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AMC Recap Written by Gisele

Colby and Dre sit together at The Comeback bemoaning their mutual lack of suitors. When Jesse submits to a physical exam at the hospital for insurance purposes, Frankie sees the scars on his back and asks his father probing questions about his ordeal, but Jesse refuses to answer, because he's trying to put it all behind him to make Angie happy.  Frankie agrees to be Jesse's best man. Back at their apartment, Angie has a heart-to-heart conversation with her daughter, inquiring about her love life.  Realizing that her mom is trying to find out if she's still a virgin, Cassandra assures her she hasn't fallen in love yet, then agrees to be her maid of honor.  Once she's alone in her room, though, she confides in her little stuffed elephant that she's going along with the happy vibes in the house, even though she doesn't really know her soon-to-be stepfather. When Frankie takes her to The Comeback, she spots Dre and suddenly feels much better about being in Pine Valley. Meanwhile, Robert is frustrated by his fruitless search for the stuffed elephant that Angie gave away 20 years before, because it contains a very valuable diamond.

Erica is grateful to Sam and Jack for rescuing her from solitary confinement where her past haunted her in nightmares. While she relates her ordeal to Jackson, Samuel orders the warden to put Erica back in the prison's general population or else. Greenlee helps Kendall stay calm until she hears that her mother is safe again, and the two thank each other for their mutual support. While at Dixie’s gravesite, Tad experienced an odd feeling that change is on the way and believes he may find Kate. Adam fears that someone is gaslighting him and accuses J.R., but then welcomes him to move back in. Growing more and more concerned about his father's mental condition, J.R. calls on Krystal.  As she and Tad arrive at Chandler Mansion, Adam is dumbfounded to discover Kathy's certificate of adoption on the floor, which he thought he had destroyed long ago.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Emma worries about Holden and Lily spending time apart. Sage does not want to go to camp. Carly and Jack argue about sending her to camp. Katie and Brad butt heads with Liberty about enrolling her in school; Katie uses old fashioned blackmail to get her to reconsider – by promising to take her shopping. Carly tries to back out of going to visit camp with Holden, as they discuss what constitutes being a good mom. Lucinda tells Faith that Lily is on her way home. Lucinda, Emma and Faith plan a surprise party for Holden and Lily. Brad asks Jack for advice and when Jack comes running, Brad questions whether Jack is just trying to score points with Katie. Liberty and Katie go shopping, but at the end, Liberty wants a bracelet, which Katie suggests they get at another time, so Liberty just takes it instead. Brad and Jack come to an understanding and agree to try to be friends. Liberty gets caught stealing and Lisa offers to forget it, but Brad tells Jack to arrest her. Brad is bent on teaching her a lesson, as Katie and Jack worry he is overdoing it. Parker and Liberty talk about jail. Brad decides to take Liberty home, but she tells him that she isn’t going with him; their disagreement ends when Brad demands that she come home with him and Liberty yells for him to get his hands off of her; Katie speaks from the heart to get Liberty and Brad back on the same page. Holden and Carly break down and pass the time by talking about their marriages. Holden shows up home and is thrown off when Faith and Natalie tell him about Lily coming home that night. Liberty happily tries on clothes for Brad and Katie. Holden learns from Lucinda that Lily actually is not going to be coming home that night after all. A disappointed Holden has to explain things to his children, who don’t understand. Carly and Holden struggle to deal with their own lives.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephen bounds off the elevator and wants to see Katie. He encounters Eric and Stephanie, who announces this could all have been avoided. Katie is crushed after hearing the letter and it’s obvious she wants to see Storm. The family tells Stephen all the gory details that Storm shot himself to give Katie his heart. Stephen is devastated that his son is dead. He doesn’t blame Katie, he’s grateful that she is okay. Bridget clears them all out, that Katie needs to breathe normal again and regain her strength. Eric comforts Donna. Stephen lifts the sheet to take one last glimpse of Storm, then cries about the sacrifices Storm made for his sisters though it wasn’t his job, it was Stephen’s. And he will be for them now and Storm can rest in peace.

Nick tells Bridget she is doing great, staying strong for her family. It will all sink in later. Stephen returns to Katie’s room and testifies that Storm’s last breathe was given in love to her. That took a lot of courage and faith and love to do that, the gift. Distress sets off, and everyone is cleared from Katie’s room. Bridget is afraid her body may be rejecting the new heart. The doctor says it is a waiting game, but they can take tests and adjust her medication. If this becomes chronic, it won’t be because of Storm’s incompatibility. Sometimes it comes down to will. Bridget holds Katie's hand and tells her to rest, focus on getting better. Donna adds that she can not give up. Storm wanted her to live and gave his all for it. Stephen too says medicine can't do it all, she needs to fight. It came from Storm’s love for her, not out of guilt. Brooke says if her brother was here, he’d say the very exact thing. He loved her enough to give her his heart. Does she love him enough to accept his sacrifice? Move on with her life and make something of it. Do it for him.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Chelsea continues to fantasize about Daniel. After he comes to visit her in the hospital, Bo and Hope take her to their house to recuperate. Nick shows up with flowers and cookies. Despite Chelsea's protestations, Bo continues to feel guilty about her infertility. Daniel tells Lexie that his work is finished in town and books a flight to Sydney. Max corrects some of Nick's calculations, much to Nick's chagrin. Stephanie confronts Ava at the hospital. Abe tries to get Ava to confess to her crimes. Steve warns him about her father, Martino. Kayla gets test results back on the pills Ava was taking. Sensing their marriage is failing, Lexie suggests counseling to Abe.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

After catching her assistants utilizing Spinelli to save their bacon, Kate decrees that from hence forward, if one of them screws up, both are going to be out. Then, she gets a call from Ian, essentially blackmailing her to fund his escape and as repayment for saving his life. Thanks to Claudia giving in to fear and wanting her dad's favor, thus backing off her testimony, Anthony is released from protective custody. In response, Max is sent to Puerto Rico permanently so Diane won't be off her game. She tells him to avoid Kate then and keep Jason away from Claudia. Luke declares to Sonny that he is going to be neutral in the coming mob war. Nikolas and Emily share hours of dancing and teary memories. Claudia and Johnny draw closer together, though they decide to appear to be divided to fool their father. Anthony calls on Luke, his business partner.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Reva knows she is being followed. Lizzie and Bill are talking about the Spaulding board members and throwing darts at pictures they have pinned up on a board. Remy and Ava talk. Beth and baby visit Alan and talk about Dinah. Reva finally confronts her stalker, then Hawk (Reva's Daddy) shows up. He tells her that they (the stalker and Hawk) have some news that will change Reva's life. Reva is puzzled. Seems like Hawk is in business with a guy that wants the rights to Reva's life story. Beth and Alan are enjoying their time together. Hawk explains that his partner's name is Carson. Carson pitches his idea of a movie to Reva, but he ain't buying it. Ava meets up with Beth and her baby. Ava thinks Peyton is adorable. Reva runs into Daisy and tells her what her great grandfather, Hawk, is up to. Daisy finds it cool. Alan runs into Lizzie and Bill and tells them about Dinah and her takeover. Lizzie is shocked. Lizzie tell Alan that she trusts Bill and that he is going to take them into the future. She also is going to loan Alan some of her trust fund to get him back on his feet. Billy tells Bill he doesn't like the idea of a merger with Spaulding Enterprises. Bill is upset with Billy that he doesn't trust him and that Billy thinks he is in over his head. After Billy leaves, Bill makes a phone call to someone to meet him ASAP. Beth meets with Rick to talk about the future. When Beth raises her voice, Rick assumes she is getting argumentative. Daisy meets up with her grandfather, Billy who is worried about her. Daisy says she is ok, although sad that it is over, but she and Rafe will remain friends. Billy suggests they go shopping. Daisy says, you bring the wallet and I will bring in the fashion sense. Rick has a problem with a stuffed animal. Remy gets an earful from Lizzie about Bill and Ava. Ava visits Bill at the office. Alan comes by where Rick and the baby are. Rick tells him he lost something of the baby's. Alan asks where was the last place they were. Rick points to some place and he and Alan take off. Reva asks Hawk why he doesn't make a movie on him. Rick finds Booboo. Then Alan scolds Rick, saying this is the reason he shouldn't be around the baby. When Ava leaves Bill's office, she acts cutesy with him and Lizzie goes nuts. Bill explains what Ava was doing there. Rick returns the little one to Beth, then his pager goes off. Rick says goodbye to both and leaves. Beth sees something in the stroller. She picks it up and opens it. It is a necklace with a card from Alan. Reva meets the girl who will be playing her in the movie. She is not amused. Bill gets home to find Lizzie on the bed still dressed just laying there. He joins her and they kiss. Bill is playing with the printed logo of the merger. He crosses off Spaulding and circles Lewis while saying Lewis Enterprises.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Starr and Cole are on the road and on the run. Blair and Todd discover that she is gone. They know that Langston knows where she is and they shake it out of her. She admits that Starr and Cole left last night. Adriana, Layla and Dorian arrange for Brody to come to Llanview and put him up in a room at the palace. But when they check on him the following morning, they discover a woman in his bed. They brainstorm about finding a way to get him to reunite with Gigi and Shane. But he doesn't seem to buy what they tell him and he only wants to drink. Everybody is very surprised that Calvin Jenkins no longer wants to oppose B.E. Dorian threatens him for betraying her. But he's not worried. She figures out that Viki was probably behind the decision he made to reconcile with the Buchanans.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Nikki is tired of Jill’s micromanagement and shares with Paul that she does not trust David. David giving into the bad angel on his shoulder (Brad), he gives into his weakness and joins a heavy game of poker; there’s also a new addition Skye who secretly is a card shark. Glo gets some advice from Lauren after giving Jeffrey the ole heave ho, she decides to do a good deed give half her fortune to charity. Jeffrey decides he wants a DIVORCE, Jill overhears this exchange with the lawyer. Brad is kissing up to Jill and flirting with Heather while over yonder Nick and Phyllis continue their wedding anniversary festivities with special guest Trace Adkins.

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