The TV MegaSite's Friday 4/4/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

As Erica and Carmen arrive at Armando’s mother’s apartment, Erica orders Carmen to keep her mouth shut. Carmen puts an imaginary zipper on her mouth. When Louisa comes to the door, Erica barges in and tries to talk to her, but she refuses to say where her son is. While Erica holds a gun on Louisa, they sit down to wait for Armando to return. Aidan visits Annie and tries to come on to her. She notices that he has had a few too many drinks. Aidan tries to take Annie to bed, but she pushes him away. He lies down on the sofa. Ryan goes back to his hometown and remembers his mother's neglect and his father's abuse. Greenlee walks up to him, trying to help him solve his problems, but Ryan continues to try to push her away. Kendall tries to find Ryan at Annie's but is surprised to see Aidan on her sofa. Annie finds out that Aidan asked Greenlee to marry him, but she turned him down. Annie wants to know if it was because of Ryan. Aidan makes a comment about keeping secrets. Annie wonders what secrets he could be keeping. Jesse and Angie arrive at the home of the justice of the peace who had married them, but he died six years ago. The wife comes into the room and is glad to see Jesse and Angie, then she offers to hear their vows, even though it won't be legal. They renew their wedding vows. Greenlee lets Ryan know that Aidan asked her to marry him, but she refused, partly because of him. Armando comes home. Carmen is glad to see him and begins to make nice with him again. When Erica becomes distracted, Louisa grabs the gun. Louisa tells them that the tide had changed and they had better say their prayers. In his drunken stupor, Aidan mumbles to Kendall that if Greenlee doesn't love him anymore, why do they still feel guilty. Annie wonders what the secret is between Aidan and Kendall.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

It hits Carly hard when she learns of Gwen and Will leaving town. Gwen second-guesses their decision to leave after making party preparations. Allison thinks that Chris should go with her to Will and Gwen’s, so he can make things right with them before they leave town. Luke and Noah figure out a way to be together that involves Casey. Barbara seems to not feel well, but she blows it off. Jack and Parker offer to go to the party with Carly. Barbara shares a tearful goodbye with Will and Gwen. Chris agrees to go to the party, but Will is less then receptive at first. Barbara almost collapses so Sophie rushes her to the hospital. Aaron is leery of Chris and Allison, which annoys Allison. Chris and Will mend fences. Carly decides to be alone, but Parker urges Jack to support Carly. Carly and Jack talk about their relationship and decide to try to be friends to change it up and see where it might lead. Barbara is told she needs emergency surgery, as Sophie is there for her. Allison leaves the party with Chris, as they go spend the afternoon together. Sophie shares an emotional goodbye with Hallie. Sophie then tells Paul about Barbara, who rushes to her side. Barbara makes it through surgery while Sophie and Paul wait. Aaron shows up to take Sophie home. Carly and Jack share some quality time, as Parker watches. Gwen and Will suggest Noah and Ameera move into their house so they look more legitimate, as they all agree. Gwen realizes it is for the best to leave town so she and Will toast to their ‘new adventure.’

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Rick drops in on Taylor and assures her that he understands her wanting to protect Phoebe, but he can’t turn off his feelings like that. He encourages her to call Nick and try to get Jack for the night. She does and Nick agrees. Rick wants to tag along and Taylor warns him they can not be giving each other those looks in front of Nick. At the hospital, Bridget has loving thoughts of Nick and calls him. She’s disappointed when she finds out that Taylor is on her way over. While Nick is waiting for Taylor, Brooke stops in. She tells Nick she still has some issues to resolve, so the wedding is on hold. She admits she can barely look at him knowing that he is seeing her daughter again. Then she blows a gasket when she hears that Taylor is coming to take Jack. Storm won’t take orders from Ridge and demands to hear from his father before he is dismissed. Ashley hears the loud voices and comes forward asking what is wrong? Ridge warns Storm to stay the hell away from Ashley Abbot.

Storm tells Ridge that who he sees is his business, no one else’s. Ridge can’t even believe he is having this conversation, just get out. Storm brings up the comparison of Ridge shooting Shane McGrath. Ridge repeats again to get out and leave Ashley alone….and takes it further by adding Hope and R.J. to that list. Taylor is upset when she finds Brooke at Nick’s and especially after he says he has changed his mind. She will need to visit with Jack at the house, not take him home with her. Why? Because he is now aware of her relationship with Rick. Storm won’t go and keeps badgering Ridge who repeats again just to leave him and his family alone. He pushes Storm to the floor and says he has one minute before he calls security. When Ashley returns, Storm asks her out for dinner tomorrow night and she accepts. Brooke and Taylor have strong words and Brooke physically grabs her and stops her from going upstairs to Jack. Taylor fights back by begging Nick to tell Brooke to back off. Brooke has stopped her for the last time from seeing her son!

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Phillip informs John that Paul has been indicted for accepting bribes. Since Victor has paid off the new customs official, John seems to have lost the upper hand. He vows to bring down the Kiriakis empire, even though Phillip wants to make peace. After learning that his recovery period will be a lengthy one, Bo admits to a suspicious Caroline that Hope is in danger and asks her to help him get out of the hospital. Kayla gets Stephanie to tell her what she knows about Ava and Steve's involvement with her. Kayla vows to find Steve so they can figure out what to do together. Ava tells Hope that she and Steve slept together. Knowing that Ava really passed out from her medication, Hope pretends to be furious with Steve, who plays along and pretends to have feelings for Ava. Kayla calls Steve's cell phone, and Steve is allowed to answer--while Ava points a gun at Hope. Victor makes another visit to Marlena and opens up, but refuses to discuss his ongoing feud with John. Chloe and Nicole trade snarky remarks about Brady and a food fight ensues. Nicole accidentally douses Phillip with juice. Daniel runs into Chelsea shortly after Bo lets him know that she has a crush on him. He reiterates the fact that they are just friends, and the two agree to go to coffee together.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Carly is ballistic that Jax expects her to accompany him to Houston to take a meeting for Kate. Speaking off the record, Sonny lets Alexis know what Michael did, and she is shocked beyond words. Michael is not impressed by Sonny's business. Kate accepts the boy's apology. Carly and Claudia face off when Carly won't let her in the hotel. Sonny keeps Kate from being shot, but only when they get up does he see that Michael was also in danger and not as fortunate.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Harley isn't having good morning. Daisy is trying to cheer her up. Harley tells her she is in charge of the boys today. Daisy asks what she should tell them about Gus if they ask. Harley tells her to use her best judgment. Olivia refuses to eat. Ava starts to argue with her to eat. That she need her. Natalia and Harley are getting along well. Harley likes what Natalia did. Then things change when Harley tells her of a service she set up for Gus' friends and family. Natalia is hurt she wasn't in on the planning. Rafe and Alan meet up. Alan tells Rafe that Gus loved Rafe. Alan says he thinks deep down Gus loved him too. Harley pays for Gus' service. Cyrus reminds her she can't pay for it. She says she wants to do something nice for Gus. Rafe and Daisy meet up. She wants to go to Gus' funeral with him. He doesn't want to go together. Rafe says Natalia is mad at Harley over loosing Gus. That he'll break the news of them when this is all over. Bill talks to Ava about Gus and Olivia. Ava suggests going to the service together. Bill says he is going with Lizzie. Buzz offers Alan a ride to the service, telling him he is leaving for it in ten minutes. Harley arrives first to the church. The service starts with a police escort. Alan shows up. Natalia and Rafe are actually happy to see him. When Ava arrives, Lizzie isn't happy to see her, and just about throws her out. Ava says she is thankful for Gus' willingness to give Olivia his heart. Lizzie tells Ava that she hopes her mother lives up to it. Rev Rutledge conducts the service. Harley is the first among family and friends to speak. She first starts out a little confused as to what to say. Cyrus goes up and shows her back to her seat next to him. Alan then speaks, followed by Rafe and Harley's boys. Mallet goes up and speaks of his baseball love. Mallet kids with Frank which brings a few light-hearted moments into the service. Jeffrey speaks of how he loved life, then Buzz about his friendship with Gus. Alexandra is in the audience. Ava is talking about how good he was to her and Olivia. At which point Natalia has a weird look on her face. Olivia's little brother finally arrives. Harley is back talking about Gus and asks anyone to speak. Natalia speaks up, saying she first was against this transplant.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Langston is attempting to "smuggle" a pregnancy test into the house for Starr to take, but Todd is watching over both of them. Charlie knows he is going to have to "drop the bombshell" upon Viki before she hears it from somebody else and since Jared has dropped it upon Natalie, but too many interruptions prevent him from getting it out. Roxy assumes that his "big revelation" to Viki is that he wants her to marry him, and Viki assumes that is his secret. Natalie assures Jared and Nigel that she will not reveal their secret, but she's concerned that if anybody else knows that David Vickers is Asa's real son, it will be revealed. Ramsay is "playing" his three officers. He is hoping that Antonio will help him set John up to look like he is pocketing drugs. Antonio seems disappointed that he cannot do what his "boss" wants him to do. Talia is very disappointed in Antonio, but she and John are getting along really well. Rex and Shane are growing close, and Gigi is not ok with that. She especially does not want Shane to reveal to Rex when his birthday is and exactly how old he is. And why would that be?

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Glo and Jeffrey’s moment of passion is interrupted by Jeffrey’s Korean girlfriend, who wonders what he is doing with Glo and refuses to leave when Jeffrey requests she do so. Glo tries to explain to Jana how she was a sign but Jana clarifies and states once again that she and Jeffrey are meant to be. Victor has returned and Victoria and Adam vie for his attention, Victoria tries to bring her parents closer together but doesn’t succeed. Lily clearly shows signs of pregnancy as she confesses to Cane that she is tired and can’t seem to stay awake. He convinces her to get a pregnancy test, but before she can take the test, he is called away on business. Lily takes the test at home and her fate is confirmed as she calls Cane to break the news. Victor is on cloud 9 after his trip to LA. David falls prey to Brad’s plan to suck him back into the hole of gambling. Nikki tries to get Victoria to come around to the idea of David and her impending nuptials.

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