The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 3/26/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Jesse just stands and looks at the door. He still can’t believe that things are finally over and he is free to go out into the daylight. Babe and Krystal prepare to leave Adam’s mansion. Adam tries to get them to stay longer, but Krystal refuses. Opal comes in and is relieved to see Tad alive. Opal mentions to them that she brought in a visitor. Robert comes into the living room. Adam thanks Robert for saving his daughter’s life. Greenlee, Aidan, Kendall and Zach are at the police station. Greenlee lets them know that she called Jack. Kendall is worried about Erica’s safety. Erica tries to steal the gun from Carmen, but she wakes up and the gun at her. Carmen tells Erica that she made a big mistake. Erica asks Carmen how she ended up in this situation with her boyfriend. Carmen tells her all about the bank robbery. Samuel offers Kendall his apologies which Kendall refuses. Kendall questions Samuel about Carmen. Kendall finds out that Carmen has a gun. Robert tells Adam about his busting the drug kingpin, Papal. Krystal thanks Robert for all his help. Jesse still can’t believe that all this ordeal is finally over. Samuel tries to relieve Kendall’s worries over Erica. Erica and Carmen go into a grocery store. Carmen pretends as though they are lovers and kisses Erica on the cheek. They are paying for the things that they had gotten when Erica sees Samuel and Kendall on the television. Erica writes Kendall's phone number on a napkin and leaves it for the cashier to find. J.R. tries to get Babe involved in another high stakes poker game, but she refuses. Krystal and Babe leave Adam’s mansion. Frankie comes to visit Colby and brings her a gift of a new pair of shoes. Colby hugs him. Kendall conducts an interview with the press. She appeals to Carmen to let Erica go. Derek reveals to Kendall and Zach that Erica and Carmen were seen in a store where Erica left a note. Jesse and Angie are at the police station and he sees an old pic of himself up on the wall. Jesse and Angie go into the interrogation room where Derek plus the other officers give Jesse a round of applause. Erica and Carmen sneak onto a delivery truck headed for Chicago. The driver of the truck comes out and puts a lock on the back door.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Barbara tells Will and Gwen that she has cancer. Meg calls Paul with help for Parker. Margo, Casey, Allison and Matt struggle to get free before the bomb goes off. Henry and Vienna have a heart to heart about what happened. Vienna is very guilty about Gray. The bomb malfunctions after it reaches zero to everyone’s absolute happiness. Tom finds them tied up, as they explain what happened. Parker worries about his trial conclusion the next day. Barbara explains what she has been going through with the cancer diagnosis and treatment. Will and Gwen decide they are staying in town. Barbara wants them to continue with their plans, but they are going to rally at her side. Margo wonders what Gray’s plans are? Matt is taken away. Paul and Parker talk about his case and Paul is able to help Parker. Meg is affected by the way Paul handled Parker. Will tells Barbara that she has to share this news with Paul. Henry and Vienna find out what Gray has been up to at the Hughes’ house. Gray sneaks back into the Hughes house after they all go to bed and sets a trap for Margo. Meg and Paul get closer, as Barbara shows up to talk with him. Henry wants them to move on with their lives, but Vienna continues to regret the decisions she made with Gray. Allison heads back to the Hughes’ house after remembering she left her coat and phone there. Barbara tells Paul that she has cancer. Allison and Margo talk briefly, about what happened; Allison sees a gun and pushes Margo out of the way. Gray holds them at gunpoint until Tom shows up and struggles to get the gun from him. Paul gives Barbara a pep talk and promises that he will be there for her. Will struggles with all that has gone wrong with his family, but he is happy Gwen is there by his side. Gwen sees this as an opportunity for their family to come out of this crisis stronger. Margo is forced to put down her gun so Gray won’t shoot Tom, but then pulls it out and shoots Gray dead after he gets distracted commenting about how his brother always said she was ‘soft.’ Meg overhears Barbara’s news and Paul and she grow even closer, as he seems poised to kiss her, but he leaves instead, as Meg looks disappointed. Casey is worried about Allison and promises to check on her the next day. Tom, Margo and Casey are appreciative their family made it through this.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

The words echo in Rick’s mind what Taylor told Ridge, that she will never cross that line. She tells Ridge she just needs someone to support her. That is what Rick is – someone to bring light into her dark world. She throws Ridge out and won’t explain herself any more. Ridge reminds her again that a lot of people will be hurt here, one will be their daughter. He tells a frantic, anxious Brooke that this is no game on Taylor’s part. She is not getting back at Brooke, the relationship between her and Rick seems real. But he has her assurance she will not cross that line to become intimate. Rick waits until Ridge leaves and makes his entrance, keeping it all low key. Over dinner he explains to Taylor that he overheard her conversation with Ridge, and yet he feels they can be more than friends. Tell him the truth, is he being a fool? Donna screams for help after being locked in the tanning booth. She looks like a lobster and now will have to wait 7-10 days for it to fade. Pam is in stitches when she sees Donna; Eric is speechless. Brooke asks Ridge if he is going to help her put an end to this or not? She knows for a fact that he is planning a romantic evening tonight. Taylor is going to seduce him, then dump him and Rick will have to pay the price for it.

Taylor explains to Rick that she is the one who would be a fool if she allowed herself to believe they could ever be more than friends. He quizzes her, doesn’t she feel anything for him when they kiss? He doesn’t want to plan a year from now or even a week from now, but just for the moment. Can she accept that? He holds her and kisses her tenderly and comments that she is breathing heavily and he hears her heart beating rapidly – she is feeling something. Finally she admits she is enjoying it, maybe a little too much. But she turns away and begs him to go, she can not let this happen. He leaves and she cries with regret.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Philip asks Max about Morgan but claims that he doesn’t plan to use her to get to her father. Philip charms Morgan while offering Tony the chance to advertise for his shipping company. Kate decides to use Tony to advertise her product line but asks Anna to handle her smaller product division. Morgan and Stephanie learn that their internships have to be filmed in order to qualify for school credit.

Bo has a nightmare about being unable to reach Hope and becomes worried when Hope can’t be reached by phone. Chelsea insists on visiting Bo. Abe and Lexie lament over not having time to spend together. Hope tries to pick the lock to Ava’s bedroom but is interrupted when Ava returns. Hope tries to talk Ava into releasing her but Ava is convinced Steve will choose her once he comes to join “Kayla.” Ava gives Hope Angelo’s cell phone and instructs her to call Steve to come join them.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Monica has lots of visitors as she prepares to enter rehab; first Tracy comes by and is informed that she can quit the blackmail and move back in, along with Luke and the next visitor, Lulu. Then, Nikolas comes to discuss funding something so that no one will be turned away from lack of insurance at the hospital and he confides about seeing Emily's ghost. Monica is envious. Jason turns to Diane to help his mother. She advocates tough love. Robin undergoes violent nausea and consults Maxie on decorating a nursery. Hoping to find a way to kill Sonny from the inside, Claudia pays Luke a call, but he won't help her. She then tries Kate, only to be rejected. Kate does give Maxie a job. Carly and Jax continue to mourn.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Beth and Alan are talking when Lizzie interrupts with news she is moving in with Bill. Alan is furious. Beth tells Alan to let Lizzie live her life her way. On the way out she tells Alan to enjoy his trip. Alan make yet another call to his people to watch Bill. Bill and Dinah are talking and Bill tells his sister she is a genius. Gus is in his car with Natalia. Telling her because he is Rafe's father he will always be there. But not in the way she wants. After offering her a ride she gets out of the car instead. Olivia and Ava are talking about Gus and his proposal. Alan threatens Lizzie he'll go to court. And that a judge won't believe her. He shows her proof he knows where Jonathan and Sarah are. He is on the phone with the person who sent him that fax. Lizzie tells him to hang up. Bill returns to the Spaulding Mansion and is told to move his car. Olivia spends time with both of her daughters, Ava and Emma. Emma is excited to be the flower girl. Gus is on the phone with Alan talking about raising Emma together. Alan hangs up on Gus. Jeffrey compliments Olivia on the way she looks in her wedding dress. Lizzie meets up with Bill. Lizzie tells Bill she trusts him. They hug. Bill tells her he's going to need a down-payment for what he's about to do. She gives him a kiss. He smiles. Dinah goes to see Mallet with good news and a happy look on her face. They are interrupted by a phone call for Mallet. Beth and Lizzie are outside talking. Bill is back at his office telling Wanda they are closing down soon. He calls Lizzie to tell her he's on the way home. He gets her answering service. He leaves a message. He also wants to know where she is. Lizzie and Beth take Alan for a ride. Bill meets up with Dinah telling her he's got the whole place bugged, meaning the Spaulding Mansion. Alan is in the back of his limo dreaming of the sun, etc, he thinks he is going to see. Not knowing what Beth and Lizzie have in store for him. Olivia and Gus talk about his being there for her. He says he's there for as long as he is needed. Olivia has an attack as she is running down a flight of stairs. She has to sit down. Mallet picks up Natalia. Dinah tells a friend that she is due some good news and payoff. Alan's limo is stopped and Bill is the one doing it. Bill asks Lizzie to go with him. Lizzie says no. Beth tells her to go. Alan says ok go, but you'll be back because she is a Spaulding. Alan gets a call and asks his driver to turn around. He is not happy and Beth is scared. Bill and Lizzie end up in a kiss. At the gate, Alan gets out of the car and is met by 2 men. They arrest him. Alan tells Beth to call his lawyer. Dinah looks on from afar smiling.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Adriana still demands to know who Shane’s real father is. Gigi is reluctant to tell her. Dorian still keeps Rex occupied to keep him from finding out where Adriana had gone. Shane comes downstairs. He reveals to Adriana who his father is. Marcie and Markko are in the diner. She offers to tutor him in his schoolwork. Michael soon join Marcie. Clint tells Warren that he is buying him out. Bo doesn’t understand why Clint is ruining Warren’s life. Jared denies anything going on between him and Gigi. Jared reveals that Rex is jealous of Gigi. Jared asks Natalie if she is jealous of him and Gigi. Natalie denies being jealous. Rex becomes uneasy about Adriana and starts to call her, but Dorian stops him. Bo suggests to Clint that they may be able to work something out. Clint refuses to listen to Bo’s reasoning. Michael suggests to Marcie that they move forward with their lives. Dorian tells Rex that Adriana will be back soon. Layla knocks on the door. Rex is surprised to see her and wonders where Adriana is. Layla tells him that she hadn’t seen Adriana. Rex begins to worry about Adriana. Adriana begins to question Gigi about Shane’s father and why she didn’t want anyone to know who his father was. Gigi orders Adriana to back off. Adriana leaves. Shane comes back downstairs. He wants to know what Adriana was doing here. Rex starts to go looking for Adriana when he meets her in the hall. She reveals to him where she had been much to Dorian’s surprise. Marcie reveals to Michael that she doesn’t blame him for what had happened, but she blames herself. Clint tells Warren that B.E. is buying him out. Natalie and Jared stand by in disbelief at Clint’s actions and his attitude. Bo tries to talk to Clint, but Clint refuses to go along with Bo’s feelings on the subject. Gigi comes into the diner and sits down with Marcie. Rex comes in and tells Gigi that Adriana had told him that they had had a nice conversation. Gigi gets up and leaves.

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Someone has hacked into Newman Enterprises database and JT suspects it’s an inside job, Victoria points a finger at Adam causing him to become defensive and annoyed. JT clears him and shares that the culprit is none other than Brad Carlton. Danny is leaving Genoa City but not before performing a heart wrenching song he wrote for Daniel which seals the deal on their reconciliation. Glo suspects Jack, Jeff and Sharon are hiding something at the AC so she enlists Kevin to help her break into the room in question. Sabrina kisses Victor and Adam witnesses. An escaped Alistair startles Lauren at the Abbott mansion resulting in her massive fall down the stairs. Nick is riding high after the success of the launch party.

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