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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Annie and Ryan are at the Confusion Bar. She has just told him that she had divorce papers drawn up because she was angry. Ryan tells her that this may be the answer that it may be time for them to move on. Greenlee paces the floor as she waits for Zach to arrive. She is relieved when Zach finally arrives. Zach asks her are they friends again. Greenlee smiles and nods her head as they hit fists together. Greenlee asks him to help her to get Aidan back . Jack visits Erica in prison. The guard reminds him that there is to be no touching. Carmen soon join them. They discuss the charges against Carmen. Jack and Carmen are both doubtful that the charges will be dropped against her .Erica wants to know what is wrong with them that they are so doubtful. Ryan asks Annie to give him some more time before she files for divorce. Annie, after looking into Ryan’s eyes, she tears up the divorce papers. Jesse tells Baby Jenny a story of her namesake, Jenny. Kendall visits Erica in jail. Greenlee makes Zach know that it is Aidan, who she wants. Zach apologizes for his skepticism. They hug. Ryan watches them hug.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke is upset when Storm tells her that Ridge fired him, and she vows she will straighten it out. She also wants his help in keeping Taylor away from her baby son. Rick runs to Taylor’s defense when she calls about Brooke coming back and threatening to take her to court. Rick takes the blame for being involved with Taylor and giving his mother reasons to take the baby away. Katie overhears, and Bridget jumps to the wrong conclusion that Nick has another woman and that it is still her mother. Nick tells Bridget that he is not sure he can be what she needs. Bridget finds Katie and confides her suspicions about there being another woman in Nick’s life.

Taylor hates this, Rick being stuck in the middle. And she is scared that some judge will give Brooke custody of her baby. Storm advises Brooke to work with Nick so that all three of them can raise Jack and be part of his life. He doesn’t think he should be her lawyer though. Katie is beside herself with guilt and insists to Nick they need to tell Bridget about the kiss. She wishes she could learn to shut her mouth and butt out. Bridget deserves this happiness and Katie thinks she is usually the sensible one, so how did all of this happen? Bridget walks in and overhears enough and sees them hug. What is going on?

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Stephanie tells Caroline that she is worried about the long hours that Max has been working. Between them both, they're able to convince Max to take some time off to spend with his friends and family. Stephanie confides in him about Steve's disappearance. Paul confronts John about his arrest and John promises to help him out--as long as he doesn't name names. Marlena and John have coffee and he proposes that she take him on as a "project" and mold him into who she wants him to be. Marlena seems flattered by the idea, especially after John pays her several compliments. Nicole and Sami continue to argue after Nicole asks EJ to represent her legal interests. Despite warnings from both Mickey and Sami, EJ accepts Nicole's offer. Sami gives EJ an ultimatum, but after Nicole apologizes and tries to make peace, EJ urges Sami to do the same. Sami leaves the restaurant in a huff. Nicole celebrates her victory, but EJ warns her not to interfere with his relationship with Sami.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Diane and Alexis proceed to get sloshed as they compare notes about dangerous, controlling, toxic men. Carly goes into denial, citing Jason's recovery as a good reason to believe Michael will wake up and be fine. Patrick just does not know what to say to that. When Mike charges over to Kate's in a lather over the fact that Sonny is not at his child's side, she jumps to his defense. Nonetheless, they accede to his demand and go to the hospital. Nurse Nadine gets over her anger at Nikolas to help him work on a project at Wyndemere. Neither Luke nor Tracy is at all happy to find that Lulu spent her morning trying to negotiate peace between Sonny and Johnny; they fear for her safety. However, Claudia appreciates the girl's effort, though she's not indicated she'll do as her step mama asked.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Harley goes to the bank to get money. She comes home and shows Cyrus a way to budget. Harley needs $5 for gas to take Zach to Little League. They leave the house. Home, Cyrus enters first to see Daisy just sitting on the couch. He tells her in a fun way to get a move on that her mother needs her help. After Harley comes in, she and Daisy start looking at magazines. While visiting Olivia, Jeffrey is harsh with her about not following the doctor's orders. She tells him to leave her alone. Jeffrey makes Olivia laugh then sits down, because he has something to look over. Ashlee and Coop and Buzz are outside and Ashlee is talking about a movie. They are joking around. Harley can't make up her mind about the color of the walls. She is mumbling to herself that it isn't right. Jeffrey does Olivia's hair. She starts laughing. Zach comes in saying he's hungry. Later Harley is going through a box of stuff and having fun doing it. She is actually smiling. Cyrus smiles along with her. He seems to like it that Harley is happy about something. Buzz goes over to Harley's. Then Harley goes to see Jeffrey. Cyrus is worried. Ashlee and Coop meet up again and it turns out wrong. Coop says something to upset Ashlee and she takes off. Coop hits himself on the forehead for doing so. Harley asks Jeffrey about Olivia and Gus' heart. Jeffrey reassures her all is fine. Ashlee is in a hospital room waiting. Harley and Buzz and Zach and Daisy are looking at things that were in a box. Cyrus is starting to feel left out. He doesn't know what to do with himself. Harley says she doesn't want what is in the box. Then Zach asks if Cyrus does. Cyrus smiles and rejoins the threesome. Ashlee visits Olivia, who in turn gives her some loving advice about being herself. Olivia's mood even changes. She starts joking around. Ashlee starts giggling. Later Ashlee meets up with Coop. She is in a better mood and Coop sees it and asks. Ashlee says it is because of Olivia. After Coop gives Ashlee a present and tells her he loves her, she decides she wants to spend the night with him. Later Olivia is alone and looking down on her chest. She even uses a mirror. Jeffrey catches her and starts joking again making her laugh. Harley and Cyrus are having a little bed party of their own. Harley finds out that Gus wanted the walls painted cream and agrees. She excuses herself and goes into another room. Cyrus is picking up the clothes off the bed and floor when he finds Gus' watch. He is tempted to take it, but puts it on the dresser.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Viki goes to B.E. in the hopes that Clint can assure her that Todd wrote a slanderous article about him. But he tells her Todd was correct. He is ready to go for the juggler with many business rivals and stop at nothing. And she is shocked. Starr does not know what she's going to do with being 16 and pregnant. Jared and Charlie run into Pamela Stewart. She rips into Charlie for abandoning his family, being a drunk and letting them get abused by her brother. But they tell her that maybe she should blame her brother instead of them. She informs them that he died recently. Natalie still does not plan on telling anybody that Jared is not a Buchanan. He asks her why, since she hates him so much and wants to get rid of him. Clint is ready to go after a man named Calvin Jenkins, who is obviously clean and incapable of crooked behavior. Dorian meets with Calvin and tries to get him to buy out and overthrow B.E. He may not. But Clint is ready to go after him with the help of Lindsay. Ramsay is working on his three officers. He's acting really nice to Antonio, complimenting his work and his family values and telling him what a low life John is. Meanwhile, John and Talia are getting really close while being alienated by both Ramsay and Antonio.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Glo is alone and thinking about Jeffrey and what she walked in on, Jana drops by and they talk about her standing up for them at the wedding . Sabrina accepts Victor’s job offer (wink, wink), she shares this joyous news with Victoria who thinks its all about her, Nikki is also privy to this information and fakes her enthusiasm. Sharon confronts Michael about his bogus lawsuit and pleads that he reconsider before being hasty like GLO. Nikki is suspicious of David’s whereabouts and enlists Paul’s help. Brad and Heather dine at the Athletic Club and Paul’s not to happy. Adrian’s book has hit the stands. Jana and Kevin plan to set a wedding date. Jeffrey tells Kyon to kick rocks in front of Jack and Jack buys a new house . Victor and Sabrina discuss how to break the news of their budding romance to Victoria.

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