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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Zach looks at a pic of himself and Kendall. Kendall walks in and just stands in the doorway. Zach and Kendall both remember things that had happened in the past and conversations that they had had with other people and with themselves. Kendall and Zach both shy away from the real topic that they want to discuss. Finally, Kendall gives in and tells Zach that she had slept with Aidan. Aidan and Greenlee wake up in each other’s arms. Aidan and Greenlee kiss. He places the engagement ring on her finger. They begin to make plans for their wedding. Greenlee suggests that Zach be her best man and Kendall be Aidan’s best woman. Aidan doesn’t like the idea. Tad comes in and catches them kissing. Ryan visit’s a psychiatrist. They discuss his remembering Kendall and Greenlee, but he cannot remember Annie. The psychiatrist suggests that Ryan may not have been happy with Annie is why he doesn’t want to remember Annie. Ryan gets up and walks out. Greenlee comes in to work, carrying a bottle of champagne. Greenlee wants to celebrate her engagement to Aidan. Annie is shocked by the news and retaliates against Greenlee. They begin to argue. Annie lets her know that Aidan had gotten drunk and came to Annie’s apartment because Greenlee had turned down his marriage proposal. Annie continues to lash out at Greenlee when Ryan walks in. Kendall tries to explain to Zach as to why she had slept with Aidan, but all Zach feels is betrayal, and hurt. Kendall continues to try to explain, but Zach orders her to stop.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Sophie helps Paul move Barbara into his house, as they talk about their past relationships. Aaron calls during this and Sophie seems to be anxious to get off of the phone. Mike and Meg talk about their relationship issues, as Mike can’t let Katie go. Katie tells Margo that she and Brad are marrying as soon as possible. Margo has her qualms, but Katie reassures her again. Henry helps Brad with a tux and Brad asks him to be his best man. Katie asks Margo to be her matron of honor and they decide to go dress shopping. Aaron tells Meg that he thinks Sophie is more interested in hanging out with Paul then him. Meg invites Paul and Sophie to the farm for lunch. Katie and Margo tell Lisa about her upcoming wedding, as Lisa sets Katie up by making her try on tons of dresses while she secretly asks Mike to come by to help her get rid of termites. Paul and Sophie arrive for lunch and she is surprised to see Aaron there. Meg admits to the set up. Sophie reacts poorly when Aaron asks her to hold Ethan. Brad goes looking for Katie at Fashions. Katie finally finds a dress as Mike arrives. Mike calls her by a nickname that brings back memories, as Brad shows up. While having lunch, Paul and Meg lose track of Ethan. Paul saves Ethan, who is stuck in the elevator, as Meg shows her gratitude by a kiss. Katie admits to Mike affecting her, but explains it away by saying it reminded her of a sad time in her life when she failed at another marriage, but that she wants to do it right this time with Brad. Aaron asks Sophie to help her get through this period of her life that is so rough. Sophie agrees to lean on him. Margo and Lisa question how quickly Katie is doing this, but Margo explains how she promised to see her through this. Brad assures Katie that he didn’t see the dress and Katie promises that things are still on track. They are ready to get married, as they hug, but Katie doesn’t look as convinced.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Being cautious, Ashley tells Storm that she lives out of his way, she can take a cab home. He won’t hear of it, but then insists she tell him what Ridge was talking to her about, was it about him? She sloughs it off as business, but Storm doesn’t believe her. Brooke thanks Ridge for not spilling the beans to Ashley about Storm. He informs her they are on a date right now and that scares the hell out of him. Katie owns up to Bridget what she did - kissed Nick and she hopes Bridget doesn’t hate her now. She’s sick about it and it shouldn’t have happened. Bridget wants to be sure that is all it was, a kiss. He’s cute so Katie has a crush on him and she’s his babysitter, so no big deal. She vows to herself though she will not lose Nick again, and especially not to her “aunt” Katie. Bridget is honest with Jackie and explains that she is love with her son, but she has no expectations. She wants to take it light and easy with Nick too, but asks him to please not do it again. She tells Katie that she talked to Nick and it’s all handled and done. She also tells Katie she is not going to lose Nick, especially not to her.

Ridge tells Brooke that she has tunnel vision when it comes to her brother, and he still doesn’t want Storm near Ashley or anyone in his family. Ashley plays cool and ends the evening short despite the fact that Storm wants to come in and have a nightcap and talk some more. Ridge calls to check on her and is glad she is in and the door locked. Storm returns and spies in the window, repeating that he is not going to let Ridge ruin this for him.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Lexie and Daniel agree to release Bo and Kayla from the hospital. After Caroline takes them to the pub, they head off in search of Steve and Hope. Steve is able to reject Ava's advances by pretending to still be hurt from the plane wreck. Ava slaps him and tells him that he will eventually have to decide between her and Kayla. Steve breaks out and meets up with Hope in her room. Before they can attempt escape, Angelo catches Steve and takes him back to Ava. Marlena tells John that she isn't sure where their relationship is going. She explains that she is leaving town for a little while to sort everything out.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Robin gives Sonny a harangue about Carly and how bad a mother she is when he is guilt ridden. Carly concurs with his low opinion of himself and his actions; that he failed Michael by putting Kate's safety at a paramount. Alexis is appalled to discover Max and Diane together in an intimate way. Through tears, Jason and Liz decide to not be together after all, for the sake of the boys. Carly vows that Sonny will never get near Michael again. Claudia and Johnny each blame themselves for what happened and he swears he's done with Lulu while advising her to stay away from Sonny's family. Jax comes home and wants to know the hard truth about his stepson's condition. Logan surprises Lulu with a romantic evening.

GL Recap Written by Beth

The show opens with music and many of the characters getting up and doing there thing. Ashlee and Coop are together. Cassie is in her car up to something. Harley is watching a video. Cassie meets up with an unknown man. Olivia is being released from the hospital still feeling that she is unworthy of Gus' heart. Ashlee gets ready for surgery. Will she go ahead with it? Or will she just up and leave? Coop is with her in the OR patient waiting area. Doris rushes in to stop her. But Ashlee tells the attendant to go ahead and wheels her away. Cassie and Josh have a talk Olivia is outside in the park with Ava when Rafe stops by and asks how she is with his father's heart. Mel meets with Harley about Gus' last wishes. Harley is stunned to what she finds out. Looks like there is nothing for her, he left it all to his son. Cyrus tells her that the funeral wiped out Harley's finances. Cyrus starts to badmouth Gus. Harley starts defending Gus. Then things get quiet and Cyrus puts on his coat and leaves. Olivia is home she is going through some stuff she has of Gus, like pictures. Doris and Coop are in the waiting room at Cedars. Coop, being the nice guy that he is gets Doris a cup of coffee. She thanks him. Later Coop is on the phone with Blake. She asks how Ashlee is doing. Coop tells her they haven't heard. Cassie is surprised by writings of Will that Josh shows her. She asks why she wasn't shown them sooner. Josh says he tried. Mel visits to see if Olivia is ok. She is surprised to see her home. Mel and Natalia talk. With Olivia listening in. Mel looks at both of them to see what is going on when Olivia tells her she is buying the house for her and not Natalia. Olivia tells her she needs a place to recover. Natalia is not happy. Doris an Coop are actually getting along. Buzz stops by. Doris is thankful for that. Doris tells Buzz she'll do anything to help Ashlee recover. Buzz tells her to tell Ashlee just that. Mel and Harley are talking about Cyrus. Cyrus is out and about in his car when he nearly runs into Cassie's car. Cassie is at first startled, then she realizes who it is and laughs. They are later at a bar and drinking and talking. Josh gets a visit from someone who has Cassie's wallet. She tells Josh where she found it and whom Cassie was with at the time. Josh is stunned. Natalia and Rafe are at Company when Harley comes by. Natalia pulls up a chair for her. Harley tells them about Gus' and his finances.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Starr tells Langston that she believes she has no choice except for abortion. And as soon as they go downstairs, they observe that Cole has come by to confront Todd. And Todd tells Cole if he ever comes near Starr again, he will die. Starr then concludes that there is no way she can reveal to anybody that she is pregnant with Cole's baby. After Antonio catches John and Talia in the motel room in bed, he believes what Ramsey tells him. Ramsey apologizes for setting him up to catch them. But he tells him he felt he had to let Antonio see it for himself so he doesn't spend any more time being deceived. Adriana is having Dorian investigate Shane's "real father" but it's pretty obvious he is probably Rex. Adriana is very concerned about Rex's relationship with Gigi and with Shane.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Glo prepares to move out of the Abbott mansion as Jack and his family prepare to take what’s rightfully there’s. John’s ghost visits Jack for the last time and Glo is left to fend for herself at the GCAC, while at Crimson Lights her son and their significant others discuss giving Glo another chance. Chloe is harassing Lily about her weight loss methods and also filling her head with niceties about being a Supermodel in NY….Cane joins them briefly before whisking Lily off to the mausoleum to discuss their future. Lily tells Neil and Cane cryptically tells Jill that they are PREGNANT.  Jill is a busy lady plotting with Alistair to get the goods or Glo and Jeffrey and the revelation of Lily’s pregnancy, not to mention her digging for information from Jeffrey about his love life.

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