The TV MegaSite's Thursday 4/3/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Angie busily unpacks and finds a pic of herself and Jesse. Jesse comes home and they kiss. Tad and Krystal arrive home with all of Jenny’s baby things. Tad pulls Krystal onto his lap. Zach tries to comfort Kendall after their argument over what Zach did to Ryan. Kendall remains worried about Erica and her whereabouts. Kendall knows that Ryan is all alone now and calls him. Aidan asks Greenlee to marry him, but she doesn’t want anything to change between them, so she refuses his marriage proposal. Aidan picks up the picnic basket and leaves. He declares that he needs a time out. Greenlee listens to Ryan’s message on her cell phone. Greenlee goes to visit Zach and Kendall and yells at Zach that she could wring his neck. Greenlee blasts Zach for his treatment of Ryan. Zach makes an excuse and leaves. Greenlee tells Kendall that Aidan asked her to marry him and she refused. Zach finds Aidan at the ConFusion Bar. Aidan is sad and trying to drown his sorrows and pain in booze. Zach tries to get him to give Greenlee time. Aidan continues to drink. Zach tells Amanda not to let Aidan drive home alone. After Zach leaves, Aidan calls Annie and makes plans for the evening. Greenlee vows to Kendall to get through to Ryan. Kendall warns her against finding him, but Greenlee refuses to listen.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Carly and Jack get advice from Lily and Holden about their relationship and Carly tells Jack they can take things slowly but Jack still doesn't know if he should get back together with Carly. Mike comes back to town and puts in a bid for Emma's land but since Emma can't decide to whom she should sell the farm she takes Lily's suggestion that Mike and Paul become partners. Brad makes a tape of he and Katie's best moments on Oakdale now to prove to Katie that they belong together. Katie can't decide if she should marry Brad and Margo advises her to take some time and then say no to Brad because it is a bad idea to marry him. Katie runs into Jack and asks him what he thinks of the proposal and he tells her to marry Brad if he makes her happy. Katie goes to the TV station and tells Brad yes and then he vows to make her the happiest woman in the world.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke whitewashes her brother’s crimes by saying he knows he did wrong and he is getting help. Ridge still maintains that his mother does not like him working there and certainly doesn’t want him dating someone there at Forrester. He admires her loyalty, but Storm will have to go. He wants no one he loves anywhere near him. Pam can not believe Stephanie is going to give up so easy. Pam hands her the key to the love nest and advises her to catch Eric when he wakes up and talk some sense into him. Eric wakes up and is clueless why Donna is not there and Stephanie is. She says she just wanted to talk to him and find out if this is what he really wants. Storm thanks Brooke and reveals that he had a great time with Ashley, and it never would have happened if not for Brooke. He’s surprised when Brooke suddenly tells him it might not be a good idea to continue to see Ashley. When he finds out it is because of Ridge, he thinks what an egomaniac, wanting to hold on to two women. Donna laments to Katie that perhaps she is just not right for Eric. Listening at the door, Pam is holding back the chuckles at hearing that Eric is asleep. Later she delights in telling Donna that she will never be the next Mrs. Forrester.

Stephanie tells Eric that she is not here to badmouth Donna. She knows he is infatuated, but she still thinks she can make him happy too. He just needs to give them a chance. She remembers his tenderness when she was in the hospital and she can’t let that go. Katie tells Donna that Pam is a little loony, but don’t let her get to her. Donna vows that she can play dirty too. Brooke doesn’t want Ridge to find out that she encouraged Storm dating Ashley; he will be so upset. Stormy storms off, he won’t let Ridge control him this way. Leaving Ashley’s office, Ridge bumps into Storm and tells him that he is fired. He doesn’t want to look upon his face ever again!

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Max, still feeling self-conscious about his work at the docks, asks Stephanie not to visit him there anymore. She reassures him that she cares about him no matter what he does, then gets a call telling her that Kayla has been admitted to the hospital. Steve and Hope try to convince Ava to release Hope, who is still posing as Kayla. Ava refuses and sets up a private dinner with Steve. Hope dodges a bullet as a suspicious Ava questions her about her pregnancy. Nicole drops a bomb on Victor's dinner party when she informs everyone that she and Victor were never divorced. After much arguing, Victor finally admits that Nicole has the right to stay at the mansion; at least until his lawyers have a chance to look into the matter. Daniel surprises Chelsea by coming to check on her health after she has gone to her room for the night.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Jax and Carly clash over Kate's plans for the third floor renovations for her offices. Meanwhile, Kate and Sonny make plans to bond with Michael and show him the non criminal side of life. Claudia wants to get involved in the Haunted Star and to warn Luke that Lulu could get hurt in her and Johnny's world; he responds that if so, Johnny will be even more hurt.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Harley is home crying. Packing Gus' things. Vanessa meets with Cyrus unaware he is the one calling her. Until he does threaten her to her face. She tells him to get out before Dinah gets home. Olivia wakes up from surgery. She writes on a pad Gus' name as if to ask about him. Ava lies to her saying he's been asking about her too. Natalia drops her ring as she leaves what was Gus' room. Lillian picks it up. Harley is putting clothes away on clothes hangers when she sees a pair of black pants belonging to Gus. She just gets off the phone with Good Will when she hears a knock on the kitchen door. It is Marina. Harley offers coffee then realizes she doesn't have any. Marina asks Harley if it is ok to be there. Harley in short says yes she's family and hugs her. Ava sees Natalia leaving the hospital hallway where Gus' room was and calls out to her to wait. Natalia either can't hear her or ignores her. Reva is on the couch at Jeffery's place while Jeffery takes a shower. He comes out and they get talking about Olivia and Gus. Reva goes up to him and gives him a kiss. Lillian catches up to Natalia to talk to her. Natalia then gets up and leaves. She is outside dropping things when Josh sees her. She talks to him about what just happened. Josh tells her to give it time. Natalia continues to talk about God and Gus and mysterious things. Marina tries to comfort Harley until Cyrus comes over. Marina just can't handle him being there. She leaves. Reva visits Olivia and the first thing she says is I've been there. Then she jokes with Olivia, who gives her a faint laugh. Olivia asks where Gus is. Reva is trying not to tell her. Reva tells her that he left. Olivia then realizes Gus is dead. She says he's gone and I need him. Harley meets Cyrus in he park. They talk about Marina still being hurt. Harley then feels like she is going to pass out. Cyrus grabs a hold of her. Harley then says, "Don't let me go, ok?" Josh and Natalia are having coffee and talking about Gus. Josh tells her to trust God. Natalia tells Josh that all her life she has been taught to love and trust God. Now look where she is. Still Reva tries not to tell Olivia that she has Gus' heart. Olivia wants to tell Gus she finally has heart. Finally she has to tell Olivia the heart beating inside of her is Gus' no joke. Vanessa talks to Marina about her telephone stalker. Marina tells her not to worry. She will handle it. Jeffery runs in to Natalia to tell her he is sorry about Gus and how much he liked him. He also thanks her for signing the papers to give Gus' heart to Olivia. Jeffery also tells Natalia that Olivia wants to see her. Natalia says she can't. Lillian runs into Vanessa at Company. Vanessa asks about Olivia and Lillian tells her. Then they go down memory lane. Cyrus runs into Marina. They talk. Marina mentions Vanessa and her problem with a caller. Marina tells Cyrus it sounds like him. Cyrus gets defensive. Harley goes to see Josh. They hug. Josh says he spent time with Natalia. Harley says she will call her and have lunch sometime. Ava is in Olivia's room and Olivia says she doesn't want Gus' heart. Ava brings in Emma. No change from Olivia. She just steers up at the ceiling. Emma has a drawing of the 3 of them, Ava, Olivia and her. Ava makes it sound really special. Ava tells Emma Mommy isn't feeling well. She has a belly ache. After the girls leave Olivia alone, she starts rubbing her chest.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Ramsey is obviously scheming something in regard to his three officers. And Antonio is furious at Talia and John for being so friendly to each other and disrespecting him. And it looks like Ramsey wants to set John up to look like he is keeping drugs in his possession so that Antonio can have the chance to bust him. Viki asks Dorian why she is so unrealistically friendly, all of a sudden toward her daughter marrying Rex, knowing that she was totally against it from the start. She knows Dorian is up to something. After Jared has revealed to Natalie that he lied about being a Buchanan, she does not tell the others. But she is furious at him. She doesn't want to forgive him nor "take advantage" of the fact that they are not related. Charlie is also very worried about what will happen when Viki finds out he and Jared lied. At that cabin, Nora and Lindsay argue and obsess about the Buchanan brothers as usual. The group leaves the cabin after Clint gets a call that they have to tend to business back at the office.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Alistair’s investigation of Glo’s sham of a marriage is on as he meets with Jill one last time, Jill stresses the importance of getting the goods. Jeffrey is suspicious as he watches this exchange and confronts Jill, Alistair pays a visit to Glo and they chat then Jeffrey arrives and all hot and bothered they get in the mood until an unexpected Korean visitor shows up. Adam and Victoria are still at each others throats and with JT’s urging Victoria agrees to have him investigate who Adam really is. Lily is not feeling quite herself lately and Cane is concerned. Too bad Chloe isn’t, she is outraged and confronts Nikki when Lily (Cane) declines to do a photo shoot with a famous photographer. Cane takes Lily to the mausoleum where Amber interrupts and insists that Lily does not have the flu but most likely is pregnant. Nikki puts Chloe in her place and Heather starts at Jabot, Brad welcomes her with open arms. David is giving into temptation as he asks Brad about hosting another poker game. Kevin and Michael fight over their devotion to Glo while Sabrina and Victor get cozy at the art exhibit

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