The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 3/25/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Greenlee holds up two dresses in front of her and tries to decide which one she likes the best. She even gets Aidan involved in deciding which dress he likes the best. Greenlee gets a phone call which unnerves her completely. Ryan sneaks a peek at the photo album again. Annie comes back into the room with a bottle of wine and glasses. They start to kiss when the phone rings. As a result of the phone call, Annie becomes unnerved also. Greenlee tells Annie to meet her at Fusion. Zach urges Kendall to try to get some sleep. The brakes goes out on the van that carries Erica and Carmen to prison. At Fusion, Greenlee and Annie find out that their shipment of perfume to major retailers has one major complication. Instead of having “Charm” on the label, it has “Harm.” Aidan, Greenlee, Ryan and Annie scramble to head off the catastrophe by calling all the retailers and offering a bonus for everyone who finds a bottle before it reaches the shelves. After stealing one of the police weapons, Carmen and Erica escape from the van. Annie asks Ryan to keep this between them that he is beginning to remember. Greenlee walks over to Ryan and they discuss how the photo albums are helping him to fool Annie into thinking that he is remembering her. Annie walks up behind Greenlee and listens to their conversation. Annie asks them what is going on. Erica and Carmen escape from the van and head off through the woods. Erica tries to talk Carmen out of doing this. Carmen orders Erica to get up or she will shoot her. Kendall dreams that Erica is in trouble and calling for her to help her. Greenlee promises a big celebration for everyone when Ryan gets his memory back. Greenlee puts her foot in her mouth and reveals that she had kissed Ryan. Annie starts blaming Greenlee for being after Ryan, too. Annie sees through the ploy and realizes that Greenlee had been telling Ryan to pretend like he is remembering Annie by looking at her picture albums. Annie walks out on them. Ryan follows her. Greenlee tries to explain to Aidan, but he leaves Greenlee also. Samuel and Derek meet for drinks. Derek checks to see if the van had reached the prison yet, but doesn’t get an answer. Samuel gets a call that the van had wrecked and Erica and Carmen had escaped. At the crash site, Derek finds out that the deputies weapon is missing. Derek calls Kendall and tells her that there had been a wreck and Erica and Carmen had escaped. Samuel knows that they must find Erica immediately. Erica and Carmen find shelter in an old barn. Carmen has the pistol in her belt. Erica very carefully tries to get the gun from Carmen.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Will and Gwen make plans to leave Oakdale and have a fresh start once they get the approval from Sofie and Barbara to leave town. Sofie advises Barbara to tell Will and Gwen about her cancer before they leave town and Barbara takes her advice arriving at Will and Gwen's house ready to tell them about her illness. Aaron returns to Oakdale telling Holden that Julie is lesion free and what the doctors thought were lesions were just shadows on an X-Ray. Aaron is determined to make things right between he and Sofie and once they talk they decide to be friends. Brad, Bonnie, and Katie get very drunk and talk but even drunk Bonnie notices the connection between Brad and Katie and feels left out of things. Gray uses Matt and Casey to lure Margo into a trap at her house, Alison also gets caught in the trap when she follows Gray's car to the Hughes house. Margo tries to get Gray to free the kids but he says that she will suffer more if she knows they died with her. Gray sets a bomb and the clock slowly ticks down as he leaves everyone tied up and tells Margo she will finally know the true meaning of justice.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke follows Ridge around and rants that this situation is sick. He thinks it is laughable, but when she insists he says he will go see Taylor. Rick pops in on Taylor and she thanks him for last night. His only regret is that he did not stay the night. He wants to set up some plans for the both of them tonight. Back at the office, Rick tries to avoid his mom, but she catches him and wants to talk. She wants this situation with Taylor to end, but he doesn’t think anything she says will change a thing. She will just have to get used to this. She’s even more upset when he blurts out he is making plans for tonight and he hopes they will really be ‘together’. Ridge visits Taylor and she is insulted that he thinks she is acting out or using Rick in any way to get back at Brooke. She informs him that their bonding is real, and Ridge has no right to tell her who she can see or what she can do. And this time she knows Brooke can not seduce this man away from her. Eric gives Pam an edict that she can not continue harassing Donna with stunts like the pop gun. Pam doesn’t think Donna has any sense of humor, but promises she will stop it. She excuses it by saying she is just too committed to him and the family.

Donna reveals to Katie that she is concerned about her looks and wants to look her very best for Eric. Pam scopes out a tanning salon she knows Donna is going to visit. With Donna in the booth, the attendant turns on the tanning machine, but Pam calls her away to adjust the shower in her booth and sabotages Donna’s so that it won’t turn off. Donna panics and pounds on the door for someone to let her out, she is DONE! Rick overhears Taylor tell Ridge that Rick is just a friend, she is not in love with him. He is Brooke’s son and Phoebe’s ex-boyfriend, she would never do that. Rick is crushed when she also tells Ridge that she will never cross that line and be intimate with Rick.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Steve brings Kayla home to rest. Ava kidnaps Hope and takes Hope back to her house. Angelo threatens to tell Ava’s father what she’s done so Ava claims that she would rather be dead than live without Steve. Hope, recognizing Ava, allows her to keep thinking that she is Kayla.

Kate teases Chelsea about wanting to stay in the hospital to be around Dr. Jonas. Chelsea denies having a crush on Dr. Jonas. Chelsea talks with Nick about being a better person. Bo and Dr. Jonas argue over whether he should have had the surgery.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Ric explodes when Trevor says he will turn Marianna in for killing Randy if Ric does not cooperate and sign over the waterfront property. Then,he throws the zinger, he paid Marianna to hook up with Ric. Yet, Ric still does not want to sell her out and signs over the property. Between Patrick's hovering and Claudia's bigotry, Robin chafes. Jason warns her to avoid Claudia. Epiphany lets Jason know that Monica was brought into the ER with a very high blood alcohol level following an accident. She is remorseful and Jason is moved towards kinder feelings for her. Sam doubts Lucky's sincerity in wanting to reunite. Hoping to gain Jason as an ally, Claudia proposes a deal to cement the new alliance with the Corinthos organization. Jax and Carly have to tell the boys they won't be getting a sister.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Olivia finds out that Gus is representing Alan. Beth an Lillian share a moment. Alex is furious at Alan for getting them into trouble with the Feds. Dinah and Bill celebrate learning that Alan is in trouble with the Feds. Olivia and Ava are at Olivia's looking at her dresses. Coop tells Buzz he is not going anywhere until he helps Ashlee and others straighten out their problems. Alan tells Beth evidence was planted for the Feds to see. Alan thinks it's Phillip's doing. Alexandra talks to Dinah. Jeffrey visits Alan as DA. Frank is at church when Ashlee comes by. She gets to talking with him about Marina. Buzz comes and sees this. Lizzie gets ready for a romantic evening when Ava appears at the door and telling her that she's been with Bill. Olivia stops by Josh and Cassie's. Then Josh comes home. Olivia says Cassie left with RJ a few minutes ago. Josh wants to know why Olivia stops by when she hardly ever does. She starts rambling on about death. Josh becomes worried about Olivia. Coop and Ashley are having fun at the church with Buzz and Frank. Ashlee then gets the lonesome three to get a move on. And they leave the church for place unknown. Bill tries to tell Lizzie that she told him to get on with his life. Lizzie wants to know why they always fight when they are together. Then she kisses him. Peyton goes missing. Lillian has her and there is a reunion. Ashlee gets the lonesome 3 to have some fun. Ava talks to Gus about Olivia. Jeffrey gives Olivia a shoulder to cry on. Gus gives Alan bad news. Alan wants Beth to leave Rick. She tells him she can't.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Adriana and Rex are in bed, kissing and hugging. Rex tries to get her to stay in bed, but she tells him that she has things to do. Gigi yells for Shane to come downstairs. She surprises him with a pile of pancakes for his birthday. Nash comes into the Angel Square Diner to see Cristian and Sarah. Nash shows Cris and Sarah the new designs for his wine and also asked Sarah to join his team. Nora wakes Clint up with a kiss. He receives a phone call. Nora goes to get him some coffee. Bo and Lindsay are working a puzzle when he gets up and tells her that he had to get ready to go to work. Lindsay gets a call from Clint, asking her if the file she had given him is legitimate. She assures him that it is. Dorian sits in a booth in the diner when Charlie comes in. They are both there to meet with Roxy. Viki and Jessica have breakfast together at the Palace dining room. They have some girl talk about the men in their lives. Dorian gives Charlie a hard time about Jared being his son and him not telling Viki anything about it. Adriana calls Dorian and tells her to get over there immediately. Dorian tells her that she is to meet Roxy, but Adriana refuses to take no for an answer. Roxy comes into the diner to meet Charlie and Dorian. Sarah is ecstatic that Nash had offered her a gig on the west coast, but Cris is against the idea. Nash goes to meet his business associate and signs the final papers. Adriana comes to visit Gigi and tells her that they need to talk. Adriana sees the candle on the table and asks Gigi about it. Gigi lies to her about it being Shane’s birthday. Bo and Lindsay start to kiss, but then stops. Lindsay knows that there can never be anything between them. Warren Cobb is shown into Clint’s office. After a little conversation, Clint shows Warren the file that he has on him. Warren wonders where Clint had obtained this information. Bo comes into the office just as they are concluding their business. Clint tells Warren that Buchanan Enterprises wants to buy him out. Bo is surprised. Charlie wants to know why that Roxy wants him to pretend to be Rex’s father. Roxy reveals that she doesn’t know who Rex’s father is. Lindsay meets with her parole officer. Nora also join them .Lindsay wonders why Nora is here. Jessica comes into the diner. Nash grabs her and kisses her. Nash lets Jessica know that Sarah and he are going to Napa Valley. Jessica is surprised. Adriana demands to know from Gigi who Shane’s real father is. Charlie lets Viki know that he had gotten the job from Buchanan Enterprises.

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Genoa City’s finest are still arriving at the Restless Style party but now all eyes are on Victor. What is he doing at the party? People can’t help but wonder if it to support his son’s business venture or simply out of spite. Glo is all worked up over seeing John’s ghost (drunken Alistair) that she intrudes on Michael’s party time, arriving in hysterics suggesting she is being haunted by John’s ghost. Michael exposes Jack, Jeffrey and Sharon to Glo who pulls a Nancy Drew to investigate just what this motley crew is up to. Lily exhausted passes out swearing Devon to secrecy, Chloe’s persistence to overwork Lily causes Cane to flex that corporate muscle letting Chloe know just who is boss. Kay confesses to Jill about the stroke and her desire to return to work and Danny Romalotti performs.

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