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AMC Recap Written by Bonnit

Ryan is in a psychiatric session with a therapist. Annie and Julia are having a play date for Kathy and Emma. Annie tells Julia that she is not sure if Ryan has any feeling at all for her. Annie fabricates a story of an intruder in the penthouse to get Ryan to play hero, and save her. Ryan walks up to Annie’s door, and hears sounds of a commotion inside. Jack and Samuel Woods visit Erica and Carmen together in the prison. Erica wants to assist the inmates get better conditions. Jack and Samuel agree to support her quest. Jack agrees to help Carmen with her case.

Kendall gets Zach to open up about his feelings. Knowing that Aidan's grubby hands were on Kendall causes Zach to feel like a knife is in his throat; that image is in his mind every day. Zach would rather be back in the hole than see the picture of Aidan, and Kendall having sex in his mind! Kendall and Zach burned down the cabin where the “grief sex” occurred! As Zach and Kendall watch the fire they say, “Always, only us”. Jesse’s coffin is pulled out of the ground! Uncle Robert holds a gun as he watch the coffin being dug up. As the coffin rises out of the ground, Angie cries out!

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Casey manages to get Judge Burke to drop the gun by telling him that his little girls probably don't want him to go to jail. Margo and Casey have a big fight because she doesn't want Emily to put Casey in any position where he has to rescue her again. Casey refuses to quit his job but Emily solves everything by firing him. Casey is upset with Margo because she doesn't trust him to make his own decisions. Brad and Katie have another fight because he thinks she is too empathetic to others and he doesn't want her to go talk to Mike but she goes anyway. Brad seeks support from Henry who tells him he acted like a jerk. The newlyweds later kiss and make up. Noah is surprised that he tells Luke Ameera kissed him and he tells him it's not his fault. Ameera wants to go back to Iraq but Luke insists she stay and decides to move in with them hoping to make things easier for them. Paul tries to talk to Meg and Holden almost chases him off with a shotgun until Meg tells Paul their relationship is over for good and he should stay away from her. Katie talks to Mike and he tells her that what upset him most about the note was that now she knows how he feels about her. Paul tells Meg he wants to quit the project because he doesn't want to work with Paul. Meg persuades Mike to stay and not give up on the project. Sofie tells Paul that he doesn't make Meg happy and it's time he realizes that and stop making himself miserable. A teenage girl asks Henry for a suggestion on a place to stay because she has to meet her friend Brad Snyder.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Storm is angry that Ashley heard the truth from Ridge and not him. Now he needs to make her understand. Ashley admits she is afraid of Storm and wants him to leave. He touches her anyway and starts babbling of why he hates Stephanie and hated being humiliated by the family. She allows him to tell his side of the story on the promise that she won’t tell anyone and he will leave. He is pathetic, he wants respect and all he sees is pity in his family’s eyes. He pulls the gun out to show Ashley, and she recoils from it. Thorne announces to the family that their mother wants a family pow-wow and later Stephanie tells them she has accepted the inevitable and she’d even like Eric to get married there at the house….and no, she is not going to booby-trap the place. It will bring the family back together. Despite the kid’s refusal, she wants them to show the Logan family they are a family and can overcome this. Eric walks in and is not sure he can believe it. She wants to sell him her part of the house so he will have it to continue to live with their memories, she does not want to. He’s amazed that he forgot what a classy woman she is. Katie pleads her brother’s case, but Nick isn’t buying it. Ashley should know what she is getting into. Finally she leaves to go tell her and give her side of what happened to her brother.

No explanation can make Ashley feel at ease and she asks Storm to put the gun away. He laments he is not some lunatic, just some ordinary guy and he couldn’t let Stephanie cause his sisters any more pain. He was a hero to them. Katie arrives and stops outside the front door looking in through the window and partially overhears some things said. But when she spies the gun in Storm’s hand and Ashley move back from him, she assumes the worst and bursts in and demands that he put the gun down. In panic of what her brother might do, she raises her voice and moves toward him and tries to wrestle the gun from him. During the grapple, the gun goes off and Katie ends up with blood in the chest and falls unconscious to the floor.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Phillip confronts John and Paul about their conspiracy to destroy his shipping interests. Marlena witnesses the confrontation and later tells John that she is disappointed. She tries to kiss him to show him that life is about more than winning, but John cuts her off, telling her he has a hot date. Chelsea's fever doesn't abate and Daniel is forced to run more tests. In a delirium, she hints around the fact that she wishes they could be a couple. Lexie and Abe compare notes on Bo and Hope's disappearance, and figure out that they all must be with Ava Vitali. Once Steve figures out that Ava will never give him up, he agrees to get her pregnant--with the condition that she let Kayla, Bo, and Hope go. Tony tries to convince Kate to view some last minute designs in relation to her new commercial, but she is too worried about Chelsea.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Sonny has to reassure himself that Kate can handle his life and let her know he is not going to change. In a display of courage, Nikolas comes to himself and refuses any further drugs of any kind from Ian and her ghost applauds that, telling him that he has proven to be the man "she loves." She assures him that as long as he lives, she will be with him as he breaks into tears. He then makes surgical plans. The Jackal goes to Diane, who is still in a state over the Max situation, about his history of unrequited loves, including the present one with Maxie. Robin's newest rant is set off by a letter from Anna, who does not yet know grandmotherhood is impending. She finds out when she surprises Robin at home, but Robin thinks it's Patrick hovering and mentions being pregnant before she looks to see who is there. Anthony wants to know if its true that his children paid Ric to get him out of the prison hospital, and Johnny confirms, but says Ric went too far. Meanwhile, Claudia and Jason find themselves relying on each other as bullets are fired at both of them. Nadine lets Ian know how little she thinks of him and that she knows about his drug dealing, so he warns her not to do anything that could get herself killed.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Harley still trying to deal with what happened with her and Marina. She is talking to Frank about it. Olivia takes her steps with Jeffery by her side. Rafe is in the kitchen at home when Natalia comes in. Daisy talks to a friend about going to College. Cassie has a great time with Craig. Harley goes out to the car and sees a drawing one of the boys did of a cop. She then enters the Police station and is asked by a fellow cop to help him with a new prisoner. Frank wants to help Natalia but she keeps saying no. Finally Frank says that Gus would want him to help her. So she gives him a box of groceries to carry in. Cyrus catches Daisy at a fake ID Scam. He tells her what if her uncle Frank found out. Daisy says he'd never suspect her. Jeffrey has Olivia sign some papers. Olivia wants to know if Reva is ok with it. Jeffery says she has no say in the matter. Olivia smiles. Cassie's time with Craig continues until Olivia walks in on them. She kinda covers explaining that she just had a heart transplant and this is the first time she has been out with friends. Craig leaves and Olivia continues to talk about how she feels. Jeffery runs into a woman named Betty. She scolds him for not recognizing her. He says he is sorry. Harley finds out about Daisy's fake ID business, when she arrested a kid. That was the one that the officer asked to help him with the paper work on. Daisy says Gus was even against her. That Gus didn't want her with Rafe. Then Daisy leaves the kitchen. Cyrus comes in. Harley starts to tell him of her conversation with Daisy. He tells her he knew about the Fake ID thing. They continue to talk about it. Cyrus tells Harley that Daisy wanted money for an apartment. Harley is furious. But she then forgives him when she mentions how Gus helped her out of jams and put his career on the line. Cassie is in with Jeffrey. Natalia goes to start the kitchen stove and realizes there is no gas. She tells Rafe to get ready and go. Natalia runs into Olivia. Olivia can't believe her luck. Natalia doesn't want to run Olivia's life, she just wants her to live. Later Jeffrey takes Olivia home. Natalia and Rafe wind up at Company and ask Frank if the boarding house has 2 rooms available. Frank says they are both welcomed to them and he has it in with the owner so he can get them a discount. Frank calls Buzz and tells him that Natalia and Rafe will be taking his place at the boarding house, and they need one more room. Cyrus is not sure if he can handle the new experience of living with Harley and the kids and all that comes with it. Harley doesn't want to hurt him because of the way things are, and she feels she is cheating on Gus.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Michael goes to the station and gives Antonio startling information that Jamie has a serious disease. And it' will be very expensive for him to get medical care. John, Talia and Ramsey overhear and are concerned. Ramsey tells Antonio that he'll let him take a medical leave and will hold his job for him. Dorian and Layla are on their way to finding Brody Lovett for Adriana. She is very insecure about Rex spending so much time with Shane. Clint and Bo are admitting that they do business differently. But Bo and Nora have concerns that maybe Clint is turning into Asa. Calvin Jenkins is considering backing out of his agreement with Dorian after Bo has talked to him diplomatically. And he can't decide which direction he wants to go in.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Battle of the exes, as Amber and Daniel attempt to have their first real date at Indigo, they run into no other than Cane and Lily who are happy basking in the light of their impending parental duties. Amber and Daniel’s date ends in sex and Cane and Lily's ends in their expressing their true feelings of love and commitment. For Neil things with Karen have gone south as she decides to move out. Glo and Jeffrey, though, are ready to take the plunge as they make love for the first time. Sabrina and Victor enjoy one another and then get caught by Adam and Victoria. Phyllis accepts Victoria’s offer to be Reed’s godmother.

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