The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 4/16/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Jesse, busily cooking breakfast in his and Angie’s apartment. Angie comes out of the bedroom already for work. Angie informs him that she has to get to work. Colby comes into the living room at the Chandler mansion. Adam confronts her by asking her if she thought that he would never find out .He encourages her to go to college out of town, but she insists that she wants to go to school at PVU. He balks at the idea. Krystal comes in to look for something that she had forgotten. Colby notices a difference in Adam’s appearance. He tries to make her believe that everything is fine, but she knows different. J.R. arrives at Babe’s for his playdate with Little A, but Babe tells him that he is sick. J.R. panics that he infected him with hepatitis. Babe assures him that Little A must have a cold. J.R. tries to sweet talk Babe, but she refuses to fall for his line again. Frankie comes to visit Jesse and Angie and lets them know that he is moving out. Angie refuses to let him move out . Frankie leaves for work. Robert comes to visit Jesse and Angie. Robert lets Jesse know that the movie had fallen through. Angie’s beeper goes off and she has to get to work. She mumbles thank you to Robert as she kisses Jesse good-bye. Jesse lets Robert know that he doesn’t think that the man he killed had been the one, who had been after him for twenty years. Adam begins to feel funny and falls into the floor. Colby yells for Krystal. Krystal instructs Colby to call 911. The ambulance arrives and the EMT tells Adam that he has to go to the hospital. Krystal and Colby go to the hospital with Adam in the ambulance. Colby calls J.R. Babe lets J.R. know that she will go to the hospital with him. While Krystal holds Adam’s hand, he tells her that he loves her . Samuel visits Erica in prison per her request. She urges him to help Carmen get out of jail. Samuel has his doubts, but he tells her maybe.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Katie realizes she needs to find a maid of honor and realizes she has the perfect person for the job. Mike is still convinced Katie isn’t really over him. Carly is having trouble with an alarm at Metro and Jack offers his help. Carly doesn’t want it, but Jack is trying to keep the peace. Lily and Lucinda leave to see Dusty’s headstone put on, as Holden is bothered that Lily wasn’t going to mention it. Brad confronts Margo as to why she doesn’t think Katie should marry; she has one word for him – Mike. Katie learns that Vienna can’t be her maid of honor because she has the Chicken Pox. Katie realizes she has a Plan B right in front of her, as she begs Henry to be her ‘Male of Honor’. Brad has plenty of Snyder men to choose from, she offers. Lily and Lucinda talk about the state of her marriage. Margo thinks Katie is lying to herself and Brad. Katie has an idea as to who can fill in for best man. Carly and Jack have a heated argument, as Carly tries to explain how she is feeling. Katie interrupts this, as Carly tells her angrily that Jack is all hers. Katie asks Jack to stand up for Brad. Brad asks Mike to be his Best Man. Mike is unsure and confused, but Brad convinces him that this is the best thing he can give Katie. Lily and Lucinda are emotional as they visit Dusty’s grave, which convinces Lily that she has to do everything in her power to show Holden how much she loves him. A distraught Carly comes looking for Lily, but she finds Holden instead, as he hugs her when she starts to cry. Holden offers to listen, but Carly has had it with Snyder men and leaves, as Holden goes after her. Henry is nervous and bothered to hear Mike is Brad’s best man; he questions Mike on his motives. Jack tells Margo that Katie asked him to be Brad’s best man, as Margo is hopeful that if she sees him there, she will have a change of heart. Jack doesn’t want that because he wants Katie happy and he can’t give it to her. Lily can’t find Holden because he is talking with Carly by the pond. Holden can empathize, as he explains and Carly realizes he does understand. Holden tells Carly that she is always welcome there because she will always be a Snyder. Brad learns Katie asked Jack to be his best man, as he explains that he asked Mike. Katie is overwhelmed, but Brad manages to make her laugh – at the moment, but later Katie looks less sure of herself.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Rick asks Nick to do the right thing and just sign the papers. Taylor is a mother who just wants to be with her child. Katie chimes in, and Taylor tells her to butt out, this has nothing to do with her. Nick is tired of the bickering and informs them that this will strictly be his decision. He asks Katie’s advice and she suggests that if he has any doubts at all, not to sign. He wants a mother, a woman in his son’s life. Katie quips that it’s a nice package. There must be some unsuspecting woman out there willing to take it on, money, the house, the Marlin, a plane. Jack will be the easy part, Nick is another story. Pam manipulates the phone in Eric’s office so she can listen in to his conversations with Donna. They discuss that night that he fell asleep during one of her sexy moments. Donna pouts that maybe she just doesn’t turn him on any more. A growling Tiny scares Donna as she and Pam trade barbs. Pam won’t give up and she begs Eric to give Stephanie one more chance.

Eric turns it back on Pam and tells her that she is the one who has to stop doing what she is doing – playing all these silly pranks on Donna. He is not defending her anymore. Donna picks the moment and feeds Tiny a lemon bar which she knows is not good for him. Rick announces to Nick that he is now in a war over this child, a war they will win!

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Kayla and Bo make their way into the Vitali compound while Ava and Angelo argue about what they should do about Steve and Hope. Bo and Kayla eventually find them, but Ava shoots Hope in the ensuing melee. John forbids EJ from representing Nicole, thinking that she is on Victor's side, but when he sees how jealous Sami is, and learns that Nicole is no Kiriakis, he relents. John tries unsuccessfully to pump Sami for information regarding Marlena's whereabouts.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Alexis and Jax discuss Carly's desperation and deluded hope. Though Jason mostly blames himself for what happened, he orders Spinelli to find out who pulled the trigger. Tracy's orders about what Luke is to avoid doing at the Haunted Star's opening, i.e. drink, smoke, have fun, dampens his mood. Despite efforts to prevent it, Lulu finds herself going to the opening with Johnny. Claudia wants Jason to keep her brother alive. Jax reminds Carly she has to think of Morgan and herself.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Marina, Frank and Mallet meet up at the park. Frank come to tell Mallet he is the new permanent Chief of Police. Marina is upset and hits Mallet in the chest with her hand. Frank tells her to apologize as it is not his fault. Harley is happy until she receives a phone call from a phone company asking if Gus wants another phone carrier. She tells whomever is on the other end he doesn't need one cause he is dead. Cyrus runs into Cassie and asks if she is ok. She says yes. She told him that she told Josh of their little tryst. Harley runs into Mallet. She tells him what she wants to do with what Gus left her. She wants to do a mentoring thing with inner kids. Mallet says that is a good idea. Marina and Frank are still talking about Frank's news. Before leaving the park. Frank thanks Marina for hanging out with" Her old man." She yells back at him as he leaves, "You're not old." Matt gives Dinah some advice about what to do next in life. She thanks him. Daisy and Rafe meet up. At first they really don't know what to say to each other and so it is small talk. Mallet gets a call to go to the golf course that there is a fight. The call was staged by Dinah, who asks a guy to make it. Dinah is thrilled to hear from the guy that Mallet is on his way. When he gets to where he is supposed to be, he gets angry. Tells Dinah that he has a job to do. He also tells her he gets a promotion & looses his friend all in one day. Dinah is confused. He tells her that the job of Chief of Police is his for good and Frank is out of a job. Dinah says they can't do that. Daisy and Rafe kiss. Marina is now talking to Cyrus about dinner. Then the situation involving Vanessa comes up. Marina tells Cyrus she couldn't let him continue lying to Harley about it. Harley and Cassie decide to get some exercise. Cassie wants to leave and Harley begs her to stay. Cassie says ok. Cassie tells her of troubles with Josh. Somehow Cyrus' name is mentioned and Cassie tell Harley to give him a chance. Harley is later talking to Frank about his loosing the Chief Of Police job. Harley asks Frank to dinner. She then tells him her life hasn't been that great either. He kisses her on the forehead. Rafe later runs into Frank. They chat about Daisy. Rafe promises Frank he'll stay good to Daisy. Marina and Daisy spend some time together. Matt and Dinah are talking about Mallet. Matt tells Dinah to give him time to breathe. Dinah calls Hilda and tells her, " field Trip". Hilda is confused. She later leaves and Matt and Dinah just look at each other. Frank takes Mallet's offer. And Marina is happy for her Dad. Cyrus surprises Harley by coming home early. He bears gifts. Marina gets Mallet coffee and makes up for getting angry at him earlier. Dinah sees Rafe on Spaulding property. She tells him to get off. When he leaves she calls for him to come back. Later Cyrus sand Cassie meet up again. Cyrus says he is at Company for dessert. Harley stops by the SFPD and talks with Mallet about Gus. She tells him she can't stop thinking about him. He hugs her....

OLTL Recap Written by Jeannie

Starr agonizes over the decision to have an abortion. Langston tries to get her to think of Cole. Its his baby too. Starr is frightened that Todd will put Cole in jail if he even knows about the baby. She asks for Langston’s support. Talia faces Antonio in the squad room. He tells her that everything she did was just an act and he wonders if she’ll do the whole squad now. She shoves him and walks off. Ramsey watches from the doorway. Nora confronts Clint about the article in the Sun. They argue but then apologize. Clint asks if they are okay now and Nora says she’ll see him at home. John stops by the diner and tells Cris abut what happened at the motel with Talia and Antonio. Cris is ready to fight him but Bo walks in and breaks it off. Bo goes to BE and makes peace with Clint about working there. John stops by Natalie’s office. She comforts him as Jared eavesdrops. Starr figures out a way to slip out of the houses so she can go get an abortion.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Lily’s secret is out, she shares her pregnancy with Chloe in frustration. Cane also decides to spill the beans to Jill who is thinks Lily should have the baby or face regret. Cane shares his feelings stating he’s ready and visiting Dru’s old dance studio a heart to heart is shared with Madame Chauvin, this leads to Lily’s decision to keep the baby , sharing this with Neil first. Karen also decides that she is not going to raise Lily’s baby, their relationship hanging in the valance as he decides.

Victor once again manages to sabotage his children, Nick and Victoria discuss his relationship with Sabrina and the ownership of the building and Nick decides to not be affected by Victor. Sabrina feels guilty and Nikki is jealous when she learns of the affair. Brad confronts David about joining in a poker game. Adam continue to pussy foot around Phyllis and also lets Sabrina know that he knows about her and Victor.

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