The TV MegaSite's Monday 4/21/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Angie insists to Jesse that he is not going anywhere near his grave or much less digging up his remains. Jesse insists to her that he needs to know what is in his grave. Erica and Carman are confronted by other prison inmates. The other inmates want Erica to help them to have a New Beginning when they get out of here. Greenlee, Aidan, Zach and Kendall celebrate Greenlee and Aidan’s engagement party. Kendall can’t seem to get in the festive mood much to the puzzlement of Greenlee. Frankie, at the hospital, goes into the doctor’s quarters to get some rest, but is visited by Colby, who wants to know how it feels when you lose your father.

Frankie tells her how he had felt without his father all these years. Colby lets him know that she had been accepted at a very prestigious school, but she wished to remain in Pine Valley to be near her father. Erica makes herself a list in order to help her fellow inmates. Zach refuses to tell Greenlee what is wrong with Kendall. Greenlee vows to find out what is wrong with Kendall. Once at home, Kendall asks Zach if everything is alright between them. Zach sits down on the bed beside her and begins to nuzzle on her neck. They make love. Angie agrees to go along with Jesse’s plans as long as she is there with him.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Chris, Allison, Sophie and Aaron meet up for an awkward dinner. Paul and Mike clash over Mike taking the hot air balloon ride with Meg, which upsets Meg. Lily has high hopes for her and Holden’s dinner with Carly and Jack. Meg doesn’t understand why Paul is reacting so poorly so Paul leaves. Jack notices how beautiful Carly looks, which makes Carly hopeful, as well as Sage. Chris and Aaron can’t help but annoy one another. Jack notices Lily’s romantic dinner set up and isn’t too thrilled. Carly starts drinking. Mike notices the champagne lunch and realizes why Paul is so upset. Sophie sees Paul looking depressed and excuses herself from the dinner, but he blows her off. She rejoins dinner only to excuse herself again under the pretense of having to check in by phone with Barbara. Mike tells Meg to not make the same mistake he did with Katie; he tells her not to give up if there is something still there between her and Paul. Sophie shows up at Paul’s and wants to help. Paul explains what happened with Meg and Sophie is irate that Meg would treat him like that claiming he deserves better, as she takes his hand a moment before Meg interrupts. Paul sends Sophie on her way. Aaron realizes Sophie has left the Lakeview. Lily tries to be subtle, but it is not working, as Carly drinks more. Finally, Lily casts aside subtlety and tells Jack how she really feels about what he is doing, which doesn’t help and only makes Carly more angry with Jack by his response leading her to scream at him. Paul and Meg talk through their problems; they discuss Mike and Sophie as well. Sophie comes back and Aaron is annoyed as she lies about where she was. Aaron wants to leave and Sophie goes with him, as he later tells her to stop lying to him. Sophie tells the partial truth, which leads Aaron to wonder if they have anything between them since she is lying to him. Holden checks on Carly and makes her feel better. Carly wishes to start the dinner over, but before Jack can agree, Parker calls with news that the babysitter is sick. Meg and Paul share kisses as they are back on track. Paul gets a call from the balloon company asking how his trip went? Paul promises himself that he won’t let Mike do anything like that again. Meg thanks Mike for his advice – she and Paul are better. Carly wants to talk, but Jack thinks she has done enough talking that night. Carly is incensed by the way he dismisses her. Lily and Holden talk about her trying to help with Carly and Jack. Holden tells her that she wouldn’t be her if she didn’t help those she loves. He hopes he stays at the top of that list of people she loves. After Lily leaves, Holden finds the bag that Lily stashed away with a few of Dusty’s belongings that she couldn’t part with.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke is surprised to find Katie at the hearing, and she admonishes Nick to tell the truth that Taylor is not ready to take on full custody of Jack. Rick tells Taylor he is patient and willing to wait for her marriage proposal answer, she and Jack are worth it. But he objects when he sees his mother in the courtroom, she doesn’t need to be there. Brooke laments that she needs to protect both of her sons. Nick gives only good testimony that he sees no negative reason that Taylor shouldn’t share joint custody. This shocks and riles Brooke who now objects and wants to be heard. The Forrester’s have a memorial service on the grounds for Tiny. Donna comes to pay her respects and Pam resents her as the one who murdered her dog. Donna is worried about Pam’s reactions, but Eric calms her about the childless pranks.

Just about everyone in the courtroom have their say, Brooke begging the judge not to allow this sick, sick woman to have custody. Then Rick standing and interrupting and telling the judge his behavior is not inappropriate, he and Taylor are engaged to be married. This is not about revenge. The judge calls a recess to make his ruling.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Daniel has tests run on Chelsea, and tells Lexie that the news isn't good. EJ and Sami fight over his representation of Nicole. EJ thinks that John was right, and that Sami is jealous of Nicole. Sami tells EJ that he can't spend time with his son unless he drops Nicole as a client. Hope loses consciousness from her gunshot wound while tied up in Ava's room. Ava tells Steve and Kayla that she plans on holding them there until Kayla has her baby. Ava plans on taking the baby and raising it with Steve.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Even though Patrick states that Michael opening his eyes is only a reflexive action and does not mean he is recovering, Carly clings to hope, prompting Jax to ask Jason to make her see reason. Right before seeing Jax, Jason learns why Nikolas is paying Ian ungodly sums of money. Sonny is deaf to both Kate's pleas that he not seek revenge and to Diane and Max's desire to be together, banning their relationship from happening, much to Diane's ire. Finding out that their father has been made a ward of the court and could be released appalls Claudia and Johnny, and makes them recall the past, the good as well as how evil Anthony is. Sonny intervenes when Kate and Claudia get into it, then after sending Kate home, asks Claudia out. Trevor wants Logan on the inside to spy on the Zaccharas for him once Anthony is back at the top. To win Johnny's support, Anthony promises to kill Claudia if he does not welcome him. Caught spying on Ian, Maxie is forced to try to seduce him.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Dinah is marking her territory. Olivia and Natalia are getting used to each other. Lizzie is talking with Bill about them. Natalia tries to rally Olivia. Jeffrey and Ava and Bill and Lizzie meet up talking about the baby. After Lizzie and Bill leave. Jeffrey and Ava still talk. Jeffrey is still wary of what Ava is up to. He asks his daughter if Lizzie is on board with this Bill-Father thing. Natalia and Frank meet up at Company. He still offers to help her whenever she needs it. Natalia mentions Olivia and the way she has been. Frank offers to talk to Olivia for Natalia. Natalia doesn't think it is a good idea but then changes her mind. Dinah is getting used to the Spaulding Mansion even more. Mallet visits. Seems someone broke into the Mansion. Mallet looks around the den. Dinah says maybe he knew just what he wanted and left. Mallet realizes it is a false call and arrests Dinah. Lizzie visits the Mansion looking for Dinah. She sees Remy on the couch in the living-room smoking a cigar. She gets annoyed. Natalia gets Olivia to get out of bed for the first time. The house that Gus had and that Olivia bought is mentioned. Natalia says forget it. As Olivia tries to walk she collapses. Natalia tries to waken her. Jeffrey takes Olivia to Reva's after finding her passed out. Jeffrey says Reva won't mind. He then mentions hiring a nurse to take care of her. Dinah and Marina get talking outside. Marina asks Dinah to call her. Frank visits the SPD. Mallet sees him. Frank tells him, he was Chief of Police. It was a nice time. It is over relax. There was a reason. Then Frank leaves with Mallet still looking at him. Dinah is home doing paperwork when Mallet shows up. He wants a drink. He then says lets have a toast to the guy we royally screwed, meaning Frank. Dinah mentions she did it for Marina and Mallet. Mallet can't believe what he is hearing. Remy is alone in a parking lot. A car won't start. He has his head under the hood when he gets a visitor. Lizzie and Bill are outside. Bill says he feels a little guilty. Lizzie asks why. Then she tells him to get in the car. It is Ava. She gets in the car to start it. Jeffrey gets a call form Natalia checking in on Olivia. Jeffrey thanks her for her concern. Then hangs up.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Cole rushes in his car to the abortion clinic where Starr has gone in Atlantic City right before she has it done. And he convinces her that she cannot make a decision right away if the only reason she plans to do it is in order to protect him from Todd. He takes her home. And Marco and Langston manage to protect them from being found out by Todd and by Shawn. At Capricorn, many noteworthy couples attend together. John and Talia make their relationship public. This upsets Antonio and Cristian. But Blair is the new owner, now. Jared and Gigi are together. Rex is there with Adriana but he's clearly jealous of the fact that Gigi and Jared are together. Natalie goes there with Miles and makes it clear she is jealous of Jared with Gigi. He makes it clear that he is jealous of her with Miles.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Glo has turned over a new leaf, yes no more scheming and conniving. Jeffrey is changing too trying to convince Jack to let her live in the mansion. Jack scoffs at the idea while Glo tells Michael his Jack lawsuit is a page from her book. Victor’s kids realize they have grown up and changed and finally so has Victor. Adam confronts Sabrina congratulating her on her good fortune and Victor also shares that he plans to speak with Adam about “expanding his role” at Newman. Alistair shares with Jill that Jeffrey has some incriminating evidence on Glo. Jeffrey and Glo plan to split for good. Jack is empty and feels a void in the Abbott Mansion as he calls out for guidance from dear old dad.

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