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AMC Recap Written by Bonnit

Aidan accepts the mission, and he and Zach agree to tell no one that the Cambias' employee captured is Jake Martin. Kendall interrupts their meeting, and wants to know details about the mission. She thinks that Zach’s decision to send Aidan is because of the one-night-stand. Zach asks her to trust him. Aidan tells Greenlee the mission is still on. He promises to come back to Greenlee. Greenlee decides that it is time for her to grow up so she accepts Aidan’s decision. Robert breaks into Jesse’s apartment to search for the toy elephant. Greenlee feels like this is the last time she will see Aidan.

Adam talks to Father Clarence, which causes Krystal to believe that he is ill. Tad thinks Adam is faking his illness. Tad, JR and Krystal see Adam talking to himself, and eating Kate’s adoption papers. Tad eats paper as well. The captors’ captain is very badly wounded, and requires Jake’s help. The captain promise that his men will kill Jake, if he dies. Robert thinks he should have taken Angie prisoner twenty years ago, because of the toy elephant. He wonders if she has the diamond. Colby invites Cassandra to the mansion. Adam sees Dixie looking back at him in the mirror, which causes him to drop, and break his glass.

ATWT Recap Written by Wanda

Katie has to put the skids on Brad wanting to get frisky, they are waiting for Liberty to get dressed for school. Brad doesn’t approve when she appears with a bare midriff, and makes her wear her shirt appropriately. Henry offers Brad some friendly advice when he hears Liberty may be his daughter.

Carly makes a declaration that she wants to be independent and pay her share to Jack for the household expenses, but then is shocked when she finds that it $2000 a month. Faith and Natalie are disappointed that their mother isn’t coming home today after all. Brad asks Parker to look out for Liberty at school since she doesn’t know anyone. Right on course, she accepts a $100 dare from some teenage boys and she shares it with Parker. They are caught later skipping school and Liberty tells a tall tale of being physically harassed by girls at school. Emma tells Holden it’s better that he not get involved between any of Jack and Carly’s problems. Instead he ends up on his butt when he goes to Metro and is the victim of a leaky pipe. They end up laughing and commiserating over their children having to suffer from their mistakes. Jack walks in and notices this coziness. They agree they may not always get along, but they want each other happy.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie and Eric sign the divorce papers. He’s impressed with the way she reached out to the Logan family with Katie in the hospital. She’s says she is not giving up, just letting go. He even asks if she will be at the wedding? She questions if there will be a wedding that soon with Katie in the hospital, but just in case she has household instructions of how the place is run to give Donna. Eric shows Ridge the papers, marriage over. He warns him the Logan family has one daughter in the hospital and a brother who just died and isn’t buried, so they need time to heal. Can he really marry Donna with all the history he has with his mother? It’s not an infection, but still Katie’s heart seems to be in the rejecting mode. The family debates what Katie thinks about it being wrong to have Storm’s heart; it’s like he died in vain. Katie wants Donna to go ahead and get married.

Ridge reminds Eric that there will always be something between him and Stephanie. There is no comparison between Donna and Stephanie, at the end of the day he is going to need more than Donna. Stephanie is surprised to find Donna when she drops papers off. Donna can’t understand why Stephanie is being so nice to her and her family. She appreciates her sincerity in her hour of need. With Brooke and Stephen urging her to fight on, Katie cries that she does not want Storm’s heart…..she wants him back. Stephanie tells Ridge that she is going to attend the wedding to see if Eric can go through with it, in their house, with her there to look him in the eye in front of their children. At her bleakest moment, Storm’s voice comes to Katie and tells her she can’t give up now, his gift is with her, accept it! Miraculously, she stabilizes.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Tony asks Anna to come down to the set of Kate's commercial. When one of the actors turns up sick, the director casts Anna in the commercial. A cat fight between herself and Kate ensues. After the commercial is completed, Kate claims Anna ruined it, and fires her from the internet account. Tony reassures Anna that he will stay by her side even if Kate fires him, too. After John decides to get rid of Stefano's picture, he finds the safe and the disc inside it. Sami and EJ ask John and Marlena to testify on their behalf at EJ's immigration hearing. Rolf worries that John will discover the contents of the disc. Ava's father, Martino, has Earl, Bo's informant, murdered. He knows Kate from her days in prostitution, and calls to see if she wants to meet--just as friends. Kate agrees. Ava continues to de-tox at the hospital. Kayla learns that Ava was prescribed an anti-seizure medication that caused her mood swings and psychotic breaks. Steve tries to get more information out of Ava about her doctor. Ava admits that something happened to her right after Steve left her, but she has blocked the memory. Martino later shows up at the hospital to comfort Ava.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

As mothers, Elizabeth and Carly are able to agree that Liz made the right choice about Jason, and Carly wishes she had chosen likewise. Lulu assures Anthony that she has no interest in being a mob girlfriend, making Anthony glad, Luke suspicious, and Tracy overjoyed and wishing Luke would sell out of his partnership with the Zaccharas. Jason clears up things with Sonny, stating he is not doing anything with Claudia and only saved her in hopes of getting information to avenge Michael. If Diane can keep Jason out of jail for killing any of the Zaccharas, Max can stay in town. Maxie discovers that a million is missing from Kate's accounts and goes to Spinelli, who finds himself caught between Jason's demands and hers. The million went to Ian. Anthony does not want Claudia in the business, it's no place for a woman.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Harley is going through boxes of stuff that belonged to Gus. Cassie is at Cyrus' banging on the door. He is late for work. Jeffery and Olivia are talking a walk outside. Reva is going through papers. Josh gets a visitor from the girl that will be playing Reva in the movie. Josh doesn't know about this yet as the girl is being mysterious. Jeffrey goes to see Reva, who is doing laundry. She asks him about using her car and not filling it up with gas. Josh is still stumped with his visitor. He asks her questions she evades telling him she is not the one to ask. Cassie has got Cyrus up and dressing and talking about Harley and work. Natalia visits Harley, the conversation is Rafe and his going away to school. Harley thinks it would be good for both of them. Natalia is torn. They are going through boxes of stuff. Natalia is telling her she remembers Gus never being organized. Jeffrey suggests Olivia call someone to talk about her heart transplant to. Josh visits Reva after a run. He looks funny. Reva notices. Then Reva tells Josh about the movie. Josh describes a girl he met at the church. Reva laughs that is the one and so he met her. Josh isn't happy that this girl called him by his nickname Bud. Olivia is just standing and playing in the dirt. Josh is telling Reva that this is not a good idea then the actress comes in. Her name is Jolene. Josh introduces himself as Rev Lewis. Then she and Reva schedule a meeting to talk. After Jolene leaves. Josh gets really angry at Reva. Olivia is in where she is staying. Natalia is with her. She gives Natalia a box. It is some of Gus' things. Cyrus is out patrolling grounds and gets a radio call. The radio is very staticky. Josh is now at Harley's he wants a report on Cassie. Harley has none for him and he is not happy. He does understand where she is coming from. But to at least think about it. After not having success with his radio, Cyrus leaves it on a dumpster and leaves his job. Josh goes home to talk to Cassie about his day with Reva and Jolene. Cassie says she is ok with this movie. Josh goes near Cassie and they hold hands. Seems Josh has forgotten an anniversary. Reva and Jeffery have a drink and talk about Olivia and her heart transplant. Then Jolene comes in and gets introduced to Jeffery. He is amused. Jolene wants to follow Reva around to feel what she is feeling. Jolene walks away and Jeffery and Reva continue their other talk. Cassie wants to out to dinner with Josh tonight. She has a babysitter for RJ, in Daisy. Josh is reluctant but says he'll call later for sure. Josh I near the step that go upstairs. He sees something and picks it up, looks at it and then lays it back down and proceeds to go upstairs. Jeffery wants just the two of them to slip away for awhile. Reva is reluctant. Olivia is looking out the window at this. She is talking to Natalia about what she saw. Natalia gives her advice about Jeffery. Olivia thanks her for coming by but gives the impression the visit is over. Natalia leaves. Frank and Natalia meet for a meal. Frank wants to make sure that both he and Natalia are good. Meaning that they have a friendship. Natalia says yes. Frank says good. Harley and Cyrus are in bed talking about friends. One's name in particular comes up, Cassie. Olivia falls asleep on the couch and Jeffery goes to cover her only to wake her. They talk. He tells her she wont be alone. Josh winds up at Reva's. He has some old photos he wants to show her....

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Starr and Cole have arrived at the first place they plan to stay. It's a tiny room in a cheap spring break motel. It's not like what they are used to. But they determine that they want to be together forever no matter what. Langston and Cole keep in contact with them via a pre-paid cell phone. Todd and Blair are both frantic about Starr disappearing and arguing with each other. Dorian is also upset and disappointed with Langston for keeping the secret. Jared gets Natalie to meet him at Asa's ranch in Texas. She assumes it's for a business meeting. But he reveals to her that it's because he wants to take her back to the place where he first fell in love with her and she-him. She tells him it's over between them. But he does not want to believe that.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Victoria quits Newman and heads over to Jabot. Skye robs David blind in a high stakes game of poker; Brad agrees to give him 100 grand to pay the debt. Nikki shares with Paul that she believes David is still gambling. Victor tries to explain Adam’s arrogance to Sabrina. Glo enlists Esther as her ally, while Jeffrey and Jill become better acquainted, so acquainted that Glo walks in on Jeffrey giving Jill a very good foot rub. Jeffrey tells Glo he’s filed for divorce and then kisses Jill. Skye and Brad take a liking to each other.

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