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AMC Recap Written by Mary

When J.R. comes into his office at the Chandler Mansion, Adam remarks that he looks better then offers his help in finding the person responsible for hurting him, but J.R. is taken aback by the offer. Everyone gathers at Tad’s house  for Little Jenny’s first birthday party even Grandma Ruth. When Aidan arrives, Tad urges him to go to the office where there is a special case waiting for him. Aidan runs into Annie and Emma as he leaves and apologizes for the previous night. Zach, Rachel, Spike and Ian arrive for the party. Zach and Aidan exchange looks. When Annie and Emma come into the house, Zach asks her what went on. Kendall visits Erica in prison. Kendall hopes that they keep Carmen locked up for a long time, but Erica defends her. Kendall realizes how amazing her mother really is. Kendall tells Erica that she needs to confess to Zach that she slept with Aidan, but Erica tries to persuade her daughter to save her marriage. When Aidan gets to the office, he finds the door slightly ajar. As he enters, he sees a woman with a black veil over her face. Greenlee in disguise asks Aidan for his help in finding her man. Not amused, Aidan wants to know why Greenlee is doing this. Aidan starts to leave, but Greenlee stops him. Greenlee convinces Aidan that she really loves him and wants only him, and they make love. Adam and J.R. arrive at Jenny’s birthday party. J.R. persuades Krystal to let his dad stay. Robert arrives at the party uninvited much to Tad’s disgust, especially because he causes horrible memories to Ruth about being raped by Ray Gardner. Although she won't hold it against Ray's brother, Tad feels otherwise and orders his Uncle Rob to depart right after Jenny blows out her candles. Robert asks Jesse to meet with him and discuss the case they just solved. Jesse tells Tad that Rob just wants a friend, but he has other intentions. Once outside, Robert vows to forcibly get the information he wants out of Jesse. In order to prove that she's mature, Colby lets Frankie know that she delivered Jenny, but he doesn’t believe her. Annie clues Zach in on what Aidan mumbled in his drunken stupor about having a secret with Kendall. Zach goes home with Rachel and the boys. After she takes the children to bed, he picks up a photo of himself and Kendall and recalls Annie's words. Kendall arrives home and stands in the doorway tearfully staring at Zach.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bridget has been listening at the door and walks in and wonders what is going on here between Katie and Nick? While Katie looks on, Bridget pours her heart out to Nick, she wants what they used to have. Katie feels beyond uncomfortable and does not want to lie to Bridget and still wants to tell her about their kiss. He reminds her that it was she that initiated the kiss. She’s sick, but knows she has to confess to Bridget. Ridge tries to be the voice of reason about Storm to Brooke. He may be in therapy, but he’s still dangerous and not at all okay. He fired him and doesn’t want him on the premises anymore, nor seeing Ashley. Storm has dinner with Ashley when Ridge barges in and while alone tells Ashley she can’t see Storm anymore. He is not the man she thinks he is. He is the man who shot his mother. Storms spies them and is afraid of what Ridge might be telling her. He stops Ridge at the elevator and warns him that he better not have told Ashley anything. Bridget demands to know what is upsetting Katie so. When Katie apologizes for the kiss, Bridget also insists on knowing if Katie has feelings for Nick.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

To make Tony jealous, Anna flirts with John during his date with Marlena. John calls her out on her true intentions, and she storms off. She later apologizes to Marlena and tells her that John is clearly crazy about her. John asks Tony to put some positive advertising spin on Paul Hollingsworth's legal troubles. Tony later tries to make amends with Anna, but she makes it clear that she won't play second fiddle to anyone-especially Kate. Marlena dances with John and admits that she is enjoying the "new" him, at least for tonight. Stephanie worries about her parents, and Max comforts her by taking her to Shawn's grave and explaining that Shawn is a guardian angel for the whole family. After a visit from Victor warning him about Ava's family, Bo understands why they can't get the police involved. He is more determined than ever to find Hope on his own, and Kayla wants to go with him. After a nurse lets them both know they may be discharged soon, Kayla worries that Bo will take off without her. Ava tries to woo Steve with pictures and memories of their past while Hope is handcuffed to a chair in the same room. Hope plays the part of Kayla, and tries to talk Steve out of kissing Ava by having him look at an ultrasound picture. Steve tells her that he belongs with Ava, much to Ava's joy.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Robin visits a very drunk Patrick who is trying to understand the whole situation. Though Carly lashes out at Sonny and Kate, she actually blames herself for choosing Sonny as her son's father. Diane and Max discover "romance" while trying to console and comfort each other; they both blame themselves for Michael's situation. Nikolas pleads with "Emily" not to leave him, but Nadine interrupts and says she intends to "exorcize" Emily because a phantom is a dumb reason to die for.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Ashlee and Coop visit Olivia, then later are alone together. Ashlee is on the phone with a desk clerk finalizing their hotel room reservations. Coop is signing his name to books. After the phone call, Ashlee explains it all to Coop. Reva tells Jeffery that she is being followed. Jeffery is getting upset with her. Tells her to get a life. Ava tries to get Olivia to eat something. She even scolds her. Then leaves. Reva is having a little fun with Jeffery. Olivia attempts to eat. Lizzie says right now she likes playing house for Bill and cooking for him. Later Bill runs into Ava, who just got some packages. She drops them and Bill helps her pick them up and take them to her car. Lizzie wishes Ashlee luck on the operation. Ashlee tells her she is thinking about waiting for it. Ashlee and Coop are at dinner toasting and talking. She tells Coop (bluntly), that she doesn't want to be seen as fat. Jeffery visits Olivia. He tells her Phillip has definitely disappeared, so she and Emma are safe. Jeffery then suggest a walk down the hospital corridor and helps her up. Ava is alone she says she hates Lizzie for having a baby. Then she says she needs one. She goes to the restaurant that Coop and Ashley are at and when Ashley gets up to go to the ladies room, Ava makes her move to talk to Coop. That is until he sees Ashlee reappear. Ava is not happy. Lizzie goes to the Cedars to talk to her Grandmother, Lillian. They talk about Bill and the baby they are about to have. Reva appears. She is happy to see Lizzie and Lillian together. Lizzie tells her about Bill and her. Reva is happy for her. Both Lillian and Reva go to a breast cancer survivor support group. Reva talks about the year she had and her life up to now. She does it in a way that makes the room fun and friendly and warm. Ashlee and Coop are in his hotel room kissing. She then gets nervous and decides to check her room. Coop says see ya later. She comes back as Coop is lighting candles around the room. After he finishes that he kneels down to Ashlee and puts his head on her lap. Then they kiss. Bill joins Lizzie in the shower. Ava sees her dad, Jeffery in the waiting room at Cedars and they talk. Later Ava visits Olivia and likes the mood she is in. She sits beside her in bed and the lays her head on Olivia's chest as Olivia touches Ava's hair. After their shower, Lizzie says it is not fair. Reva sees Jeffery in the hall at Cedars. She tells him she is going home to pack that she is going away for awhile. She needs to get away. Ashlee decides to join Coop in bed. The kiss romantically. Lizzie is feeding Bill. Then she notices a book on the night stand. Ava gets a pamphlet on birth. Olivia is admiring her roses she got. Reva and Jeffery kiss as she is about to leave her place with her suitcase. Coops and Ashlee just lye in bed looking at each other. The end is Reva, Lillian and Lizzie talking about getting the facts about breast cancer promo.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Cole is getting very frustrated by the fact that Starr is obviously keeping a secret from him. And he blames it all on Todd Manning. Adriana is very unsettled about Rex's "relationship" with Shane. Todd wants to "strike a deal" with Gigi where they can cover each other's backs and go after Ramsay together. But she doesn't trust him. Rex is still always near Gigi and very protective of both her and Shane. Dorian tells Layla there is nothing to worry about. But Layla is concerned and realizes that Dorian obviously cannot fail to see the "deception" involving Rex and Gigi. Marcie and Michael are having problems. But Marcie is very enthusiastic about Rex and Adriana's wedding. She is also really friendly to both Gigi and Shane. Little does she know what is up. Ramsay is acting really nice to Antonio while John and Talia have good reason not to trust him. And Ramsay "arranges" for Antonio and his new partner to catch John and Talia in bed together at a motel.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

LA here I come! Nick, Lily, Devon and Chloe head to LA for Lily’s test shoot with Forrester. Lily sizzles and Felicia Forrester continues to pour it on real thick with Nick. Chloe suspects that Lily is bulimic after she returns from a bout with morning sickness. Devon suggests Lily call Neil and she does requesting a dinner date upon her return. Glo realizes its lonely at the top and gives up the Abbott mansion, in the presence of Jana, Kevin, Michael and Sharon she suggests that Jack rip up the court order. Sabrina wants to tell Victoria about her relationship with Victor; instead she and Victoria hunt for a space to house the exhibit what a coincidence they fancy the first floor of the Restless Style loft. Victor confesses to Sabrina that he owns Nick’s mortgage; after she informs him of the space that caught her eye. Phyllis is left to man the fort in the absence of her husband and colleagues. Nikki is still having problems contacting David.

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