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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Angie, Jesse and Frankie prepare for the arrival of Angie’s daughter, Cassandra. Greenlee prepares a special surprise for Aidan’s first day on the job at Cambias Industries. Kendall awakens to the smell of a fresh cup of coffee. Annie continues to go along with the charade that someone had broken into her house the night before. Kendall thanks Zack for standing by her and helping her burn down the house on the bomb shelter site. Annie confides to Babe that someone had tried to break into their house the previous night. Opal advises Richie not to walk in the front of any moving buses. Zack comes to visit Tad and lets him know that he and Kendall had burned his house in the woods. Zack also gives Tad a check. Aidan comes in and overhears some of the conversation.

Ryan pays a visit to Richie and warns him to keep away from his family. Annie, Greenlee, Kendall and Babe view the video of them trying their strip tease maneuvers on the pole. Zach and Josh have a strategy meeting. Tad confronts Aidan on how he can work with Zack and knowing that he had slept with his wife. Aidan insists on working for Zach. Annie meets up with Richie on the elevator, and finds out that Ryan had paid a visit to see Richie. Aidan comes into work at Cambias Industries. Zach lets him know that he is sending him on a little trip. Angie meets Cassandra at the airport and it is a joyful reunion. Cassandra is reluctant to go home immediately. Cassandra is happy to see Frankie and flies into his arms.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Casey and his parents continue to disagree over Emily. Brad learns he may be the father to a teen-aged girl named Liberty by someone he went to the Junior Prom with. Jack and Carly get into it again because she didn’t call him when Parker was hurt. Liberty agrees to take a DNA test, which Susan administers; Liberty ducks out of the way when she sees Parker coming out of a hospital exam room. Emily and Margo fight and angry words are exchanged, as Casey overhears and tells Emily not to talk to his mother that way. Allison is sick on her first day of Nursing School. Jack and Carly agree to be civil to take Parker home. Carly, Jack and Parker reminisce about a ballgame they went to as a family and they all seem affected, but Carly takes off. Later, Liberty goes to leave, but Katie worries about where she is staying if she is not going home – the Park, Liberty answers. Katie and Brad take her back to the Lakeview, but there are no rooms left so she is forced to stay with them. Emily has advice for Tom regarding Casey. Carly spends time at the Farm with Holden and the kids, as Jack and Parker talk about how Jack and Carly are fighting too much; Parker thinks they shouldn’t be around each other right now. Tom tells Margo they made a mistake in how they are handling Casey. Chris takes care of an ailing Allison, as sparks fly, but a nurse interrupts. Carly and Holden talk about relationships, as they continue to bond more. Liberty loves staying in Katie and Brad’s hotel room, as Katie makes herself scarce to go vent to Margo. Tom and Margo tell Casey that the decision is his if he wants to work for Emily. Jack promises Parker things will be different with him and Carly. Casey goes to Emily to reclaim his job, who is secretly happy he is back. When Carly comes home, Jack happily offers to make everyone dinner, as Carly reluctantly agrees. Katie tells Margo about Liberty. Brad watches and tucks in a sleeping Liberty, as he wonders if she could be his?

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bridget tells Brooke and Donna the bad news. She’s called all organ banks for a heart and there will be no miracles. Storm steps in and orders them not to turn off the machine, Katie needs more time; she will get it. She WILL live. Ridge warns Brooke that he’s going to turn her brother in for shooting his mom; he will be sent away for a long time. Storm stands over Katie and realizes the seriousness of the situation and especially later when Brooke asks if he is ashamed, he should be. She also berates him for being so foolish to take a loaded gun over to Ashley's with a young child around. And tells him the police are on their way and they know the truth about Stephanie and now this accident with Katie. Nick and Donna also stand vigil over Katie and talk about long shots and urge her to hang in there until something can be done.

Lt. Baker and son show up at hospital looking for Storm, but no one has seen him in a while. Storm is in a hospital room, he writes a note and leaves it on the bed besides his sisters’ pictures. He sits on the bed in despair with flashes of happy childhood pictures in his mind. One by one, Brooke, Donna, Nick, Bridget all cry and say goodbye to Katie. It’s over, a shot rings out and Brooke pushes her way through the crowded corridor and finds Storm lying on the floor. Everyone else follows and gasp at what they see. Brooke kneels beside Storm and takes a picture of Katie from his hand. She cries “he gave her his heart.”

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Sami and EJ bicker over their next meeting with Immigration. EJ worries that Sami will back out because of his relationship with Nicole. Sami insists that she wants Johnny's father around. Nicole tells Chloe that Victor checked Brady into a drug rehab facility in Switzerland. Chloe goes ballistic, but Victor insists that Chloe is the one that drove Brady to drugs. He didn't clear her name because he wanted her to suffer. Nicole later tells Sami and EJ where Brady is. Max thwarts Stephanie's would-be kidnapper, and she is reunited with her parents. Steve worries that Ava's father may try to exact revenge. Ava throws a fit at the police station and has some sort of a seizure. Roman has her checked into the hospital. Daniel tells Chelsea, Bo, Hope, and Victor that the infection has scarred Chelsea's fallopian tubes. She can no longer have children.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Patrick's foot gets firmly wedged in his mouth as he tries to dig out of the hole he got into when Robin overhears how hot he thinks her mama is. Her insecurities only get worse, and Coleman's trying to help is not helpful. Though she sees Johnny shoot Sonny, but miss, Lulu still defends him. Claudia urges Jason to take over from Sonny and says her father had Michael shot. Diane and Max meet clandestinely. After Morgan tries to call his brother, Jax tries to figure out how to handle this parenting situation. Maxie and Spinelli knock out Ian and try to figure out what to do next. They finally take him to the morgue and plot to hide him in the psych ward, until Epiphany catches them. At that point, Maxie claims they are hiding there to have sex. Jerry flirts with Alexis and asks her to check on Jax, who wants to adopt his stepchildren.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Josh is getting his mail when he sees the closeness between Cassie and a stranger. Mallet tells Harley to go home from the office. Dinah is pleased with what she sees in Remy. And tells him so. Marina gets advice from Mallet about Frank. Josh and Cassie are now home eating, Josh is quiet. Josh gets advice from an older woman who wants to me a missionary in Africa and Josh thinks she's too old. Marina gives Sheila an earful about how good a guy and cop Frank is. Dinah gets an earful from her assistant about Frank and how good he is. The Commissioner is talking with Mallet when Frank interrupts them. Cassie talks to Josh about the affair. And asks him if he'll ever get over it. Cyrus comes to Harley's rescue when her car is missing. They get hot and heavy in the kitchen. The Commissioner gets Sheila, who got Frank fired tells them why. She says he made a sexual advance toward her. Frank tells the Commissioner that all he asked her for was a cup of coffee. Remy runs into Cassie and offers his thoughts on Will. Harley finds a lighter while vacuuming. Josh stops by to ask her for an offer to spy on Cassie. Harley declines at first. Then Josh tells her it is Cassie. He tells Harley that Cassie told him of a one night stand. Harley does tell him that at least Cassie told him. He agrees and leaves. Harley meets up with Cassie at a Nail Salon. She acts as if she is also there for her nails. Josh asks Cyrus to watch over Cassie. Cyrus says he can do that. Mallet finds out that Dinah was the one who got him the job as Chief of Police and how she did it. He is not happy. Mallet goes to Dinah to confront her about it. She says yes she is the one who got him the job. And how she did it. Harley, knowing the truth of Josh and Cassie's relationship, coyly asks Cassie how she and Josh are. Harley gets an answer she wasn't expecting. Mallet asks Marina to dine with him. Harley is getting calls for unpaid bills. Frank visits Harley, he is more miserable than before. He tells Harley why. Josh and Cassie have another go at trying to get back together. But agree it is going to take awhile. Harley agrees to help Josh and spy for him on Cassie.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Cole is ready to run away with Starr together. He has fake IDs and everything they need. But she has her doubts that their plan will work. She doesn't want to leave everything behind. Natalie and Jared, once again go around the "possibilities" that they could have together. Both Viki and Charlie can sense that there is something going on between the two of them. Rex is still interested in Gigi's personal life and specifically about Shane's real father. Adriana meets with Dorian and Layla in the country bar in Michigan where they've found the living Brody Lovett. They attempt to encourage him to go to Llanview and reunite with Gigi and Shane. At first he doesn't want to and questions why they want him to. But when they offer to pay his travel expenses, he considers it.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Amber Moore well wants MORE! She is longing to have what Lily and Cane have, she wants that Glow. Daniel on the other hand wants the casual, fun, SEX relationship, but concedes when Amber has a breakdown at Restless Style. The battle for power is still on between Phyllis and Sharon as they disagree and are odds of what “Restless Style” really is. Cane and Lily are trying to cope with their loss, Kay, Jill, Karen and Neil are there to lend support. However the process is not easy as Lily blames herself for their loss. Nikki shares a heart to heart with Victoria and Victor offers Adam a promotion taking Victoria’s position from her and giving it to the prodigal son. Adam gives Victoria a heartfelt gift and his old flame from NY returns. Victoria has some career decisions to make as she feels oust out of Newman.

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