The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 4/15/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Angie comes home and finds Jesse deep in thought over a bunch of files. Jesse lets her know what he is doing. Angie becomes furious and tells him to leave it alone. Jesse tells her that he just cannot leave it alone. Annie and Greenlee argue over the fact that Greenlee is now marrying Aidan. Ryan walks in. Aidan and Tad argue over Aidan’s feelings for Kendall. Aidan denies having any feelings for Kendall. Tad offers his help to Aidan if he will let him know what is going on. Aidan begins to open up to Tad and tells him about him and Kendall. Greenlee shows Ryan her engagement and lets him know that she is marrying Aidan. Greenlee takes her bottle of champagne and leaves to go find Aidan. Tad and Aidan are discussing the fact that they need to keep this from Greenlee when Greenlee walks in and wants to know what they are keeping secret. Kendall tries to explain to Zach why she had slept with Aidan, but Zach doesn’t necessarily want to hear it. Kendall lets him know that she is so ashamed of sleeping with Aidan. Angie tries to persuade Jesse to leave this alone, but Jesse refuses. Frankie walks in and gets in on the argument. Under the pretense of going shopping, Angie leaves. Frankie lets Jesse know that he is a murderer that he had killed three American soldiers in the war. Jesse tries to console him that he was not a murderer. Angie goes to see Robert to persuade him to leave Jesse alone. Robert lies and tells her that he hadn’t really needed Jesse’s help that he just wanted someone to talk to because he hadn’t had too many friends in Pine Valley. Ryan begins to remember more about Kendall and Greenlee. Ryan urges Annie to tell him more about their life together and how that they had met and what it had been like between them .Kendall urges Zach to come with her. Kendall takes Zach back to the house where she and Aidan had made love. Kendall begins to cry and tells Zach that it is all her fault. Zach comforts her and takes her hand and tells her for them to go home.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Parker questions his parents about the state of their relationship and hears unwelcome news from Carly. Katie receives an unwanted gift from Mike and calls him to tell him that they need to talk. Kim is worried about ratings so Brad tells her that he wants to marry Katie on their show. Jack and Carly disagree over how to handle things, as Carly decides she is getting on with her life – starting with Metro. Katie and Brad leave a minister waiting at Margo’s, as she tries to make excuses. Katie wants Mike to leave her alone while he pleads with her not to marry Brad until they work through what is still between them. Katie falls in the lake trying to get away from him. Brad shows up to see the minister and is worried when Katie isn’t there. Carly focuses on cleaning up Metro, as Jack gets called to the station and is forced to leave the kids alone because Carly isn’t home on time. Mike follows Katie to her room and lets himself in – thanks to Lisa – and plants a kiss on her, who is less then thrilled. Katie tells Mike that it took her a long time to move on and be with Brad and she is not going to give that up because he thinks there is still something between them, as she kicks him out. The priest finally leaves and Margo once again voices her concern to Brad. Carly is irate when she finds Jack not at home and goes looking to confront him. Jack thinks she is picking a fight because he won’t sleep with her anymore, as Carly answers that charge with a slap to his face. Katie shows up at Margo’s flustered claiming she lost track of time and after Brad leaves, Margo calls her on it. Katie casually mentions Mike showing up again and Margo takes this opportunity to tell Katie that she needs to deal with all her unfinished business first before she gets married. There are too many men in her life with unfinished business. Margo can’t support her until she does. JJ, Parker and Sage talk about how Carly and Jack are not getting back together, as Sage sobs at the reality. Mike tells Lisa that his showing up at Katie’s did not go over well, as Lisa urges him not to give up. Margo is upset with Jack for him having left Katie to begin with and starting the ball rolling. Katie learns from Kim about Brad’s idea and Kim and Brad are both surprised when Katie is all for it. Brad is confused to learn Margo is no longer involved in the wedding, as Katie won’t allude as to what the whole story is. Katie tells Brad that everything will be fine just as soon as they are married; however, her face says something different. Carly finds a sobbing Sage and promises her that they are still and family and that she will always be there for her no matter what.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie drops in on Nick and denies that she has a crush on him, she actually thinks he is a jerk. Brooke also stops by and is confused over the arrangement that Katie is now the babysitter. She pleads with Nick that she needs a bigger part in Jack’s life and wants to be the mother in his life. Ashley relays to Ridge that she is very uncomfortable now with the whole thing with Storm. He is now pursuing her with numerous voice-mails. Ridge wants Ashley to keep all of this quiet from Brooke as they don't see eye-to-eye on how dangerous Storm could be. Rick shows papers to Taylor that will neutralize Brooke’s position in Jack’s life and help Taylor get full custody of her son. They take the papers to Nick that Brooke wants custody of Jack and they must all prevent that.

Ashley gives her word that she won’t say anything to Brooke about Storm. Ridge admits he still has a soft spot for her, and she is grateful for his support. Rick tells Nick that he has total control over his son and his rights and he hopes Nick will sign the papers. Taylor explains this will keep Brooke from taking control and Taylor can continue as his mother. She needs his help in restoring her to her place as Jack’s mother.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Bo and Kayla are able to figure out where Hope and Steve are after a little help from a seedy acquaintance of Bo's. They head off to rescue the two. Meanwhile, Hope has bad dreams about Ava confronting and then harming Bo and Kayla. Steve has several flashbacks dealing with his former engagement to Ava. Phillip threatens to throw Nicole out, and she calls EJ in for assistance. EJ tells Phillip that he is stuck with Nicole--at least for now.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Liz admits to Jax that Michael will never wake up. At Jason's urging, Carly allows Sonny to go in and beg their son to live. Lulu and Logan end it while Johnny agonizes about his feelings for Lulu to his sister. She warns him about love turning into madness. Patrick assures Robin she is pretty.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Cassie and Cyrus enjoy an afternoon of sex. Harley lights a cigarette lighter. Marina tries to call Cyrus and gets his machine and leaves a message. Lizzie and Bill are at a building and talking, when Bill gets a call from Ava. She threatens Bill. Telling him she'll hurt "the baby." Harley is surprised by Marina. Josh, Billy get together. Josh tells Billy he is worried about Cassie. Cassie and Cyrus continue their sex tryst. Ava and Lizzie have chat. It starts out about Jonathan and Tammy. Billy and Josh are trying to talk to Bill about food. Cassie and Cyrus get dressed. Marina tells Harley that Vanessa caught Cyrus in her room at the Hotel. And that he's been lying to her. Cassie and Cyrus end their tryst and she tells him things are not good at home. Josh isn't talking to her, her daughter is dead and her son is crazy. Cyrus leaves, leaving Cassie alone. Harley looks at a pile of mail that has last notice on it. Bags in hand Cassie goes home to find Josh their. Lizzie goes to see Billy. She shows off her new nails. Billy is impressed. Billy tells Lizzie that as far as he is concerned she is what's best for his son. Josh and Cassie try to talk to each other. Cassie tells Josh she has something to tell him. Cyrus goes home to Harley. Harley tells Cyrus he is not a substitute for Gus. Cassie says to Josh she broke their wedding vows. That she now understands all the times he had with Reva. She asks forgiveness. Josh asks who it was. Cassie says it doesn't matter. Josh says it does. He starts yelling at the top of his lungs. Bill and Lizzie meet at the park. Lizzie tells him that both Sarahh and this baby are innocent victims in this. Ava sees a doctor. Cassie is alone on the couch when she sees Josh come down with suitcases. Josh tells her he can't stay and that she needs help.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

After Adriana has heard, from Dorian that the name whom Gigi and Shane give as Shane's father really did exist, she is a bit suspicious and asks Layla to go with her to investigate this guy's history. She is worried about something standing in the way of her marrying Rex. Viki cannot understand why Clint would go for the juggler with Calvin Jenkins. Charlie, however, tells her she might be somebody or something who intends to frame Clint. Gigi believes the same thing when Rex discusses it with Clint. Dorian is working with Calvin to ruin the Buchanans. Jessica and Cristian are getting along really well while feeling abandoned by Sarah and Nash. Sarah and Nash are also getting along and not missing their respective partners the way they "should."

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Jill is concerned about Lily’s health and enlists Chloe’s help in getting her to a doctor. Meanwhile, at Crimson Lights Cane and Lily discuss their feelings on becoming parents. At Newman Neil discusses him and Karen raising Lily’s baby, Karen reminds Neil that its ultimately Lily’s decision.

Nick agrees to rent the bottom floor to Sabrina; unbeknownst to him though is that Victor owns the the building. The revelation is unfolded though after Sabrina tells Victoria about her relationship with Victor. Victoria out of spite informs Nick of the affair and mortgage. Phyllis and Adam discover that they will be in NY at the same time.

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