The TV MegaSite's Thursday 4/17/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Bonnit

Adam is examined at the hospital and Angie determines that he is having panic attacks. Krystal waits for answers on Adam. Angie tells Adam that he's going to get hurt if he doesn't let go of his emotions. While napping, Kendall dreams about her confession to Zach and his words, “You don’t trust me at all.” Kendall wonders how can she keep the secret from Greenlee now that it's out. Zach believes it's Aidan's call whether or not Greenlee finds out. She thinks it will be difficult to see her everyday at work. Zach doesn’t want anyone else to get hurt. Kendall wants to discuss the one night stand further, but Zach rushes away to work. Ryan is at the penthouse working on his motorcycle. He invites Annie to help him, and she does. After an outing at the beach, Annie tells Ryan that he is really trying hard to love her.

Dr. Martin meets Tad for lunch, because he is concerned about Tad’s stress level. Tad is worried about Ray Gardner’s staying in town. Jesse’s return from the dead has caused Tad to think about Dixie. Joe thinks that Dixie’s ghost probably isn't the only thing keeping Tad up at night. Greenlee and Aidan are excited about their future wedding. Greenlee gives a gorgeous, and expensive watch to Aidan who tells her she ought to have a pre-nup. Aidan says, "Every time I looks at the watch, I will think, “It's Greenlee time." While at Fusion, Kendall, tells Greenlee that “Charm” is doing well. Greenlee shows off her ring, and Kendall congratulates her. Zach pours a drink, then looks at his framed family photos. He puts them face down on his desk, then throws his glass across the room. Aidan talks to Zach about the security job at Cambias. Greenlee suggests that Kendall, Zach, Aidan and she celebrate. Kendall gets nervous about the closeness, and Greenlee senses it.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Carly goes to Holden and Lily for comfort when she finally realizes her relationship with Jack is over and both Holden and Lily encourage her to give it one more try Lily even decides to throw a dinner party for her and Jack with just her and Holden as the only other guests. Lily throws away Dusty's box of memories but cries because she still can't let him go and keeps a tape of music he made for her hidden on a shelf in the kitchen. Lily tells Holden she is ready to let go of the past. Brad and Katie finally get married after three interruptions a stage struck minister, Katie's nervous hicups, and a fainting spell by Katie before she puts the ring on Brads finger. Jack wishes Brad all the best and tells him to take care of Katie and make her happy. Mike still thinks Katie has unresolved feelings for him and even though she is legally married the marriage won't last long.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick begins to second guess what he’s done, not signing the papers for Taylor. Katie offers advice that Nick did the right thing. That wasn’t his only solution. He could hold onto custody himself, for however how long it takes, until he thinks Taylor is ready to be a mother. She offers to help him give Jack all the love and attention he needs. Rick tells Taylor that he will be on her side and even fight his mother over this, she will get Jack back. He’s grateful for this opportunity to be in her life and help her. Donna watches in disbelief when Pam is worried about a very sick Tiny. Thorne tells Pam that she will have to keep Tiny out of the building. Pam accuses Donna of poisoning her dog and asks how can she be so cruel feeding Tiny the lemon bars when she knew he had a very sensitive stomach? She states this is no longer just about Stephanie, now it is personal!

Rick wants to make love to Taylor right now and she admits she does too, but the time is not right. Too many issues still at hand with Phoebe, Jack, and Ridge and Brooke. Katie admits to Nick that Jack has become very special to her, and she shouldn’t spend so much time with him. It’s a pleasure for her to see Nick spend so much time with his son. She takes his hand and looks into his eyes and says she is not easily impressed, but she is very impressed now.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Stephanie sneaks into Max's room in the middle of the night, worrying about her parents. She and Max agree that they can handle things on their own, and Max talks her into staying the night with him. Chloe and Nicole have a cat fight, and it ends with Phillip asking Nicole to do some spying for him. Bo, Kayla, Steve, and Hope manage to escape from Ava temporarily, but are quickly recaptured. Ava wants them all shot, but Hope and Kayla demand to hear what happened on Steve and Ava's wedding day first.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Nikolas is not happy when he sees Lulu at the opening with Johnny, but she reminds him that he left without her. Carly tries to explain Michael's situation and why it keeps her away from home to Morgan, but does not tell the whole truth. Jax can't make her see the truth. Seeing Johnny pay attention to Maxie makes Lulu angry. Nausea forces Robin and Patrick to leave early. Diane and Max continue their romance. Spinelli's research uncovers a shady side to Ian.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Alan is in his room listening to the radio when he goes to plug another item in his power goes. He then gets a visitor. It is Rick. Rick says he isn't going anywhere til they talk. Natalia talks to Billy. Billy offers his help. She turns him down. Before she leaves, Billy tells her the offers still stands whenever. She says thank you. Remy visits Blake and make himself at home, driving her crazy. Remy asks if she would like to join forces. Olivia is resting. Natalia is outside trying to move a barrel when Remy comes by. She is glad to see him. He offers to help by moving the barrel. He asks how she is. She tells him she is ok, but then says she has to go find Rafe. Rick and Alan have a meal. Rick suggests a deal to Alan. He will help him with money for a new company if Alan signs over the rights to Peyton. Alan refuses, saying, "No way would he give him Peyton." Mallet and Marina agree to have dinner together. Alan meets up with Dinah. What Dinah wants, Alan wont give. Beth visits Rick at work. The visit does both of them good. When Beth leaves with Peyton, Rick thanks her for coming. Natalia goes to check on Olivia and finds her staring. Natalia finally gets Olivia's attention. Natalia tells Olivia she needs help. Olivia tells her to get out. Marina sees Alan outside. She asks him about living at the boarding house. Alan says he can live with Buzz's rules. He does tell her he won't be at the boarding house long. Marina is suspicious. Alan says he is Alan Spaulding. Marina walks away laughing. Remy and Mallet meet up near the train tracks. Mallet advises him to stay off them. Remy smiles and says ok. Beth visits Alan with a gift. Store bought cookies. Alan is pleased with them. He says he wants her back. Dinah goes back to the Mansion and starts throwing a fit. Picking up anything and throwing it. At one point Remy comes in and Dinah almost throws a small dish at him. She tells him of her talk with Alan and what he called her, Crazy. Remy gives her advice on how to change that. When Remy visits Alan. Alan says things couldn't get better, lol. Mallet is out taking a walk near the park when he hears his name called out. Natalia calls Olivia self-righteous. After throwing her pill bottles on the floor, Olivia starts to cry. Natalia calls to get time off. And gets it. She then goes back to Olivia's room and tells her she is back. Beth goes back to talk to Rick. She tells him to stop acting like Alan. Mallet sees Marina outside sitting alone. He jokes with her about going "Clubbing". She says no. They joke around for a sec and then she calls him pathetic, as she laughs. Alan goes back to Spaulding Mansion calling for Philip. Blake tells him don't bother. Then she has him sitting down and tells him this is her house.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Starr is ready to take a bus to Atlantic City to have the abortion. And she has a plan to have Langston wearing a "Starr wig" so that everybody will think she is Starr. But there plan is not likely to work when both Marco and Cole see Langston at school dressed as Starr, know that Starr is gone and ask what is going on. Antonio is very suspicious of not only John but of Nash. He warns Cristian and Jessica both that Nash takes women from their men. Nash and Sara return from their trip to Napa and return to their respective partners. But they clearly look like they might be more than business associates. Natalie confronts Sara for going off with Nash. And it looks like she might be avoiding dealing with her feelings regarding Jared.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

The Baldwin, Fisher clan start out our show as they await to see what Glo has up her sleeve. Glo tries to explain that she’s turned over a new leaf and wants to move in with her sons and their significant others. Both state how it ain’t gonna happen. On the flipside Glo still wants to make Jeffrey jealous with Alistair, Jill is in on this little game as she masterminds the plan.

Lily’s decision to keep the baby elates Cane and excites Neil. Both men realize they have plans on how this baby will be raised. Colleen and Devon on the hand play devil’s advocate questioning Lily’s decision and suggests adoption. Kay who’s been informed of the pregnancy by Jill convinces Cane to take her home; she wants to show him something. An overwhelmed Lily gets a surprising proposal from Cane, which she turns down. Jack and Sharon enjoy being back home.

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