The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 4/29/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Cassandra meets Jesse for the first time and is impressed with him. Erica is served food in solitary confinement through a slit in the door. She yells for the warden, but the guard pays her no mind. Greenlee meets Jack for lunch and he surprises her with a blank check that she can fill in the amount for her wedding. Zach gives Aidan his latest job assignment which involves Aidan’s rescuing a prisoner in Sudan. Josh visits Kendall at Fusion. Josh lets her know that Zach is sending Aidan to Sudan to rescue a prisoner. Adam, in talking to Colby and J.R. tells them about the strange occurrences that had been happening to him. Adam blames Dixie for all the strange occurrences. J.R. tells Adam that that is enough about his Mother.

Erica begins talking to herself in solitary. Erica finds a ladybug that she begins to talk to. The ladybug disappears leaving Erica all alone. Aidan arrives at the Yacht Club to let Greenlee know that he is going out of town. Jack proposes a toast to the happy couple. Jack gets a call from Carman telling him that they have Erica in solitary. Aidan lets Greenlee know that he is going to Sudan to rescue a prisoner. Greenlee is completely beside herself and tells him not to go. Kendall comes into Zach’s office and confronts him about his sending Aidan to Sudan. Kendall tries to talk him out of it. Greenlee arrives at Zach’s office and also confronts him as to why he is sending Aidan to Sudan.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Carly and Holden bond as they talk about being single parents and Holden also helps Carly get home after her car battery dies at the supermarket. Carly and Holden also plan a road trip to check out a summer camp for the kids. Luke finally realizes that he can't be with Noah until they can be a couple so he moves out of Noah's house after only a few hours of living there. Liberty meets Parker and apologizes for causing the fall from his skateboard. Brad and Katie decide to let liberty stay until they get the DNA results they are both determined to face the problem together. Paul is determined to get Meg back by going to therapy but after she tells him that therapy won't guarantee them being together he is devastated and cancels the appointment. Paul tells Sofie he is damaged goods and his life is nothing without Meg. Sofie tells Paul he isn't damaged he is a man who loves deeply with his whole heart and if Meg doesn't see that it is her loss. Sofie kisses Paul and then he kisses her back when Meg feels guilty about talking so harshly to Paul she goes to Fairwinds and sees Paul and Sofie kissing.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

As all hands are in surgery, Brooke and Nick wait for any news. The doctor tells them Storm is in brain death, he will not recover. Brooke finds Storm’s donor card; this is what he would have wanted to give Katie his heart. Ridge and Ashley join them and he comforts Brooke, but warns her that the police were called and this had to be done. Ashley tells the sisters what happened in the scenario with Storm. Katie had misunderstood his intentions. This wasn’t atonement, but a gift. Hopefully his heart will help Katie and other organs from Storm will help others live one more day. Donna wants to see Stormy one last time. Then Brooke, still clutching to his jacket goes in and lays her head down on his body. She feels guilty for the last words she said to him about that he should be ashamed.

Brooke hopes Storm didn’t die believing they hated him. She won’t believe that. She cries that she is sorry and tells him how much she loves him. She knows he is there somewhere and can hear her. The doctor gives Bridget the letter that Storm wrote and left for Katie. Bridget gives the family the good news…..the operation is over and now they hope with a small shock the heart will begin anew. They watch as the new miracle of life begins.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Sami tells John and Marlena that Victor was hiding Brady in a rehab facility in Switzerland. After seeing Chloe off on a flight to Zurich, Phillip demands that Victor explain his rationale for hiding Brady. Victor insists that he was simply protecting his family and Brady's privacy. Abe and Roman question Paul down at the police station. They offer Paul a deal if he fingers John, but after John himself comes down, Abe is forced to admit they have no evidence. John catches sight of Roman's name plate in his office and seems to have a flashback. Marlena gets him on the phone with Brady, thinking he might have a breakthrough, but nothing happens. Morgan accuses Phillip of bad-mouthing her father to get back at John even though Paul is innocent. Chelsea and Hope have a heart to heart about her infertility. Chelsea thinks it might serve as punishment for what happened to Zach, but Hope disagrees. Daniel tells Lexie that he is too emotionally involved with Chelsea's case to keep on being her doctor. He hands over her file to Lexie and leaves the hospital. EJ and Sami decide to keep acting hostile toward one another so that they can present a believable marriage to Immigration officials.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Nikolas takes Nadine to the casino on the Haunted Star, but in the end, she opts for a game of checkers. He is struggling with the idea of a sans Emily future. Kate essentially bangs her head against the wall as she tries to convince Sonny to stop being self destructive and give up on revenge. Lulu faces a similar problem trying to convince Johnny not to kill Sonny. Claudia and Jason kill the man who was after them before he can rape Claudia. Alexis shuts down the Star. Lulu accuses Maxie of using Spinelli; Maxie says she's just jealous. Ian escapes and goes to Kate with his confession and a demand for a million so he can hit the road. Luke refuses to try and keep Lulu from following her heart.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Dinah gets ready for an afternoon of dining. Mallet and Marina have lunch in the park. Dinah is outside and is being watched. Then Matt sneaks up on her. They sit on a picnic table and talk mostly about nothing. Frank gets tickets to a game and invites Natalia. She is flattered but not sure she can go. Rafe still misses Gus. Jeffery gets Olivia to finally go outside the house. He takes her to the office. Billy arrives and is glad to see Olivia out and about. She is sitting having lunch when Billy arrives. Jeffery and Natalia meet outside a building. Jeffery says he'll see her inside the courthouse. Marina tells Mallet he sucks at small talk. She wants him to talk. Dinah orders her maid to throw everything sent to her into the pool. A young man in court explains what happened the day of Gus' accident. Jeffery states that the boy is telling the truth. Then Jeffery introduces Olivia to the judge. He also introduces Natalia as the mother of Gus' only son. Natalia tells the court that Gus was a husband and father. Rafe disrupts the court proceedings. And has to be lead out by Natalia. Olivia agrees to pay for Rafe's bail. Frank also comes to help Rafe.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Starr and Cole are ready to put their plan into motion to run away together and live in secret with false identities and hide her pregnancy. But she is surrounded by her family. She sees that they love her and she has her doubts. Cole says good bye to all his friends without actually telling them what he is doing. At B.E., they are all wondering what to do in regard to Calvin. Viki talks to Calvin. He announces to Bo and Clint that he does not plan to take them down after all. Clint admits he did not really want to play hard ball after all. Nora and Bo are relieved. Ramsey is up to his dirty tricks. He wants to make nice to Antonio and pit him against John and Talia.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Nikki does not believe that David has given up gambling and feeling like he’s being grilled David opts to leave Nikki and join Brad’s poker game. Skye, Adam’s lady love from “Nueva York” is just itching to find a game and playing the novice poker player at the bar Brad intrigues offers her a chair at the table. Glo and Jeffrey continue to feud as tries to make heads or tails of what happened the night before. Jack’s back and resumes his role with his family (Noah and Sharon), leaving the memory of Glo behind him. Victoria feels threatened by Adam, Glo wants to adopt a baby but does not when she realizes how long the process is. Lauren and Michael try to enjoy a night out but its short because the GLO show. Paul secretly investigates David for Nikki.

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