The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 3/18/08 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Jesse, Tad and Angie are at the warehouse when they hear a man’s voice. When they start investigating, they find all kinds of pics of Jesse from 20 years ago. Then they hear a man’s voice talking to Jesse. They wonder where the voice is coming from. They find a tape recording of the man’s voice. Adam is very distracted by all the confusion at his house now that Krystal, J.R., and Babe have moved back in. Richie has dreams of J.R. torturing him and telling him that he will always be a part of Richie’s life. Julia comes in to check on Richie and finds out that he is burning up with fever. Julia immediately yells for Joe. Joe checks on him and finds that he is rejecting the bone marrow. Colby and Frankie are checking out her car. A man walks up and asks if he can help. The camera shows a gun under the man’s belt. Angie begins to panic when she finds out that Jesse is being set up again to be killed. Tad comes to visit Krystal to fill her in on what had been going on between Jesse, Angie and the man that are after them. Andre stops by to see where Colby is. Krystal tells them that she is volunteering at the hospital, but her shift should soon be over. They all begin to panic as to where Colby is. Jesse and Angie arrive home and finds a brown manila envelope lying on the table. Jesse opens it and finds a pic of Frankie tied up. Jesse calls Tad to let him know about the pic. Tad asks if there is anyone in the pic with Frankie. Jesse tells Tad that there is a blond haired woman. Joe calls Babe about Richie’s condition. Babe tells Joe that she will be right there. J.R. offers to drive her to the hospital. When they arrive at the hospital and Richie sees J.R. he orders J.R. out of his room. Jesse and Angie panic that they have Frankie. Robert looks in on Frankie and Colby, all tied up.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Matt hits Gray over the head and unlocks the door so Vienna and Henry can leave the church. Gray gets angry that Matt betrayed him and escapes to the Chicago loop scenic shop. Matt tells Margo that Gray wants revenge against her family and gives her a card with the address to the Chicago loop scenic shop. Matt is taken to the hospital and survives an operation. Bonnie and Dallas help Casey and Allison discover that Gray's real name is Gerald Nevins, the man who raped Margo. Casey warns Margo who is on her way to Chicago in pursuit of Nevins. Carly is searching the scenic shop costume files when she is caught by Nevins who gets away when he hears the police siren. Carly tells Margo she was unable to find evidence to clear Parker, but the guy she is searching for took off when he heard the siren. Carly finds a homeless woman who saw Kit but the woman runs away, because she doesn't want trouble from the police. Katie is jealous to see Bonnie and Brad on a date celebrating Henry and Vienna's reconciliation. Brad drinks champagne given to Henry and Vienna by Gray and pretends that he is choking and passes out; nobody thinks it's funny. Vienna and Henry go upstairs to Katie's room to have a private celebration, and Brad continues to drink the champagne. Brad falls to the floor again. Bonnie thinks he is joking, but Katie rushes to Brad's side to perform CPR when she notices he isn't breathing while Bonnie rushes to call an ambulance.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

While they play cozy, Ridge gets Brooke to admit she is concerned about Bridget getting involved again with Nick. He points out that she has been there before, so she certainly can take care of herself. Bridget wakes sleepy-head Nick up the next morning and she pours her heart out that last night meant a lot to her. Nosy Katie stops by Nick’s and tries to worm all the details out of Nick, if he made Bridget happy? Rick pops in on Taylor at work and surprises her by bringing Jack by. She is very grateful and feels by going to therapy everyday and A.A. that her life is getting back to normal. Brooke will not be a part of Jack’s life, and Brooke will not control hers anymore.

Ridge and Ashley work together and he tells her he might be appreciating her a lot more. His relationship with Brooke is getting more complicated. Ridge confides in Ashley that he and Brooke had it out about Nick and in the process she got down on her knees and proposed to him. But he said no, he didn’t think the time was right. He and Ashley both fight their feelings not to kiss. Bridget stops in to see her mom and Brooke assures her that she wants her to be happy and if with Nick, that’s fine. No one in the Logan family will take Nick away from her again. Bridget lays the rules down to her mom, no more holding hands with Nick or meeting him at Insomnia or sending any mixed signals. Brooke promises her she will not be the one to stand in her way. Katie quizzes Nick about his days at sea and if he misses it. And then comes right out and wants to know all the details about last night, and she’d like to see some enthusiasm from him. And if he can’t do that, then Bridget needs to run away from him as fast as she can. Katie insists on knowing if Nick would do that – sleep with Bridget while still hung up on Brooke?

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Marlena presses John to explore his feelings of concern for Bo. Lexie has Roman send the family away from the waiting room so they aren’t crowding the doctors. Dr. Jonas thinks of a new medication to use on Bo that helps him feel well enough to wake up and chat for a short while. Chelsea sends Kate away so she can sneak up to Bo’s room. Everyone panics until Hope finds Chelsea curled up in Bo’s bed. Chelsea’s blood is deemed clear and she and Bo are prepped for surgery.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Patrick and Robin bond as they discuss their baby. Ric rescues Carly from the rubble, earning Sonny's thanks. Alexis has her hands full trying to keep the Jax brothers and Sonny from heading into the wreckage before that. Johnny finds Claudia; when she is taken to the hospital, Robin is her physician. When Robin tells her she's HIV positive, Claudia refuses to let Robin treat her, despite the defense Patrick offers for her. He then blurts out that Robin is carrying his child. While efforts are made on her and her unborn child's behalf, Carly mentally plays pool with Jason at Jakes. In the real world, her health takes a slide downward. Lulu wonders which Johnny is real, the sweet, caring one who is good to her and gentle with his sister, or the threatening, crazy one that vows to hurt Sonny if he needs to.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Lizzie and Alan go at it again. Dinah still blames Alan for her father's death and tells Bill. Dinah is up to something. Lizzie gets an offer from Alan she does refuse, an office at Spaulding. Rafe and Daisy spend time with Harley's boys. Dinah goes to see Alan about a job at Spaulding. Alan refuses to give it to her. She even mentions Henry Chamberlain and Alan still refuses her. Then changes his mind. Saying he hopes that she has just as much dedication to her job has she did to her recovery. While Alan is talking to Dinah, he gets a phone call from Bill. Bills tells Alan he saw Philip. Alan asks where. Bill tells him much basketball court. Alan takes off leaving Dinah still in his study. Marina is getting her leg checked out at the hospital. Harley comes to talk to her. Harley tells Marina she loves her. Things don't change between them. Marina is still upset. Cyrus is in Harley's Kitchen reading the newspaper when Daisy comes in for a drink. She is furious at Cyrus and tells him so. She tells him she doesn't like the way he tore her family apart. Harley goes to see Gus at Company, who isn't much help. He gives her back a set of keys. Alan goes to the indoor basketball court. Lizzie meets up with Bill in his car. They are both smiling. They talk about themselves. Harley tries to justify herself to Cyrus. It turns into a hug. Dinah is on the phone with her brother, Bill. They are up to something. They both say ready. Marina is talking to Mallet about her problems when he gets a phone call. He tells her he has to go. Daisy is on the phone with Rafe. They say they love each other. After the phone call he tells Gus. Alan is on the phone telling whomever is on the other end to find Philip. Mallet pays a visit to Alan shortly there after. Dinah has a drink in Ross' honor. Bill sees her. They talk about Ross. They also both agree to get Alan.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Sarah is on the phone when she comes into the apartment. She talks to Cris on the phone. He tells her that he will be there shortly. There is a knock on the door. Thinking that it is Cristian, she pulls off her top and only has on her bra and panties. She is surprised and more than a little embarrassed when she sees Blair standing at the door. Todd knocks on the door of the penthouse. Ramsey opens the door. Ramsey wants to know what Todd is doing here. Todd tells him that he is going to make him a deal of his life. Starr tells Marcie that she has to get Sam away from Todd. Marcie wonders why Starr is doing this to her. Gigi tells Rex that she had lied to him that Shane is his son and he is Shane’s father. Adriana comes in and wants to know what is going on. John and Natalie are in her office at B.E. when Jared comes in. Natalie tells Jared that this is a clear case of fraud and someone is going to pay. Jared thinks that Natalie had heard the taped conversation between him and Nigel. Blair tells Sarah that she had a business proposition for Cristian. Cris walks in. Ramsey tells Todd that he had bought the penthouse. Marcie wants to know what Todd had did to Tommy. Starr lies and tells Marcie that Todd had hit Tommy. Marcie becomes angry. Marcie starts to leave the apartment, but then has second thoughts. Natalie tells Jared that neither he nor Nigel is to blame for this. Natalie also tells him that she had caught the mistake by accident. Natalie also explains that Harris York had been skimming from B.E. Adriana questions Gigi as to why she had been crying. Gigi lies and tells her that she has bad allergies. Blair tells Cris that she had bought Capricorn. Gigi goes back to work. Adriana and Rex make love. Adriana tells Rex that she had to go back to Paris. John comes to visit Marcie. Marcie tells John that they need to file a police report that Todd had hit Tommy. John sees through the Starr’s scam. Starr owns up that she had lied about Todd hitting Tommy because she wanted to ruin Todd’s life just as Todd had ruined her life. Todd appears up at the door. Starr wonders how Todd knew that she was here. Todd tells her that his homeboy had told him. Natalie walks in and sees Jared behind her desk again. Natalie wants to know what is going on. Jared lies and tells her that he was deleting a conversation that he had had with Nigel about Jared’s feelings for Natalie.

Y&R Recap Written By Asiya  **One Day Ahead

The Romalotti reunion is not going to well as Daniel’s anger resurfaces and Danny administers the blame on Phyllis. The haunting is in full swing. Alistair proves to be a dead ringer of John Abbott and successfully manages to spook Glo almost to death. Nick is adamant about getting this magazine off the ground and wants to make sure that his father’s name has nothing to do with it. Nikki offers Heather a job at Jabot as a favor to Paul. Jill still is not to keen on letting Jabot go.

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