The TV MegaSite's Monday 3/24/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Carmen and Erica wait to be transferred to the federal prison. Kendall and Zach arrive to say good-bye. Greenlee drives Jack to the airport so that he can arrive at the prison before Erica to warn the warden just who she is. Angie begins to panic when she doesn’t hear from Tad and Jesse. Massive chaos erupts in the hangar. As Tad and Adam arrive, there are gunshots and Colby begins to run toward her dad. Colby trips and falls, hitting her head on the floor.. Adam rushes to her side and picks her up in his arms. Robert reveals to Adam, Tad, and Jesse that he is working for the FBI. Erica advises Kendall not to go after Aidan and Ryan. Erica tells Zach to take care of the things that are important to her. Robert tries to make Adam, Jesse, and Tad believe that the dead man is the one who had been after Jesse all these years. Angie gets a call from Jesse, but begins crying and is unable to talk to him. Derek arrives on the scene and can’t believe his eyes that Jesse is alive. Erica and Carmen are in handcuffs, ready to leave for prison. Erica hugs Kendall bye and whispers in her ear to remember what she said. Greenlee tries to lift Jack’s spirits about Erica going to a fancy prison. Jesse feels that this man must have had a personal vendetta against him. After Adam, Tad, and Jesse leave, Robert mumbles to himself that it definitely is personal. Frankie arrives home much to Angie’s relief. She grabs him and hugs him. When Colby and Adam arrive, Krystal takes charge and makes Adam sit down. Handcuffed, Erica and "Sugar" are on their way to prison in a van. Colby comes downstairs and wonders why Robert is standing outside. Robert is on the phone holding Mrs. Remington's necklace and assuring someone that he will dispel suspicion about him. The brakes go out on the prison van, and it crashes. At home, Kendall and Zach make love.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Carly shows Jack her evidence, but Jack is worried that it isn’t enough. Bob tells Chris that the Board exonerated him, but Chris is upset that it took the Board’s ruling to have his father believe in him. Sophie tells a thrilled Will and Gwen that she hasn’t changed her mind regarding giving Hallie back to them. Chris hopes one day Bob will have trust in him again. Paul has a plan with what to do with some of Craig’s papers. Meg is upset to learn her lawyer can’t find Craig, which means her divorce will continue to be delayed. Carly leaves to go get more evidence. Soon after, Jack collapses. Will and Gwen agree to take Hallie back. Paul goes to see Meg, as she tells him that he has to give up on them, but Paul can’t. Sophie shares an emotional goodbye with Hallie. Jack is suffering from Septic Shock and is delusional; he thinks Katie is his wife, as she is forced to go along with it. A teary eyed Sophie tells Chris what happened, as he tries to be there for her. He also explains what happened to him at the hospital… he believes at Paul’s hands. Jack babbles about how happy he is that he and Katie are married, as she seems to be taking it hard. Paul wants to help Meg with her divorce but she tells him the only thing that will help is if he leaves her alone. Will wants to leave town to start fresh. Carly tries to find the homeless woman, but she comes up empty at the liquor store. Carly gets a lead to go to a homeless shelter, but the woman hasn’t been there in a while either. Gwen is unsure about leaving town, but Will is sure enough for them both. Gwen is worried about how Barbara will handle them leaving. Sophie asks Paul if he drugged Chris? After Paul denies that accusation flatly, he asks to help Sophie with the adoption lawyer. She is forced to explain how she gave Hallie up again. Gwen tells Will they have to get Sophie’s ok to leave town. Paul thinks Sophie is one of the bravest women he knows. Carly thinks she sees the homeless woman she is looking for, but she is mistaken. Jack comes to and is confused when Katie is still pretending to be his wife. Jack is very concerned for Carly and wants to go find her. Katie is bothered. Meg has a plan with how to deal with Paul, which worries Emma. Paul is bothered that Sophie won’t accept his help. Sophie explains that she wants to do it on her own. Will and Gwen tell Sophie about their plans to leave town and wonder if she is ok with that? Katie has to explain to Jack that while he was delusional, he thought they were married. Carly interrupts when she rushes in upset about coming up empty in her search for evidence to clear Parker. Carly seeks comfort in Jack and he willingly provides it leaving Katie looking like the third wheel.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke demands that Rick and Taylor stop kissing and when they don’t, she literally pulls them apart and slaps Taylor. She accuses Taylor of using her son to get back at her; this is her revenge. Rick explains that he is a grown man and he will do what he wants even if Brooke says she won’t allow it. He won’t speak in private with Brooke. Anything she wants to say will be said in front of Taylor. He vows his feelings for Taylor. Katie smarts off at Nick about his life being on hold one minute and not being over Brooke on the other hand. He chastises her for being inexperienced and throwing that basketball around. She calls him chicken and challenges him to a one on one on the basketball court. He warns her that relationships don’t work like romance novels and his relationship with Bridget is none of her business. Bridget drops by and gushes that all her newfound happiness is because of Katie…making her see that it could work again with Nick. She pushed her and gave her courage to go after him. Katie agrees that Nick is the greatest! Ridge is glad that Ashley isn’t going to stay in Genoa City for the magazine launch. She claims she will return as it is much too interesting in L.A. Brooke runs to tell Ridge that Taylor is trying to get revenge by seducing her son.

Bridget confides in Nick that she’s become really close to Katie and so grateful for her support. He denies that she is attractive, more abrasive than anything else, but Bridget wants them to set her up with someone. Brooke rants that Taylor is very sick which Ridge finds very amusing that she would be going after Rick. Rick tells Taylor that he doesn’t care what others say….he wants to be here and spend time with her, touch her and even make love to her. He kisses her and tells her that he’s in love with her and guides her to the couch.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Ava’s cousin, Angelo, comes to visit and Ava convinces him to let her out of her room by claiming that she’ll stay within the grounds. Instead, Ava takes Angelo’s car and tracks down Steve at the hospital. Bo has a reaction and Kayla has to stop a visiting doctor from giving Bo the wrong medication. Steve tells Hope about Ava and the danger to Kayla. Ava follows Hope out of the hospital.

Marlena is against the idea of Belle and Shawn sailing away on a boat that John gave them. She gets Belle to admit that she only took the boat as a sign that the old John was returning. Marlena, Sami, and Belle share a tearful goodbye.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Maxie shows up to see Kate, offering to be her new assistant, out of the blue. After confronting Monica about hitting Sam, Jason lets his ex know that it was his mother who hit her, opting not to hide the truth on her behalf. Jax, Carly, and Sonny have a discussion about Michael. While Carly does not blame him for the explosion, she is angry that he did not tell her Michael was trying to buy a gun and bullets and blames his harsh words for making the boy run away, thus causing them both to be at the place when it exploded and killed her unborn child. Ric and Marianna are on the top of the world planning a new restaurant utilizing his new property, but they crash when it comes out that Randy's body has been revealed. Claudia brokers a good deal for Johnny, but Trevor opposes her. Then, he goes over to pressure Ric about the cannery and piers. He has the murder weapon with Marianna's prints on it. Monica is bitter and hostile to Nikolas when he comes over to speak to her about setting up an endowment in Emily's name. Not only will this honor Emily, but gives him a reason to be at the hospital and see Ian to get his drugs. Liz and Jason experience great relief and have a sweet moment when she gets the good word about her innocence. Maxie wants Spinelli to pay off the debt she feels he owes her by being Higgins to her Liza so she can become Kate's assistant.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Harley narrates a Day in the Life of Harley Cooper. Later she is with Cyrus and he surprises her with his words of love. Gus and Natalia are outside. They are talking about being together. Gus is unsure. He asks her "Does she want to be with a guy that runs away." Natalia says she was angry. After, Gus winds up at Company. Harley is there. Mallet takes Cyrus for a little walk. Gus meets with Ava and Olivia about signing some documents for when things happen to Olivia. Ava is a little hesitant. Rafe tells his mother it is too late for he and Gus. Daisy apologies to her mom about Cyrus. Daisy thinks he brings out the good in Harley and tells her so. Mallet brings Cyrus to Marina. Marina turns her back to him. Giving up, Cyrus leaves. Marina starts to cry. Olivia and Gus have a good laugh, about their circumstances. Gus tells her about Natalia's "gentle reminder." Daisy meets up with Rafe. Harley goes to see Mallet about a job. Mallet says he's too busy and that they will talk later. Harley leaves. Gus asks Olivia if it bothers her if he still has a connection with Harley. She says no it doesn't. With music playing our Springfield Couples are enjoying themselves. Cyrus and Harley with wine and dinner. Marina gets a visit.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Rex blasts Jared for his treatment of women and especially for kissing Gigi. Adriana becomes furious with Dorian for being the one responsible for sending her to Paris. Cole sneaks into the living room of La Boulaie. Todd and Blair come home. When she sees Cole, Blair orders him to hide. Although Jared tries to deny to Natalie that there was anything to the kiss, she thinks otherwise. Talia and the other officers give John a hard time over his case of the night before. Antonio gives Ramsey some ideas about Angel Square. Starr begins to have second thoughts about Cole visiting her. Ramsey comes out of the office and tells John that he wants to talk to him. Ramsey ridicules John on his job performance. Viki introduces Gigi to Carlotta and Charlie. Charlie tells Viki about a job that he has. Rex apologizes to Jared for hitting him. Gigi confronts Layla about telling Adriana about the time that she had been spending with Rex. Ordering Dorian out of her life, Adriana throws her coat and purse out the door. When Dorian goes to get them, Adriana locks her out. Blair informs Todd that she bought Capricorn. Todd goes into the living room much to Cole’s regret. Blair entices him to go upstairs. Starr and Langston come downstairs and find that Todd and Blair are home. Todd and Blair go upstairs while Starr and Langston go into the living room. Langston gasps when she sees Cole hiding behind the door. Starr and Cole fly into each other’s arms. Dorian tells Adriana that she will do anything that she. Adriana agrees to give her one more chance. Langston leaves Cole and Starr alone. Blair comes back downstairs and tells Cole and Starr that this can never happen again. Starr lets Cole know that if her dad finds them together again, he will send Cole to prison. Langston bangs on the door loudly to let Blair, Starr, and Cole know that Todd is coming. Blair stands beside the patio doors when Todd comes into the living room. Todd wants to know what is going on. Blair lies to him and says they were discussing a fundraiser. Starr and Langston go upstairs. Starr vows to Langston that she cannot lose Cole. Layla visits Adriana and Dorian and lets them know that Rex and Jared got into a fight over Gigi.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Everyone who’s anyone is making their grand entrance at the Restless Style launch party, except Victor who is eventually persuaded by the lovely European beauty Sabrina. Jill and Nikki wonder what’s going on with Kay as she declines to attend the party, equating it with not feeling well. Felicia Forrester warns Phyllis about Amber and agrees to advertise in Restless Style. Chloe reminds Lily that she is not at a kegger but working, and Daniel assures Danny and Phyllis that all is well with him and Danny. The séance is on at the Abbott Mansion and Alistair is loose on the estate, prompting Glo to believe she is really being haunted by John’s ghost.

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