The TV MegaSite's Friday 3/21/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Gisele

Upon hearing that she's about to be transferred to a federal prison for six months, Erica reconsiders her decision to plead guilty to insider trading, but with Jack's encouragement she decides not to give in to her fear. Her cellmate "Sugar," a convicted bank robber who claims she's innocent, turns out to be a big fan who fawns all over Erica, then vows to kill the boyfriend who set her up. Since Samuel balks at using Erica's conviction to gain a state Senate seat, his PR man wonders if he has a thing for Ms. Kane. When Jack joins him in the restaurant, Sam assures him he doesn't regret prosecuting Erica but wonders if Jack regrets divorcing her.

Despite help from EMTs, Angie and Krystal are unable to save Mrs. Remington and wonder what clues she could have given them. Seeing that her cash is still in her purse, they determine that whoever took the necklace her son gave her is connected with "the Jesse mess" and decide to find him. When Derek arrives, Angie refuses to answer his questions, so Krystal distracts him by coming on to him, then they go home and wonder where their husbands are. Jesse arrives at the airstrip and announces that he'll give up his prized information when Frankie and Colby are released.  While Jesse and Robert trade insults, Adam feels dizzy and wraps the car around a tree, so Tad gets behind the wheel and finally starts the vehicle. Rob's henchman, Rafael, gets Frankie and Colby out of the cargo hold of a plane and takes them to the hangar so Jesse can see they're ok, then he takes them back to the plane where they finally unscrew a door and free themselves. Jesse offers to take Rob to his buried treasure while Tad and Adam get closer. Suddenly, Colby and Frankie run, knocking a bright light into Rafael's eyes. As the gunman shoots, Jesse falls backward, then Colby runs toward her daddy who has just entered with Tad.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

NO CBS shows today!

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

NO CBS shows today!

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Victor reconsiders meeting with Marlena for counseling but Marlena helps him feel comfortable enough to talk about his family and schedule more sessions. The customs agent turns out to be Paul Hollingsworth, Morgan’s father. John makes a donation to convince Paul to help delay the Kiriakis shipment. Paul bribes Max to mess with the Kiriakis shipping so Max calls Philip to warn him. When Philip comes down to check it out, Paul pretends that there is a discrepancy in the cargo list. Philip tries to bribe Paul but Paul acts like he’s above taking bribes. Paul accuses Max of ratting him out to Philip but Max denies it. Philip calls Victor to take care of Paul while he confronts John. Victor asks Max to continue keeping an eye out for Kiriakis shipping. Victor confronts Paul but Paul sticks to his claim about the discrepancy. Victor offers to double John’s bribe but Paul acts offended at the offer. Marlena hears about John’s bribe from Victor and confronts John. John denies it but Marlena doesn’t believe him.

Belle, Shawn, and Claire stop by the mansion to say goodbye to John. John offers to buy them a boat to help fulfill their travel plans but Belle has to convince Shawn to accept the gift. John acts like he can’t wait for Belle and Shawn to leave but tears up when saying goodbye to Claire. Shawn, Belle, and Claire next stop by the hospital to say goodbye to Bo and Hope. Thanks to John’s generosity, Shawn is able to secure a boat in time to leave tomorrow. Kayla becomes wary of the man she doesn’t realize to be the guard assigned to follow her. Steve starts to tell Kayla about Ava but Kayla is called away to deal with a patient.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Claudia and Jason both find themselves trying to be the voice of reason for their respective mob bosses; Claudia agrees Sonny should die, but anonymously. Jason is trying to keep Sonny from starting a war by taking out Johnny. Emily's spirit tries to reason with Nikolas, to get him to get the right treatment, not Ian's experimental garbage that only allows him to see her, but does not heal him. He won't listen to her or anyone else. Ian demands ten million to keep him supplied in the drug for a year. Jax is caring and compassionate towards Carly, but still angry about all that Sonny has cost his family. Sonny and Johnny make a truce, that Johnny does not intend to keep. Then, Sonny lets Michael know that Kate is not pressing charges. News of the Jax miscarriage rocks Patrick. Sam and Lucky get back together. Spinelli gives Jason proof that Monica hit Sam.

GL Recap Written by Beth

NO CBS shows today!

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Adriana finds out that her mother has been scheming to keep her in Paris and prevent her from marrying Rex. And she is furious. Dorian also has some "business" with the mayor. Jared and Charlie relive the very ill situation of his abusive stepfather hurting him and his little brother. And Jared feels responsible for his little brother running out into the street and getting killed. Starr admits to her dad that she went to see Marcie McBain to inform her that she wanted Marcie to take Sam away from her dad because he's unfit to raise him. And while Blair and Todd are out, Starr's friends arrange for Cole to come to the house to see her in secret. Everybody is happy about Rex and Adriana getting married except for Gigi.

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Party!! Party!!! It is the big day, the Restless Style pre-launch party is on and the buzz is tremendous as Nick hits the front page of the papers with an exclusive interview. Everyone expresses their excitement about going except, of course, Victor Newman who’s growing tired of being hounded. Daniel and Danny make amends through some urging from Phyllis, Nick and Amber. Glo is spooked and going crazy as she agrees to Jana’s suggestion of a séance; Jeffrey, Jack and Sharon are getting a hoot out of how great their plan is working; now if only they could tame the drunken Alistair. The claws are coming out between Chloe and Lily as Chloe continues to grate on both Cane and Lily’s nerves; and Cane after questioning Lily about her eating habits, becomes concerned.

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