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AMC Recap Written by Mary

While Samuel is on the phone at the police station, Jack angrily enters and demands to know what is being done to find Erica. A delivery truck carries Erica and Carmen to their destination in Chicago, Illinois. Tad comes into the office with Aidan and hears that Zach offered his partner a job with Cambias Industries. Greenlee looks at the bottle of “Harm” perfume and is glad that they avoided a disaster. Greenlee tries to talk to Annie, but she refuses to talk to her. Kendall is home alone on the phone when Ryan shows up. Jack and Samuel argue as usual over Erica and Samuel’s handling of this situation. Erica tries to talk Carmen out of killing Armando. Tad and Aidan watch television and find out that Erica is on the “lam.” Annie reminds Greenlee that she doesn’t care at all about Erica. Greenlee denies the accusation. Greenlee apologizes to Annie for putting Ryan up to deceive her with pretend memories of their life together. Annie hurls some very insulting remarks toward Greenlee concerning Ryan and Greenlee’s return to Pine Valley. Ryan and Kendall agree that Erica will be all right. Ryan assures Kendall that she is not alone and holds her hand. She quickly pulls away from him and gets up, pretending to clean up the room. Samuel explains the situation about Carmen and Armando to Jack. Carmen explains to Erica that Mando would go to his mother on the south side of Chicago. They discuss Jack and that Erica is stupid to let him go. Erica remembers her life with Jack. Ryan lets Kendall know that Greenlee blurted out to Annie that she kissed Ryan. Kendall is very upset with Greenlee. Ryan suggests spending some time with Spike. Kendall thanks Ryan for stopping by. Greenlee and Annie apologize to each other for their harsh remarks and hug. Greenlee calls Kendall and asks her to meet her at ConFusion. Zach comes home and finds Ryan there alone. The truck hits a hole in the road and the boxes in the back hit Carmen and Erica.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

The Snyder family and some friends show up to support Parker as he testifies in his own defense. Parker remembers that he only fired one shot and says he didn't kill Sam. In Chicago Carly and Jack search for the homeless woman who was a friend to Kit. The homeless woman named Ruby doesn't want to testify because she doesn't want to speak ill of the dead. Ruby tells Carly and Jack that her own six year old son died because she didn't have the money to pay for his care. Carly finally persuades Ruby to help save Parker and all three rush to court with a police escort. Tom and the D.A. give closing arguments and then the judge says Parker is guilty of murder. Jack and Carly rush in with Ruby after the verdict and persuade the judge to hear Ruby's testimony in which she says Kit admitted to her that Parker shot Sam in the shoulder and after he ran out of Metro with Carly she went back and finished the job. Ruby also shows the court a fake ID with a different name that Kit had done on the day she shot Sam so the judge reverses the verdict and throws out the charges against Parker. Meg thanks Paul for helping Parker through a rough time Ameera tells Noah that what happened to Carly in Iraq reminded her of how women get raped in Iraq and the men never pay for their crime. Luke tells Noah he did the right thing by marrying Ameera and he is willing to wait to start their future together.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Rick shows up at work feeling pretty low and accuses Brooke of sabotaging his relationship with Taylor by sending Ridge over last night. He wants a future with this woman and he and Brooke will never see eye to eye. It doesn’t matter as Taylor says it is over. However, he calls her and leaves a voicemail that he loves her and wants a chance to change her mind. Taylor calls James over and informs him that as unseemly as it may be, she has fallen in love with Rick Forrester, Brooke’s son. She tried to end it last night, but saw his disappointed face, and she missed him all night. She’s written down her feelings and thought she’d send it to him. Donna slinks around and tries to stay out of the limelight. Even Eric informs Pam there will be no photographers today for the magazine interview. Pam has made mountains of goodies that she foists on everyone who passes her desk.

Pam hands Rick a letter that was left for him. He reads it and “she” says that she knows there is a big age difference and that he wanted to make love and she wasn’t ready, but she is now. Come by the house tonight. Signed “me”. Rick knew Taylor would change her mind. The hairdresser shows up to do Donna’s hair. Pam manages to slip a different bottle in his bag while he is wolfing down the brownies. He wants to darken the hair for more contrast. She decides also to try a teeth whitener, that might help. No brightness though, when Donna is done, she lets out a scream. Rick is beyond stunned when he shows up and finds Phoebe, who has written the letter.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Chloe gets an audition but is turned down because of the suspicion surrounding her part in Brady’s disappearance. Ava listens in as Hope calls Steve pretending to be Kayla. Steve starts to tell Kayla about Ava but Kayla starts having severe cramps. The doctor rushes over and orders Kayla on complete bed rest. Bo tears a stitch in his attempts to get out of bed to look for Hope. Lexie convinces Bo to stay in bed by having Abe take over the search for Hope. Chelsea is released from the hospital and Bo arranges for her to recuperate at the Kiriakis mansion. Hope tries to empathize with Ava by getting Ava to open up about her and Steve’s relationship. Ava wants to know about ‘Kayla’ and Steve’s relationship but Hope requests to make a second call in exchange for telling her story. Steve calls Bo to let him know that he talked to Hope but asks that the cops not get involved.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Ric confronts Marianna over her betrayal, and she defends herself with a claim that she fell in love with him. He then offers her money to compensate her distress, but breaks off with her. Carly and Jason have a heart to heart about Sam's situation, Monica, Liz, and the boys. She finally agrees to not pick on Liz if he will agree not to lie to her ever again. Then, she comes up with the theory that since both of them were in surgery at the same time and out of it, that they really did play pool - on an ethereal plane, and she actually did beat him. Nadine asks Liz why Nikolas is determined to die. Faced with a staff walk out if Luke is not allowed back into the Quartermaine manor, Edward and Tracy let him move home. Kate is upset and worried about Sonny's dark side. Jax says it might be best not to try for a baby immediately. Claudia and Ric approach Jason and Sonny respectively to engineer Trevor's demise.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Alexandra is scolding Alan for putting the family in trouble. Bill and Lizzie are talking about what ifs, like in fighting. Bill says no fighting. Jeffrey goes to Doris with an interesting story of marriage. Doris wants to know who is getting married. He says he is. She laughs. Ava checks on Olivia. Dinah is having fun at the Spaulding Mansion going through Alan's cigar box. Gus and Natalia meet up. Gus tells her the house they are outside of is theirs. He wants to settle down with her and Rafe. Jeffrey tells Olivia what Doris said when he told her he was marrying her. Olivia lets out a guffaw laugh. Once again Rafe manages to mess up a moment with Gus. Rafe thinks Gus was cheating on his mom with Olivia. Gus tells him no. That he was just helping a friend. Gus mentions Rafe wanting to move in with Daisy. He doesn't want him too. Olivia has a nice talk with her younger, Emma about the wedding and what it all means to them. Dinah is talking to Bill about Alan. Mallet visits Alan in jail. Mallet tells him the house has been impounded. Alan says the money is his. Doris performs Jeffrey and Olivia's wacky wedding. They change the wedding vows in mid stream. Making Doris wonder what she is doing there. Rings on everyone smiles. Gus visits Alan in jail. He wont help him. Doris meets Lizzie. Doris tells her the Spaulding house is up for Government Sale. Jeffrey, Ava celebrate the wedding with drinks. Although Ava isn't really in the mood. She is worried about Bill. Buzz is having some friendly fun with Olivia making her laugh while feeding the wedding party. Mallet visits Alan. This time though Alan is in Police headquarters not the jail. Lizzie comes by. She also refuses to help. Olivia and Jeffrey dance. Gus ponders his latest meeting with Alan. Jeffrey and Olivia do the cake bit. Natalia looks over the new house wit Rafe. She loves it. He's a little hesitant. Lizzie moves in with Bill. Bill comes to Alan's rescue and posts bail. Buzz shares a dance with Olivia while all watch with smiles. The they have 4 way toast. Olivia, Ava, Jeffrey and Buzz. Alan tries to get rent and is laughed at. Dinah calls Mallet to get the scoop on things. Bill comes home to a newly bathed Lizzie. Olivia and Jeffrey kid around making Olivia smile. Olivia has an attack. Gus makes a call to someone. Ava sees her mother in trouble. And tells Jeffrey to get help.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

At the police station, Antonio is very uneasy with how friendly Talia and John are becoming. She is very disappointed in how Antonio is afraid to defy Ramsey. He is getting very stressed over losing his business and his personal issues. Blair tells John that she hopes he can talk some sense into Cole before he gets into trouble for what she recently noticed when he snuck into the house to see Starr. Jared is very tempted to tell Natalie the truth. But he's afraid of the consequences. Charlie is similarly afraid to confess to Viki that he lied. Nash is burying himself in business and Jessica feels shut out. Nash is getting friendly with Sarah. And Jessica is getting friendly with Cristian.

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

In the fair city of Genoa, Glo has realized that the Abbott mansion may not be haunted and Jack, Sharon and Jeff could simply be trying to coerce her out of the mansion. Lauren reveals to Jeffrey who finds her unconscious at the foot of the stairs that she saw John Abbott, she also shares this with Michael who is infuriated and determined to get to the bottom of this charade. Jack and Sharon search hi and lo for Alistair, with no gleam of hope. Brad is confronted by Victoria who believes he was the culprit who hacked into the computer, he denies this and Victoria warns him that next time he will be arrested. Victoria apologizes to Adam for her assumption. Lily is asked to slow down and eat by Devon, Colleen and Cane but she assures them she’s fine as Chloe dangles drugs in front of her face to help her stay energized. Brad invites Cane, Adrian and David over for some male bonding and polka. Nikki and Kay talk about David’s addiction.

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