The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 4/1/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Colby and Frankie bring J.R. into the hospital. They put him into a room. Angie comes in and tells J.R. that he is not leaving the hospital until she finds out what is wrong with him. When Richie tells Babe that he is getting out of the hospital, she is thrilled and says she has a perfect place for him to recuperate. Richie thinks that Babe is taking him home with her, so he's quite upset when she takes him to Opal’s instead. Samuel is on the phone when Jesse comes in to join him. Samuel offers Jesse a position with the U.S. Attorney’s office, but he refuses, wanting to concentrate on his family. Carmen and Erica find refuge in a store. Opal welcomes Richie with open arms into her home. Richie accuses Babe of leading him on. Babe lets him know that they are just friends. Babe gets a call from Colby that J.R. is in serious condition and is in the hospital. When Babe rushes to J.R.'s side, Richie gets quite upset. At the hospital, J.R. is happy to see Babe. Angie shows Frankie the place on J.R.’s hip that's infected. Angie vows to find out what is wrong with J.R. before it is too late. Opal notices something strange about Richie’s attitude.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Emma decides to sell part of the farm to Worldwide only keeping the house the pond and a few acres for privacy. Emma makes Paul promise to conserve the land and be environmentally responsible with it. Paul later tells Meg that he bought the farm because of her since everything he does is about her. Will and Gwen make plans to leave Oakdale since Paul and Sofie promised to help Barbara through her cancer treatments. Katie tells Brad that Jack is no longer in her life so they share a nice dinner as friends and at the end of the evening they kiss. Carly and Jack talk about each of their past relationships and Carly tells Jack that they are meant to be together. Carly kisses Jack at the end of their trip down memory lane and Jack returns the kiss to Carly.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Rick holds Taylor and tells her no more excuses, it’s time for them to prove they love each other. She listens, but then tells him he will have to leave. Now that she knows how her daughter feels about him, there is no way she can be with him that way. He argues that he likes Phoebe, but he hasn’t seen her in months and she should have no expectations. He will let her down gently, but she has to know. He has to duck into the closet when they hear Phoebe’s voice approaching the bedroom. Ridge tells Brooke they both want their dream life to become a reality, but they are caught in a difficult situation. This is no time to rush into another marriage when she has divided feelings. She still wonders if he has regretted breaking off with Ashley. She denies having feelings for Nick, just the child. She still believes Ridge is her destiny. Brooke confronts Ashley and tells her to back off, despite what Ashley thinks, she and Ridge are going to be married.

Phoebe gushes to her mother what a wonderful evening she had with Rick tonight and she has learned more about love. She thinks she and Rick have a chance now. Taylor tells her she is genuinely happy for her. Later she tells Rick that now he can see why nothing can happen between them. Brooke tells Ashley she doesn’t want her to be hurt again by setting herself up for a fall. She likes and respects Ashley and wishes her the best, but that is not Ridge. She tries to seduce Ridge with her little red lingerie on the floor of Forrester’s. Unfortunately he is called to a meeting with Ashley and Henry. Brooke vents to Storm that Ashley is trying to steal her fiancée and she needs his help to get Ashley out of her life. Taylor leads Rick to the bed and repeats again that this can not happen. He says the hell it won’t, and indeed it is she that initiates a kiss and guides him down on the bed.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Bo pulls off his monitors and tries to get out of bed but the sudden action makes him collapse back onto the bed. Kayla and Lexie come to see Bo but Bo plays dumb when questioned about Hope and Steve. Just as Kayla is getting close to the truth, she starts cramping and is led away to be examined. Once alone again, Bo gets out of bed, determined to go find Hope.

Hope uses the time alone to go through Ava’s things and finds a scrapbook detailing Ava’s past career accomplishments. Steve gets into Ava’s car and by the end of the car ride back to Ava’s house, Steve has convinced Ava that he would rather be with her. Ava allows Steve to come into the bedroom with her and see Hope. Maggie convinces Mickey to give EJ a job at his law firm so EJ will seem more stable to the immigration agent. The agent asks to see more extended family involvement so Sami decides to seek Marlena’s help in portraying a cozy family gathering.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Monica goes to court, prepared to take her licks, but tells Liz she is seeing Emily everywhere. Kate pits her two new assistants against each other. Michael and Morgan's three parents have a tough time agreeing on exactly how involved Sonny should be in the boys' lives; Jax votes for virtually none, Sonny wants to be involved, and Carly wants peace. She also does not want Michael to become a mobster. Robin tells Liz how great a dad Jason is, as she observed when she and Jason were raising Michael. Patrick hovers a bit less, but still hovers. Luke is in pain and delivers a classic line, "Pain is the body's way of saying leave me the H *** alone" in response to Alice's workout. Later, he lets Sonny know about his meeting with Claudia and that he told her Sonny was not vulnerable. Monica pleads guilty and Diane offers that Monica is willing to be treated and to do community service. Alexis agrees, but the judge does not. Nikolas tries to intervene for clemency. Claudia and Johnny do not want their dad released back into the public. Johnny does want to get the Haunted Star back in business. Carly does not want Claudia in her hotel or Kate's party to happen there. Maxie needs Spinelli's brains to survive the competition.

GL Recap Written by Beth

As Gus lay dying, both Harley and Natalia are with him. Harley's boys are at the park with Rafe and Daisy. Rafe is remembering the last conversation he had with Gus. And how much Gus said he loves him and always will. Even Cyrus feels Gus' presents as he is fixing the outside of Harley's house. Later Rick comes in to check on Gus. He tells both Harley and Natalia the end is near. Harley kisses Gus on the lips. Natalia grabs his hand. Natalia goes to see Rafe to tell him. Alan finds out about Gus and is furious at Harley for not calling him sooner. She tells him Gus is gone. Harley says well if you were a better father to him we would have called sooner. Buzz and Mallet find out Gus is gone. Buzz just stares into space and Mallet starts to cry. Jeffery goes to see Olivia but doesn't tell her about Gus. Ava sees everyone huddled around Harley and Natalia and realizes why and starts to cry. Rick talks to Natalia about donation. He tells her and now Harley that Gus signed some papers to donate. All he need is their ok. Natalia gives it. Jeffery reads the bible to Olivia. Jeffery tells Olivia her brother is on the way. Rafe shows up at the Hospital and hugs Alan. Rafe pulls away and tells Alan his mother needs him. Alan lets him go. Harley goes home to talk to the boys about Gus. She tells him that it's time they get ready and finish the house. All the guys that knew Gus congregate at Company. Natalia signs consent papers as Mallet appears. Natalia goes to home. She hears the last message Gus left on the answering machine and starts to cry. Daisy arrives at the hospital to comfort Rafe. Harley get some visitors. They are her brother, Mallet, and Buzz. Buzz is in the kitchen with Harley and talking about Gus. Beth finds out and hugs Alan. Rick tells Natalia that Gus is a match for Olivia. Natalia goes to Gus' room for the last time.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Starr is still wondering if she is pregnant. Todd tells her that he will let her go back to school as long as she stays away from Cole. But she is not ok with that. Adriana is on the war path to keep Rex away from Gigi and Shane. And she attempts to find Shane's "real" father remembering the name that he told her he had. At the Buchanan cabin, Jared reveals to Natalie that he and Nigel scammed to have everybody falsely believing that Jared is Asa's son. They are ready to tell the others but get too distracted.

Passions Recap Written by Drew

A memorial for Theresa is held. Julian and Esme have another sexcapade in a mausoleum, this time Julian's a skeleton and Esme a mummy. Ethan mourns Theresa, but eventually tells Gwen he'll be devoted to her now, means everyone's pushing him to. Paloma is kissed by Roberto and Noah catches them. The Demon Elf uses magic to make Paloma feel like she's still in love with Roberto, too. Ivy and Rebecca interview people for the nanny position. Theresa happily disguises herself into an ugly costume and is accepted for looking grotesque. Viki prepares to stab Julian!

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Glo of destruction has run out of allies; Michael, Lauren and Kevin have decided to stop coming to her rescue and getting involved in her foolish schemes. Glo and Jeffrey both admit that they just might be made for each other. Jack and Sharon play where’s Alistair, then after receiving a visit from John, Jack decides to give Glo the mansion and start fresh. Adam searches for answers from Victor, asking him to tell him the story of how he and Hope came to be and not be.

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