The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 4/22/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the prison, Erica and Carman, busily, folds up clothes while they chat about Jack. At his home, Jack lies in bed. He rolls over and gets up. He looks at a pic of himself and Erica. In Greenlee’s apartment, Greenlee and Aidan lie in bed with her on the phone to her cologne distributor. Greenlee wants to make sure they have enough cologne for Mother’s Day which is approaching. Aidan begins to nuzzle her on the neck. She hangs up the phone and they begin to kiss. In their home, Kendall dreams that she is in the bed with Greenlee, Aidan and Zach. She wakes up with a scream. Ryan is asleep on the sofa at Annie’s home. He wakes up to see her standing over him. She offers Ryan some breakfast. Annie thanks Ryan for being so good with Emma the night before. Annie asks Ryan to drive Emma to school. Annie also offers Ryan to move home. Emma comes downstairs, overjoyed by the news, and leaps into Ryan’s lap. Zach encourages Kendall to focus on the things that are important. Kendall lets him know that she is going to visit her Mother. Greenlee calls Zach and asks him to meet her.

Greenlee and Zach meet at The Comeback, which she enters carrying an armful of bridal magazines. She asks Zach to help her pick Aidan out a tuxedo to wear at the wedding. Greenlee owns up and confesses that she had called him to meet her because she wants to know what is going on. Zach lies to her and tells he that this had been going on between him and Kendall since Zach and Greenlee had been in the bomb shelter. Greenlee offers her sentiments. Jack goes to visit Aidan at the P.I office. Aidan lets him know that he had asked Greenlee to marry him. Jack welcomes Aidan to the family. Erica gets a visit from Kendall, who lets her know that she had told Zach that she had slept with Aidan. Erica is deeply disturbed by the news. Erica encourages Kendall to make it work between herself and Zach. Kendall calls Zach and tells him to meet her at home that she needs him. Once at home, Kendall lets Zach know that they are leaving town.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Casey persuades Emily to sign the papers to authorize that Allison can use the money Dusty left her to go to nursing school. Casey has a long first day working as Emily's assistant but at the end of the day he decides to stay at the job. Carly throws Jack out of the house because she is tired of the fighting between them and she decides it isn't good for them or the children. Lily decides to go visit Iva and do some thinking because she can't live her life being afraid Holden will leave her if she does something wrong. Holden and Carly decide to offer each other support since they are both going through similar situations. Brad and Katie have their first fight but after its over they decide to wait to have children in order to spend some time together as a couple.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke laments to Katie that Rick and Taylor’s open relationship will prove to the judge that she is not stable. Brooke is devastated and Taylor elated when the judge orders joint custody to her and Nick. Taylor looks at Brooke and tells Nick that this is the best with two stable homes. No one should be able to interfere with that. Back home, Nick tells Katie that he wanted Jack’s life to be perfect, but he can live with this arrangement. Storm fantasizes about giving Ashley some earrings and she calls him a sexy amazing man. She turns them down when he does present them to her, but he wants to pursue their relationship and not let Ridge interfere. He’s called to Nick’s where Katie fills him in on Brooke’s involvement and about Rick and Taylor being engaged. Brooke insists to Taylor that they need to talk about Rick. She is shocked she went along with the engagement; she thought this was about revenge. Stating that Taylor has won Jack, she can let Rick go.

Katie thinks it is promising that Storm is seeing Ashley, but disarmed when he tells her that he was fired at Forrester’s. Nick overhears Storm tell Katie that Ridge is trying to ruin this and perhaps has already told her that he shot Stephanie and framed his father. He will stop Ridge. Brooke pleads with Taylor to end this engagement now and not marry her son. Rick overhears and admonishes his mother to stop this and asks Taylor to believe him, not this woman who wants to take her baby son away from her.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Daniel informs Kate, Victor and Nick that Chelsea has an infection from her operation. He then begins to treat it successfully with antibiotics. Chelsea continues to fantasize about kissing Daniel. Lexie and Victor put two and two together about the Vitalis and Bo's disappearance. They decide to trust Bo and keep the information to themselves. John promises to help Paul as long as he promises to help John ruin Phillip and Victor. At the same time, Phillip warns Morgan to keep her father away from John. Morgan agrees. Sami and Nicole butt heads at the gym when Sami catches Nicole holding Allie. After Nicole makes a snide comment about the twins' parentage, Sami punches her. After Nicole brags about her date with John, Sami vows to get her back.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Neither Zacchara scion is thrilled to learn Logan is their dad's new bodyguard. Jax is stymied by Carly's refusal to see the truth. Thanks to Maxie's distraction, Spinelli is able to get free of the closet in Ian's office where he was hiding, and she manages to avoid having to sleep with the doctor. Alexis wants Diane to learn from her mistakes and avoid Max. Diane does not listen. Robin has jitters about impending motherhood.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Harley goes to the Police Department. She is looking at a board that Gus had written some stuff on for a case. A police man friend sees her. He calls her by her last name. She barely hears him. She then leaves. Ashlee and Coop are having a discussion about her. She says she is totally ok. She is laughing as she kisses him. Ava is at Company when Remy comes in. They talk. Ava thinks Remy is asking her out on a date and tells him she already has a guy. Harley is now at home with Cyrus. They are on the bed talking. Harley gets up to clear the dishes and then Cyrus follows. Cyrus tells her they are in this together. Cassie gets RJ off to school. Then tries to get Josh on the phone only to get his answering machine. Harley tells Cyrus she is going back to work. That it would be closure for her. Cyrus agrees. Doris visits Ashlee. They are actually glad to see each other. They get giddy. Doris does get serious and tells Ashlee that she shouldn't laugh at this. Ashlee listens. Cassie and Harley and Cassie catch up on what is going on with life. Buzz is talking with Cyrus. Buzz is not happy. He wants Cyrus to think about his relationship with Harley. Cyrus breaks into a house. Ashlee and Coop are now talking about his career and upcoming tour. She wants him to go. Cyrus almost has the door open when alarms go off. He high tails it out of the area. Lizzie is showing Ava some baby clothes. In Harley and Cassie talk Lewis Construction comes up. Seems if Cassie tells her stuff it would be a conflict of interest. Cassie sees Harley's point and drops the subject and leaves. Lizzie is upset when she runs into Bill. She tells him that she tried to do something nice for Ava, showing her some baby clothes, but Ava didn't see it that way. Ashlee goes to Company. Buzz sees her and asks how she is. She pours her heart out to him. He is great, he hugs her. Coop comes in. Buzz tells him to, "Take care of your woman." Ashlee tells Coop she doesn't feel perfect. He disagrees. Bill and Ava argue over what Lizzie told him. Harley is feeding Cyrus and the boys and takes off. Cyrus wonders what's up. Ava goes to her doctor's to confirm if she is really pregnant.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

After John and Talia flaunt their affection in public and Cristian sees that it is humiliating his brother, he goes and decks John. At that point, Eddie presses charges against Cristian. Ramsay puts Cristian in lock up. Dorian and Layla go to find Brody Lovett's sister, after Adriana demands that they do it right away. The sister informs them that she knows that Brody had a relationship with Gigi but their deceased mother disapproved of it. And after Dorian bribes her to give the information, she reveals that she knows her brother is alive and has misled people into believing he died. Adriana is very happy to hear that new information. But she's very bitter about Rex's interest in Gigi.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Glo is doom and gloom as she tries to figure out what to do with her life, she searches for a good cause to involve herself with. Jeffrey wines and dines Jill. Jack is lost with dad’s presence in the Abbott Mansion. Michael decides to drop the lawsuit against Jack. Lily makes her final decision not to marry Cane and Jana has gone Yogi.

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