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AMC Recap Written by Bonnit

Zach tells Kendall that when he fell through the hole he thought that he had fallen into hell. Kendall and Zach watch the cabin burn. Zach rummages through the ashes and burns his hand. She is so concerned that she begins to kiss his hand. At home, they kiss, then make love. As Kendall sleeps, Zach reviews a file on Aidan Devane. The B5's, a teen singing group who were guests on “New Beginnings,” have a “Free Erica Kane” demonstration. The warden will put Erica into solitary confinement until the threats to her are diffused.

When Jesse’s coffin is opened, a stuffed elephant is inside which had belonged to Jesse. Frankie had taken it to the funeral, but they do not know who put it in the coffin. Angie confesses that the elephant in the coffin is not the same one that Jesse brought. Cassandra had an elephant that was lost. Angie replaced it with the one Jesse brought, then bought another one for Frankie. When Cassandra went to college, the elephant was given away to a charity. Cassandra calls Angie to tell her she is coming to Pine Valley to meet Jesse. She has an elephant in her tote bag. At Dixie’s grave, Tad promises to find Kate and asks for her help. Krystal asks Jesse to help Tad find Kate. Uncle Robert is curious about what was found in the coffin. They tell him they found nothing. He plants a listening device underneath a table then leaves. J.R. visits Adam and tells him that Dixie would be mad at how he used Kate to interfere with Tad and Krystal’s marriage. Strange things are happening to Adam. All of his buttons are removed from his shirt, the stereo comes on by itself playing “You are my sunshine,” and a glass is knocked out of his hand, then breaks on the fireplace!

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Katie is very proud of Brad when he persuades Judge Burke's nanny to come on Oakdale now and tell the public she slept with the judge because she loved him. Carly is angry at Jack when he comes in the house using his key and startles her. Jack wants to take the kids to the park since they have a day off from school, but Carly is so angry she doesn't allow him to. Carly and Holden are happy to see each other at the park with their kids, and they play a game of softball. Parker has an accident on his skateboard when the teenaged girl looking for Brad crosses the street and Parker falls trying to avoid her. Holden and Carly take Parker to the hospital and when Jack sees Carly and Parker there, he argues with Carly, because she didn't tell him Parker was hurt. Holden tells Jack to stop being so hard on Carly. Paul tries to push Sofie away from him and towards Aaron, but she says she is his friend and won't leave him. Barbara is excited to help Sofie start her jewelry business. Paul tries to apologize to Meg, but when he arrives at the farm and sees Meg helping Mike because he twisted his ankle, he gets jealous again. Meg tells Paul he will never change, and he should stay out of her life. The teenaged girl following Brad finally talks to him and informs him and Katie that she is his daughter.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Storm and Katie grapple over the gun; a shot goes off and she falls to the floor. Storm barks for Ashley to call 911, and he frantically attends to his sister and tries to get her to respond. In the ambulance he clutches to her and orders her to hang in there. Brooke explains to Donna about their brother seeing Ashley yet Ridge doesn’t want him anywhere near his precious Ashley. They both sing his praises that he would never hurt anyone ever again. Ridge shows up at Ashley’s and is told the news. Bridget walks in on Nick and doesn’t understand why he is suddenly badmouthing Storm. She gets a phone call about the accident, and Nick rushes with her to the hospital.

Brooke is called, and brings Donna with her to the hospital. Nick tells Storm he better pray that his sister is okay. He wants to know how a conversation with Ashley turns out with his sister being shot? A crime investigation is underway at Ashley’s. Accident or not, Ridge thinks it is time that Storm pay for his actions. Katie has surgery and the entire family is called in. She is being kept alive by the machines, but her condition is not good. She is being kept alive long enough for them to say their goodbyes. Brooke vows that Katie will not die, there will be a miracle. Bridget suggests a long shot of a heart transplant. Donna and Brooke hover over Katie and they talk about miracles and try to will her through, make her fight! But there is no donor, there is no hope.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

John and Nicole have their date, despite Marlena's protestations. John accuses Nicole of spying on him, and she storms out. John vows to bring Victor and Phillip down. Bo and Hope escape their bonds and knock out their guards. They free Steve and Kayla, and then meet up with Abe and Roman, who have figured out where they are and have come to rescue them. Abe arrests Ava. Max and Stephanie almost make love, but he stops, thinking that the timing is off since her parents are missing. At Angelo's request, one of Ava's men abducts Stephanie at knife-point. Victor throws Chloe and Nicole out of the mansion. Phillip pleads with him on Chloe's behalf. Meanwhile, Nicole divulges one of Victor's secrets to Chloe. She says that he knows where Brady is, and has known all along.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Anna gets over her shock to be cool with the idea of Robin having a baby. To Patrick's surprise, Ian announces he is leaving Port Charles. Lulu refuses to allow Johnny to break up with her, despite his fears about his father's threat to her. Ric is caught between Sonny and Anthony, each lobbying for his support. Maxie's request to Spinelli to unzip her so she does not get caught in a designer dress confounds him. After Trevor leaves to go see Christina in the hospital, and Sonny goes away, Anthony offers Trevor clemency for manipulating him if he will work with Ric to keep Anthony's interests going strong. While waiting out the shooter, Claudia and Jason talk about Michael and about Claudia's past. When Lulu goes to retrieve Kate's PDA from Sonny's place, she gets to see Johnny blow up. Patrick finds the latest challenge to his psyche the fact that the grandmama to be is this generation's Emma Peel, and thus, very attractive to him.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Josh is at the church looking around. Harley is throwing stuff in a dumpster outside her house. Josh is outside the church when Harley comes by. She asks if he is just coming back into town. He says yes. He asks about her, no answer, just a stare. Both Bill and Dinah are at the offices of the construction, oil company. Dinah says he'll make it in business. Bill jokes, Not before lunch. Lizzie is with Alan at Company/Boarding House. Alan is not thrilled with Lizzie's telling him of the Ava/Bill/"Baby"/Lizzie situation. Bill is in the Spaulding Board room alone. Lizzie and Dinah meet up while getting their nails done. They are talking about Bill and the "Baby". Cassie gives Josh some advice concerning Cassie, he thanks her. After some more advice about flowers and Cassie, Harley leaves. Cyrus and Cassie have a drink. Cassie is giving Cyrus advice about how to talk with Harley. Josh talks Harley's advice about the wild flowers and grabs some and goes into the house. When Josh and Cassie see each other they hug. Cassie is still outside wandering. Cyrus makes Harley smile. Cassie and Josh go into the house together. They both agree that this should never have happened. She admits she was confused and angry. Josh professes his love for her. Mallet and Alan brush elbows together at the boarding house. Alan tells Mallet that his ex-wife (Dinah) breaks more laws than she makes them. Lizzie joins Bill at the Board Room at Spaulding. Harley's mood is better and Cyrus likes what he sees. They are outside He goes to leave and she runs after him and kisses him. Dinah sees Alan and announces that in a few days Spaulding Enterprises will cease to exist and that Bill Lewis is coming on board of her new named company. Bill meets Lizzie at the old Spaulding Mansion. They talk about the new ownership and how it was gotten. Bill gets Lizzie's blessing to do whatever it takes to get what he wants. RJ sees that Josh is home. After RJ leaves the kitchen, Josh says he really missed him. Cassie says she is glad. Josh says he'll take Will's old room just for now. Harley is having a good time just talking with Cyrus. Cassie starts for the house as Cyrus turns and walks away. She then goes inside and he turns to look at her do so, then leaves...

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Rex asks Adriana to "be nice" to Gigi. She does as he asks but Gigi doesn't buy it. Meanwhile, Dorian and Layla are on their mission and have found Brody Lovett (or so they hear), as Adriana has demanded they do. He informs them that he was with Gigi many years ago and has known all this while and that he conceived Shane with Gigi. Dorian and Layla inform Adriana and she rushes to find Brody in the hopes of "reuniting" him with Gigi. Yet, Rex seems to be more interested in Gigi than in his own fiancé. He is concerned about her interest in Jared and protests that she is too good for the likes of him. But nobody else understands why he thinks it's his business. Clint is still ready to play hard ball with Calvin Jenkins. Bo still disagrees. Dorian is still pulling Calvin's strings to motivate him to ruin the Buchanans.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

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