brad gives in claiming also that he and Katie also would benefit from this so they have alone time. Paul doesn’t care if he goes to jail, as he is called to the station. He learns the charges have been dropped and assumes it is because of Meg, but he soon sees it is Mike, who leaves him with a promise to make sure he stays away from Meg. Meg learns Liberty is Brad’s daughter. Barbara tries to convince Sophie to leave Paul alone and let him find his own way through this, but Sophie won’t do that; she is convinced that she is best for Paul and will not turn her back on him. Sophie then shows up at the station and pleads with Paul to reconsider their relationship, but Paul will not. Mike asks Meg to take a walk with him. Lisa is worried that Barbara isn’t taking care of herself and suggests a girl’s afternoon out. Jack tells Parker that he might be a good influence on Liberty because he turned his life around and maybe she can too. Katie voices her concern over Brad’s decision to reward Liberty for lying by giving into her by getting her own room. Liberty still does not attend school, which Parker takes notice of. Barbara takes Sophie to lunch and tries to redirect her attention away from Paul by talking about launching Sophie’s jewelry line tomorrow at Metro’s opening. Sophie is only concerned about whether Paul will be there. Meg and Mike come across Paul sitting in a field by the farm, as Paul tells her that he will stay away from her from now on; he tells Meg goodbye.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Donna is ecstatic that the Forrester place looks great for her wedding. Eric welcomes Stephen and gives his condolences about Storm. Stephen hopes this wedding will be a positive thing for both families. Ridge tells Brooke the last time he saw his dad he was having a serious attack of second thoughts. She doesn’t want her family to be subjected to another disaster today. Stephanie tells Pam she doesn’t know what she wants to do right now, but it isn’t going to be to Chicago with her mother. She asks Pam not to pull any of her tricks today.

Brooke and Eric have a heartfelt talk. He wishes that little voice in his head would quit saying he’s making a fatal mistake. After overhearing Brooke’s conversation with Eric, Stephanie steps forward and tells Brooke that some relationships never change. Brooke is the same home-wrecker she was the first time she stepped into this house. Brooke accuses her of eavesdropping. And today her family will be the new Forrester’s and Stephanie will be on the outside looking in. There will be a wedding and, thank God, Eric will finally be through with her forever.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Martino calls Daniel away from the airport to ask him to take over Ava's case. Daniel refuses, and warns Kate about keeping Martino away from Chelsea. Kate thinks Daniel has feelings for her, but Daniel denies it. Chelsea gets a visit from Morgan, then Nick, and lastly, Daniel. She shoos the other two away, and ends up arguing with Daniel about their mutual attraction. Daniel thinks it isn't appropriate. Chelsea kisses him. Max finishes fixing Nick's grant proposal and has Stephanie mail it to the school. Ava makes bail and Abe and Roman are forced to release her, despite her pleas. She claims she has nowhere to go, and no interest in leaving. Bo confronts Martino about the kidnapping.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Robin tries to allay Patrick's angst by telling him Anna was merely projecting, she certainly does not expect marriage. She is immediately annoyed, though, when Patrick has another surgeon assist him on Nikolas' surgery, which is today, because he can't risk Nikolas kicking her again if he freaks out. Nadine is also banned from the procedure. Nikolas and Emily prepare to be parted. When Spinelli wants to help Lulu prepare for Jake's birthday party and take pictures for Jason, Lulu advises him strongly that such a plan is unwise. Alexis and Diane butt heads over Jason's case. Alexis comes on strong while questioning him, as she wants to know what name Ian gave up as he was dying. Jason refuses to answer. Despite all logic and reason, Carly insists on taking Michael home. Suspecting a connection to Ian, Alexis interrogates Jerry. After his release, Jason goes to Claudia for information. Nikolas is expected to recover fully. Morgan sits at his brother's side, begging him to wake.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Remy, Ava and Bill run into each other. Remy congratulates Bill on the new baby. After Remy leaves, Bill and Ava have words. Lizzie is helping Alan. She has gotten him files on the board members and put them into the computer. Alan appreciate what she is doing. After her visit with her grandfather she is in her car driving. She stops it and starts crying. Alan is so happy that Lizzie is back in the Spaulding Fold that he tells Buzz, who tells Alan not to screw it up. Dinah and Mallet are having lunch in a car. She is talking about her and Bill taking over Spaulding. Mallet isn't so sure things will go her way. Dinah then gets in back of the car and starts to strip. Mallet can't believe it. Bill is at Lewis. He is on the phone. He is about to be interviewed. Remy catches Ava crying. He sits next to her and lets her talk. She tells him Bill doesn't want anything to do with her until after the baby is born. Remy is trying to be nice and comforting to her. He gets her to laugh. In the interview with Bill, you only hear Bill's side of the interview. He is doing it via satellite. Meanwhile Lizzie runs into Beth, who offers her oldest a place to crash. Lizzie takes Beth up on her offer. Mallet offers to help Alan move. Dinah can't believe it. She asks Mallet why. He tells her he feels sorry for him. Bill is home, he turns on the tv then finds the last thing Lizzie gave him on the counter. He looks at it and takes off. Lizzie is out walking. She spots someone and her mood changes. It is Bill. Bill thinks someone broke in and stole her clothes, jokingly. Then the subject returns to the Spaulding Family and business. Bill tells her at first that wasn't supposed to be. That he still loves her. Lizzie tells him to go back to Ava and the baby and then takes off. Ava is still talking to Remy. Bill is at home, bored. He decides to read a book. Mallet and Dinah are trying to get on Alan's nerves. Mallet want to know where they are going. Dinah chimes up about Buzz and his shower rules. Then Alan changes his mind and wants to stay at the Boarding House. Remy takes Ava to Dinah's in the meantime they get wet from the sprinklers. Beth goes to Company. She sees Alan's mail pile up on the counter. Buzz tells her Lizzie bought him a condo. "They are moving in as they speak", he tells her. Lizzie's cellphone rings. It is Bill. He tells her to look out her window. Back at Company, Alan arrives to ask if his room is still available. Dinah and Mallet are at the pond talking about Alan and his move back to the Boarding House. Remy makes Ava feel better. She leaves happy. Remy lands himself on the couch smiling. Beth and Lizzie are at Beth's. Beth is trying comfort her. Bill is outside Lizzie's window with a radio. She is trying to ignore him. Bill gets a call from Wanda and takes off, just as Lizzie comes outside to see the car leave the yard....

OLTL Recap Written by Jeannie

Adriana tells Layla that Shane is Rex's son. Adriana says Rex will never find out. At the tux shop Rex admits to Gigi he cares about her as Adriana walks in. Adriana invites Gigi to her bachelorette party. Natalie talks to Viki on the phone and realizes Charlie is with her. Jared warns her not to say anything while Charlie is there. Natalie tells Viki she is in Texas on BE business. Viki asks her to go to the cafe and look in on Moe and Noelle and tell them she misses them and loves them. Jared worries Charlie might start drinking if the truth comes out and he loses Viki. Natalie and Jared try to figure a way out of the mess. In bed, Jared and Natalie discuss how to be together back in Llanview. Natalie brings Jared to the cafe. Jared says does this mean he has to keep his hands off her? She says yes. They go in. Moe is there talking to Noelle about nutmeg and key lime pie. David Vickers is the dishwasher. Starr wakes up to an empty room. Cole comes in with groceries and flowers. Cole give her a T-shirt for a baby that says "Oh Great One's kid". John comes to see Blair. They figure out Cole and Starr might have gone to a beach town. John tells Blair the bus company will fax the records to beach towns. John asks Blair to come with him. Todd threatens Langston and Markko and finds the cell phone to contact Starr and Cole. Starr and Cole talk about the jobs they just got at a restaurant. Cole answers the cell phone. Todd demands to talk to Starr. Cole tells Todd she doesn't want to talk to him but Starr takes the phone.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

The book is a huge issue, both Kevin and Brad call on Michael for legal counsel. Brad does give the book back to Adrian but manages to make a copy for Michael. Adrian and Colleen make up while Kevin manages to keep this a secret from Jana. David and Nikki’s wedding date is made public, Victor gives Sabrina a special Audrey Hepburn collection Barbie. Daniel moves in with Amber despite Phyllis’s warning. Jack hires Jaime Whitfield a big time magazine editor. Adam gets bashed by Nikki and David and Phyllis and Sharon finally agree on something. However Jack shares with Nick that Restless Style may not make it past the first issue. Adam decides to move into the ranch.

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