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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Jack arrives at the prison. Carmen fills him in on what had been happening with Erica. Jack demands to see the warden then vows that she will pay for putting Erica in solitary confinement. . In solitary, Erica begins to dream of her past life. Ryan goes to visit his therapist and tells her that he had moved back in with Annie. The therapist wants to know how that is working out. Annie watches the video of herself, Ryan, and Kendall on the strip tease bar. She watches how Ryan watches Kendall's movements. Tad is on the computer looking for info on his daughter. Aidan comes in with his duffel bag and informs him he is going to Sudan to rescue a hostage. Tad tries to talk him out of going without success. Greenlee visits Cambias Industries and wants to know from Zach if he is trying to get her fiancé’ killed. Ryan comes to Fusion to visit Annie but finds no one there. Annie comes in and acts as though she is startled to see him.

Greenlee coaxes Zach into getting someone else to handle the crisis in Sudan. After looking at her for a few minutes, Zach gives in. Greenlee hugs him which doesn’t set too well with Kendall. Kendall goes to check on the children, but when she comes back, she watches Zach and Greenlee from the door. Ryan asks Annie to go away with him for awhile. At first, Annie is apprehensive about going, but then she gives in and decides to go away with him. Aidan gets a call from Zack letting him know that he had changed his mind and is sending someone else to Sudan instead. Aidan is puzzled. Kendall is more than a little puzzled when Zach remarks that he is doing this to protect Greenlee. Aidan comes into Zach’s office and gives him a file, which says that the hostage in Sudan is Jake Martin, Tad’s brother. The camera shows Jake locked up in a room in Sudan. Erica begins to awaken just as the door opens and Samuel walks in. He picks her up and carries her out of the room.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Meg gets an eyeful of Paul and Sophie, as Paul leaves a half dressed Sophie and races after Meg.  Chris and Allison make plans for dinner, but when Kim reminds him later that he had plans with her and Bob, Chris has an idea.  Margo asks Casey if he wants to see Matt before he heads to Statesville.  Casey doesn’t want to, but Emily convinces him to go, but she sends him on his way with a listening device – unknown to Casey.  Paul chases Meg to Mike’s pleading with her to talk with him.  Mike calls security when Paul becomes out of control and he is soon hauled away.  Casey and Matt talk and afterwards Casey finds the recording device.  Allison reluctantly agrees to Chris’ plan that she joins him and his parents for dinner.  Casey confronts Emily about her manipulating him and the situation with the recording device.  Mike suggests Meg get a restraining order against Paul, as she finally agrees.  Kim offends Allison by accident causing her to excuse herself.  Sophie comes to bail Paul out, as Paul and Meg come face to face and Paul tells her that Sophie was a mistake.  Emily and Casey work things out and decide to have dinner.  Emily sees Allison with Chris and finds out they are having dinner with his parents and leaves in a huff.  Mike and Paul come to blows and Meg gets her restraining order.  Sophie gets Paul released, but walks out on him.  Allison wonders if they should rethink getting into a relationship, as Chris convinces her to give their relationship a try and pleads with her to come back to the table.  Bob, Kim, Chris, and Allison decide to try again, as Allison saves a man from choking, which impresses Bob, Kim and Chris… not to mention the man and the rest of the restaurant.  Casey follows Emily, and they talk even though Emily tries to push him away.  They end up making a bet involving a pool game, which Casey ends up winning hands down; so they continue on to get dinner.  Sophie shows back up to see Paul and ask if he meant what he said to Meg about them being a mistake?  Chris asks Allison upstairs for a nightcap.  Paul tries to explain to Sophie why they wouldn’t work, but Sophie is sure enough for the two of them; she loves him for who he is and would do anything for him.  Meg and Mike lean on each other, as she is sure Paul has already moved on.  Emily and Casey share dinner and enjoy each other’s company. Once upstairs, Allison becomes unsure about things after she realizes what Chris shared with Emily and leaves quickly.  Paul and Sophie start things back up where they were interrupted before – on the couch kissing and taking off each other’s clothes.  Katie: Would you excuse us for just a second? Come here. Well, my dear, you have arrived. This is so classic. Old girlfriend comes out of the woodwork --

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bridget, Donna and Brooke contemplate how to tell their waking sister that she now has her brother’s heart. And should they read the letter first or just give it to Katie? At the hospital, Ridge fills in Stephanie and Eric about the matter. He asks Brooke just how mad at him is she? She can’t process that yet. She just knows that Ridge wanted Storm out of their lives, and now he is. The doctor gives Brooke and Donna all the precautions they need before going in to see Katie. One of them needs to call their parents. Donna takes that chore and has to leave a message for her father. Katie’s in the hospital and Storm was involved; he should come as soon as possible. Graciously Stephanie tells Donna she is sorry for her loss. Tell Brooke not to worry about the kids, they will be taken care of.

The sisters advise Katie to try not to talk because of the tube in her throat. She has questions all over her face and does manage to say the word Storm? And then adds that it wasn’t his fault. They feel now is the right time to give her the letter. Katie wants Brooke to read it aloud. He says he is sorry for her pain, and sorry that he’s let her down again. Just don’t be angry with him, they will be together soon. Over and over Katie asks where is Storm?

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Daniel drinks away his sorrows at the pub. Kate gives him a hard time about not being with Chelsea, and he tells her that he is no longer handling her case. Kate presses him for answers, but he refuses to say more. Kate is later able to get Lexie to tell her that Daniel felt he was becoming too emotionally involved with Chelsea. When Chelsea finds out that Daniel won't be discharging her, she calls him. Daniel tells her that he felt Lexie was better able to handle her post-operative care. Chelsea calls Stephanie in tears. Stephanie later tells Daniel off, explaining that he is important to Chelsea--and more than just as her doctor. Nick comes by to visit Chelsea and tells her he doesn't care that she can't have kids. He loves her no matter what. Bo continues to wrack himself with guilt over Chelsea's infertility. Tony assures Anna that he loves her and only her. Jealous of his business relationship with Kate, Anna divulges that she is working with John Black on a new account. Abe and Lexie go out for dinner and agree to try to make more time for their family to be together. Stephanie and Max make love.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

As Anthony's trial gets underway, Diane tries to convince Alexis to recuse herself or let Diane be co-counsel and Ric and Trevor clash again. Spinelli shows up to be Sonny and Jason's eyes and ears until he wigs out and starts babbling, at which point, he's expelled. Sam wants a job from Luke and he gives her one as a shill. When Maxie deletes an important email to set Lulu up for a fall, both their jobs are on the line and it falls to Spinelli to save them, inciting another catfight over him. Luke avers his love for Tracy. Apparently, a mistake made by Elizabeth nearly killed a patient, according to the reaming out Dr. Ford gives her. Nikolas sees Emily again after spending time with Nadine.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Dinah calls Bill and gets his answering machine (voicemail). Ashlee is still trying to decide what to do about her looks. Daisy tries to explain herself to Natalia. Reva catches Jeffrey hugging Olivia. Later Reva and Jeffrey are alone outside. Olivia is watching them from the inside through a window. As Reva is about to go she waves to Olivia and Olivia waves back. Ashlee and Daisy try the treadmill. Blake is with Coop at a book signing. Rafe injures a hand. Just as Ashlee hits a mile on the treadmill, Daisy stops it and tells her she is doing to much. Daisy meets up with Dinah after a run. Dinah gives Daisy advice about helping herself before she helps Rafe deal with Gus' death. Rafe goes to see Daisy. They sit at her mom's kitchen table to talk. Reva and Olivia talk about cheating death and miracles. Then the 2 joke about Jeffrey and his cooking. Olivia tells Reva she was just doing a good deed. They laugh as they walk back to the house arm and arm. Ashlee spies on Coop and Blake outside having fun. Olivia is on the couch when Ava comes by. Ava sees a change in Olivia. She is happy. After their talk, Coop leaves Blake where they were. Blake tells him to have fun as he is walking away. Jeffrey and Reva go out to dine. Reva jokes it is a change. Jeffrey notices something is not right with Reva. He asks and she says she is ok. Reva runs into Dinah in the ladies room and is a little nervous. After Dinah tells Reva she has the only Lewis she wants (Bill), she leaves. Reva's mouth hangs open. Coop and Ashlee have a fight over magazines. Seems She was looking for thin girls in them. Coop apologies and leaves it alone. Daisy and Rafe agree that Rafe needs some time to heal. They kiss and she leaves. Dinah is about to have a round with Blake. They sit and talk at a bar. Dinah leaves. Blake wonders what is up. Coop kisses Ashlee. Olivia puts 2 rings on the counter at Company which Natalia sees and picks up. Jeffrey and Reva head home......

OLTL Recap Written by Jeannie

Michael McBain comes to the squad to talk to Antonio. Talia tries to talk to him about Jamie but Michael won't discuss it with her. Talia worries about the money Jamie's medical treatment will cost. Starr and Cole make plans to run away. During a drug bust Antonio pockets some of the drug money and later hide sit in his office drawer. When Talia tries to talk to him Antonio tells her he never wants to talk to her again and doesn't want her near his daughter. John tries to talk to him about the way he's treating Talia but that just makes Antonio mad. Vikki tries to get Starr to tell her what's wrong. Starr is interrupted by Todd and Blair. Starr sneaks out to meet Cole down by the docks. They kiss and walk away arm in arm.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Lily refuses to grieve over her loss, Cane becomes angry feeling like Lily is shutting her out. Neil offers Karen a peace offering. Amber and Kay discuss true love and the loss of Cane and Lily’s baby. Victor meets with Adam and Victoria at Newman, Victoria once again is out shined by Adam and grows frustrated. Phyllis and Nick have an all day Anniversary celebration, this infuriates Sharon who has a meltdown at the Abbott Mansion. Jeff has moved in with Jill at the Mausoleum and Glo finds out.

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