The TV MegaSite's Friday 3/28/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

When the truck carrying Erica and Carmen to Chicago hits a pothole, boxes go flying everywhere and hit the stowaways on the head. Jesse comes home to Angie cooking him a delicious meal. When she questions him, he admits he's been checking out escape routes, because habits die hard. When Jesse mentions the police department, Angie threatens that if he goes back to police work, she will tie him up so she'll be the first person he will have to arrest. Zach comes home and finds Ryan there, saying that Kendall has gone to meet Greenlee. Ryan lets Zach know that he hasn’t gotten his memory back and he faked it with Annie. Zach takes Ryan on a field trip to show him who he really was four years ago. Zach asks him if he wants to see more. Erica and Carmen open a box and finds some very sexy designer dresses. At ConFusion, Kendall is worried about Erica and starts to make a call, but Greenlee stops her. When Robert meets with Opal, she questions him about Erica. Robert offers to buy Opal a drink. Erica and Carmen have a fashion show in the back of the truck.

Angie and Jesse lie in bed together after making love. Kendall and Greenlee share a pitcher of cocktails. Zach shows Ryan a video of what he did to Greenlee when he found out that she was expecting his child. Zach tells Ryan that there is something else he wants him to see. Zach takes Ryan to the crash site where he staged his own death and tells him how Kendall and Greenlee had cried over him. Robert meets with a man who cut the diamond down to size from the necklace Mrs. Remington had worn around her neck for years not knowing what it was. Robert vows that Jesse will lead him to the biggest treasure of all. Angie can’t understand where Mrs. Remington’s necklace went since it wasn’t found in any of her personal effects. When the truck carrying Erica and Carmen to Chicago comes to a stop, they hear a noise. Carmen picks up the revolver and aims it toward the door, whispering to Erica know that the fashion show is over.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Henry and Vienna get the diner back when an FBI agent tears up the deed that Gerald Nevins signed in appreciation for Vienna leading them to Nevins Swiss bank account. The Snyder family celebrate Parker's freedom while Katie remains confused about who she wants in her future Jack or Brad. Margo remembers her rape all those years ago and shooting Gerald Nevins. Margo considers quitting the police force but Tom's love and support changes her mind. Margo informs Brad and Katie that the Chicago police found their money and it will be returned to them soon. Meg gets divorce papers from Craig and signs them because she wants to move on with her life. Meg tells Paul she can only offer him friendship right now.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Donna’s hair is green and her teeth a grungy brown. Pam shares the enthusiasm with her sis on the phone. Brooke shares with Katie that she is concerned about Bridget and her feelings for Nick. Katie accuses her of Brooke's own feelings of doubt in letting Nick go. As they speak, Bridget and Nick are in bed, taking things slowly! Phoebe knows Rick must be shocked since she is the one who broke off their relationship. But, since the letter seems to mean so much to him, she’s glad she wrote it. Trouble is, Taylor comes in before much more is said. Phoebe rushes off to finish the meal, and Taylor asks Rick what is going on with her daughter? He shows her the letter, saying he thought it was from her. She advises him to make this up to Phoebe, she is more age appropriate for him and loves him. This only proves what she has been saying, it will never work out for their own relationship.

Bridget is paged to the hospital, and Katie shows up at Nick’s and he has the dinner ready and invites her to stay. She’s impressed and quips she was expecting a bucket of chicken and beer. They speak of the Logan girls and he reveals he is thinking very inappropriate thoughts of her at the moment. Rick begs Taylor to reconsider. He does not love Phoebe, he loves Taylor. Phoebe walks in and asks what is going on? Donna summons Pam into Eric’s office and accuses her of being responsible for all of this sabotage. Pam says Donna is barking up the wrong cupcake. Storm confides in Brooke that he’s about ready now for another good romance to come into his life. She states she is sure a good woman will come into his life soon. Taylor tells Phoebe she is not upset, just very surprised. Rick walks her out in the rain and kisses her goodbye after Taylor tells him to go back inside and have that dinner with Phoebe and move on with her. He vows he won’t let her go.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Bo suggests to Abe that they call off the search for Hope, reacting to Steve’s request to handle Ava on his own. Abe becomes suspicious but Bo is able to convince Lexie to trust him enough to keep Abe at bay. Hope tells Ava about Steve’s presumed death to prove that Steve only was ever with her because they thought he had died. Steve has Stephanie sit with Kayla while he goes to fill Bo in on how Ava came to kidnap Hope. Steve lets Bo listen in when Ava calls him with a meeting place.

Max insists on knowing what has been worrying Stephanie so she tells him about Ava and the threat to their family. Max is too nervous to tell Stephanie that he loves her and makes Stephanie say it first. John gives Marlena a diamond necklace in an attempt to buy her forgiveness but Marlena is offended by the gesture. Marlena shows her disapproval by re-gifting the necklace to Maggie in front of John. Maggie returns the necklace to John and suggests that he donate the necklace’s worth to charity in order to impress Marlena.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Patrick has to tell Jason that he needs further surgery that Jason refuses to have because the timing is poor. Claudia informs Ian that since Johnny won't violate the truce he just formed with Sonny, he has to kill Corinthos. Trevor's arrival cuts into Sonny and Ric's meeting. Sonny warns Trevor no one would care if he died. Until she hears Maxie has the job as Kate's assistant, Lulu does not want to do as Carly asks and go to work for Kate, but then jealousy impels her to consider it. It might be for nothing though; the reason Carly is pushing is so Lulu can be her eyes on Jax at the magazine, but Kate does not want Jax to be so hands on, just provide funds. Jerry's invitation to dinner and pursuit of her makes Alexis uneasy. Then, he moves on to disconcert Claudia as Johnny lets her know he's partnered with Jerry and ordered him to kill Sonny. Johnny does get good news; his father's mental state may be correctable with medicine; it's due to a long standing dopamine imbalance. Ric visits Anthony and offers to get him free, for a price. Jax is able to help Kate when a designer tries to cancel a verbal contract with her. Jerry informs Ian that he will not kill Sonny. Spinelli gets a job watching Sonny for Jason while Jason is recovering from the surgery Sonny orders him to have.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Daisy becomes worried when there is little in Harley's pantry and after a discussion with Harley goes off to shop. Ava becomes worried about Olivia. Jeffrey offers to call Josh for Olivia. Gus tells Harley about Olivia. Harley can't believe it. But she is so pleased that Gus cares. Gus tells Harley that he almost married Olivia. Daisy runs into Cyrus and he tells her what she is up to. Harley and Gus' talk soon changes to Olivia and Gus' feelings for her. Olivia and Rick are talking and Olivia asks Rick for a favor. Ava has a nice talk with her Dad. Jeffrey says she still has him. They hug. Josh visits Olivia as friend and spiritual adviser. Alan and Gus meet up again. They joke about the upcoming situation that Alan finds himself in. Alan shows Gus how much money he has available. $3 and some change. Jeffrey calls Alan for Beth. Alan tells Gus that was Jeffrey looking for Beth. Gus takes off telling Alan to stay away from Olivia's hospital room. Alan and Gus are together later and Alan tells Gus he is glad he found him. Harley is at the Gym and runs into Remy. Who is not happy to see her. As a matter of fact he leaves. Harley is left alone. She then leaves with a tote bag. Daisy and Rafe go to see Cyrus. Reva calls one of her kids from the Hospital where she is visiting Olivia. Reva and Olivia share a hand holding moment. Ava calls Gus to tell him that he is needed back at the hospital. Alan wants to go with him. Reva has Olivia outside at the park. Olivia asks Reva about death, (remember Reva had a near death some time ago.). Reva evades the subject with her knack of coming up with something funny to talk about. Olivia giggles. Ava calls everyone she can. The Rick comes to tell them he found a heart. When she is not in her room they worry. Olivia talks to God. Ava calls Gus to tell him Olivia has disappeared. He goes to find her. Olivia is picking a flower for her bible when she looks up. Daisy and Rafe talk about Harley. Harley makes Cyrus smile with the outfit she has one. Vanessa gets a threatening call. She doesn't know but it is from Cyrus, who changes his voice. Music plays and everyone is doing their thing. Gus is still on the road to find Olivia. Cyrus walks behind Harley and kisses her. Reva drops off Olivia. Ava comes in just in time to see that Harley is back. Gus is in trouble........

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Jared and Natalie arrive at the cabin and are uneasy being alone. There is a big snow storm. Bo and Nora realize that Matthew needs his laptop in order to complete a homework assignment. So they ride together. Lindsay warns Clint that he may not want the two of them together. He tells her he suspects nothing but does listen to her. Addie tells Todd he must realize he is not benefiting anybody with what he is doing to Starr. He then admits to Blair that she might be right. John seems to get through to Cole that he might need to stay away from Starr whether he wants to or not. Starr is stranded in the house unable to go anywhere. But she has a pregnancy test. John and Talia are concerned about Antonio. He suspects that John is hitting on his girl friend.

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Male bonding, love and trickery embellish Genoa City as Brad gathers up the guys at his pad for some poker and beer in an attempt to lure David back into the world of gambling. Sabrina has Victor intrigued to the point of considering going to Los Angeles for business and maybe pleasure. Victoria sings Sabrina’s praises to Nikki while Adam and Victor bond over dinner. Alistair is on the lose and driving the Abbott, Fisher and Baldwins crazy. While he does this, Kay and Jill invite him into the Mausoleum to hear “his story.”

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