The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 3/19/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Adam has to beg Krystal to tell him the truth about Colby's kidnapping. Krystal, through tears, tells him that a bad man has Colby. Jesse and Angie disagree over how to handle their son's kidnapping.  Angie warns Jesse that if he goes off by himself, she will not take him back . Frankie struggles to get the gag out of his mouth although he and Colby are bound and gagged back to back on an airplane. After Frankie helps Colby get the gag out of her mouth, she helps him get untied. Robert and his associate are on the airplane satisfied that all the pieces of their plan are falling into place. Adam knocks down Tad's door looking for Colby and is stunned to find Jesse there. After hearing that Jesse and Tad have no clue how to get Colby back, Adam offers money, but Jesse insists he's going to bargain with his life. Although Annie refuses to be Ryan's booty call again, he offers to take her out and convinces her he's remembering parts of their life together. Actually, he's using pictures in a photo album to recall his "memories" just so he can make Annie happy and get closer to Kendall.  At ConFusion, Kendall is angry with Aidan when she learns he told Zach about her secret meeting with Ryan in L.A.  Aidan tells Zach he no longer wants to babysit his wife.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Ameera and Noah tell the Homeland Security officer of their marriage. Carly and Jack prepare themselves for the start of Parker’s trial that day. Tom worries about Margo, as Casey blames himself for bringing Matt and Gray into their lives. Brad wakes up to find Katie by his side, as she relays to him that Gray poisoned him. Brad is happy she stayed with him. The Homeland officer asks questions about Noah and Ameera’s living arrangements and seems to be skeptical. He informs them that there will be official that follows up with them to make sure that their marriage is not phony only to get her a Visa. When Bonnie comes back with food for Brad, Katie feels awkward and leaves quickly, but finds herself watching them through the door, which Margo catches her as well. Carly promises Parker that she will get him out of this. Margo questions Katie on her feelings for Brad and tells her to stop taking herself so seriously and to just live in the moment. Parker’s trial begins, as Carly takes the stand. Margo receives a package with a threatening note. Noah is nervous, as he wants to make sure that he and Ameera appear genuine as a couple in public. Jack shows up with Holden at Parker’s trial and tells Carly that he will hold down the fort while she looks for the homeless woman. Jack takes the stand. Margo learns from the guy who delivered the package that he is an OU student and Gray approached him on campus. Margo worries about Casey. Casey runs into Ameera and is stunned to find out she is married – to Noah of all people. Casey would like them to be friends, as Ameera is afraid she is being watched. Casey explains why there is a police officer watching them. Carly finds the homeless woman who gives her a receipt. Kit bought alcohol near the bus station in Oakdale the night she was supposed to be in Chicago. The judge adjourns for the day and hopes to finish up by tomorrow. Katie offers to take Jack back to the hospital. Brad wants to stay with them, even after Bonnie asks him to leave with her. Katie tells Brad that he can leave with Bonnie because she will take care of Jack. Noah becomes upset with Ameera when he sees her hanging out with Casey. Luke worries about Noah’s actions especially after he admits to being wound tightly about this phony marriage situation already. Margo learns her case is a federal one now and she is under 24-hour surveillance. Katie is leaving with Jack when Carly races in and tells him that they finally have the proof they need to save Parker.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor drops in on Ridge to see a friendly face. He wants to know how she is doing, but she doesn’t want a lecture. She just wishes he’d call his fiancée off and not bring up the DNA or take Brooke’s opinion that she is a basket case. She asks about his relationship with Ashley and tells him he should pursue that because if he marries Brooke he will be miserable the rest of his life. Brooke walks in and reprimands her. How dare she try to undermine her engagement with Ridge. With Ridge just standing by, they end up in a shouting/shoving match until Rick marches in and demands that his mom stop talking to Taylor like that. Ridge gets an emergency and has to leave, with Rick acting as referee. Katie chastises Nick for sleeping with Bridget without knowing where they stand. He’s not comfortable with the conversation, yet she continues. Please do not break Bridget’s heart again. He argues that the Brooke train has run, he’s not going there again and he loves Bridget and will not hurt her.

Eric wants to hear from Bridget herself the rumors about her and Nick. He’s concerned about Nick’s intentions and her being hurt again. Nick’s a loner and probably doesn’t even know how to appreciate a woman. Bridget loves that her father is there out of concern, but she doesn’t need him to worry about her, just give his support. She argues that she just wants him to be happy for her as she wants what she once had with Nick and now that baby. Katie and Nick become abrasive and he rubs her the wrong way when he accuses her of being too nosy and not feminine enough. Brooke can’t understand why her own son would be defending Taylor and all her gibberish. He reminds her time after time his mother has taken everything away from this woman, and finally something wonderful should come to her life. Brooke thinks he is doing this out of the goodness of his heart, but it’s more. He admits to Taylor that all he can do is think about her, he loves her. Before a stunned Brooke, a startled Taylor allows Rick to kiss her.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Belle chooses not to tell Philip about their family’s travel plans. John lies to Marlena about his plans to meet with a customs agent. Kate warns John against going to battle with Kiriakis shipping. Dr. Jonas gives Chelsea the chance to back out but she insists on proceeding despite the risks. The family learns that Chelsea’s portion of the surgery was a success and that they are now working to add Chelsea’s pancreas portion to Bo’s failing pancreas.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

At first, Jax is comforting and loving to Carly, then gets tough when he tells her that Michael has been overly influenced by Sonny's world and will have to deal with the results of his actions. Furthermore, their child will not be a victim of such mentality. Logan wakes and Scott is not happy about his forgiving attitude towards Lulu. On the other hand, now that Sam knows Liz might have been the one to hit her, she has no forgiveness in her at all.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Jeffrey succeeds in helping Reva and she is pleased. Gus continues to be a support to Olivia. Coop and Ashlee are excited when Coop gets word that his book is being published. They plan on a later celebration, but first has to tell his Dad and Frank. Marina daydreams of Cyrus. Then gets a visit from "Dad" and "Grandpa". Both Buzz and Frank don't like the looks of Marina. She tells them she misses Cyrus. Meanwhile Cyrus and Harley are still in bed. Harley has another argument with Frank about Cyrus. Reva gets into an unexpected situation with Olivia. Later Olivia explains her situation to Reva, who is more than happy to be there for her. They hug. Gus goes to see Alan, who tells him about the Government going after him. Blake gives Coop a fulltime job. Both Coop and Ashlee are grateful. Harley goes to visit Marina in the hospital only to be stopped by Frank, who has mixed words for his sister. Marina is visited by Cyrus. Reva treats Olivia for a drink and dinner. Then Jeffery arrives. Reva tells him only that Olivia is joining them. It is only when he goes to sit next to her at a booth she tells him she is dying. He looks stunned. Gus calls Alan while Ava plays with Emma. Blake talks to Ashlee about Coop. Buzz tells Cyrus he has to leave the hospital and go back to company and to be careful around Frank. Buzz and Harley are shooting baskets and talking. He tells her he remembers when he was the outsider looking in. Harley says she loves Cyrus. Gus tells Olivia he's going on a business trip. She asks how long. He doesn't know.

OLTL Recap Written by Gisele

Bo is upset that Ramsey is investigating Harris York for embezzling Asian assets from Buchanan Enterprises. Clint becomes angry when Lindsay gives him more secret information to use against his business rivals until she reminds him that her help has already been invaluable in keeping his company alive, and he can't afford to be ethical.  While Lindsay hides in Clint's bathroom, Ramsey has Nora give him a court order for all evidence having to do with the fraud case. Bo doesn't appreciate Nora speaking badly to Clint about Lindsay getting away with murder two times and orders her to lay off, then he goes to shower.  Antonio is angry that John and Talia are investigating Ramsey's past, but John is sure he's up to something and wants to stop him. Ramsey assures someone on the phone that soon he'll have everything he needs.  While in bed with Rex, Adriana suggests they marry and then go to Paris together, but he's not receptive to the idea. Angry to find out that Adriana returned from Paris without telling her, Dorian goes to find her at Rex's with wedding ideas, but Adriana knows better. Rex goes to return Gigi's scarf and is startled to see her kissing Jared in B.E's boardroom.

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

NO Y&R on Thursday due to basketball!

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