The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 4/8/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Jesse and Angie arrive home to find their door open. Jesse is cautious as he opens the door. Jesse and Angie are surprised with a surprise, ”Welcome Home” party for Jesse. Kendall is angry with Aidan for almost ruining her marriage to Zach by blurting out to Annie that he and Kendall had slept together. Greenlee is at the airport and she tries to call Aidan. Erica and Carmen are in a sticky situation with Louisa and Armando when Louisa finds out that Erica has a tape recorder in her bra. Opal watches a television report on Erica and Carmen, who are still missing. Richie comes downstairs and asks Opal for another tarot reading which leads to devastating results for Richie. He finds out from the tarot reading that he will not cheat death twice. J.R. visits Babe, but doesn’t get the reception that he expected. She blast him for putting Little A’s life in danger with hepatitis. J.R. lets her know that he remembers something about the night that his car was stolen. J.R. wants to blame Richie for this dilemma, but Babe takes up for Richie .Colby kisses Frankie. Jack and Zach arrive just in time to save Erica and Carmen from being shot by Louisa and Armando. Evidence is gathered against Louisa and Armando and they are arrested. Carmen and Erica are also arrested .

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Emily sees Chris and Allison flirting again and confronts them, which does not sit well with Allison. Mike and Katie keep having near misses. Margo reacts strongly to Katie and Brad’s engagement. Mike shows up to see Carly. Chris tells Allison what Emily did to him. Emily is angry with Susan because she is frustrated that Allison won’t listen to her. Carly fills in Mike on what Katie has been up to. Susan warns Chris about staying away from Allison, and that doesn’t sit well with him. Emily and Allison have it out. Katie intends to elope without Margo’s blessing, but she has seconds thoughts. A frustrated Margo tells Jack about Katie and Brad’s plans, as Jack thinks it is best for him to stay out of Katie’s life and let her be happy. Brad goes to Margo to get her to see the light; his words ring true with Margo who agrees to go talk with Katie again. Carly suggests to Mike that he throw his hat in the ring with Katie even though she is with Brad, as Mike is unsure. Emily tells Allison that Chris won’t be able to get over her past, so Allison decides to find out. Chris takes the news surprising well. Brad asks Jack to act like a brother and be happy for him. Margo goes to see Katie; Katie finally admits that she truly loves Brad and no longer Jack, and she wants to spend her life with him. Margo is moved and gives her blessing and even offers to throw a party. Mike has a vision of Katie when he considers staying in town and decides to try to reach out to her, but he keep missing her. Allison is thrilled to tell Emily that Chris accepts her past, as Emily doesn’t understand why Chris dumped her when he found out about hers. Jack and Carly kiss. Katie is very thankful to Brad for how he convinced Margo to listen to her.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Rick tells Taylor that he won’t listen to any excuses of Phoebe, age difference or that he’s Brooke’s son, he wants to be there for her. He wants to share his life with her. She’s finding it hard to keep her promise of not letting anyone else back into her heart. Brooke rants to Ridge again that all of this is wrong. She thanks him for his support. He needs to talk to Phoebe before someone else tells her about Rick and her mother. Nick calls and Rick takes the call and manages to get a few extra hours for Taylor with Jack. Katie shows up at Nick’s and thinks he is in a mood. She thinks he is using Bridget and wants him to break up with her for her own good. Phoebe finds Rick again at her mom’s and then Ridge and Brooke come over so she tells them all that Constantine has invited her to join him on the end of his tour in Australia. She says she won’t go if Rick asks her not to, but he gives her the okay.

Not that it is any of her business, Nick wants to explain his feelings about Bridget to Katie and how he has the right to act on his impulses. He dares her to try it sometimes as well. She responds by planting a big kiss full on his mouth. Ridge and Brooke state to Taylor that Jack shouldn’t be there, this is not a good environment for Jack or a stable home. Brooke announces she is taking Jack back to Nick now. Rick has to stand up to her to stop her from doing so. Taylor admits that Rick is the kind of man she could fall in love with. In fact she does love him and he echoes that. Brooke says this is wrong and she will not allow it.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Kayla and Bo both want to leave the hospital, but are thwarted in their attempts by a visit from Roman. Kayla confides in him about Steve and Ava. Later, when she meets up with Bo, he tells her about Hope's kidnapping, and Steve's reticence to get the police involved. Bo hopes that Abe and Roman don't compare notes, and Kayla insists that they have to do something to help their spouses. Meanwhile, Steve and Hope attempt escape while Ava's psychiatrist visits her. Ava is having trouble with a suppressed memory from around the time Steve left her at the altar. Angelo recaptures Steve and Hope as they try to climb the wall surrounding the house. Later, one of Ava's men is able to get a picture of Stephanie on his cell phone and sends it to her. Now knowing that Steve lied about not having an older child, Ava threatens to have Stephanie murdered if Steve or "Kayla" attempt to leave again.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Jerry doesn't kill Ian and he goes back to the hospital where Nikolas has a meeting to discuss the fact that the experimental drug is not letting him see Emily any longer. Ian points out it was not a guaranteed thing. Amazingly, Maxie tries to comfort Spinelli, who is totally freaked over Michael. Kate and Sonny are the focus of Carly's rage. The Zacchara group are at each other's throats; Claudia wants to blame Trevor, Johnny is not sure who is responsible, but even though he is not, he feels guilty and suspects the other two, Trevor is all for throwing Claudia to the wolf, Sonny. The bullet is removed, but Michael's not out of the woods. Nadine reams Nikolas out after overhearing his conversation about illegal drugs with Ian. Robin thanks Patrick for keeping Michael alive as his parents visit the comatose boy. Many prayers are offered on his behalf.

GL Recap Written by Beth

The Show opens up at the Spaulding Mansion. Dinah is living it up. She gets a visit from Remy. Dinah tells Remy she now owns the mansion. Remy cannot believe it. A cop gives Mallet the newspaper to read an article on Gus. Natalia receive some news. Jeffery says to Ava his marriage to her mother is over, but that he'll always be there for them. Later Jeffery is with Reva, he gets a call from the hospital. He is told that Olivia is refusing to take the drugs to treat her. Reva leaves with him. Dinah runs into Matt on the street. She tells him about her new home. Their discussion is short. She walks away and he rides away on his bike. Natalia checks the mail at the house. Reva runs into Rafe, who tells her to go to hell. This is after she tries to be nice to him. Dinah goes to see Mallet. Mallet tells her he is having a problem with Frank and that Alan is a jerk. Later Rafe is arguing with his mother over Olivia. Remy is caught in the middle and says he'll talk with Rafe. That he kinda knows what Rafe is going through. Jeffery tries to talk some sense into Olivia about the lifesaving drugs and Gus. He then calls for a nurse to give Olivia her meds. Remy tries to get Rafe in a one on one basketball shoot. Rafe just yells his head off and wants to start a fight with Remy, who pushes him then backs off. Dinah and Natalia get talking. Dinah offers to help. But Natalia turns her down saying no offense but no. Jeffery meets up with Mallet. Mallet tells Jeffery he'll keep him posted on what is going on with Frank. Meanwhile Reva visits Olivia to try and cheer her up and talk. Reva then leaves after getting nowhere with her. Dinah gets a visit from Mallet. Phillip's name is mentioned. Dinah tells Mallet he has to be careful. That he is now the Chief of Police. Remy sees Ava crying and offers to help. She says no. He sits down beside her to just listen to her talk about Olivia and Jeffery. She tells Remy all she ever wanted was her parents together and she almost had it. She asks Remy if he has any family plans. Remy says he doesn't have family plans. Later Jeffery runs into Natalia. Jeffery asks how she is doing. Jeffery thinks Natalia can help Olivia. When he suggests it. She tells him about her last visit with her and that was enough for the both of them. Remy catches up with Dinah. She offers him a deal. He wants to know what is in it for him. She tells only 5 minutes of his time. Rafe visits Olivia. Olivia says she can see right through his tough guy act. She then tells him of one of her last discussions with Gus and how happy he was of Rafe and having him in his life. Remy visits Mallet to congratulate him on his promotion and then tell him is might be in trouble. Remy hands Mallet a note. Remy tells Mallet that Phillip was put on a plane. Dinah is having fun watching her maid, Hilda. Dinah and she come to an agreement on what to call her. Matt runs into Remy. Rafe is seen by his mother leaving Olivia's room. Asks him if he is ok. He says yes. Natalia tells Olivia that she doesn't know if she is mad at her for being a friend to Gus or that she got his heart. Reva visits Jeffery who actually tells Reva where is Will when he needs him. Jeffery is told of the "letter" from Philip Spaulding. Natalia lays down on the bed that was to be hers and Gus' holding his picture. Jeffery visits Olivia. Dinah gets a call from Mallet about their earlier discussion. The gets a visit from Reva. Reva shows Dinah a picture of her in the park. Reva then tells her she knows it was Dinah that crushed Alan Spaulding.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Todd goes to see Ramsey and tells him he knows the reason why Gigi is staying in Llanview is because Ramsay is threatening her. And he tells Ramsay that he and Gigi might team up to bring him down. At Capricorn, Cristian is worried about Sarah in Napa alone with Nash, without him. Jessica has the same concern. Jared is hoping he can win Natalie over. But she tells him no way. Antonio is angry at Talia and it looks like he and his new partner want to set John up to get in trouble. Langston knows she cannot tell either Cole or Markko that Starr is pregnant.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

The crazy shenanigans of Glo and Jeffrey, just when they try to get cozy Kyon (the Korean girlfriend) interrupts and locks Glo in the wine cellar, while Alistair comes a courting and catches Kyon and Jeffrey making out. Victor asks Sabrina to be his consultant and commute from NY to Genoa City, and Adam and Victoria continue to argue over Beauty of Nature. Victor finally gives the campaign to Adam disappointing Victoria. Victoria asks Sabrina to be Reed’s godmother while on the other side of town Lily confesses to Colleen and Devon that she is pregnant. Lily is also asked to model the new teen line for Forrester by Felicia Forrester. Karen moves in with Neil on the anniversary of Dru’s memorial.

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