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AMC Recap Written by Mary

When Jesse and Angie arrive at their honeymoon suite, he tells her to close her eyes as he opens the door. Zach and Jack go in search of Erica in Chicago. Zach tells Jack that Erica said that everything is under control. Armando compliments Carmen on her looks. Erica reminds Carmen of their plan. Louisa still holds the gun on Erica and Carmen. Greenlee still remains with Ryan, trying to help him with his problems. Aidan asks Kendall why they still feel so guilty. Annie questions Kendall as to what Aidan means. Kendall lies and shakes Aidan, but he is passed out. Kendall offers to take Aidan with her so that Annie will not have to deal with him in the morning. Annie doesn’t believe Kendall’s explanation. Jack wonders why Erica would stay willingly with Carmen and hopes she hasn’t done something stupid. Carmen confronts Armando about leaving her to take the rap for the bank robbery. Louisa threatens Armando that if he says another word, he will be the one with gunshots. Erica gets Armando and Louisa to agree to be on a reality show. Louisa owns up to how she and Armando worked together to frame Carmen for the bank robbery. Jesse and Angie begin to kiss when the curtains catch on fire and Jesse has to extinguish them. They begin to kiss again when an alarm goes off. They finally decide to go home. Greenlee realizes that she is trying to fix Ryan just as Annie said. Greenlee decides to return to Aidan. Ryan begins to remember his life with Greenlee and yells for her to come back. Upon seeing her face, Ryan tells Greenlee that Aidan is a lucky man. Kendall takes Aidan to the P.I office. She lets him in on the fact that he almost told Annie that they slept together. Aidan feels guilty about what he almost did to Kendall and Zach. Annie calls Olivia to draw up divorce papers. Olivia thinks Annie should love Ryan enough to fight for him.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Katie is upset that Brad announced their engagement to the television audience and later Brad and Katie argue and she considers calling off the wedding but later changers her mind and Brad and Katie decide to elope. Margo feels she must go talk to Katie one she learns about her engagement on the news so she cuts a romantic day with Tom short and arrives just before the happy couple is about to leave the Lakeview. Katie gives Brad a kiss and tells him she will leave after she talks to Margo. Mike steps off the elevator and is shocked to see Katie kissing Brad. Mike and Meg get to know each other as they talk about their failed relationships. Paul is jealous to see Meg with Mike but doesn't show it and continues to show his nice guy side to Meg which also brings them closer. Barbara is touched that Sofie is so concerned about her and when she sees a bracelet Sofie made she offers to help her sell her pretty bracelets. Aaron is jealous of Sofie's relationship with Paul but she tells him Paul is just a good friend.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge calls security and asks them to find Storm and escort him to the door; he’s out. Bridget invites herself in and wants to know what the holdup is on the wedding, especially since she is now back with Nick…..or almost. If Ridge will move on with his life with Brooke, then others can as well. He admits he wants to, but Brooke’s feelings for Nick are too strong and the baby is bringing them closer. He wants Bridget to be very careful that she doesn’t get hurt again. Phoebe drops in on Ashley and confides her feelings again for Rick. And also leaves the thought that Ridge is not very happy anymore. Taylor expects Brooke to get out of the way so she can take Jack home. Rick joins Nick, Brooke and Taylor. He states that he will be there with Taylor just as a friend and Taylor deserves to have Jack for the night. Brooke sobs as Taylor leaves with Jack. She berates him for letting Jack go and he tells her to let this go, she has no say in this just because she is the egg donor.

Taylor is grateful and is glad Rick is there to share this moment with her. He is seeing the future with the three of them as a family. Nick wants Brooke to leave and not discuss this anymore. He made his feelings clear before that he wanted her and she walked out all on her own, leaving her with no say how he raises Jack.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Anna and Tony are both videotaped during their daily office hours by the cameramen following Morgan and Stephanie around. When they end up alone in each other's offices at the end of the day, Tony learns that Anna admitted that she misses him. Anna, on the other hand, learns that Tony asked Kate out to dinner. Softened by Anna's taped confession, Tony tries to call her to make peace, but she tells him to be happy with Kate and hangs up. Afraid that Ava might learn of Hope's charade, Steve hangs up on the real Kayla and throws the phone across the room to destroy it. He's able to convince Ava that he loves and wants to marry her. While Ava is gone visiting with her psychiatrist, Steve and Hope scheme to escape from her room. Meanwhile, Kayla worries about Steve as Lexie reminds her to stay calm and in bed for her baby's sake. Lexie promises to fill Abe in on Steve's disappearance after a few hours, and Stephanie comes by to offer comfort.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Ripples go in all directions from Michael's shooting. Kate tries to convince the cops to delay questioning her as a witness; Sonny needs her. Jerry is trying to flirt with or seduce Alexis when she gets the news and he immediately begins trying to track down his family. Spinelli takes word to Lulu, who is fighting with Johnny over his seesawing attitude toward her. Her horror over the act shakes Johnny. Patrick tries to urge Robin not to be on Michael's surgical team, since her ties to him are so close. Sonny blames Jason for Michael's shooting, Carly blames Sonny, Jax is stranded in Houston, and Jerry is contemplating killing Ian and leaving the body on Sonny's stoop as a peace offering.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Alan is outside Company looking in to see that there is a get together in Gus' honor. Lizzie and Bill are at the cemetery and Lizzie says she misses Sarah. Blake joins in the honor of Gus. Sam and Ava try to get Olivia out of her funk. Natalia sees Rafe is down in the dumps over Gus and his breakup with Daisy. Rafe tells her about the breakup of he and Daisy. Harley stays behind after the service for Gus to look at this picture. Cyrus catches her at this. Daisy meets Sam and discuss what Gus did for Olivia and Daisy's feelings about missing Gus. Blake comes to comfort Harley. Cyrus is told of Harley's financial woes by banker. Ava leaves Olivia alone and in doing so Olivia reaches over for the program of Gus' funeral and cries. At the church Mallet and Dinah talk. Daisy is getting to know Sam. Cyrus lifts Harley's spirits a little. Frank tries to be nice to Natalia in offering her a drink. She says no thank you. Sam goes back to be with his sister. Sam tells Olivia he wants her to get better. Harley returns to the house only to get in her old clothes and try to finish it. Harley gets a surprise visit from Gus' ghost (spirit). He tells her to move on. Natalia visits Olivia. Olivia gets angry at Natalia. Rafe is glad to see Alan come into Company and hands him a beer. Daisy comes home to find Harley. Harley finds out about the banker, Mr. Bergen. Bill wants trust. Natalia lets into Olivia over Gus' death. Daisy and Cyrus continue to help Harley to finish the house. Gus' Spirit (Ghost) comes back. Olivia asks Natalia to leave by telling her she doesn't want her here.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Starr is shocked to find out that she is pregnant. The only person who knows is Langston. She is not about to tell her parents nor Cole. Todd talks to Gigi, inquiring why she is living in Llanview, and tells her he knows it must be because Ramsey is threatening her somehow. Rex and Shane spend time together and Rex asks Shane when his birthday is. Shane reveals to Rex that his mom has asked him never to tell anybody. Rex asks Gigi why. And he figures out that the last time he slept with Gigi, all those years ago, they may very well have conceived Shane. Charlie is working up to telling Viki the big secret. But since there are so many interruptions and people have gotten the mistaken idea that he has proposed to her, he postpones it. She tells him she is not ready to get married but wants to see more of him and invites him to stay in her home again. Nash and Sara go to Napa together and are getting along really well. And that is raising concerns for both Jessica and for Cristian.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Felicia Forrester comes to Genoa City and requests some things of Restless Style and also does not hesitate to flirt with Nick in front of Sharon. One of Felicia’s requests is to have Lily model for Forrester with Jabot’s blessing. Lily at the campus house is dealing with some things of her own, she has confirmed her pregnancy to Cane and trying to cope with it. Cane supportive confesses he loves her as she lies asleep in his arms. Phyllis gets an unexpected visit from Adam as she stays at home with Summer and Daniel and Amber test out the floor of the Restless Style headquarters. Victor and Sabrina move to the next level as passion ignites and they make love. Victoria is furious at Adam once again for undermining her authority.

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