The TV MegaSite's Monday 5/5/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Gisele

After Adam finds Kathy's indestructible adoption certificate in his briefcase, Dixie materializes in his living room and uses some fancy special effects to prove she's really a ghost back to pressure him into doing the right thing and unite Tad with his daughter, but Adam refuses to help the man who tore his family apart. When Colby brings Cassandra home, Adam assures her he's fine, but she can tell he's troubled. Once alone with him again, Dixie declares Adam will be very sorry if he doesn't do things her way. While Tad tells Jesse that he wishes Krystal didn't care so much about Adam, she enlists Angie's help, because she can't stop from worrying about her ex-husband's mental condition. Tad's hopes of finding Kate soar when he gets a lead on Dr. Madden's Nurse Hazel. Alone in the Hubbard's apartment, Robert's search for the stuffed elephant leads him to a book of drawings.

When Zach informs Ryan that he is responsible for Cambias Industries' involvement in the AIDS program in Africa which has gotten Jake Martin kidnapped, Ryan offers to help save Tad's brother and finds detailed maps of the area for Aidan to use. Meanwhile, in southern Sudan, Jake passes up an opportunity to escape so he can save the captain's life. Annie secretly inserts their pole dancing footage into Fusion's video presentation to Japanese businessmen in hopes that Ryan will gallantly come rescue her from the backlash that her sabotage is sure to bring down on her. Although she offers to resign when Greenlee screams at her incompetence, Annie's plan backfires when the men find the video charming enough to purchase their Charm! perfume. When she runs into Ryan at ConFusion, Annie takes a swig of her Scotch and helps herself to a passionate kiss, then apologizes for abusing their friendship and walks away.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Brad is consumed by thoughts of impending fatherhood and the possibility that he may lose Katie because of that. Liberty convinces Parker to skip school with her. After Chris shows up with a big bouquet of flowers, Allison voices her concern over how it looks since she is trying to become a nurse on her own without it looking like he is pulling strings; she thinks they should call the whole thing off for now. Casey convinces Emily to let him to do a story on the missing manuscripts from Oakdale University. Katie and Brad desperately want alone time, which they almost accomplish, but it is spoiled again. Chris tells Kim about Allison’s decision, but he also tells her that he doesn’t intend on letting her go that easily. Casey talks with Elwood to get some answers, as Elwood seems uncomfortable with where Casey is going with his questions. Aaron tells Allison that he and Sophie broke up, but they are soon arguing about why he thinks Chris isn’t any good for her. Liberty and Parker go shopping. Brad learns the DNA test results are in; he and Katie head to the hospital nervously to hear the verdict. Casey agrees to lunch with his parents to get more information on the manuscripts after Margo puts up a roadblock for Emily purposely. Casey leaves his backpack unattended on his kitchen counter and Elwood sneaks into his house. A thrilled Brad learns he is going to be a dad, but he also worries that he has to change because he isn’t the poster guy for fatherhood. Katie convinces him that Liberty is lucky to have him. When Chris comes to see Allison, she reconsiders her original stance on their relationship and agrees to have dinner with him, much to the chagrin of Aaron, who is standing nearby. Brad and Katie find Liberty and Parker not in school, but she has an excuse. Margo finds the manuscript in Casey’s backpack and seems to believe he stole it. Brad and Katie tell Liberty that he is her father. She and Brad hug, as a happy Katie looks on.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick tries to cheer Katie up, but she’s not appreciative of any of his quips about scotch and pistachios. Only when he mentions a change of outfits does she crack a tiny smile. Donna is ecstatic that Eric’s family is so accepting, and they are going to be married at the Forrester estate. Eric tells Rick he is leaving that up to Donna if she wants to go forward under the circumstances and still have the wedding tomorrow. Bridget needs Nick to hold her and help banish her nightmares. She feels guilty that she couldn’t find another heart for Katie and feels responsible for pushing Storm into making his final decision. Nick still insists on putting Bridget on that pedestal to which she deserves.

Brooke confides in Katie that Storm doesn’t have to suffer any more, and he would be so grateful that Katie has his heart and is alive. Donna tells Katie that she is going to postpone the wedding until she is better. Katie states that she is not going to be better. She should be dead. She wishes she were dead. And stop calling their brother a hero, he was not a hero. There is no honor in killing yourself. He has left them living in this hell.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Sami and EJ have their final meeting with Burke, the immigration official. Nicole and John both testify on their behalf. Phillip offers Max money to help him spy on John, but Max refuses. Chelsea gives Nick the cold shoulder, and tells Stephanie that she is in love with Daniel. Later, Daniel stops by to say goodbye, and kisses Chelsea. Martino promises to get Ava out of the hospital. He meets up with Kate, and they plan to have dinner later that evening. Stephanie catches Max making corrections to Nick's work.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Jax and Sonny try to sell Carly on a long term care facility for Michael, but she fears they have given up on him totally. Spinelli and Jason head out on a road trip to Canada in search of answers, and Maxie stows away in the car. After they put her out, Spinelli admits to being in love with Maxie, though he cares for Lulu still. Johnny mandates that Trevor will retain the control of the docks that he coerced from Ric. Ian calls Kate for more funding. For some reason known only to her, Claudia tells Kate to never come near Michael again. Robin and Anna discuss their mother and grandmotherhood fears. Anna wants Patrick to propose.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Josh and Reva reminisce about the old days. Harley and Cyrus talk about their love. Harley is at work at the PD and asks a patrol officer to get her some files, but he refuses. It turns out he is Doris' nephew. Harley reminds him the mayor's office doesn't run the PD. While Reva and Josh are talking, Hawk appears. Josh is surprised to see him but glad. When Josh leaves, Hawk says something to Reva who stops him. Reva runs into Harley and tells her of the movie. Reva assumes that Daisy told her about the movie. When finding out, Harley is happy. When Olivia tells her that she wants to go back to work, Cassie thinks she is doing so to check up on her and goes on the defensive. Olivia reassures her she is just bored at home. When Reva goes back to Jeffrey, she finds out Olivia moved out. Reva tells Jeffrey it was because of her. Jeffrey says among other things. Cassie and Josh stay in for the night. Josh tells Cassie he is trying to get over the hump in there marriage. Jeffrey finds Lillian and asks her if she does any private nursing. Josh wants to talk, but Jolene interrupts, so Josh asks her to come back later, but when she does, he takes off upset. Harley and Daisy wonder what she is going to do this summer besides working on the movie. Daisy wants the family to go on a vacation with Harley and the boys. Daisy thinks Gus would like it. Then Cyrus shows up. Olivia is looking at prospective nurses while trying to get in touch with Ava. Jeffrey arrives with Lillian. Olivia says no. Jeffrey reminds Olivia of Emma and that she is doing it. Before Lillian leaves, she tells Olivia she's seen a lot tougher patients in her career. She then tells Olivia she will say hi to Buzz for her. Jolene asks questions about Reva's sisters, especially the one Josh is married to. Josh doesn't want to have Jolene investigate Cassie. He reminds Reva she has been married to others. Why not investigate them? Cyrus and Harley talk about being with each other and what they feel like not being apart. Harley suggests they have dinner. That way they have their clothes on. Olivia has a moment where she almost faints. Harley has a suspect that she orders Doris' nephew to take to the holding cell. Cyrus has information on the guy who was with Cassie, not telling Josh it was him. Cyrus does tell Josh that as far as he's seen Cassie at work and she is committed to him. Reva and Cassie are looking at old photographs and talking. Jeffrey meets Hawk. Jolene is on the phone with the director. She tells him that this is is a love story between Josh and Reva. Olivia makes a call for help. Who does she call?

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

We see many couples together when it looked like they were through. Natalie and Jared sleep together and she reveals she wants to be with him even though she previously vowed it was over and she'd never forgive him for what he did. Antonio and Talia are seen together and reveal that they were only scamming Ramsey into believing they'd broken up and she was now seeing John. Starr and Cole are together away from everybody and everything. But they admit that they might not be able to go through with having a baby together. Blair admits to Todd that she blames him for what happened. He argues and wants to do everything his way.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Victoria leaves Newman, ending an era. Her decision to go to Jabot, has Jill screaming nepotism. Nikki with no qualms points out that she is also guilty of this. Adrian’s book is about to be published , Colleen fears that it could destroy her family and Jana this too worries Kevin; she tries to convince him not to publish it and also gives Brad an advanced copy. Jana gets offered a job at the Newman Art Foundation. Glo and Jeffrey try to connect but it's intercepted by Jill. Adam is not happy about the Beauty of Nature ad being reduced in Restless Style and threatens to pull it. Victor asks Adam to move into Victoria’s office ASAP while Sabrina tries to console him through this difficult time.

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