The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 4/9/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Kendall welcomes Zach home from Chicago and helps Erica. Greenlee plans a surprise for Aidan on the beach like he planned for her when he asked her to marry him. Annie looks at the divorce papers and quickly hides them when Ryan joins her. Babe visits Richie to see how he is doing. J.R. visits Amanda at Fusion and asks what she knows about Richie Novak. Kendall feels guilty that she and Aidan slept together and that she hides it from Zach. Greenlee explains to Aidan that she always chases after men and it's hard for her to believe that Aidan really wants to marry her. Greenlee asks Aidan to ask her to marry him again. Aidan tells her that he will always love her, but he will not ask her to marry him again. Babe lets Richie know that she slept with J.R. in order to save Richie’s life. She also tells Richie that she was inoculated against Hepatitis A. Richie can’t believe his ears. Babe leaves. Richie wonders if J.R. got hepatitis from the prostitute or from the needle where they took the bone marrow from his hip. Annie and Ryan laugh like old times.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Katie and Brad talk about whom they should invite to their engagement party – even Jack. Jack and Margo talk about Katie and Carly. Jack is confused as to whether he should let himself fall back in love with Carly. Paul and Meg show up for a meeting, as Mike seems to be a no show. Mike continues to try to track down Katie with no success. He does receive unpleasant news when he learns Katie is newly engaged. Katie and Carly’s paths cross and she learns of Katie and Brad’s engagement; she is thrilled for them so Katie invites her to the party. Mike shows up finally at the meeting and impresses the Board members and Meg. Jack turns down Brad’s invite, which infuriates Brad. Margo calls Jack on it, asks him to reconsider for Katie and Brad, and even suggests that he bring Carly. Lily and Carly talk about Katie and Jack. Katie learns someone stopped by WOAK to see her, but they did not leave a name. The Oakdale Now employee offers to draw him. Jack shows up and tells Brad and Katie that he would like to come to their engagement party. He also asks to bring Carly. Mike tells Meg and Paul that he is leaving town ASAP. Meg realizes it is because of Katie. Meg asks Paul to do whatever he can to keep Mike in town. Paul does what is asked of him and Mike finally agrees to stay in town through the end of the project. Meg asks Paul to come to the engagement party with her, but Paul turns her down trying to do the right thing and take things slowly. Jack asks Carly to Brad and Katie’s engagement party – to her relief – but it is short lived when Jack suggests that Parker come along too. Mike tries to catch Margo, but he is told she already went home for the day. Brad and Katie look forward to their party, as they head out to get ready. The woman races out to show the clearly sketched picture of Mike to Katie, but she is already gone. The woman leaves it out for Katie to see.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick and Katie slowly break apart from “The Kiss” and both tell each other they are a good kisser. But she does an oh my God, how did he make her do that? She wants to forget it ever happened. She rants that she will never follow her impulse again. Bridget interrupts and tells Nick she will be waiting upstairs. Katie begs him not to tell her about this. Ridge tells Taylor they have a little situation here, so let’s not make it worse by carrying on with these affections for Rick. Taylor wants them to leave, but they want to take Jack back to his home with Nick. Rick tells Taylor that she is glowing; she must be in love.

Brooke leaves a SOS message for Storm about her concern about Jack and wanting to get him away from Taylor. Katie listens in outside the door as Nick tells Bridget this relationship is feeling uncomfortable. It dawns on Bridget that he has another woman and it’s Katie and what a fool she has been. Brooke returns to Taylor’s and berates her more than this whole situation is wrong. She should not have Jack unsupervised and she will see her in court.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Chelsea agrees to show Daniel around town. Later, a jealous Nick accuses Daniel of trying to move in on his girlfriend. Daniel assures him that he and Chelsea are just friends. Nick tells Chelsea that he sees a future with her, while Chelsea appears to be ill, but hides it from both Daniel and Nick. Chloe frets about the Austrian Consul calling her for an interview. Phillip wants to speak with Nicole about Victor, and she makes him agree to take her to Chez Rouge. Nicole then calls the Austrian Consulate, presumably to tell them about Chloe. Sami and EJ go to dinner at Chez Rouge, where they later run into Nicole. Despite Sami's warnings, EJ seems interested in her. After Phillip tells Nicole that their lawyers are working hard to nullify her marriage to Victor, she asks EJ for legal advice. Two men from the Consulate show up at the mansion and demand that Chloe come with them. John agrees to let Marlena hypnotize him, but remembers nothing of his old life. She promises not to pressure him anymore, but secretly thinks that he could still snap out of his amnesia. John vows to make Marlena like the "New John."

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Ric lets Alexis know that he supports whatever she decides to do and urges her to move away from Port Charles with both girls. Lucky's police report is not very helpful in the investigation, then Jerry shows up to offer what support he can for her. She asks him to find her a safe place. Bobbie is there for Carly. Luke figures out that Claudia or the Zaccharas caused the shooting and Michael was just collateral damage. Ric and Claudia empathize with each other over the fact that at least one of the parents involved hates one of them. Kate lashes out at Lulu for being late to work. Tracy does not get far as she tries to buy Claudia out on the Haunted Star. Alan's ghost puts in an appearance. Carly learns the coma is permanent.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Reva tells and shows Dinah she knows something is up with Alan and Phillip thing and she wants in. Alan and Ava have an interesting talk that leads Alan to get hurt. Doris tries to bully Alan. Alan tells her she'll be sorry because one day he'll be back on top. Reva tells Billy she has a line on a job opportunity. Coop and Ashley have a fight over her wanting to change. Alan gets a visit from Lizzie in his new place. She tells him after giving him an envelope, that she hated what he did to Jonathan and Sarah. But this is what is their legacy, meaning what is in the big envelope. Alan feels better after Lizzie's visit and gets dressed and goes to a Board Meeting at Spaulding. He is told he isn't wanted. When he starts talking, Reva appears. She tells him to continue cause she wants to hear this. Alan is stunned. He then recovers to finish his speech. After the meeting they all leave except for Alan and Reva. They just look at each other. Dinah and Matt are talking about Alan. Matt can not believe what Dinah did. He starts to laugh. Blake meets up with Coop. They talk about the upcoming book tour. He thanks her for her help. Doris and Ashlee have a talk about her, Ashlee's looks. Doris says she is perfect the way she is. Ashlee isn't smiling. Ashlee arrives at Coop's to see Blake there. It is all innocent. Blake was sitting on Coop's bed while Coop was in the shower talking to Blake about the upcoming book tour. Vanessa is angry at Blake. Blake tells Vanessa she now owns "The House". The Spaulding Mansion. Vanessa doesn't know what to think as Blake leaves the boardroom. Bill and Lizzie are out having a picnic. Lizzie talks about her responsibilities. Later Coop and Ashlee are talking. She tells him about the operation. Coop tells her not to do this. He likes her the way she is. She tells him she is going through with it. And he asks when it is. She tells him soon. Then he tells her he wants to spend the night before with her. Blake and Reva are celebrating the Board Meeting. Ava tells Vanessa about her being pregnant and hopes it will bring the Chamberlain and Lewis families closer. Vanessa is not smiling. Bill tells Lizzie that Ava is pregnant.

OLTL Recap Written by Jeannie

Gigi is in work early with Shane. When Rex stops by they talk about Jared and then Rex takes Shane to school. Rex wants to get Shane something for his birthday. Charlie wakes up with a bad dream about his son Jimmy. He tells Viki what happened to his sons. They share a tender moment. Lindsay meets with Dorian and after talking about the wedding Lindsay confesses to Dorian how she helped Clint with BE's problems. Dorian is amazed. Clint talks to Calvin Jenkins about what Calvin is trying to do to BE. Calvin says its business and leaves. Natalie confronts Pamela about the truth about Jared. Pamela tells her about Jared's hard life and watching his brother get hit by a car. She explains when Jared was going through all the tough times she used to visit and tell him all about Asa.

Viki confronts Clint about an article Todd is going to put in the Sun tomorrow. Viki wants Clint to call Todd and deny it. Clint admits the article is true. Viki is shocked that Clint would play dirty. She goes into Natalie's office and says she thought she knew Clint but now she doesn't any more. At the Palace, Charlie talks to Jared about making the man who used to beat them and caused Jimmy to run out into traffic pay for what he did. Pamela comes up and introduces herself as Jared's mother. Later Dorian meets Calvin Jenkins and tells him to do something for her. He doesn't like it. Dorian says she doesn't care if he likes it, she wants to take Clint down.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Glo walks in on Kyon and Jeffrey making out after getting out of the cellar with Alistair, she kicks Jeffrey out with his concubine and calls it quits. Alistair tries to console but she declines his offer. Nick confronts Adam and tells him to stay away from Phyllis; Michael serves Jack with a 2 million dollar lawsuit on the behalf of Lauren and Kevin and him discuss their relationship with Glo and keeping her at arm’s length. Sabrina returns and accepts Victor’s offer and Phyllis calls Nick out for visiting Adam.

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