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AMC Recap Written by Gisele

Zach and Ryan track Aidan in his mission to Africa, hoping that he and Jake will still be alive when they try to evacuate them. Wearing Greenlee's lucky watch, Aidan reports that he's crossed the border and is waiting at a safe house. Suddenly, a group of armed men arrive and hold him hostage in the same room as Jake, hoping to get more ransom money out of Cambias Industries. Aidan is wearing a subcutaneous homing device. Speaking from his disastrous experience with Maria, Zach advises Ryan not to pursue Kendall because she's moved on. Even though he doesn't yet love Annie, Ryan assures Zach that he's no threat to his relationship. In order to keep Greenlee occupied, Kendall arranges for a private wedding dress showing. When Krystal and Angie unexpectedly show up, they're asked to join the fun as the brides-to-be model one gorgeous dress after another while sipping champagne. Angie's mood lifts considerably after Kendall offers her and Jesse the casino for their wedding ceremony, then she finds just the right dress. Tad and Jesse track down Nurse Hazel at the bar she owns and set up a fake robbery to gain her trust  and gratitude by rescuing her.

To ensure she's for real, Adam tries to entice Dixie's ghost with the same kind of pancakes that killed her, but she remains silent. Just when he thinks her apparition was just due to his medication, she begins humming and laughing. Since he has to run Chandler Enterprises while his dad is indisposed, J.R. asks Babe to keep Little A away. While eating together at The Comeback, Opal reminds Richie that if he doesn't change his evil ways, he's doomed. When he asks what the cards hold for him and Babe, Opal insists that she is not part of his destiny. Later, Babe spots Richie at the park talking with Treena and becomes suspicious. Adam asks Opal to use her psychic talent to determine if his house is haunted.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Alison shows up at the hospital dressed to the nines. Margo doesn’t believe Casey when she finds the stolen manuscript in his possession. Luke and Noah reconnect, much to the secret chagrin of Ameera. Alison tells Chris that she has decided that she doesn’t care what people think at the hospital anymore; Alison wants romance, as Chris promises to take things slowly for her. Ameera tells Luke and Noah that Col. Meyer wants to see her. Noah is adamant that he will handle his father and that Ameera should stay away. Casey promises to prove he is innocent and to find out who is setting him up. Noah goes to see Col. Meyer and informs him that Ameera won’t be coming because she is no longer loyal to him because he blurts out they are married. Emily gets a lead on the stolen manuscripts and Casey and she go to check it out at a local bookstore. Alison plays footsy with Chris and the two of them cancel dinner and race upstairs. Noah has it out with his dad when he realizes nothing has changed. Alison changes her mind once upstairs and Chris reiterates his promise to take things slowly. Noah tells Luke and Ameera how poorly his visit went and about his dad’s strange comment about not letting him ruin everything. Tom and Margo come across Casey at the bookstore and assume the worst, as Margo finally tells Casey she has to arrest him… until he spies Elwood outside about to come in and races out to tackle him. Margo sees Elwood is carrying the stolen manuscripts and she arrests him. Alison decides she can’t stay with Chris at his room, so she apologizes and leaves quickly. Margo tries to apologize to Casey, but he walks away. Ameera calls Col. Meyer and soon she is promising her loyalty always to him.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Both Brooke and Donna chastise Katie that she doesn’t mean what she said. Storm should have let her die! He didn’t stay and fight, he was a coward. Donna lectures that the only reason Katie is alive is because of Storm, and she will not listen to this. He died so Katie could live. Katie says Donna calls it a gift, but it’s a curse. It’s wrong. Because of her, her brother committed suicide. Katie tells Donna just to go away, get married, be happy, but leave her alone. Every inch of her body is in pain, in hell. Eric tells Stephanie that Rick is going to be his best man. She’s glad that he has someone to stand up for him. She feels guilty for Katie being where she is because Stephanie didn’t have the guts to turn Storm in.

Katie confesses that she is the villain, she’s the guilty one, the reason Storm is not here. She wants her sisters to go away and leave her alone. Brooke wants to help her heal. Donna is going ahead with the wedding since that seems to be what Katie wants. Eric tells Donna he will take care of everything. He and Stephanie share a toast – to the family. He remarks he will always treasure her and love her in his own way. Brooke cries for Katie to please forgive Storm and accept his gift. Katie loves him too much and wants him back, but not like this.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Nicole and EJ meet and he pays her for being a character witness at his hearing with Immigration. Nicole thinks that Sami will always choose Lucas over EJ. EJ vows to win Sami's love. Nicole confides in EJ that she has set her sights on Phillip. Sami talks John into looking at the disk he found, but it's encrypted. She gives him a short history of how he came to town and fell in love with Marlena. When she presses him about his feelings for her mother, John bolts. A mysterious man in black steals the disk with John's memories on it.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Robin warns her mother that Patrick does not do and does not want to do domestic. Anna is stubborn, however. Claudia meets with Luke and Sonny, assuring them that she only appeared to side with her father, but Sonny is unimpressed by her treachery. Carly remains adamant that Michael is not going to the facility Sonny and Jax have decided would be best. Ian captures Maxie and becomes his shield against Jason. Jerry's flirting with Alexis is interrupted by her seeing Diane and Max making out, then by Alexis getting a call that Jason killed Ian.

GL Recap Written by Beth

While helping Bill get ready for work, Lizzie says he's the perfect man to blend the businesses together. Dinah and Remy agree they both hate the Spauldings, but he's confused. Dinah tells Remy that today is the day that she and Bill start a new business together. Alan is on his computer with Rafe by his side. Alan jokes that he could have a new career as a computer hacker. But in all seriousness he tells Rafe that he has a meeting at Spaulding, and today he gets the company back. Ava shows up at the hospital worried about Olivia. A nurse, not Lillian, tells her that Olivia had a scare, but that she is alright. Ava and Bill have words about flowers. Then Ava mentions the baby. Bill says he is very excited about the baby. But this is business, so fix the flowers. Lizzie meets up with Remy and tells him to get Ava off Bill. That he would be good for Ava. Dinah is on the phone with one of her siblings about a dinner tonight and not to tell Vanessa of all the facts. Just as she hangs up, Alan appears and tells her to stop all this foolishness, because she doesn't have what it takes. Dinah and Bill are in the boardroom talking about Lizzie when he looks at his watch and realizes it's almost time. Dinah catches Alan is in one of the offices and tells him she bought the station. Visiting her grandmother, Lillian, Lizzie tells her what she is up to as they discuss priorities. Dinah and Bill agree they want each other to be happy. Rafe and Natasha go to Cedars for a test for Rafe. Rafe isn't to keen on it. Natasha hears from Lillian about Olivia and becomes concerned. Trying to get on Lizzie's nerves, Ava says that Bill is in cahoots with Dinah to take everything away from the Spauldings and this merger is just a ploy. Dinah and Bill have a little fun when they start talking about the so-called partnership. Ava is still driving Lizzie crazy with her accusations about Bill taking over Spaulding without the partnership. Lillian tells Natasha that Olivia has a little infection, but the doctors have a handle on it with antibiotics. Natasha visits Olivia and they have a nice little chat. At Cedars, Alan and Lillian are laughing when Rafe walks by. Lillian tells the two that she will leave them alone. Tells Alan she will speak to him later. Then Natasha meets up with the two. Natasha gives Alan some sound advice when he tells her he is trying to hang on to Spaulding. She tells him that maybe he should hang on to what he already has. Rafe looks at Alan with a smile. Alan offers lunch to the mother and grandson. Alan visits Olivia. Alan says she should be grateful to Gus for the gift. Little Maureen comes to visit her sister, Dinah. They talk about Clarissa and Bill as their other siblings that Dinah says means so much to her. Lizzie is very upset with Bill and tells him what Ava told her earlier. Bill says it is all a lie and Lizzie does mean everything to him. When she asks about the takeover, Bill doesn't say a word. Lizzie figures out that what Ava said wasn't all a lie and goes running to her grandfather telling him they have to get the company back.........

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Everybody is getting ready for Rex and Adriana's wedding. But there are some issues. Adriana meets with Brody alone, urging him to find Gigi and Shane and take them back to where they came from, especially knowing that Shane is his son. But at that point, he reveals to her that he knows Shane is not his son. He knows that Rex Balsam is. Rex talks alone to Charlie revealing his "uncertainty" about committing to Adriana. He also reveals that Gigi and Shane are important in his life. Gigi has a similar conversation about the same thing with Viki. After Jared and Natalie have slept together and he sees that she's forgiven him about lying to her family about being one of them, he drops the next "bombshell" upon her, that Charlie is his real father. Antonio and Talia reveal that they are still together and only scamming Ramsey to believe that they have broken up and that she is now seeing John. But the three of them are all concerned that Ramsey might be able to hurt them before they can pull off their scheme upon him.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Lily returns from LA and admits that she has been avoiding Cane, because of he’s a painful reminder of their loss. They agree to start over again and she asks him on a date. Victoria jumps right into her position at Jabot as she suggests they “go green”, Nikki and David embrace the idea but Jill’s not convinced and enlists Brad to be her spy. Colleen tells Adrian she gave Brad an advanced copy of his book . Adrian angrily blows up at her on the patio of Crimson Lights; Kevin over hears. Jana gets a job working with Sabrina at the Newman museum. Nikki and David set a wedding date. Victor asks Adam to move to the ranch and Brad suggests he and David work out a payment plan.

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