The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 4/23/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Kendall asks Zack to go away with her for a few days. Zack refuses to go away with her. Greenlee starts to leave the Comeback Bar when Ryan bumps into her and she drops all of her bridal magazines. Ryan and Greenlee share a good time together, playing a pinball game, eating French fries and laughing. Angie lets Jesse know her true feelings about his being present when they dig up his grave. Frankie comes in and they let him in on what is going on. Frankie insists on being there at the gravesite also. Tad comes home and tells Krystal what is going on with her Jesse and the police digging up his grave. Adam is on the phone when J.R. comes to visit. Adam asks for J.R.’s help. J.R. wants to know if Adam is dying. Adam lets him know that he isn’t, but he just can’t do things on his own anymore that he needs J.R.’s help. Colby comes in to the living room and begins to argue with J.R. Adam begins to laugh. J.R. wants to know what is going on. Adam lets them know that he had been hoping that things would get back to normal around there.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Paul urges Emily to help him with a favor involving Mike. Meg and Sophie talk about Aaron and her feelings for him. Kim worries about her show’s ratings when Brad and Katie are busy acting lovey-dovey on camera instead of fighting. Margo voices her concern about Casey working with Emily, but Casey is determined to stay working with her. Ameera is upset because it is her birthday and she misses home so Noah enlists Luke’s help. Thanks to Emily, Mike gets a letter he thinks is from Katie wanting to meet. Paul shows up to take Meg out while a disappointed Sophie watches them interact. Noah and Luke look for a gift for Ameera while Casey advises Ameera to be honest. Mike waits for Katie, but obviously, noone shows up and he leaves in a huff. Margo goes to see Emily to convince her to not let Casey work with her, but Casey finds her there and tells her that she doesn’t speak for him. Emily and Casey reach an understanding. Sophie tells Aaron that she would like to be more then friends. Meg and Paul enjoy a leisure lunch where Paul promises he is a changed man. Mike confronts Katie on air about her supposed letter to him, which she vehemently denies writing. Brad points out the letter was typed and not even signed; Mike leaves without a word. Kim is thrilled with the audience’s reaction. The judge, Emily put on her front page advertising the fact he is having an affair, comes looking for Emily. Noah and Luke enjoy their alone time, as they steal some kisses. Ameera decides to go buy something for Noah – a slinky black dress - and goes home to surprise him. Mike demands answers from Paul about the letter he sent to him. Meg demands to know if Paul did this? Paul tries to explain, but Meg is furious and believes he hasn’t changed afterall. This altercation is all witnessed by Sophie, who follows after Paul again (even though she is on duty) when he leaves in a huff. Noah is shocked when Ameera greets him dressed the way she is and then plants a kiss on him. The judge threatens Emily and smashes her computer while Casey calls his mom for help. The livid judge acts menacingly with Emily. When Casey tries to interfere, the judge locks the door promising that both will pay now. Sophie promises Paul that she is not leaving because she wants to be there for him. Mike tells Meg that he wants Emma’s ok to kick Paul off the project for the farm. Brad is not pleased when Katie goes looking for Mike to make sure he is ok.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke assures Rick that she is not trying to undermine him. He points out she is when she stood there and asked Taylor not to marry him. Taylor tells him this has turned out to be one of the happiest days of her life and she doesn’t want to stand here arguing with his mother. She wants to go home and be with her baby. She hopes he won’t mind if she goes to Nick’s and does that alone. She reminds Brooke to remember what she said – think about her own family; get her priorities straight. A pensive Nick asks Katie if what he heard Storm say was true, he shot Stephanie? Stunned, she admits yes, but Nick can’t say anything. Before he can say more, Taylor comes to pick up Jack. He’s curious how Ashley would feel about that truth. Meanwhile Ashley is pouring herself a glass of wine when poof, up pops Storm through the patio door and she drops her glass. He comments he knows he should have knocked, but it was open. She tries to get rid of him, but he states they did not finish their earlier conversation. There are some things she needs to know about him. One is that when he cares about someone, he won’t give up on them and he is not going to give up on her. He asks questions to find out if she is alone or waiting for Abby. She is uncomfortable and doesn’t want to have this conversation. Nick tells Taylor that Storm is working on the visitation papers; he’d like to know what her intentions are with Rick. She’s honest and says she does not know, but she does know whatever she does it will never ever be detrimental to Jack again. She apologizes for messing up their marriage. She doesn’t want him to just remember the bad times, and nothing will interfere again with her being Jack's mother and she hopes Nick believes that. He hugs her and says they have a job now to be the best parents ever and the rest will take care of itself. Ridge tells Brooke that he will talk to Taylor and try to convince her to let Brooke see more of Jack. Brooke confides that Taylor may not be living alone in the house; she and Rick are engaged. Ridge can’t believe that Taylor would go along with this, it must be some ploy for the court.

Taylor has happy tears as she arrives home to a welcome home sign from Rick. He is pleased that Taylor is so happy to be back with her son and laments how the three of them could be so happy sharing a life together. She laughs at the word Saint Taylor, but Rick says strip away the veneer and she is still more beautiful. He pulls out the ring again and wants her to be his wife. He knows there will be adversity, but he wants to spend his life with her. She needs more time to talk to her family, especially Phoebe. He agrees and says he will wait and prove that happily ever afters do not just happen in fairy tales. Ridge tells Brooke this is not her fault, he will talk to Taylor and he is sure this won’t go any further, it would hurt Phoebe too much. Nick quizzes Katie and she defends her brother, that he is not a criminal, he will do no harm to Ashley. Nick isn’t quite that confident that Ashley would feel that way if she knew she was dating a man guilty of attempted murder. Katie says Storm will not ever hurt anyone he cares about. Ashley tries to usher Storm to the door and they can talk tomorrow. Rather badly he tells her that he is a flawed man and that he gave into his rage a little while back against the Forrester family and his father. It wasn’t anything he planned, but he had to stop it. He confesses that it was him that picked up the gun and shot Stephanie Forrester. He realizes she doesn’t seem surprised, Ridge told her already. Why is she playing these games? Didn’t he tell her that he really hates it when people lie to him?

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Marlena comes back to town and tells John that she is ready to accept him for who he is. Later, Marlena nearly catches Rolf with the disc that contains John's memories. Sami confides in her about EJ's new relationship with Nicole, and Marlena, too suspects that Sami is a bit jealous. Morgan urges Stephanie to divulge her true feelings to Max. After Max stages a blackout at the pub so they can be alone, he and Stephanie both admit that they love each other. Meanwhile, Stephanie is being tailed by a strange man. Kayla tries to get Ava to tell her more about her diagnosis and treatment. When Kayla observes that Ava's medication makes her agitated, she suspects that she has been misdiagnosed.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Nikolas makes it clear, though Nadine thinks it's nuts, that he literally cannot live without Emily, even in ghost form. Robin copes with her mood swings and other pregnancy issues. Anthony's situation continues to provide fuel for conflict in the Zacchara family. Though he has little hope, Jax brings in specialists to work with Robin on Michael's case. Ian finds a new drug for Nikolas, which he refuses.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Harley is searching for her badge when she finds it on top a picture of Gus in her drawer. Mallet gives Marina an order she doesn't like. Alan says to Dinah he ordered the renovations stopped because he plans on moving back in. Harley is getting ready to go when she calls the boys. Cyrus says they can't hear you. They are at school. Harley can't believe he took them to school. Harley goes into her closet for her gun box, grabs her gun out of it and puts it back. Marina gets word that she is being partnered with her aunt, Harley. Harley arrives at the police station. Mallet and Harley are looking at her from his office window above. Dinah gets a visit from Cyrus. Alan tries to get an offer for a deal and gets the phone hung up on him. Rafe stops by and sees his grandfather's bed filled with paperwork. Alan asks him about computers. Harley sees Gus' name on the Assignment Board at the station. She questions Marina about it. Now Gus' cases are hers. Marina and Harley agree to be partners. Harley states she knows how to be a cop. Lillian visits Beth. The talk is about Peyton and how Rick would treat her. Lillian says, "Nothing like Bradley did." Beth says she knows that. Beth leave. Rafe barrows a computer to help Alan out. Alan says he has got something important and big in store. The asks Rafe to show him how to use the computer. Mallet gets a visit from Dinah. Marina and Harley meet Skids, who doesn't want to deal with them. He takes off with Marina fast after him. Harley looks in horror. Cyrus comes by to see Harley upset. Later, without them knowing, Marina is watching what is going on between them. Earlier the Commissioner of Police tells Mallet that Dinah donated some money to get a project off the ground. No they have a news conference about it. Beth visits Alan and sees the computer. He tells her of a project that didn't go off well. So Rafe lent him the computer. Beth is there to tell him that she wants them to raise Peyton. Alan says now isn't the right time to raise her together. Not in a boarding house. Beth says she doesn't care. Marina and Harley are driving around. Cyrus is home when Mallet knocks on the door and then lets himself in. Cyrus tells him Harley isn't there. Mallet says he is there to see him. Mallet mention a break in. Cyrus says he is not that crazy cause he is living with a cop. Mallet pats him on the shoulder and leaves. Rafe and Beth have words about loss. Alan catches up with Dinah at the Mall. He tells her he has an offer to work with him. She just shakes her head. Dinah tells Beth about a truce with Alan. Beth cannot believe her ears. She tells Dinah fine, dream. Alan is still trying to get some friends to work with him. Marina is back at the Station and in the doorway of Mallet's office. Marina tells him that Harley is not ready to go back to work. That she froze and left her without cover. Mallet tells her to give it some time. Cyrus and Harley share a couple of beers and talk about today's events. Harley tells Cyrus that Gus' being gone hurts and she misses him. Cyrus tells her he does too. She cries.

OLTL Recap Written by Jeannie

Sarah wakes up at Cristian's place and realizes he didn't come home. She calls Nash. Jessica gets on the phone and tells her Cris is in jail. Everyone heads down to the station for the arraignment. Blair tries to get Starr to tell her what's wrong. She almost does but Todd interrupts them. He talks to Starr and tells her that if she and Cole stay away from each other for six months then he'll rethink the situation. Cole asks Markko for money and fake ID's. He writes Starr a note saying they could make a life together with the baby. He goes to John to borrow a hundred and fifty dollars. He says its for football camp. Sarah confronts Cris and asks why he didn't call her last night. Cristian says he used his one call to call his mother. Sarah was very worried about him because no one called her. Cris apologizes. Ramsey says he can just leave, no charges will be filed. Michael McBain comes to the squad room and asks to talk to Antonio. Antonio says if this is about John, forget it. Michael tells him that Jamie is very sick.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Ooh Barracuda, Jill refuses to let Nikki run Jabot into the ground with a cheap essential oils supplier. She makes this known by making it known, she’s the boss. Offsite at the ranch Nikki plans Reed’s christening and is succumbed by the green-eyed monster when Sabrina walks in. Victoria tells Sabrina she’s not the godmother and instead she opts for Phyllis. Phyllis and Sharon battle it out for who’s the Queen Bee over at Restless Style. Amber wants Daniel to define their relationship after she finds out from Jana that Lily is pregnant. Neil wants to make a nursery at the condo for Lily and Cane wants to be a good dad, they discuss parenthood as they prepare for their upcoming ultrasound. Jana and Kevin decide to get permanent wedding band tattoos.

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