The TV MegaSite's Friday 4/18/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Bonnit

Jesse knows where to start looking and how to piece together the last twenty years of his life. He wants to start with his grave, but Tad refuses to help him. While they do laundry, Carmen warns Erica about getting into everyone’s face. Greenlee wants to call Zach and invite him to dinner with Kendall, Aidan and herself. Kendall is nervous, because everyone invited will know about the one-night stand except Greenlee. Aidan asks Zach for the chief of Cambias security job. Aidan mentions that the chief of security would have to be somebody that Zach could trust. Zach’s mood with Aidan is dark as he shows disdain. Aidan tells Zach that they are friends, and if he is not going to get the job he wants to know why. To Kendall’s surprise Zach accepts Greenlee’s invitation to dinner.

Carmen warns Erica that the other inmates are jealous of her contacts such as Jack the husband and lawyer and Sam, the senatorial candidate. Carmen warns her about the gang’s possible interest in her. Angie is concerned about Krystal’s feelings for Adam. She thinks that Tad is a wonderful man and wants to know if he is aware of Krystal’s feelings for Adam. Robert shows up at Tad's office to tell Jesse about the police. Derek Frye calls to tell Jesse and Angie that the police will dig up Jesse’s grave. Ryan and Annie talk, and she wants to support him during his memory loss. While at the beach, Emma gets bitten by a bug.  Seeing Emma hurt, Ryan knows in his heart that he will always love her even if he doesn’t remember her. Zach hires Aidan. Tad is edgy about his Uncle Robert. Greenlee and Kendall meet Aidan and Zach at ConFusion. Kendall is shocked that Zach hired Aidan. She asks if he is crazy! A prison gang approaches Erica and asks about they note they left for her. When she asks if she can help them, they tell her that she can and she will.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Barbara goes to the hospital for another treatment and gets dehydrated so Chris tells her she must spend the night in the hospital. Casey tells Luke that Ameera is in love with Noah, and Luke tells Noah the same thing. Noah assures Luke he loves him no matter what Ameera's feelings may be for him. Casey refuses to keep pretending he is Luke's boyfriend. Emily is determined to make Allison see Chris isn't good for her Chris buys Allison a dress to wear to dinner with Aaron and Sofie. Paul plans a romantic hot air balloon ride for Meg, but the surprise backfires when he is late to the farm, and she takes the hot air balloon ride with Mike.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie feels Nick is making light of the situation, but he says he is honored that she is impressed. He doesn’t believe she says that to just anybody. Papers are delivered to Nick from Taylor’s lawyer. Of course not far behind, Brooke walks in and wants to know what the evaluation assessment papers say. She grouses that she doesn’t see how this can carry that much weight and launches into the fact that Taylor is crazy for being involved with her son. Brooke argues that Nick should have kept full custody. She has feelings for Jack and she is not going to deny that anymore. Brooke’s worst nightmare is that Taylor and Rick will be raising her son! Rick makes sandwiches at Taylor’s and is there to accept the papers from Taylor’s attorney. She gives Rick the honor of opening them and his face lights up. The custody rights will be resumed tomorrow. Taylor is ecstatic that now other people will no longer have control over her. And she won’t let others tell her that she can’t have Rick in her life.

Felicia calls the vet to come look at Tiny. She’s sorry, but he can’t be saved. Pam turns on Donna that she killed him. Donna offers sincere condolences, but Pam won’t accept them. Taylor laments that Rick is the ONLY one who has believed in her even when she hasn’t been very lovable. Rick surprises Taylor by getting down on one knee and says no matter what Phoebe or anyone else says about it, he asks Taylor to marry him. Just one word – say yes.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

After Chelsea faints, Daniel and Kate rush her to the hospital. After agreeing to spy on John for Phillip, Nicole works her charms on John and arranges a date with him. John assures Paul that he will help him with his legal and financial troubles. Paul in turn assures a suspicious Morgan that all of his problems will be sorted out soon. Steve tells Ava and the others that he dumped her at the altar after having flashbacks of his wedding to Kayla. He was kidnapped by Stefano's men before he could explain everything to Ava. Ava doesn't buy it and continues to blame Steve for all of her troubles.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Maxie and Lulu continue to bicker over Johnny while they are at work and Lulu chafes under the fact that her rival is technically her superior officer in the organization. Anthony gets two visitors, first Sonny who informs him that whoever shot Michael will pay and that he will be unguarded, then Ric, who has papers releasing him to Shadybrook to await trial to see if he's sane enough to answer for his crimes. Zacchara reveals he is no longer paralyzed. Jerry tries to be encouraging for his brother. Spinelli's research finds that Ian's money could be drug related. Nikolas does promise him all the funds needed to keep him alive and seeing Emily both. Shortly thereafter, Jason confronts Nikolas about why he paid Ian ten million. Meanwhile, on Claudia's urging, Jerry finds Ian in the showers and threatens, in a decent Clint Eastwood-esque style, to shoot him.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Lizzie and Bill are in a gazebo having lunch and talking. Ava visits a doctor to see if she is pregnant. Natalia brings Olivia lunch. Dinah and Alan continue their conversation outside. Alan asks her how she faked all of the Philip stuff. Dinah wants a guard to throw Alan off the estate. Alan says Dinah stole his property. Dinah says prove it. After a bit, Alan tells her to enjoy it while she can. Natalia tries to get through to Olivia by telling her that Gus wouldn't want her to do this. Finally Natalia has had enough, tells Olivia she has won and walks out. Remy joins Lizzie for lunch. Bill catches Ava at the hospital and questions her. Ava is surprised to see him. Ava catches up to Bill and tells him about the baby. They have an argument over it. Bill tries to reason with her. Lizzie and Dinah are together talking about Bill and the baby. Lizzie says she is not letting it bother her. The subject changes to Alan. Lizzie tells Dinah that Alan is never down long. Alan is outside and finds an old discarded cigar in the bushes. Picks it up and lights it and smokes it. Dinah catches Remy dressing in a room she is loaning him. Dinah gets a little Alan 101 from Remy. Ava meets up with Natalia. Smalltalk. Ava then visits her mother, Olivia. Who looks to be asleep. Ava calls out to her. No answer. Ava starts telling Olivia the reason she hasn't been around. Natalia starts to get in a car and before doing so says, "She is going to be fine." This is about Olivia. Remy and Alan are together. Alan says Dinah is going to pay for what she has done. Remy starts laughing. Dinah tells her brother, Bill, that Alan knows what she is doing. Buying the house, etc. Then Vanessa arrives, the subject is changed to Ava is having a baby and how Bill is going to handle it. Vanessa tells her children not to go overboard. That she remembers being their age and wanting the world. In doing so she got lonely. Ava and Lizzie talk about Ava's "baby". Ava jokes that Lizzie wants to be part of it. Before leaving Lizzie says she is going to start going to the doctor with Ava. Remy gets to talking about Gus to Natalia. Olivia gets up. Alan runs into Vanessa at Company. He tells her he knows she is responsible for his loosing his house. And also hints that she had better "watch out for her daughter". Dinah I still talking to Bill about Alan. They wind up drinking together. Ava is back home and looking at herself in the mirror. Even takes a pillow to put under her blouse to look to see what it is like to be pregnant. Bill is with Lizzie and all she talks about is Ava's "baby". They then kiss. Alan has a cup of coffee and reads the paper at Company. Ava is interrupted from a carton of ice cream by Bill. Natalia goes back to Olivia's. Olivia agrees to help in her care.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Starr arrives at the abortion clinic in Atlantic City. Cole finds Langston and she gives it up to him where Starr went. He drives and rushes to find her before it's too late. Adriana has some major trust issues involving Rex's situation with Gigi. She first wants Layla to accompany her to find out if Brody Lovett (Shane's supposed real father) really exists. But when she sees Gigi and Rex together, she is not able to go and leave them alone. So she tells Dorian she better go in her place with Layla to Michigan. Rex admits to Natalie that he is having some suspicions about what Adriana is doing behind his back. Natalie tells Jared she is not interested in him and never will be. But he doesn't want to give up on her.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

The Newman Clan was in full effect today, Victoria expressing her disgust in her best friend dating her dad and Nikki letting Victor know she does not approve. Nick has dinner with a determined Felicia who forms an alliance with Adam in hopes that they both get what they want in the end. JT confronts Sabrina causing her to second guess her relationship with Victor.

Glo is done using Alistair and kicks him to the curb but he refuses to leave and when Jeffrey comes to her room to make a mends; Alistair is there passed out. Nikki suspects that David is not being straight with her about his gambling after she is privy to a text he receives regarding a poker game.

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