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AMC Recap Written by Mary

The truck carrying Erica and Carmen stops. Carmen aims the pistol toward the door. The truck driver opens the back of the truck and sees Erica and Carmen. Zach comes home from taking Ryan on a field trip. Kendall comes out from the bedroom. Kendall wants to know where he had been. Zach informs her that he had taken Ryan on a field trip. Ryan is still in the woods where he had had his motorcycle wreck. Ryan screams out. Annie remembers her conversation with Greenlee in which Greenlee had told her that there was nothing about her worth remembering. Annie goes to see Aidan. Annie comes on to Aidan, but Aidan turns her down. Krystal, Tad, Angie and Jesse are at the Comeback Bar celebrating. They discuss the necklace and how that it had never been found after it had disappeared from around Mrs. Remington’s neck. Robert looks at the diamond and then puts it in a wall safe. He vows that Jesse will lead him to its big brother. Greenlee sits at a bar alone, drinking. She looks up and sees Ryan . Ryan join her and begins to apologize as to what he had done to her. Ryan begs Greenlee to tell him about his past. Greenlee is reluctant, but agrees. Annie tries to make Aidan believe that he had lost Greenlee to Ryan. Aidan doesn’t believe her. Annie soon leaves. Aidan starts to call Greenlee, but soon hangs up. Aidan mumbles to himself for Greenlee to come home to him. Kendall becomes furious with Zach when she finds out what Zach had done to Ryan by showing him the video tape of his past life. Robert visit’s the Comeback Bar and watches Tad, Krystal, Angie and Jesse. The truck driver threatens to turn Erica and Carmen in, but Erica tells him that he will be arrested, too. The truck driver lets them go on their way before someone sees them .Ryan soon leaves Greenlee, after kissing her on the cheek. Greenlee begs him to stay, but he refuses. Jesse gets a call from Samuel Woods.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Brad tells Katie to get things straightened out with Jack so that she won't lose anymore sleep over their relationship. Jack tells Katie his family needs time to heal and since he doesn't know how long that will take she shouldn't put her life on hold for him. The INS agent is very suspicious of Noah and Ameera's marriage because they sleep in separate rooms and Ameera is friends with Casey. Luke solves the problem by saying Casey is his boyfriend something that Casey isn't happy about at all. Noah asks Casey to pretend to be Luke's boyfriend so the INS guy won't watch them so closely but Casey says he must think about it. Sofie offers to go to all of Barbara's radiation treatments with her and keep Will and Gwen informed so that Will and Gwen don't have to postpone their plans to leave town. Allison helps Chris with a trauma patient since they are short staffed and he tells her she did a good job and takes her out to lunch. Carly asks Jack if he is willing to start fresh with their relationship but he still remains confused about his feelings for Carly and Katie.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

In heavy rain, Rick kisses Taylor and repeats that he can’t let her go. She insists he must; her own daughter is in love with him. Katie asks what does Nick mean that he is having unacceptable thoughts about her? He teases perhaps it is to prove that there are other women in Los Angeles besides Brooke and Bridget and he might start with her. She snarks that she doesn’t hate men and she also is not a prude, just don’t hurt Bridget.

Ashley praises her brother to Ridge about the Restless Style show. He confides that he thinks about her, not the fragrances, all the time. She reveals that she likes him and is vulnerable to him, but he left her because of Brooke and she doesn’t see this fairytale working out. She also doesn’t believe she should be his sounding board any more. Brooke is eavesdropping when Ashley says Brooke is sick and needs therapy. Phoebe tells Rick she is so appreciative for him being supportive of her mother. Over a nice dinner, she tells him that she is no longer that little school girl and she is ready to take their relationship to the next level. He admits that things are not the same and this won’t work out. She thinks it is because of her father. Taylor ends up at a bar and is offered a free glass of champagne for nearby newlyweds.

Rick calls Taylor while Phoebe is in the kitchen and she begs him not to tell Phoebe all of this. She will not be the mother to steal her daughter’s boyfriend. She stares at the drink. Brooke confronts Ridge and he won’t apologize for confiding in Ashley. Until Nick is out of Brooke’s life, there is little hope for them and the life they want to have. Nick burps in front of Katie and she thinks it is disgusting. Luckily Bridget slips back in before any more is said and asks what is going on with the intimate dinner? Taylor returns home and is shocked to find Rick in her bed and Phoebe gone back to work. He claims he came there tonight for an unforgettable night with Taylor, and that is exactly what he intends to have. Let him show her and prove to her how much he loves her.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Ava has Hope tell her what happened on the plane and the story of how Shawn Sr. died moves Ava to tears. Nick gathers Chelsea, Max, Morgan, and Stephanie together to announce that his grant proposal was accepted. Stephanie notices that Max is the only one not excited for Nick. Ava runs into Max at Shawn Sr.’s grave and once Max leaves, Ava tearfully apologizes to Shawn Sr. for causing the plane crash. While Ava is gone, Hope breaks a lock on the window. The open window sets off an alarm and Hope is caught by Angelo before she can escape. EJ asks Sami to pretend they are a happily married couple while dining with the immigration agent but Sami takes the opportunity to irritate EJ throughout the dinner. Sami and EJ let Maggie know what they are trying to do and Maggie comes up with an idea to help.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Obviously trying to cut off a potential problem, Kate hires both Maxie and Lulu as first and second assistants, respectively. However, the two girls cannot get along at all. Patrick's efforts to obliquely check up on Robin are seen through and she views them as sweet, but she's very upset that her old teddy bear is missing. Claudia's meeting with Sonny is cut short when Johnny comes over to tell Sonny to leave his sister alone, a request Sonny is glad to fulfill. Meanwhile the siblings' father and Ric discuss eliminating Trevor. Anthony's condition is now under control. It comes out during the course of conversation that Ian created Jerry's new face, and he is dismayed that Jerry will not kill Sonny. Michael talks to Sonny about quitting school, but Sonny tries to discourage that notion. Spinelli tries to tail Sonny and gets caught. Alexis is not thrilled with Jerry's kiss. At least, that is what she claims. Carly is jealous of Kate. Going on what she overheard, Claudia arranges for Ian to kill Sonny Friday.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Natalia goes to the house with Aitoro on it. She gets a phone call and leaves. While Bill and Lizzie are together she reads in the paper of an auction at the Spaulding Mansion. She gets up to dress, Bill stops her. She tells Bill how important that house is to her. She leaves to go to the house. Alan finds he can't pay for breakfast. Dinah catches him trying to figure out how to pay without money. She tells him she's been there. She hands him her credit card and tells him to buy a new suit. Doctor give Jeffery a report on Gus. Jeffery then visits an injured Gus. Natalia finds Harley. Harley reassures her Gus will be ok. He's strong, she tells her. Olivia (in a wheelchair) visits Gus. Dinah is driving those around her with food facts. Bill is at the Mansion looking at her doll house. While Lizzie goes to the hospital looking for her grandmother, Lillian Raines. Jeffrey talks to Gus about transplantation of organs. Rafe and Natalia are looking into Gus' room from a window. Rafe is upset. Natalia sees Harley in Gus' room and leaves the hallway. The nurse asks Harley to go. Harley begs to stay for just one moment. She tells Gus she wishes they were still together. Gus is wheeled away. Harley has a good cry and Cyrus catches it. He then holds her. Natalia visits Gus in his new room. She tells him she loves him. And that she'll be there for him. She prays over Gus. Gus is then moved again. Buzz visits Olivia. Ava comes in to tell them Gus is in surgery. Buzz then leaves Olivia's room and Ava stays. Ava tries to hug her mother, as Olivia caresses Ava hair. Bill brings Lizzie her doll house from the Mansion. She is pleased and happy to see it. Alan is seen outside the Mansion. Dinah is not far behind, but far enough she is not seen. She leaves and Beth arrives to comfort Alan. Gus' surgery is over. Gus is wheeled back into his room. Rick tells both Harley and Natalia he tried everything he could.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

When Natalie and Jared are alone in the cabin, he confesses to her that he is not her uncle after all. He has been scamming the Buchanans. At first, she does not believe him. But when he convinces her that it's true, she is disgusted in him. Bo and Nora are in a car caught in the snow storm, headed to the cabin. Clint and Lindsay are in another car headed there. Lindsay warns Clint that Nora and Bo might get too cozy if the car gets stuck and they are stranded. And sure enough there car gets stuck and they are stranded. But nothing happens maybe due to the fact that Clint and Lindsay catch them and pick them up and they all ride to the cabin together. Todd wonders what he should do in regard to Starr. He is ready to go and talk to her and attempt to reconcile. But she has a secret that she is not telling anybody involving a pregnancy test.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

In Genoa City Kay and Jill continue to get to know Alistair and learn of Jack’s scheme to haunt Glo out of the mansion. Glo and Jeffrey fight then passionately kiss which sends Glo into a frenzied state. Nikki and Adam engage in small talk at the GCAC; Nikki brings up Adam being a potential threat. Neil fills Victor in on what he thinks is going on between Victoria and Adam. Jill is intrigued with Alistair and thinks that she can use him to find out what Jeffrey is holding over Glo; Kay does not want to get involved. Brad and David discuss David’s gambling addiction; which Brad plans to exploit. Michael and Lauren tell Glo it’s time for her to stand on her own.

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