The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 4/2/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Babe stands vigil at the hospital to await test results on J.R. Krystal arrives to comfort her. Angie lets Babe and Krystal know that J.R. has hepatitis. Adam goes to visit J.R., but J.R. demands that he get out. J.R. begins to yell for his mother, because she always believed him. Zach asks Kendall if she wants to talk about Ryan, but she refuses. When Ryan brings Emma home, she asks him to stay and look at her drawings. While Carmen sleeps, Erica manages to get the handcuffs unlocked and picks up the gun. Carmen wakes up and Erica tells her that the tables have turned. Erica starts to leave, but has second thoughts and comes back to help Carmen with a makeover. Greenlee calls Ryan and leaves him a concerned message to call her . Aidan comes home and tells her that he has a surprise for her. He blindfolds her and takes her to the beach where they had their first date. Opal decides that she wants to read Richie’s cards. The cards that she turns over reveal that there had been something stolen and something buried. Richie denies knowing anything about it. Erica calls Kendall and Zach and tells them that she is fine, but she doesn’t’ want to be found, because she and Carmen have some unfinished business. Aidan asks Greenlee to marry him. Greenlee’s cell phone rings and it is Ryan.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Katie wakes up in bed with Brad and is immediately regretting what happened. Carly wants to talk about the kiss she and Jack shared, but he doesn’t seem to want to. Margo struggles to cope with the aftermath of her shooting and killing Gray, as she reacts strongly to an incident at the station. Paul comes bearing papers for Emma to sign, but she surprises him and Meg when she tells them that she has another buyer for her farm; Paul doesn’t react well. Emily sees Allison and Chris sharing time and breakfast. Brad wants to talk about what happened but Katie doesn’t. Jack explains to Carly that what they share physically is not their problem – it is trust. Brad tries to convince Katie that he is the one for her, but he instead infuriates her causing her to take off. Paul learns of a company Resources For Nature, which is interested in buying Emma’s farm and immediately goes to work finding out about them, as Meg questions Emma’s motives. Emily tells Susan about what she saw between Chris and Allison, as Susan worries she is obsessing over getting back at Chris. Jack and Carly don’t see eye to eye, as Jack thinks they are better off as friends and parents while Carly desperately wants to try again. Brad tries to talk with Katie, who doesn’t want to listen, as she tries to run away. Katie steals a bike to get away from an incessant Brad hot on her trail with the other bike while the owner calls the police. Emily orders Chris to stay away from her sister. Allison and Emily butt heads over whom she can hang out with, which only makes Allison more determined to do as she pleases. Jack wants space from Carly, as she tries to pamper him. Susan is pleased with Jack’s progress and attributes it to the great care Carly is giving him. Paul handles Emma better the second time around, which impresses both Meg and Emma. Jack is anxious to go back to work. Brad asks Katie to marry him right before they are arrested and Margo and Jack are stunned to see them hauled into the station. Jack watches Katie and Brad interacting and feels maybe they are meant to be, as Carly overhears his admission to Margo. Paul and Meg grow closer. Allison asks Chris to Will and Gwen’s going away party, but he turns her down claiming that Will and Gwen still have not forgiven him. Allison is upset over this. Carly continues to try to convince Jack that they belong together, as he fights it. She thinks he is afraid to be alone with her because he doesn’t trust himself...and not the other way around. Katie tells Brad that she is considering his question.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Against his better judgment, Storm lets Brooke persuade him to take Ashley out hopefully getting her mind off of Ridge. Ashley is reluctant, but admits she has to eat so they make it a working lunch. Eric and Donna are also planning a long lunch. Donna has her tiny tigress pussy-cat suit and intends to pounce on him. She gloats to Pam that Eric is not distracted, but she is an inspiration. Eric may not come back to the office at all. Only Pam makes sure she exchanges Eric’s pills and he will be getting a downer instead of his happy performance pills. Ridge is sore and complains to Stephanie about Storm still working in the legal department when he should be locked up.

Stephanie catches Pam with her hand in the cookie jar. Stephanie asks Pam if she had anything to do with Donna’s latest unfortunate accidents? Of course, she answers, complete with today’s arousal which won’t happen and she shows Stephanie the bottle of pills. Donna’s jungle seduction doesn’t work as she finds Eric passed out stone cold. Ridge is adamant that he doesn’t like the fact that some unsuspecting young lady is at lunch with Storm. He wants Brooke to nip it in the bud. He’s dangerous and he doesn’t want him to be involved with anybody at Forrester. Her brother is a loose cannon and anyone he is with could be in danger.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Sami and EJ meet Marlena and John at the DiMera mansion. Sami asks Marlena if they can move in with her, but she suggests that they move in with John instead. Sami convinces her to agree to move into the mansion with them, and John promises to think about the proposition. Meanwhile, Victor holds a celebratory dinner for Chelsea, Phillip, and Dr. Jonas. Kate shows up and joins them. Victor and Chloe butt heads when Victor makes snide remarks under his breath about the disappearance of Brady. Nicole waltzes in at the end of dinner, much to Kate and Victor's chagrin.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Thanks to Nikolas and Sam's pleas on Monica's behalf, the judge is merciful and allows her sentence to be treatment and community service. When Patrick takes Robin on a date, she spends most of it angsting over losing her figure and not being sexy, despite his multiple reassurances. To Tracy's dismay, Luke accepts Johnny's money and as a business partner in getting the Star running again.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Alan takes a walk to the park. Dinah sees how it feels to be really rich and in the Spaulding Mansion with servants. Mallet catches a rookie cleaning Gus' desk. Ashlee tries to comfort Coop. She asks him about the first time he met Gus. Coop starts a funny story and Ashlee begins to laugh. Natalia is at the hospital not knowing what to do with herself. Rafe joins his mother there. Cyrus overhears a telephone conversation Harley is having. She tells him she needs to make money fast. Later he tries to comfort her. Mallet has lunch at the Spaulding Mansion. He starts complaining about it though. Alan takes a walk to the gate of the ex-Spaulding Mansion. Dinah gets word of this. Coop gets a call from Blake. Seems she thinks he should move out on his own. Ashlee is a little upset that Blake is trying to run Coops life. Vanessa gets a call again that disturbs her. She doesn't know it, but it is Cyrus making those obscene phone calls!!!!! Harley tells Natalia of her dreams of Gus. Natalia tells Harley that Olivia was given Gus' heart. At first she is upset about it then she is glad. Though Natalia isn't happy about it. Alan winds up at Company wanting a drink and to talk to Buzz about Gus' last words to him. Mallet goes to the Spaulding Mansion not knowing that Dinah bought it. He calls for anyone to answer him. Dinah walks down the stairs and Mallet is shocked to see her. She tells him she bought the place. Mallet thinks this is pretend on Dinah's mind. She says it means everything to her. Vanessa is started by Harley. Vanessa then send her sympathy about Gus. Vanessa offers Harley a job. To find out who has been making harassing phone calls to her. Harley goes home to tell Cyrus that Gus is gone and that Olivia will be getting his heart. Then she tells him that Vanessa offered her a job. She then tells Cyrus that Gus is still helping the family even though he's gone. Cyrus doesn't know what to think. He looks worried. Ashlee ends up comforting Alan. Harley goes to the SPD to pick up Gus' things from his desk. Natalia tells Buzz about Gus' heart going into Olivia. When Alan overhears and screams, "Is there nothing that woman won't take?" Natalia covers her ears. Once Alan calms down he apologizes and tells Natalia she was right about things. Alan mentions if Harley had anything to do with. Ashlee goes to see a doctor for a consult on surgery to get thinner. She tells this doctor of Coop's NY book signing and going in a pretty dress. Harley goes to see Mallet to listen to her talk. They share a few beers in Gus' memory. Harley and the boys enjoy painting the inside of their new house. Dinah doesn't know what to do with herself in a big house. Mallet is still drinking. Ashlee decides to enter a gym for exercise instead of surgery. Natalia and Rafe join Harley at her house and they start painting.

OLTL Recap Written by Jeannie

Starr has a nightmare about going back to school pregnant. Langston wakes her up. John warns Cole to stay away from Starr at school. Starr rushes to the bathroom to get sick. Talia talks to John about Antonio's behavior and how he stood her up for their date last night. Jessica and Nash say goodbye and he leaves to pick up Sarah at the diner. Antonio talks to Cristian about not trusting Nash with Sarah. Cris assures him that he trusts Sarah. Nash and Sarah leave for Napa. They go first class, sipping champagne on the plane. Ramsey talks to Talia about changing her working situation because it is coming between her and Antonio. She tells him she doesn't need to change anything. John tries to talk to Antonio about his behavior with Talia. At school Cole and Starr stare at each other but Markko and Langston keep them apart. Cole gets into a fight with another student named Zach after he makes a rude remark about Starr. Ramsey tells Antonio Talia turned down his offer to change her partner. Langston promises Starr she'll pick up another pregnancy test after school. Starr is very worried and doesn't know what she'll do if she's pregnant.

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Alistair continues to drive Jack and Sharon crazy, as he joins Kay and Jill in trying to figure out just what Jeffrey has on Glo. Jeffrey tries to get close to Glo but she refuses his advances, distraught over her strained relationship with her sons who won’t back down. Jack and Sharon come back to pack up their belongings which sparks a truly emotional moment for him. When everyone leaves Glo realizes she’s all alone. Adam and Victoria compete for first chair while Victor enjoys the company of Sabrina in LA. Adam flirts with Phyllis who shares this with Nick. Daniel and Amber fight while Kevin and Jana plan their upcoming nuptials. Jana asks Amber to be her maid of honor and Kevin asks Michael to be her best man.

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